25 Gorgeous Girl Names That Are Extremely Rare (For Now)

When choosing a name for a sweet little girl, parents may wish for a name that is a little different. They may hope to find out that stays with their little girls for a lifetime. In their hopes, it needs to be a name that is beautiful, but also not overly fancy or a name that people would be likely to mispronounce.

Luckily, the sky is the limit when it comes to pretty names for your bundle of joy. It can be fun to look over the baby name books to try to come up with a unique name that truly speaks to you. Picking something so permanent like your baby’s name is not always an easy task. So many names may pop out to you, but then you start to think that so many other girls already have those names. You want something a bit rare.

This is where we come in! We have compiled an amazing list of stunning names for baby girls that are extremely rare- at least for the time being. It will not be long before this names really take off and may even become quite common. If you are looking for a unique and lovely name, now is your chance to grab them before they get too hot!

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25 Ines

The beautiful name of Ines evokes a sense of calm, along with a feeling of power. It is the perfect name for so many adorable baby girls. Ines is a Greek name meaning "pure, holy, and island".

How cute is that? For an alternative, Ines can be spelled Inez, which is of Spanish origin. Actress Blake Lively named her daughter Inez. Grab this name- either spelling- before it gets too hot because this one is certain to climb the charts!

24 Valentina

Your little girl is certainly a sweet valentine! Even if your cutie pie is not born anywhere near Valentine’s Day, you can still use this well known, yet rare, baby girl name. Valentina is rising on the charts but is still not at the top. That is not going to last long at all! This name is all kinds of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Valentina is of Latin origin and means "healthy and strong". It is a perfect fit for your little sweetheart.

23 Mirabelle

If the name Mirabelle seems like it has been around forever- it has! Mirabelle has been a name that has been used for mostly male, and then now mostly female, for centuries. It can be traced back to the middle ages! Well, this oldie but goodie is making a comeback in a major way. Especially with the belle in the name, it is getting more popular. Mirabelle is as cute and sweet as your little one. The name means "wondrous beauty" and is of Latin origin.

22 Camilla

The name Camilla invokes feelings of class and fun. Some people think this name may be slightly old fashioned, but not so anymore! Camilla is a cute name that is gaining more and more popularity. It is a beautiful name that might be the one just for your baby girl.

Camilla means "ceremonial attendant" and is of Latin origin. This name has a very mythological sense to it but is totally geared to become more trendy. And, you can call your little Camilla Cami or Millie for short!

21 Olive

We all know the name Olive. Whether it is the food or Popeye’s gal Olive Oil, Olive is a name that is a bit rare these days. However, the trend is that Olive being a rarity might be no longer. More and more people are choosing Olive as the name for their baby girl, possibly gearing up to knock the ever popular Olivia out of its spot! Olive is of Latin origin and means "symbol of peace". You know, like extending the olive branch!

20 Giulia

Via: Pinterest

The name Giulia is pronounced just like the once popular Julia. However, the Italian spelling of the sweet baby girl name of Giulia was once rare outside of Italy, but is now gaining popularity and rising on those baby name charts. Giulia is a pretty name that instantly makes you think of an adorable baby girl. The name means youthful, so your little one is bound to be blessed with a fun and youthful spirit with this stunning, yet rare, baby girl name.

19 Amaris

The beautiful baby girl name of Amaris may be one that you have never even heard. Well, if you like the name, jump on it now, because once word gets out, Amaris is going to be quite popular! This super sweet name for a baby girl is of Hebrew origin and means "given by God". It is so sweet and adorable, and a different choice that may be just what you are looking for to give your bundle of joy!

18 Nova

Believe it or not, Nova is actually a relatively new name. Nova is actually an astrological term for a star that suddenly becomes extraordinarily bright due to a release and burst of intense energy. Does that not sound like a perfect background for your baby girl or what?! Nova is super cool for your little one. The word nova actually means "new". This rare baby girl name is so stunning and has so much potential, it is bound to rise on those baby name charts.

17 Freya

Freya may be just the name you are looking for to give to your sweetie pie little girl. Freya is a bit different and really is quite rare. This stunning name is of Scandinavian origin and means "lady". It comes from Norse mythology, giving it that cool and mysterious vibe. The name Freya will not stay rare for long, we can promise you that! If you like this name, you better scoop it up now before it gets too hot.

16 Marisol

The beautiful name of Marisol is one that is different from the rest. You can actually break this name up into two pretty meanings with Spanish origins.

Mar means "sea", and sol means "sun". This stunning name might be popular in Spain, but not here just yet. It is quite rare, but that will not last long. Marisol is a lovely name for any sweet little girl! A fun fact is that the name Marisol actually started off as a nickname for the Spanish saint Maria Soledad. With this name, maybe your baby girl will be as good as a saint!

15 Serenity

Serenity is a name for a baby girl that invokes a sense of calm and love. The name is of English origin, and fittingly, means "serene". This name is one that most of us have heard of, but it is still rare to find a baby girl with the name. It is not going to be that way much longer. Maybe new moms and dads are looking at the name Serenity as the perfectly peaceful name for their sweet baby girl!

14 Aurora

If you are looking for a pretty name for your baby girl, Aurora may be just the one that you have been searching for. Aurora is a gorgeous name for your bundle of joy! It is quite rare, too. The name is of Latin origin and means "dawn". It has a mythical connection too, Aurora was the Roman goddess of the dawn. It is truly a beautifully stunning name that is destined to climb those baby name charts super quick!

13 Caressa

A stunning but rare baby girl name that will be sure to take off once everyone gets the word on this name is the lovely name of Caressa. This is a beautiful choice for your pretty girl. Caressa is of French origin and means "tender touch". It definitely sounds like a delicate name for a sweet baby girl. We love this name, it is truly a different kind of name that is an absolute beauty. It is sophisticated yet sweet!

12 Elise

You have heard of the name Elizabeth. The French version of Elizabeth is Elise, and the name is taking off here on the US. It may be popular in France, and now it gaining popularity among us. Elise is a beautiful name that gives us a feeling of sweetness and strength all in one. The French meaning of the name is "consecrated with God". The name also has ties to the Irish, Greek, and more! This is a fantastically lovely name that spans the globe!

11 Antoinette

You may be thinking, this is a grandma kind of name! But, oh no, Antoinette may just be the next big thing in baby girl names. This pretty and classy name is one of a kind, that is for sure. It is a well known name, but it is quite rare to find a baby girl with the name of Antoinette- at least for now! Believe it not, Antoinette is climbing those baby name charts. The name means "praiseworthy" and is of Latin origin. It is the female version of the ever popular boy name of Anthony.

10 Darya

Is your little girl a beautiful little princess? She is, so she deserves a name that is fit for royalty! The name of Darya has a true royal connection. The name is of Russian origin and is actually a Persian royal name. It is definitely rare, too. We do not see many, if any, little girls named Darya. Now is your chance to scoop up this lovely name for your little one before it gets too popular- because it will!

9 Catalina

You may have heard of the Catalina Islands off the coast of Spain. Catalina was a real person, and that name is getting to be popular. Catalina is a fun loving, easy breezy kind of name, maybe because we think of the island! It is of Portuguese origin and means pure.

This name is super sweet for any baby girl and is one that will make her cutely unique. Catalina is a gorgeous name and with a fun nickname like Cat, it is going to climb those baby name charts for sure.

8 Lolita

If you want a fiercely sweet name for your baby girl, Lolita may just be the one you have been looking for. Lolita escapes the radar of many parents to be, but this name is ready to make a real comeback. The name is quite pretty (despite its reputation from the decades' old movie). The name is from Spanish origin and means "sorrow". However, you baby girl will be full of sweetness and girl power with the name of Lolita!

7 Svana

A unique name that may be just what you are looking for is the gorgeous name of Svana. Svana is a rare name, at least around here. The name comes from Iceland where it means "the elements of swan and battle". How cool is that?! Your little girl could have the name meaning that combines the gracefulness and beauty of a swan with the power and strength of one who goes into battle. This name will not stay rare for long!

6 Alina

Alina is a name that is related to Alicia and Adele. We like Alina the best! This stunningly rare name is set to be as popular as its sister names. Alina gives us the feelings of a pretty princess, just what you might imagine your baby girl to be! The name means "light", and is of Greek origin, but also has ties with origins in Spain, German, and English. This beautiful name is set to be popular just about everywhere!

5 Tawny

Tawny is a color, and that is one of the meanings behind this beautifully rare baby girl name. The name is of Irish origin meanings "a green field" and "the warm sandy color of a lion’s coat". Your little lioness is sure to roar with a pretty name like Tawny! Grab it before it gets to the top of the charts because that is exactly where it is headed! This is surely a gorgeous name for your bundle of joy.

4 Chanel

You have heard of Chanel, but did you know that it is becoming a popular baby girl name? That is right! It is rare right now but is destined to head to the top of the baby name charts in no time. This beauty of a name is fitting for any classy and lovely little girl. Chanel means "canal" or "channel" and is of French origin. It is definitely a cute name that any little girl could absolutely grow into.

3 Ophelia

The stunning baby girl name of Ophelia is headed for a rise in popularity. This rare baby girl name is climbing the charts, mostly because it offers a unique name that lots of new parents are looking for. The name of Ophelia was made famous from the Shakespeare play Hamlet. Ophelia is of Greek origin and means "serpentine; help". This may be just the name you are looking for. Grab this one of a kind baby girl name before it gets too hot!

2 Blake

The nice name of Blake is seen more often with boys, but it starting to gain lots of popularity among girls (think actress Blake Lively!). In fact, we predict this now rare baby girl name will climb the baby name charts quicker than any other name of this list, making it not so rare for long. Blake is Old English for "black", which also means "bright and shining". That name meaning sounds just like the image of what your little girl will likely be!

1 Ziva

We know you want a name that is stunning but also rare. The baby girl name of Ziva may be the perfect choice for your little bundle of joy. Ziva is a one of a kind name, but we bet that will not last for much longer. Now is the time to grab this unique name before it gets too popular. Ziva has two origins: in Hebrew, it comes from Zi, which means "brightness", while in Slavic mythology, Ziva means "alive". Perfect for your baby girl!

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