25 Gorgeous Names That Are Just What Mom Is Looking For

Is there anything more fun than picking out a name for a gorgeous baby girl? Moms-to-be who are searching for beautiful baby girl names will love this list. It's packed with wonderful classics.

The names on the list have been around for a long time. One of these charming names may be just right for a new baby girl. Expectant mommies who are searching for middle names will find this list practical too. There are so many amazing baby girl names available!

Moms-to-be should go with their gut reactions. They should fall in love with the names that they choose. In most cases, pregnant women know the right names when they see them.

As a rule of thumb, expecting Moms will do well to select baby names that pair well with surnames. For example, a shorter first name will sound great with a long last name, and a longer first name will be an ideal choice for a short last name.

25 Amanda

This name is just so traditional, feminine and refined. If you name your beautiful baby girl, Amanda, be aware that a lot of people may call her Mandy, even if you don't want them to.

Make sure that you're comfortable with Mandy, as well as Amanda! This name has Latin origins and means "worthy of love." The name has been around since the seventeenth century. Perfect as a first or middle name, Amanda never loses its appeal.

24 Celine

If you love the beauty of the French language, as well as "French girl chic", naming your baby Celine will be a smart strategy. This elegant name has French origins and it means, "heaven" or "sky."

Celine sounds quite a bit like Selena, which is a very well known name in North America (thanks in large part to Selena Gomez), so it's not too different. It's fashionable and has plenty of Parisian charm. It's also the name of a world-famous high-fashion brand.

23 Gisele


Tom Brady's wife is named Gisele Bundchen. She was a superstar model before she started dating the New England Patriots quarterback. Gisele was once the highest-paid supermodel in the world. She's still a force in the modeling industry. If you love Gisele's name, why not give it to your baby girl?

Gisele Bundchen is Brazilian, with German roots, but the name, Gisele, has French origins. It means, "pledge". While Gisele Bundchen is very famous, this name isn't a common choice. It's unique enough to be very interesting.

22 Lana


Go for Old Hollywood glamour by giving your precious baby girl the first name, Lana. One Old Hollywood legend, Lana Turner, had the very same first name. Lana is easy to spell and say. It's short, so it'll sound amazing with a longer last name.

It's also a perfect choicefor a middle name. In Russia, it's short for Svetlana. In English, it's sometimes a shorter version of Alana. This name means, "little rock" and it's believed to have Old Irish origins.

21 Nicki


This name is the shortened version of Nicole, but lots of Moms choose to put the name, Nicki, on their daughter's birth certificates, rather than selecting the longer version, Nicole. Nicki has the same meaning as Nicole, which is "victory."

If you want your baby girl to be a winner, choosing a baby name with this meaning will be a great decision. This name has Greek origins, although its sound is so very French. It's a popular name for girls in many different parts of the world.

20 Manuela


If you prefer baby girl names that you don't hear every day, you may want to call your bundle of joy Manuela. It's not too different, but it's not a name that is everywhere. The baby girl name, Manuela, means, "God is among us" and it has Hebrew origins.

If you're a spiritual person, you may find that the meaning of this name is inspiring. Plus, Manuela just sounds so pretty. It's a longer name that will sound great with a short last name.

19 Adriana


Brazilian bombshell supermodel, Adriana Lima, is probably the most famous woman with this gorgeous first name. Adriana is a VS Angel and she's also a loving mother. If you adore the name, Adriana, which is long enough to feel really special, and unusual enough to be very unique, it may be the right name for your baby girl.

This name has Italian origins. Its meaning is "dark". This baby name has four syllables and sounds best with a short last name, such as Lima, which has just two syllables.

18 Elle

Nothing could be more feminine than the baby name, Elle, which literally means, "she". Elle is a French feminine pronoun. It's a name that is all about girl power. It's very popular these days because it's the first name of Elle Fanning, who dazzled in Maleficent, and is also involved in the world of high fashion.

Elle is Dakota Fanning's little sister. Since Elle has only a single syllable, it's a perfect match for a long last name. It's also a charming middle name.

17 Arabella


Arabella has a fancy vibe, doesn't it? If you don't like basic baby girl names, choosing this four-syllable baby name will be a great way to give your baby daughter a special name that has an upscale feel.

This name has Latin origins and it means,"yielding to prayer." Arabella has a graceful sound, and it's easy to shorten this name to Bella, which is a popular name. You might also shorten the name to "Ari" or something along those lines.

16 Annemarie

This name may be spelled, Annemarie or Anne-Marie, according to your preference. It's a baby name with German roots, which means, "bitter grace." While its meaning isn't as positive as some, it's a beautiful name, and its meaning has a little depth and edge, which is definitely interesting.

Annemarie has a clean, crisp sound. It's a strong name with a regal quality, so it may be perfect for your little princess. While it has German origins, it's another baby name with a little bit of a French vibe, thanks to "Marie."

15 Christina


This pretty name comes from Sweden and it means, "Christian." Like many baby girl names, it's a feminized version of a boy's name (Christian).

Since it has three syllables, it'll pair well with any sort of last name. It isn't too short or too long for most surnames. Also, you'll have spelling choices. Go for the classic spelling, "Christina" or choose Cristina or Kristina. In terms of shortening this name, you may choose "Cris" or "Kris" (like momager, Kris Jenner), or Christine/Kristine. Christie is yet another option.

14 Caroline


This gorgeous baby girl name has Scottish origins and it means, "manly."  If you love this name, don't get too hung up on its meaning. Just choose it because it's beautiful. It's actually quite a feminine name and one of the princesses of Monaco is named Caroline, so this is a baby girl name with a regal quality.

If you want to make it fancier, consider Carolina. It's a longer version that is ideal with a short last name. Caroline or Carolina are pretty names with a lot of refinement and elegance. They are truly timeless.

13 Suri


Katie Holmes and her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, chose this unique baby girl name for their daughter. Suri is one of the more modern and eclectic names on the list. It's short, easy to say and spell and has plenty of charm.

This name has Hebrew origins and it means, "princess." Suri is the Yiddish version of the name, "Sarah." Some moms-to-be enjoy choosing baby names that celebs have chosen for their own children. You may be one of them.

12 Rumi


Jay-Z and Beyoncé chose this name for their daughter, Rumi, when they had twins. The boy twin was called, Sir. Rumi was named after a famous Persian poet who lived in the 13th century. Rumi was known for his profound and passionate poems, which are still popular today.

If you love poetry, this name may be ideal for your baby girl. Rumi is an unusual name. It's off of the beaten path, but still traditional and classic, because it's a name that poetry fans have known and revered for centuries.  Rumi is also a girl's name in Japan and means, "beauty".

11 Paige


If you appreciate simplicity, consider "Paige" as a name for your daughter. It's just one syllable, so it is short and very simple. Paige is a gender-neutral name. It's been given to girls and boys. It has Latin origins and means, "young child."

Paige from WWE is probably one of the most famous women with this name. She's a person who's had plenty of notoriety, but the name Paige itself is innocent and pure sounding. It's an elegant name that is ideal for longer last names.

10 Satine


If you love the film, Moulin Rouge, which starred Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, why not call your baby girl Satine? Satine was the name of Nicole Kidman's character in Moulin Rouge. This name has French origins and it means, "satin," as in the fabric.

Satin is a glamorous and luxurious material, so it makes sense that this name has a glamorous and luxurious sound. It's also different enough to be really unique and exciting. Actress Jacinda Barrett, who is married to actor Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter from "Suits") named her baby girl Satine.

9 Vivian


Vivian has a soft sound that is so easy on the ears. It may be spelled different ways, from the classic, "Vivian" to Vivienne or Vivien. The most famous Vivien was Vivien Leigh, who memorably portrayed Scarlett O'Hara in the film version of the spellbinding novel, Gone with the Wind. This name has French origins and it means, "alive." If you're looking for a gorgeous name with a vibrant meaning, this name may be perfect for your little one.

8 Mason

Here's another gender-neutral name. This one is quite popular these days. Camille Grammer and ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer, named their daughter, Mason. While the name seems to have a modern vibe, because it's popular and gender-neutral, it's actually pretty traditional.

It's a name for an occupation. A Mason is a person who works with stone, so (naturally), this name means, "person who works with stone." The name has English origins. Kourtney Kardashian and ex Scott Disick named their son, Mason, after his birth in 2009.

7 Laila


This name sounds so pretty and romantic. It's the name of Muhammad Ali's daughter, who followed in the footsteps of her famous boxer Dad by getting in the ring herself. This name has Arabic origins and it means, "dark beauty."

There is also a Persian version which means, "dark-haired". This name became popular in England when it was used in a poem by George Byron, called, "The Giaour". With just two syllables, this name goes with almost any surname but probably works best with longer last names.

6 Kat

Want to keep it cute and simple when it comes to naming your baby girl? If so, why not call her "Kat?" Kat is derived from the name, Katherine, which is a complete classic. However, you don't need to put Katherine on the birth certificate. You can use the short version if you prefer it.

One of the most famous women with this name is Kat von D, who is a gifted tattoo artist with her own makeup line. The name Katherine has Latin origins and means, "pure." Kat means the same thing.

5 Alison

Alison is a diminutive French version of the popular name, Alice. In France, Alison may be spelled, Alicen. This name has Greek origins and its meaning is, "truth." This name is quite classic. It's a name which was popular during the 70s and 80s and it is now having a bit of a resurgence of popularity.

Alison Brie is one of the most famous women with this name. Psychic Allison Dubois, who famously got rowdy during a dinner party on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, also has this famous moniker, but her name is spelled with two "Ls" instead of one.

4 Brie


Brie is a French name that is quite popular in English-speaking lands! It's simple to say, fairly easy for most people to spell and it's the name of WWE Diva, Brie Bella, as well as Captain Marvel actress, Brie Larson. This name means, "marshland."

If you love nature names, you may be pleasantly surprised at this name's meaning, because you mistakenly assumed that the name Brie, means, "Brie cheese." It really doesn't. You may select the name Brie, or a longer version, such as Brieanna or Brieanne.

3 Joely


Joely is such a cute name. It's not a name that you hear every day, but it's not too far off the beaten track, either. This name was most popular during the end of the 1960s. The name is of French origins and its meaning is "pretty."

Liam Neeson was married to actress Natasha Richardson, who died tragically in a skiing accident. Natasha's sister is named Joely Richardson, and she's an actress, just like her talented sister was. Joely has two syllables, so it's ideal as a cute first name or as a short middle name.

2 Penelope


Penelope is an adorable baby girl name. This charming and classic name has Greek origins and it means, "bobbin." In the 60s, a famous model was named Penelope Tree. Today, Penelope Cruz is probably the most famous women named Penelope.

If you want a longer name for your daughter, this one could be a good fit. It has four syllables, it's been around for thousands of years and it's very pretty. Pair is with a short last name for perfect balance.

1 Megyn

Megyn Kelly is in the news for losing her job at NBC over controversial comments. She never did get the ratings that she wanted while appearing on "The Today Show." Now, she'll need to find a job elsewhere, if she can. That scandal will blow over someday, but the first name, Megyn, will always remain popular.

It's a pretty traditional name that is beloved. Megyn is a name with Greek origins and its meaning is, "great and mighty." Is it the right name for your baby girl?

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