25Sleeping On Time

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Certain routines add up to a nurturing, calm, and predictable environment for babies. Bath time routines and sleep time lullabies, for example, can help kids develop healthy sleeping habits. Developing good sleeping habits and routines can help little ones gain a sense of inner calm and learn the rhythm of

the day.

Babies easily pick up on their parents’ habits by imitating their actions and behavior. Sleeping is very crucial to a growing infant, and if one has a habit of sleeping late or sleeping for a few hours, one’s baby will easily follow suit. It is important for moms to instill good sleeping habits into their kids, even if they are too young to understand. Babies learn as they grow. Whether or not you are ready to go to sleep, you should help your baby sleep at the same time every day. This will instill a healthy sleeping habit, which will also help with the baby’s proper development.

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