25 Hilarious Animal Memes

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5 -Animal Memes

1. "Sorry guys, the numbers are just not adding up. Maybe next year. "

2. "Can you just trust me for once?"

3." What if I just want to cuddle"?

4. Ignore the haters.

5.Yes, we're fine, thank you.

4 -Animal Memes

6."Is this some kind of joke to you?"

7. "Hilarious".

8. Not happy. Not happy at all.

9. The perpetual open and close.

10. "Get me out of here!"

3 -Animal Memes

11.Tattle Tale!

12."This is like, really important to me okay?"

13. Can't sweat em.

14. "I don't get it. Can someone tell me what this guy is talking about?"

15. "I mean, who is he? They ask me everyday, I'm running out of time."

2 -Animal Memes

16. "Maybe he won't see me if I don't move".

17. You know it!

18. "Give it here".

19. It's been a long week.

20. "That was just ridiculous, come on guys."

1 -Animal Memes

21. "Just give me something, anything".

22. Assembly meeting.

23. "Alright, alright. It was me".

24. "Just grab me a drink will you".

25. Watch out world.

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