25 Hilarious Baby Expressions

A study by Current Biology suggests that newborn babies have minimal limitations when it comes to replicating the faces and gestures that they see. This is very different than what we used to believe: that many baby expressions were the cause of biological stuff happening in the body, like smiles forming from gas bubbles.

Although some of these scientific reasons for expressions still hold true, a baby's expressions may actually be a form of true mimicking of what he sees. So, a less-than-pleasing expression could be a mirror image of Mom making a face at Dad. Even in the first 9 weeks of life, imitation it totally possible for a newborn.

Some are adorable, some are funny, and others make us want to know what is going on inside baby's head to get THAT face.

Much like older children and adults, babies can make faces that mirror what they're thinking. So, that look of complete fascination may suggest that she is studying the world around her and forming opinions. In other words, baby wants to learn more!

Babies can also emote anger through more than just a tantrum. Their faces can say it all, with pointed brows and overly-pouted mouths. And complete happiness is possibly the cutest expression for parents to see on their babies. Bright eyes, adorable smiles, complete with coos and giggles.

Whatever the expression, rest assured that a baby is truly trying to express his thoughts, and not simply trying to amuse us (although, that works too!) through exaggerated faces.

25 Someone Is Over The Fall Harvest Festival

24 Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

23 Sleeping In? Yeah, Right!

22 This Is What I Think Of Nap Time

21 Pacifier Party Pooper

20 Tell Me More About How Cute I Am

19 You And Daddy Will Never Have Date Night Again!

18 Oh My, Something Stinks!

17 The Not-So-Subtle Plotter

16 I Have A Surprise For You!

15 All This Baby Talk Is Making Me Crazy

14 The Look Of Utter Devastation

13 Tomorrow's Monday AGAIN?

12 My Play Date Is Coming In An Hour. What Will I Wear?

11 Peas Are 100% No Good

10 You Don't Say?

9 Power To The Babies!

8 How Does He Get His Feet To Move Like That?

7 So, You're Going To Show This To My Friends In 15 Years, Just For Fun?

6 We Both Came From Where?

5 I'm Trying Hard To Pout But I'm Too Cute To Look Angry

4 The Megal Eye-Roll

3 Pucker Up!

2 You Mean Your Real Name Isn't Mom?

1 I Will Lick This Window Until The Parents Release Me Outside

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