25 Hyphenated Names That Are Absolutely Stunning

It can be hard settling on just one name for the family's new addition. So, when in doubt, why not choose two? Many people don’t consider the endless possibilities that hyphenated names present. Parents can merge two of their favourite names together to create an entirely new one. Or, they can choose from the variety of popular, hyphenated names that have been popular throughout time.

For sure, hyphenating names was more popular several decades ago. But there’s no reason this trend can’t be brought back. Hey, if naming the kids after inanimate objects can become a thing, then so can using hyphens on the regular. If anything, going the hyphenated route for the baby’s name will ensure their moniker stands out more and is memorable. Plus, it opens up the opportunity for tons of cute nicknames that can be created from their hyphenated name.

We’ve come up with a list of 25 of the best boy and girl hyphenated names to inspire parents in their search for the perfect baby name. Some of these monikers are edgy, while others are more feminine or charming. There are some that are more classic than the others, while some have a more modern, fresh twist.

25 Scarlett-Rose

This might be the most beautiful hyphenated name ever!

When you put the names Scarlett and Rose together, you instantly imagine a blooming, red rose in your head. And who doesn’t want their child’s name to paint such a pretty picture?

Both of these names have gorgeous meanings on their own. Scarlett refers to the shade of red it’s named for, whereas Rose obviously refers to the flower of the same name. This is the perfect hyphenated name for anyone who wants their mini-me to have a gorgeous floral name that will stun everyone they meet.

24 Stella-Marie

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Marie is often used as a middle name due to its ability to sound good and flow with any other name it’s paired with. That’s what also makes it work great in a hyphenated name, like this variation, Stella-Marie. Stella is a beautiful-sounding, feminine name on its own. The name comes from Latin, and translates to mean ‘star.’ Marie, on the other hand, is a French variation of Mary and also has roots in Hebrew. Some experts say Marie (like Mary) translates to mean ‘bitter,’ while others say it also means ‘star of the sea.’ Considering Stella and Marie both translate to mean stars, doesn’t that mean they’re perfect when hyphenated together?

23 Billy-Joe or Billy-Joel

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If you’re a fan of ‘Piano Man’ Billy Joel, then you definitely want to consider this hyphenated name for your baby boy.

Though Billy Joel’s name was a first and last name, it’s easy to pay tribute to the singer by hyphenating it together to create Billy-Joel. Of course, a more popular variation of this name has got to be Billy-Joe. Just think of Billie-Joe Armstrong of Green Day fame!

Billy means ‘resolute protection,’ and is often a shortened version of William. Joe means ‘Jehovah increases,’ while Joel means ‘Jehovah is God.’

22 Jamie-Lynn

Jamie-Lynn is one of the more popular hyphenated names out there. We can think of a lot of celebrities right off the bat with this moniker, including Jamie-Lyn Sigler and Jamie-Lynn Spears (the younger sister of Brittany, who was named after her parents, Jamie and Lynn).

Both Jamie and Lynn sound great when paired with virtually any other name. On its own, Jamie means ‘supplanter,’ which can be thought of as leader or rule- the same meaning as the male version, James. Lynn, on the other hand, means ‘lake.’ So, when you put these two names together with a hyphen, technically the same translates to mean ‘ruler of the lake’!

21 Mary-Kate

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Of course we couldn’t make this list without including one of the most famous hyphenated names of all! Mary-Kate Olsen, alongside her sister Ashley Olsen, rose to fame in the late 90s and early 2000s for their twin-centric brand targeted towards young, teen girls. Nowadays, their legacy still inspires former fans to use hyphens when naming their own kids. So, if you really want to pay tribute to the Olsen twins, then going with the name Mary-Kate is the best way to do it. Mary translates to mean ‘bitter,’ while Kate means ‘pure.’

20  James-Dean

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You’re living under a rock if you’ve never heard of iconic actor James Dean. The star had countless roles that still resonate with fans today, which is why there’s become a trend of parents hyphenating the names James and Dean to create one adorable first name.

We think this is a great option, whether or not your fans of the original actor. James has a strong meaning, as it translates to ‘supplanter,’ which can be understood as leader or ruler. Dean is an English word for ‘church official’ that has since been repurposed into a first name.

19 Jayden-Lee

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Lee is one of those names that sounds great when hyphenated with literally anything (just think of actress Jamie-Lee Curtis’ name!). One of our favorite names to pair with it just happens to be Jayden.

Together, these two names have a distinctive edgy flare that’s perfect for anyone who wants to give their baby boy’s name some attitude. Jayden comes from Hebrew and translates to mean ‘thankful,’ while Lee means ‘pasture’ or ‘meadow.’ So, technically the hyphenated version of this name translates to mean ‘thankful for the meadow.’

Who would’ve thought!

18 Anna-Sophia

You’ve probably heard this hyphenated girl’s name thanks to actress Anna-Sophia Robb, who has helped popularize using hyphens. The bubbly blonde lives up to the adorable sound of this name. When we hear Anna-Sophia, we immediately think of a girly-girl with a big attitude and caring personality.

We love the names Anna and Sophia on their own, too. Anna is the Hebrew version of Hannah, and translates to mean ‘grace.’ Sophia, on the other hand, is a Greek name that means ‘wisdom.’ We’d love our baby girl to be full of grace and wisdom, so this sounds like a perfect name if we ever did hear one.

17 Lillie-Ann

Another gorgeous, floral-inspired hyphenated name is Lillie-Ann. Ann sounds beautiful when paired with literally any name, but we love the contrast that Lillie brings, since it ends in a harsh ‘ie’ sound.

This name has a very feminine meaning behind it, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants to give their baby girl a very girly name! Lillie of course refers to the flower of the same name. It can be spelled a variety of ways, including Lily, Lilli, or its longer version, Lillian. Ann, on the other hand, simply means ‘grace.’

16 Jesse-James

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Jesse-James is a super popular hyphenated boy’s name. Don’t believe us? Just remember what the name was of Sandra Bullock’s ex husband! Both Jesse and James are smart names on their own, and have classically been used as boy’s names for the last few decades (even though they’re both now popular as girl’s names, too). Jesse means ‘gift’ and originated in Hebrew, while James means ‘supplanter,’ which we can understand as ruler or leader. When you hyphenated these names, it totally seems like the meaning becomes ‘one of has the gift of leadership.’ Now if there’s one quality all parents want for their kids, it’s to be a strong leader!

15 Mary-Jo or Mary-Jane

Mary is one of those names that sounds great no matter what it’s paired with. When it comes to hyphenated names, Mary is usually paired with names that start with ‘J,’ like these two famous variations: Mary-Jo and Mary-Jane.

These two names used to be more popular several decades ago, but they have a vintage-flare that makes us confident they’re going to have a comeback soon. In Hebrew, Mary surprisingly turns out to mean ‘bitter.’ Luckily, Jo and Jane have nicer meanings. Jane means ‘God is Gracious,’ while Jo means ‘Jehovah or God increases.’

14 Ella-Rose

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Once again, it’s clear that hyphenated names that include Rose are some of the prettiest! Ella-Rose is a fairly common little girl’s name even today, and we’re not surprised given how soft and feminine sounding it is.

Rose of course refers to the flower of the same name. Ella, however, comes from German and translates to mean ‘all,’ ‘completely,’ or ‘a fairy maiden.’ Thus, this is a great name choice for anyone who wants to give their daughter’s name a bit of magical flare. Wouldn’t you love explaining this beautiful meaning to everyone you meet?

13 John-Paul

Both John and Paul are classic names with biblical connotations, which make them strong choices on their own for a smart baby boy’s name.

However, we love them even better when they’re together. John is the male version of Jane and they share the same meaning- ‘God is Gracious’- in Hebrew. Paul originated from Latin, and randomly means ‘small.’

If you want to switch things up a bit, you could trade John for its French variant, Jean, to create the hyphenated name Jean-Paul. This would make your baby’s name stand out a bit more, while still remaining the same name.

12 Ruby-Grace

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On it’s own, Ruby is a spunky name with a ton of character. The name has been referenced countless times in both pop culture and music (is “Ruby Tuesday” playing in your head yet?). The name, which refers to the gem of the same name, has an edgy flare to it that makes it a great name with a ton of personality.

By hyphenating it with Grace, it gives Ruby a more of a softer sound. Grace of course refers to the virtue of the same name, meaning your little girl will probably have a beautiful personality thanks to her special name.

11 Mark-Paul

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If you grew up watching Saved By The Bell, then you might recognize this name from the actor who played Zach… Mark-Paul Gosselear! The actor totally owns his hyphenated name, and probably inspired tons of fans to do the same with their baby’s name when the show was at his prime.

Both Mark and Paul are smart, charming names on their own. Mark originates from Latin and means ‘warlike’ or ‘warrior,’ whereas Paul means ‘small’ also in Latin. So, we guess the hyphenated version of these names translates to be ‘small warrior.’ Hey, at least the warrior part is cool!

10 Lisa-Marie

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If you need more proof that Marie is the perfect name to pair with anything, just take a look at this hyphenated name. Lisa-Marie is ultra popular- even Elvis named his only child this adorable name!

As we established, Marie is the French version of Mary, and translates to mean ‘bitter’ or ‘star of the sea.’ Lisa, on the other hand, means ‘pledged to God,’ and is a shortened, English version of the name Elizabeth.

The meanings behinds these two names are stunning, which means they’re even better when paired together with a hyphen.

9 Oliver-James

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If you want a hyphenated name that isn’t toooverused, then perhaps Oliver-James is the one for you!

Oliver is one of the less common names on this list, though by no means is it too over-the-top. This cute name, which can spawn even cuter nicknames like Olie, simple means ‘olive tree’ in Latin. James, as we’ve seen, means ‘supplanter,’ otherwise referred to as leader or ruler.

We guess that means Oliver-James altogether means ‘ruler of the olive tree,’ which is slightly random but still pretty cool.

8 Mary-Elizabeth

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Fargo actress Mary-Elizabeth Winstead has helped popularize this long, hyphenated name, which we absolutely love.

Mary, which we’ve seen means ‘bitter’ in Latin, is already a common name to hyphenated with others. But we can’t say that same about Elizabeth. This name has a very regal, sophisticated air to it thanks to its length. It has a stunning meaning, too, translating to mean ‘pledged to God’ in Latin.

Plus, just think of the nicknames you can create from this hyphenated name- everything from Mimi to Beth to Betty!

7 Jacob-James

Both Jacob and James are very strong, classic names on their own that are a safe choice for any parents wanting to lean on the traditional side of things. But, by hyphenating these two ‘J’ names, it instantly makes it sound fresher and more hip. You’ll be pleased to know that both of these names apart have charming meanings that you’d love to pass on to your little boy. James is interestingly an English variation of Jacob, which comes from Hebrew. Both names translate to have the same meaning; ‘supplanter,’ which can also mean leader or ruler.

6 Lacey-Mae

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If you want a hyphenated name that’s a bit more modern, then consider the adorable girl’s name Lacey-Mae.

Lacey is one name that’s only gotten a lot more popular in recent years (perhaps thanks to Mean Girl’s actress Lacey Chabert?). The name is English for ‘from Lassy.’ Mae, which can also be spelt like the month May, simply refers to the month it was named after. It’s also often used as shorthand for names like Mary or Margaret.

This baby name is definitely on the trendier side if we ever did see one.

5 A-Jay

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While most of the names on this list combine two separate names, this is one hyphenated moniker that actually combines a letter and a name.

You’ve probably heard the name A.J. before, but only spelt like initials. However, there are some people who have this name as their actually first name (not just a nickname), and oftentimes they spell it like this: A-Jay.

While ‘A’ of course doesn’t have any particular meaning, the name Jay refers to the Jaybird. It’s often used as shorthand for longer names, like James, although it’s increasing in popularity as a name all on its own.

4 Jack-Thomas

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Jack-Thomas is another handsome, hyphenated name for your little boy that uses traditional names but gives them a fresh spin by pairing them together.

Both of these names have gorgeous meanings individually. Jack, which remains one of the most popular boy names, even today, is an English name meaning ‘God is Gracious.’ On the other hand, Thomas originated in Aramaic and interestingly means ‘twin.’

Well, you certainly don’t need twins to utilize this attractive baby boy’s name. Although, how cute would it be to have a set of twins with hyphenated names?!

3 Demi-Leigh

We all know that Demi is an extremely popular name on its own, thanks to celebrities like actress Demi Moore and pop singer Demi Lovato. Plus, Leigh is also a popular name to use when hyphenating, like what Jamie-Lee Curtis’ parents did in naming her.

But we think pairing these names together gives them both a hip twist and modern upgrade- plus, it will help your kiddo stand apart from the crowd. Demi, which has Greek origins, means ‘half,’ while Leigh means ‘pasture’ or ‘meadow.’ So, altogether, we guess the hyphenated version of these names means ‘half a meadow.’ Interesting!

2 Anne-Marie

You’ve probably met at least one person in your life with the name Anne-Marie, given how common this hyphenated moniker has become in recent decades.

We can understand why it’s so popular, given how simple yet feminine the name is. It easily rolls off the tongue, and it different without being over-the-top or difficult to pronounce or spell. We’ve already seen how Marie means ‘bitter’ or ‘star of the sea,’ while Anne simply means ‘grace.’

We couldn’t imagine a more stunning meaning behind a baby girl’s name!

1 Mia-Louise

The thing we love about Mia-Louise is that it pairs one modern name with a classic one to create a completely new moniker! Mia is one of those names that has been super popular in recent years. There’s at least one Mia in every classroom nowadays. This short yet sweet name has both Italian and Scandinavian roots, and shares the same meaning as the name Marie- ‘bitter.’ Some experts suggest it also translates to mean ‘mine.’ Louise, on the other hand, is a classic name that was more popular decades ago. It has a stunning meaning, fit for any little feminist; ‘renowned warrior.’

References: NameBerry.com

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