French in origin, Fleur translates to “flower.” It’s an old French name and, although it’s quite a literal name for French-speaking areas, it’s a feminine, evocative choice in the English-speaking world. Being short and softly pronounced, it has no obvious nickname.

It might be difficult to

say or spell for those with no knowledge or background in French, but as far as foreign names go, it’s hardly the most difficult for the North American tongue.

There are not many famous Fleurs, but the name does appear in the Harry Potter series with the character Fleur Delacour (“flower of the court”). In the Harry Potter films, this role was played by French actress Clémence Poésy.

Fleur is pretty without being sickly sweet or too girly - this name would suit an adult just as well as a chubby newborn baby. An equally lovely yet more popular variant is Flora, which would also be difficult to shorten.

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