25 "J" Names That Are Full of Life

There is so much about a name that gives it life. The sound, spelling, and meaning are only the beginning. The way that a name feels when it's said, the image it inspires in the mind and the connections and memories that it brings. In order to inspire the images and feelings, they want parents are looking at classic names, spelling variations and even inventing new names. Some of the most lively and inspiring names come from the tenth letter of the alphabet, J. J is joyous and jumpy, jubilant and jazzy. The names on this list come from a balance of classics, variations, and inventions that represent the best of what J names have to offer and showcase just how much life that letter can instil into a name. From the classic and formal John to the modern and relaxed Jax, the J adds brightness and light regardless of style or history. First, middle or last, name or letter, the placement is not important, regardless of where it is the J infuses life and happiness into everything it touches. The twenty-five J names on this list are sure to add happiness and light to life just like mom's little bundle of joy.

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25 Jense

Jense is a rock star name. This too cool boy’s name is Scandinavian in origin and is a variation of Jens, meaning, “God is gracious.” The name Jense is smooth and soft but not so much so to lose its masculinity.

Jense has not made it onto the charts in the States yet but it is easy to see it taking a spot there with modern parents making a change toward trendier names over the classics. The name Jense is simple to say it is not confusing in spelling or sound but it is still interesting and mysterious which makes it fantastic and full of mystery and life.

24 Jade

Simple, strong and sweet, Jade is a girl’s name that brings to mind images of beautiful stones of bright green. The name comes from a Spanish origin according to Nameberry and means, “stone of the side.” The stone usually referenced is a beautiful green and used in many different ways.

Jade is traditionally a girl’s name but is not so feminine that it is exclusive to girls. The name has potential to be unisex especially in the States where it is becoming more common to ignore the bounds of classical gender lines in name choice. Jade is bold and bright bringing light to the mind of anyone who says it.

23 Jaelie

A name of modern invention Jaelie does not have a designated meaning but do not let that stop you from choosing this beautiful ray of sunshine. The name Jaelie is a girl’s name that is not given an origin or meaning as it was created recently and has only just come into the spotlight.

Jaelie is a beautiful looking name with a sweet feminine sound. The name offers perfect nicknames such as Jael, Jae, Elie or Lie. It is no wonder that this new little name is on the rise in popularity as it has so much potential in such a sweet package.

22 Jai

If you are looking for a bold name that is short and to the point, Jai may be just what you are after. The name Jai is unisex making it perfect for either a baby girl or boy. The name comes from a Latin origin and it is a variation of the name Jay that is often given a more masculine connotation. The name Jai means, “jaybird.”

Jai is a variation that has an edgier feel to it while retaining the smooth soft sound of the original name. The beautiful nature meaning behind the name is also a bonus that infuses this small three-letter word with life.

21 Jarvus

Jarvus is a spelling variation on Jarvis which comes from Gervase a name of English origin which means unknown. The name Jarvus has not made it onto the top 1000 names in the States yet.

Jarvus is a name with a sound unlike any other. The name is unique is sound and spelling and despite making a debut in Hollywood it has remained rare. There is nickname potential if you are creative and there are spelling variations such as Jarvis and Garvis or Garvus. This larger than life supercomputer name is perfect for your little genius.

20 January

A common word, very few people know where the name of the first month of the year comes from. January is the first month and it doubles as a name with a Latin origin. The name January comes from the Roman God Janus. Janus is the God of doorways, he is also the God of beginnings and transitions.

January does offer the nickname of Jan however it does not offer much else in the way of flexibility. This sweet little name has no current place on the top 1000s name list at the moment but it is a diamond in the rough. The name January is a cheerful-sounding name which is derived from a God who is all about beginnings. The life in this little name is perfect for the little life who brought you’re your new beginning.

19 Jacinna

For flower lovers, Jacinna is an excellent name choice. The name Jacinna is a gorgeous girl’s name that comes from a Spanish origin. This name is a Spanish word for a Greek flower. The flower is a Hyacinth. Hyacinths are beautiful flowers that come in a range of colors and are known for a strong smell and blooming in large clusters.

If you love flowers and nature but are looking for a name that does not sound like a '70s hippie name take Jacinna for a spin. The name on its own is gorgeous and it is backed by a lovely floral meaning that makes it even more beautiful.

18 Jacen

This name is the perfect twist for those who love, the somewhat overused classic Jason. Jacen is a more modern variation of the traditional boy’s name Jason. The name has a Greek origin and means, “to heal.” Jacen updates the look of the long-beloved name and gives it a modern twist but keeps the familiar sound.

This updated spelling means that the name looks different and offers the nickname Jace, however, the name sounds the same. This means that it may still get confusing for your little one with all the Jasons in his class even with a spelling difference.

17 Jensen

Jensen is a more formal version of the name Jense and it shares its Scandinavian origin. The name Jensen mean son of Jens which is not particularly interesting by was a common naming trend throughout history.

Jensen has not often been used in the States despite being unisex and versatile. The name offers spelling variations such as Jenson, Jensan, Genson, or Jensyn to name a few. The name also has nicknames such as Jen or Jenny for the female version. Jensen has made an appearance in Hollywood. Perfect for versatility and personalization, the name Jensen is a great choice for the little light of your life.

16 Jacey

Jacey is unisex an can be a variation or nickname of Jacen. The name Jacey is a modern invention name and therefore it is not given a meaning or origin but that does not stop it from being one of the sunniest and most adorable names on this list.

The name Jacey would be a great alternative to those who like more overused names like Jenny or Kasey and are looking for something a little more mysterious that still has that happy, lively quality. The name offers the nickname Jace that is edgier and bold perfect to grow into. Overall Jacey is a fantastic name for all life stages and it is only a matter of time before it catches on.

15 Jayni

Jayni adds the perfect modern edge to the classic good girl name. Jane is no longer plain. The name Jayni is a fabulous twist on the traditional girl’s name. The name has an English origin and being a variation of Jane has a meaning of, “God is gracious.”

This sweet name is the perfect balance of sugar and spice. The name Jayni offers the nickname Jayn or Jay and does have some spelling versatilities but none with quite as much edge. Jayne brings life back to a name that is well known but has recently begun to be overlooked because of its simplicity and soft nature.

14 Jaxx

Jaxx is a name that is another example of a modern invented name and the good things that can come from parents choosing to create something new. The name Jaxx is new so it has not been attributed an origin or a meaning but it is a quintessential modern name. The name Jaxx is full of edge and incorporates the xs that are so popular in modern invented names or name variations.

The name Jaxx is similar to the traditional Jack or the well-liked Jackson. Jaxx is a simpler less formal name that is bold and edgy which is strong and full of life.

13 Janeva

Janeva is a French name that is a variation on a popular name that may look a bit more familiar. The name Geneva is a classic that has been in use for quite a while. With the spelling variation, Janeva breathes new life into the classic formal looking French girls name.

Janeva means juniper tree making it another example of a nature name. Juniper trees are evergreen trees that are known for their use as a spice and fragrance. This beautiful name Janeva is the perfect combination of the classic Jan beginning and the feminine Eva ending to make a strong and feminine name with a nature meaning that has the best of everything.

12 Jad

Jad is a name that provides little information. The name does not provide origin information or any indication of meaning. The beauty of the name is in its simplicity. Jad is indicated as a boys names but aside for that it is basically a clean slate.

Simple and soft this name has a spot on the top 1000 names list currently. Nameberry has the name currently in the 978th slot. The name however with its modern sound and potential for unisex use is sure to rise in popularity. The name Jad is full of potential and is essentially a clean slate the perfect name for a double first name or a middle name as it is unassuming and simple.

11 Jarrah

Another nature name Jarrah is a botanical name that comes from a tree. The name is unisex and it is not given an origin, however, the tree that it is derived from is Australia. The tree has beautiful fragrant flowers however they only bloom every other year. The years the tree blooms it is used to make sweet honey.

This beautiful name suits the special tree perfectly. Strong and lyrical the name is a gorgeous representation of the best balances in nature. The name offers nicknames such as Jar, Arra or Rah if you are creative. Perfect for the little one you think is the bee's knees.

10 Jalyn

This is a spelling variation on the name Jalen which Nameberry considers to be the new Jason. A perfect solution for bringing life to the common name Jason and honor the namesake, Jalyn follows a modern trend. The name Jalyn has a place on the Top 1000 names list at 599th according to Nameberry.

Jalyn offers spelling variations such as Jalin, Jalen or Jalon. The name made its debut in the spotlight through Basketball player Jalen Rose. Jalyn is bound to continue to gain popularity as it begins to gain more use as a girl’s name. The trend to use more tomboyish names for girls has lately been sweeping through the States with no signs of slowing and this name is no exception.

9 Jasper

This name is a bit more familiar but it still has an edge and life to it that is undeniable. Jasper is a name with a Persian origin. The name is a boy’s name which means, “bringer of treasure.” The name holds a spot on the top 1000 names list. The name is currently ranked at number 185 on Nameberry’s top boy’s names.

Jasper is a popular name in its own right. The name has a stable spelling with little variation. The nicknames Jas or Jasp are common options for this fan favorite name. The ideal name for your little treasure Jasper is a favorite of parents throughout the States.

8 Jecinda

Jecinda is a more melodious and feminine sounding version of Jacinta. Jacinta is a Spanish name which is for a Greek flower name meaning Hyacinth. Hyacinths are beautiful fragrant flowers that are a favorite in the States. If you are a parent who loves floral or nature names but doesn’t want something too obvious this may be a perfect option.

Jecinda takes the feminine -inda ending and gives it a twist with this sweet variation name. Jecinda allows for the nicknames Jeci or Cinda. The name has variations internationally like Jacinta and Hyacinth. Spelling variations are also a possibility such as Jecynda.

7 Jennings

Jennings is a variation on a name that has a very different sound, Jenkin. Jenkin is Flemish and means, “little John.” This meaning and history are far from fitting for the modern lively sound of the name Jennings. The name Jennings is suggested by Nameberry as a possibility if you are looking to honor someone with the name John, or as a middle name in place of John.

The name Jennings has a modern sound. There are many variation names related to Jennings but none with similar sounds. The name Jennings does not offer much in the way of spelling variations or nicknames so it is perfect for those who want a name that cannot be shortened or changed significantly.

6 Jeetanna

Jeetanna is all about the double letters. Spelling variations allow you to change where and how many making this name one of the more flexible names on the list. Jeetanna is a variation on Gitana, a name with a Spanish origin and a meaning of, “gypsy or wanderer.”

The name Jeetanna has not made an appearance on top 1000 names list makes it a rare and magical beauty. This beautiful name has a mystical meaning and offers extreme variation and flexibility that is unlike other names. The name Jeetanna offers the nicknames Jee, Tanna or Anna as possibilities. Beautiful, bold and mystical the name Jeetanna is unlike anything that is currently popular in the States and perfect for your little gypsy.

5 Jerison

This is a variation of Jerry and has a more formal and manly sound. The name Jerry has an English or Irish origin from the German Jerome and means, “ruler with the spear.” The strength behind the meaning of Jerome translates perfectly to the sound of the name Jerison.

Jerison gives a modern sound to the old school name Jerome which is perfect for honoring the namesake. The name also honors those with the name Jerry and formalizes it into a full name that has a more regal and elegant, yet modern sound. Jerison is the perfect name for the new little king in your life.

4 Jeisa

Jeisa is another name that has come from modern invention. Therefore it has no meaning dedicated to it and no origin specified for it. However, a lack of history does nothing to detract from the life of this sweet soft little name. The name Jeisa offers versatility through nicknames such as Jei or Isa.

The name has not made the top 1000 names in the States as of yet. However, it has made its debut in the spotlight by way of Brazilian supermodel, Jeisa Chiminazzo. This short sweet and sassy name is the perfect name for your beautiful new bundle of joy.

3 Jet

The name Jet is actually a name that is a word name that comes from a mineral. Jet is a black mineral that is carbon based and forms from fossilized wood. The gems are often used as jewelry associated with mourning. The name Jet is another name with a long history but a modern sound.

The beautiful black mineral that is the reason for this name is as bold and commanding as the name itself. The name is unisex so it works for either girls or boys. The name may have a masculine sound to it but with tomboy names becoming trendier for girls it is a definite possibility that this lively name may become more popular as a girl’s name.

2 Jelena

Jelena is a beautiful, lyrical name of Greek origin. This girl’s name means, “bight, shining light.” The name has not yet gained popularity in the States managing to avoid the top 1000 names list as of yet but that makes this gem even more precious.

The beautiful Jelena offers so flexibility and versatility while still being beautiful, feminine and full of life. Jelena offers nicknames like Jel, Lena or Lee. There is also the ability to play with spelling especially within the Lena ending, Jelyna, Jeleena or Jelenna being a few possibilities. This name keeps a sound similar to names like Selena or Melena but with a fresh twist that is more unique then the more common names.

1 Jost

For those who like the name Justin, Jost may be a name you should consider as an option. The name Jost has a modern sound but is a variation on the name Justin. Jost is a boy’s name with a Latin origin that means, “fair and righteous.”

Jost has the same sound as the beginning of Justin, Just. This is where it gets its meaning of fair and righteous from. The name Jost does offer the nicknames Jo or Jos but there is little option for spelling variation with this name. The name may not be modern but its spelling and sound have an edge that is a breath of fresh air into a fan favorite.

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