25 Japanese Names That Are Perfect For Anyone

Some of the most beautiful and stunning names you can give your child come from a Japanese origin. In Japan, the culture of naming a baby is well-thought-out and traditional just like many of their customs, which makes Japanese names even more special and unique. While many of us may have heard popular Japanese names through movies, popular anime, manga, and other pop-culture sources, in Japan, there's a way to go about the naming process. You may hear someone being called by their last name first, followed by their given name. This is tradition, as the first name they're referred to is usually their father's name, followed by the surname they've been given at birth. It's the reverse of what most people are used to which can be confusing but don't worry.

For moms to give her child a unique Japanese name, she doesn't need to refer to them by their last name first! Her child can have an amazing name that has roots in Japanese culture and meaning and to make that a bit easier, we've gone ahead and found the most respected names out there. Mom's child will also have the chance to spell his or her name in another language, which is completely inspiring in the way of namesakes.

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25 Sakura


Sakura is seriously just too cute for a girl.

Many people will recognize it from the hit anime "Cardcaptor Sakura", but it's a well-known name in Japan that means "a woman who is like a cherry blossom".

It may or may not be common knowledge that cherry blossom trees are respected and important in Japanese culture, making the name Sakura one of importance, too. In Japan, it denotes beauty and is thought that girls with this name are attractive to others and have an appreciation for material things. Girls with this name are also viewed to be creative thinkers, however, and with such can push too far out of the box and need to be reigned in. Goals are always being met with girls who have the name Sakura, as they're seen as hard workers and strive for recognition among their work life. They're full of enthusiasm and have a tendency to find new opportunities easily. As far as the name itself, cherry blossoms are loved by everyone both because of their beauty as well as their ability to last. Girls named Sakura will not only have a beautiful name to be called by, but will also walk around knowing that they were named for sacred trees that blossom without fear or hesitation into something stunning and vibrant.

24 Sora


This is the third name on our list that some people will most likely read and think, "oh my gosh, just like in Kingdom Hearts!" since Sora is the name of the main playable character. However, the funny thing is that Sora is actually a feminine name!

In Japan, Sora means "she is like the sky". It's a beautiful name that flows easily and is somewhat of the Japanese version of the name "Skylar" in America.

The religion of this name is rooted in Shinto, which adds another depth of meaning to it. Girls named Sora will inevitably make success their goal and be able to achieve it. They'll be natural-born leaders and have dynamic qualities that include being efficient and capable, while also being able to control themselves in every situation. Although they're believed to be occasionally egotistical, it's only due to the fact that they have a strong sense of being and try to be as motivational as possible. That simply just means that they'll be drawn to helping others because of their ability to control their own emotions and not let that interfere with the task at hand. Not too off from the fictional character seen in Kingdom Hearts games!

23 Nara

We are really on a roll with simply gorgeous Japanese names for girls! Nara has such a unique meaning, we're not sure we've even heard it anywhere else.

It's translated to one of two meanings: "extraordinary blossom from paradise" and "superior floret from dreamland".

Both of these evoke such fantasy-like qualities that you'd be convinced you have, indeed, only seen in dreams. If you can imagine the most beautiful flower you've ever seen, the meaning behind Nara means something even more beautiful than that. For a name that's truly devoted to beauty and captivation, look no further than this one. Nara is a wonderful name choice for parents who have a love deeply rooted (no pun intended!) in gardening or flowers in general, and wish to pass on that beauty to their child. The meaning "superior floret from dreamland" is so elegantly transformative and descriptive, yet sounds like something nearly unattainable in real life. This denotes such an idea of unbelievable beauty that we're sure any parent would love to pass on to their beautiful baby girl. The name Nara will always make for a good story and a meaning that will surprise and delight anyone who has the luck of hearing it.

22 Tokyo

How cool would it be to be named after one of the largest and busiest cities in the world? That alone makes Tokyo such a cool name for a boy. Its meaning is no surprise, as it literally means "the capital to the East".

This name is found in Buddhism, however, which gives it a little extra depth as far as meaning goes. The destiny of boys named after the amazing city matches perfectly with the idea of the city itself. It's believed that the name Tokyo denotes a boy who is restless and will never deal with a stagnant life; constantly needing to be moving and adventuring. Boys with the Tokyo will always embrace change and take a chance on something new, but the good qualities don't stop there. They're often warm-hearted and people are attracted to their light and kindness, they're easily concerned about their appearance so people will be physically drawn to them as well before being taken by their friendly nature. Having the name Tokyo is sure to get anyone talking and will be a great ice-breaker for your child. Who knows, it may even inspire wanderlust for your little boy to visit the place he shares a name with!

21 Emiko


This is a name with several numbers associated, all with strong meanings for the name Emiko. It's feminine in nature and means a "prosperous and beautiful child". After looking at several Japanese names, you begin to notice a trend...

Every name stands for something positive that will guide the child on his or her path as they grow up. Japanese names are not just something to call a person by, but they also give a deeper meaning for the child who goes by them.

Girls with the name Emiko are easy to get along with, peacemakers by nature, and have compassion and understanding in multitudes. Their strive for success will be rooted in the desire to help people, which makes them wonderful friends, confidants, and faithful. An alternative meaning for Emiko in Japanese is also "blessed". This is a name truly fit for a blessing of a child and sounds beautiful in pronunciation as well as in meaning. Those around them will feel blessed to know them and feel comforted by their ability to understand and care. This name is very popular and a derivative of the name "Emyko", which is an alternative spelling. It's seen widely throughout Japan and is of the more popular name choices for children.

20 Akemi

This name is beautiful both in sound and in meaning. Akemi, pronounced "a-ke-mee", has several different meanings that all give off positive vibes.

In two parts, "ake" is literally translated to "bright" while "mi" means "beautiful". Together, the two meanings stand for "beautiful dawn".

There's nothing not to like about this name; it's feminine in nature and in usage. Anyone who is considering a Japanese-originated name but is still unsure will be happy to know that while this name is Japanese, it's not bold to the point of being unpronounceable. The Kenji (Japanese character writing) form of this name is short and fairly easy to write out as well, so choosing this name would be a great introduction to Japanese culture for your child. A common nickname outside of Japan could also be "Kemi" which is cute and pretty, perfect for a girl and any parents who adore nicknames! We could totally see a family with a boy and a girl, or even twins, carrying the names "Akemi" as well as the next name on the list, "Akeno". These two names go together perfectly and could easily be given to siblings. Akemi is the perfect name choice for those moms who have loved sunsets their entire life; they'll be reminded of on every time they look at their daughter!

19 Akeno


Akeno is a masculine name, but we don't see any reason for why it couldn't be used for a boy or a girl. Similar to Akemi, its meaning is translated to "beautiful sunrise". There are a few other meanings behind this name including "in the morning" and "bright shining field". This makes it a visual name, evoking the feelings you'd get while watching the sunrise or overlooking a field that reflects golden or bright yellow in the light from the rising sun. Staying true to the Japanese culture, each name is associated with a (or several) numerology meaning as well.

It's gentle in nature and in Japanese culture, it's believed that people bearing this name are creative and have a desire for personal expression.

They emit beauty outwards and not just through their name, children bearing the name Akeno will grow up to be artistic in nature, unique, stubborn, and extremely focused on their goals in life. They should find success easily with their tendency to strive for greatness, and people will be drawn to the artistic strengths that they showcase. Again, this would be the perfect counterpart to a child name Akemi! It would be adorable for a family of twins or a boy and a girl to share names with the same meaning because they would not only be bonded by relation, but also by their names as well.

18 Hoshi

This is an easy one. For lovers of the sky or the more metaphorical "fame" meaning, Hoshi literally means "star". It's a cute name, but the Japanese have a strong belief in what it means for a person bearing this name. According to its numerology, a person named Hoshi is humble with a strong sense of family love and strength in community. Because of this, she'll always have a desire to work with others and be acknowledged in return. Hoshi is a name for a strong worker and someone who believes in the right thing, a "star" of her community if you will!

Just like her name meaning, anyone named Hoshi will be optimistic, full of energy, and very smart.

Hoshi is not a name without fierce qualities, though...Just like a star has the potential to give off massive amounts of energy, girls bearing the name Hoshi can also be rebellious and fighters for what they believe is right which will ensure that they always have friends to support them and fight with them on their journey through life. For a name that quite literally means the brightest thing in the world, Hoshi is a lovely choice for a baby that means everything to her parents.

17 Rei

Rei is a female name and has some really beautiful attributes about it. For starters, it's a short enough name that your child would not need a nickname, which is perfect for parents who are not fans of names with multiple syllables.

Its meaning is "lovely" as well as "the tinkling of Jade". Although it's a female name, it has a tendency to sound somewhat masculine, which can make it unique and be appealing in nature to families who like to break the mold.

It's a bold choice for a name with an even bolder meaning; traditionally girls with the name Rei desire freedom and refuse a lifestyle that keeps them in one place or position. Somewhat rebellious in nature, a girl with the name Rei is believed to desire chance, search for new discoveries, and live her life based on the adventure. Happiness will be her ultimate goal, in addition, she'll be charming, adaptable, and compassionate. It's a name that is also seen prevalently in Japanese manga and anime, making it a great option for moms who love Japanese culture and art. It's a strong, stand-alone name that will make an impression...Especially if her friends are fans of anime!

16 Hikaru

This is another name that's suitable for both girls and boys. Hikaru is the perfect name for educationally-minded parents. Its literal meaning is "shining brilliance" which is so positive in the way of intelligence and intellect.

This name is ideal for a child of scholars and families who simply love to learn, or just want to instil in their children a passion for education and personal growth.

Children names Hikaru will have a thorough understanding of what surrounds them and in turn be analytical and wonderful thinkers. They'll have a habit of analyzing and always being practical in every situation, and because of this will be responsible individuals. Being able to manage will be their strong suit, which will make people drawn to them and their outstanding ability to understand an issue from every side. The name itself is poetic-sounding with the same phonetic sounds as "Haiku", a type of popular Japanese poem that follows strict stanza rules. Because of this, it's reminiscent of literature and makes one think of books and poetry, all in keeping with the theme of brilliance whether in art or writing. It would be a great name for the future scholar or writer to give them a unique identity that will perfectly suit a future artist!

15 Juro

Juro is, as you may have guessed already, a masculine name. It's a long-standing name that quite literally means "longevity" and "best wishes" which are both truly fitting to welcome a new baby boy into the world.

Boys named Juro will have an interesting but unique namesake that they'll carry with them knowing the great meaning behind it.

This meaning alone isn't what will make them truly great, however; numerology has a say in this as well. Boys who bear this name tend to find pride in servitude to others and helping as many people as they can through a creative streak they'll inevitably possess. Through their creative talents, they'll meet many people and will be loved simply because of their natural inclination to want to help others. In Japan, to provide for others and be kind is held in high regard, meaning, if you believe in the future that numerology predicts, a boy who carries the name Juro will be respected as well as welcomed by nearly everyone they meet. "J" names are often strong in pronunciation and command the attention of a room, so even though this is a humble name, your child will be sure to have everyone's attention.

14 Keitaro


This is such a cute baby boy name! In English, it's pronounced "key-taa-row" and is a perfect Japanese name for a cute little boy. In Japan, the name is derivative of Keitarou.

The first part of the name, "Keita" is translated to "blessed", which makes this name somewhat of a holy namesake as well.

It serves as a constant reminder to parents who have named their children Keitaro that they've been blessed with a new life, and also as a message to their child how blessed his parents are to have him. It's a beautiful name with an even stronger meaning, though it only stands for one word, the message is clear. This is a great name for families who have a strong faith and want to pass that belief and love down to their child, who will have a life-long reminder of how much his parents love him. Boys named Keitaro are also blessed based on numerology as well; their truest inner desire is to express themselves creatively and find outlets through entertainment such as singing, speaking in public, acting, or writing. This makes them somewhat of a free spirit since they also have a strong desire to surround themselves with beauty in the form of art. A great career path for a Keitaro may be a teaching since they have a knack for learning, a philosopher to suit their curiosity or even scholar.

13 Makoto


Makoto is a unisex name but is generally given to girls. Video game-lovers will also make note that its seen in the popular game "Persona 5" and is eerily descriptive of the girl who bears the name. It means "sincere" in keeping with the positive denotations of most Japanese names, and is really a cool name for a baby girl.

There are so many nicknames that can be used with this, but it sounds so unique and different on its own that we're not even sure your child would need one.

Her friends will surely love her name as well since her numerology meaning reveals someone who is truly inspiring and a source of optimism for everyone around her. In conjunction with her positivity, Makoto is someone who will have a strong sense of organization, will love analyzing things, and be extremely practical in nearly every way. It's because of these attributes that will make for a strong-willed personality and someone who exudes confidence. Similar to the same Makoto we see in pop-culture, this name denotes strong qualities that can go either way. Extra confidence and a strong-willed personality may also bring about a sense of ruthless egocentricity, though, which can be good or bad.

12 Haru

Another super unique name for a boy is Haru.

It's almost poetic-sounding in nature, and sounds like exactly what it means: "Sunlight". Other translations include "born in the Spring", "clear up", and simply just "sun".

Of course, your child doesn't necessarily need to be born in the Spring to be given this name. The meaning is just a cool nod to the season if he does happen to be born in the Spring months. The name Haru is refreshing, almost like a breath of fresh air on a warm Spring day, and you can imagine its numerology meaning goes hand-in-hand with that idea. Indeed, anyone with the name Haru is believed to be inspiring in nature and a devoted, positive light to those around him. That makes this name the perfect positive attribute to families who believe in optimism and keeping your head up, no matter the situation. Just like the sun will always come out, boys name Haru will always have a constant reminder that they are the light in someone's life. Similar to how their numerology defines them, boys named Haru will always be a warm ray of sunshine to those around him. That alone is enough to make us love this name!

11 Jun

Jun is an interesting name because it actually has several different meanings in cultures other than just Japanese. In China, it means "truth", while in Latin it means "young child", and, of course, in Japanese, it means "obedient". All of these meanings are good when it comes to kids, but in Japan, this name is made even more special because of its numerology reading. It would take an obedient child to learn how to live a life of generosity and kindness, which is exactly what this name foreshadows.

Boys with the name Jun are destined to bring an aspect of beauty, charity, and even perfection into any space.

They'll have a straight-forward compassion and be open to understanding others as well as forgiving them. In their obedient nature, they'll see the good in the world and work towards bringing that out in others. That alone makes them a great friend from birth and you'll never need to worry about a boy name Jun not having enough friends. Just like the name "Juro", names that begin with a "J" are strong in nature and pronounced, making them difficult to forget and easy to remember. Anyone name Jun will make a lasting, positive impression on those he meets.

10 Roka

Roka is another interesting name for either a boy or a girl. It's meaning is complex and is translated to "white crest of a wave". This can be a myriad of different things; often when we think of a wave with a white crest, we associate it with destructive qualities and the ability to push and pull in anything that's not held down. We often forget, however, that waves can be peaceful and are signs of strength and a constant, steady rhythm. Waves are necessary for change and evolution, both of land and of aquatic life. Much like the depths of the sea, children with the name Roka will also feel the need to focus deep within themselves. They'll need time for quiet contemplation and have a desire to learn deeper truths around them as well as everything the world has to offer.

In keeping with the theme of water, a child named Roka is believed to be intuitive, compassionate, full of emotion, and are humanitarians.

Just like a wave, someone named Roka will be full of life and passion for what they love. They'll have a silent but strong personality and be able to tune themselves in easily with what others are feeling. Even though they may be strong, they won't be inclined to use that against anyone and instead will use it to help others and be there when they can.

9 Kairi

Kairi is two out of three names on this list that, once again, is found in popular video game culture. From the classic RPG Kingdom Hearts, Kairi is oh-so-appropriately named for the part she plays in the game since it means "ocean village". Contrary to the game, though, it is a unisex name and doesn't necessarily need only be given to a female. Kairi is yet another name that shrouds name-bearers in a cloak of inspiration and positivity, and children with this as their chosen name will always be a positive force in others' lives. They're easy to get along with and will always bring out the best qualities in the people around them, which makes this name golden.

It's beautiful and understated, full of warm feelings and positive light. The Kairis of the world will always be independent and natural-born leaders.

This beautiful name would be wonderful given to the girl who has grown up near the water, or for the parents who love being at the beach. Kairi will always be a reminder of the happiness that is found when you're sitting down and staring out at the waves, but it's also a friendly name that's not too bold. That makes it perfect for moms who may be considering a Japanese, nature-themed name, but are still unsure of pronunciation.

8 Katsumi


This unisex name is great for parents who believe in competition and striving to be the best. Katsumi means "to win" or "to overcome". There are great strengths and power behind this name and kids who have it will inevitably be strong-willed fighters. It's believed that children with this name are charismatic and charming, full of grace and eager to analyze the situations around them. They'll be idealistic and constantly be thinking of solutions to problems, which makes them the perfect problem-solver and reliable friend.

A person named Katsumi will always find themselves in a position of managing and find strength in leading groups, which reinforces the idea of strength found in this name and in its bold meaning.

You don't need to be competitive to constantly fight to overcome the challenges that life throws you, and the name Katsumi is a great nod to the strength to continue on. It's possible that they may not care so much about winning or be fully competitive in nature, but you can be assured that numerology says they will be fighters. Katsumi will be a solid reminder for your little boy or girl that they should be strong throughout anything that comes there way, if only because their very own name denotes it so!

7 Maiko

This name goes out to all the dancers in the world! It's such a stunning name for a girl because it's feminine in phonetic pronunciation but also in meaning. Maiko means "a child who has a love for dance" which makes this name full of grace and beauty. It's pronounced "maa-iy-kow", as three syllables, and flows beautifully when it's said out loud. A child named Maiko doesn't need to necessarily be born into a family who has a history of dancing, though!

The act of dancing evokes happiness, joy, freedom, and is where free-spirited and light-hearted people can be found enjoying music and thinking of nothing else but the present time.

This idea is also associated with the name Maiko; in Japan, girls with the name Maiko are seen as romantic, compassionate, and get joy out of being of help to others. While it's thought that anyone named Maiko is not overly social, dancing is an act that can be done alone, no matter how quiet or introverted you may be. While the name Maiko is not often used and is low in popularity, that makes it ideal for moms who are looking for a name that no one else will have while still wanting to give their child something beautiful.

6 Masumi

Masumi is another name for a female and has yet another positively stunning meaning behind it. "A woman of true purity and beauty" is the meaning of the name given to girls in Japan, and it doesn't get much prettier than that. The name itself sounds trustworthy and pure in nature, which will leave your child with something unique that they can have for the rest of their lives.

Girls named Masumi are believed to be naturally charming in nature as well as compassionate, but they are also idealistic and quick thinkers.

They'll grow up to be honest women and have the sincerest of intentions, which will make them good at interactions and pave the way for success in whatever they choose to do. Masumi is believed to be a name that is strong in taking on tasks and completing them with efficiency, and in Japan, it is also believed that people bearing this name may have some family trouble that makes them naturally restless. The good news, though, is that regardless of what problems they face, they'll have a natural inclination to overcome whatever stands in their way. Their ability to problem-solve will make them solid thinkers and they'll be known for being heartfelt and true to what they feel as well as understanding of others' emotions.

5 Noboru

Noboru; strong, masculine, manly. At least, that's what this name sounds like outside of its official Japanese meaning!

It does keep in theme with how it sounds out loud, though, in Japan the name Noboru means "increase", "rise", and "triumphant".

While the meaning makes it sound like a name of someone who would be extremely social, the numerology meaning predicts a boy who is slightly mysterious, always observing others, independent, and with a very strong quality of being able to see right through other people if their intentions are not good. They're believed to be confident almost to a fault but exuding much wisdom and spirituality. Children with the name of Noboru put their family first which makes them loving and kind family members, full of generosity and putting others way before themselves. Many mothers would consider a confident, independent child a dream come true because they wouldn't have to spend every minute until the child reaches adulthood tending to their every need. Also, confidence is essential for a child's success in school and later in life. This will certainly help any Noboru live up to their name's meaning of "triumphant". For any mom who wants their child to be a go-getter, this is the perfect name.

4 Reiki

Reiki is a fun name because its meaning in Japanese is also the same as its meaning in the practice known as yoga.

In addition to mediation for healing, the practice of Reiki is used to heal the chakras and internal energy. In Japan, the name Reiki also means "a practice of healing the spirit".

This name is absolutely perfect for the parents of children who are spiritually connected and rooted in their beliefs. The name is unisex and can work for a girl or a boy, and is as beautiful in pronunciation as it is in meaning. Spiritual healing is important and oftentimes becomes something we forget about in the hustle of daily life, which makes Reiki a positive reminder of self-healing that your child will have her entire life. It's also a sign of respect, positivity, and love from his or her parents and one that will always remind them to think of their own spiritual growth. It will also provide the most perfect name option for parents who are devoted yogis! Since Reiki is such a strong idea in the way of yoga practice and is central to healing things that are believed to be unreachable by common medical practices, it would be a great, strong name to give to a little yogi daughter.

3 Suki

Another name with roots in the Shinto religion, Suki means "a beloved woman". This name is not only adorable but would also be a sweet gesture from parents as their daughter gets older and learns what the meaning of her name is.

The meaning of this name also couldn't be closer to what its numerology defines, since girls with the name Suki are destined to care and love for others. It goes so much deeper than that, however; Anyone with the name Suki is viewed as a person who defines her life by caring for others. In the act of doing so, she'll find fulfillment, happiness, and live her life in harmony knowing that her purpose is to be so compassionate. This will be made easy with attributes such as being a natural at entertaining, creative in her thinking, as well as an inspiration to others. This name, surprisingly enough, was also seen in the hit show Gilmore Girls, however, had a different spelling. For an American twist on the name, "Sookie" is also a really cute alternative to the traditional Japanese spelling of Suki. Surely any child named Suki will be beloved with a slight sense of humor, just like she was...Maybe they'll even have an inclination to cook, as well!

2 Tadashi

Tadashi boys are seen as peacemakers by nature. It's in their skill set to be able to bridge gaps between people, as well as find harmony in any turbulent environment.

To do this, it's believed that boys named Tadashi are always compassionate and great at understanding others, and one of their best skills is found in providing comfort to others. They're also seen as romantic, artistically inclined, and protective of those they love. Just like many others who will bear the names on this list, boys named Tadashi are bound for success and will do whatever they can to ensure it in themselves and for others. This all makes sense when you learn the meaning of Tadashi: "A servant who is loyal and faithful", but also means "right one". You could say that a boy name Tadashi will always be the "right one" for a job, at least when it comes to problem-solving! Their natural-born skill in helping others will always propel them forward in life and push them to do the right thing and make wise choices. When the name meaning matches what numerology predicts, you know for sure it would be a solid choice for naming any baby boy.

1 Yumi

Yumi is, by far, the cutest name on this entire list!

It's such a pretty name for a girl, and means "a beautiful archery bow". Sports-loving parents who believe their daughters can be strong and independent, this name is for you.

Yumi is believed to be a girl who adores her freedom and constantly needs to be moving. They're not ones to settle and find happiness through their adventurous life. Yumi is a girl who exudes friendly warmth and is able to naturally draw people in since she is understanding and compassionate towards others. This just means that on her path through life, she'll meet many people and be able to connect with most of them since they'll be naturally drawn to her. It's also said that the Yumi's' of the world are patient and have the tendency to focus somewhat on their appearance, but in turn can naturally entertain people without a problem to balance it out. They will always be social butterflies and friendly to others which will make them an instant inspiration to those around them. While there aren't too many good nicknames for the name Yumi, it's certainly cute enough on its own and has a feisty meaning if you start to feel like it's possibly a bit too cute!

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