25 Jaw-Dropping Baby Names That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

Everyone wants to name their baby something that other parents will want to steal. It's just that good of a name. Parents want something unusual, but not too unusual. Classic, but not overdone. Timeless, but not so old it's out of style.

A good, strong baby name is one that will make your friends jealous. It will make others think that they actually want to have a baby. It makes people ask, "why didn't I think of that name first?"

A good name has a good meaning and a good history. It is not overused and is refreshing. It is creative and cultured and sophisticated yet fun. Does such a name even exist? It all sounds like so much pressure! Relax. We've put together the perfect list to help as a guide through such an important task.

This list of 25 names that are sure to make everyone jealous is all that you need to find that perfect name. It checks the box on so many important categories that the parent of 2017 is looking for. Get ready for some adorable names that will make all your friends envious that they didn't think of them first! Be sure to call dibs, these will go fast!

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25 Matteo

Matteo is the perfect alternative to the overused classic, Matthew. Matteo has moved to #162 in 2017 after entering the American list in 1998 at #933. It broke into the top 500 in 2009, and has only been seen moving closer and closer to the top 100.

Matteo is the Italian variation of the Hebrew name Matthew, meaning "gift of God." Colin Firth, Ricky Martin has sons named Matteo, while Benjamin Bratt and Tom Colicchios chose the Mateo spelling of the name. Nickname, Matt, is still appropriate for this one, and some parents are using Teo.

The Spanish spelling, Mateo, has broken into the top 100 and hit #59. Matteo is #5 in its home country, Italy, and Mateo is #18 in its home country, Spain. Either spelling you choose is sure to make your friends totally jealous!

24 Waverly

Waverly somehow hasn't reached the top 500 yet, coming in at only #649 last year, but we have some high hopes for this one! Waverly might just start moving up toward the top of the list and joining others in its categories like Delaney, #262, and Rory, #426.

Waverly is said to have originated from Sir Walter Scott's novel, Waverley, which was written about a young English soldier named Edward Waverly. Waverly Place in Greenwich Village was also a place in Scott's novel that he used the name for.

Wizards of Waverly Place was a popular Disney show starring Selena Gomez and Waverly was also a character on Friday Night Lights. For a name that hasn't reached the top 500, this moniker has some definite credibility in literature and tv!

23 Beckett

Beckett only entered American lists in 2006, but it had immediate success with parents in the States. This moniker went 756 in 2006 to the top 100, #97 to be exact, in a little more than a decade. Parents love this name!

Beckett is both English and Irish for "bee cottage." Beckett has great literary associations and is also a celebrity favorite. It was chosen by Conan O'Brien, Stella McCartney, Malcolm McDowell, Nicole Sullivan and Natalie Maines for their sons. The Archbishop of Canterbury was Thomas A. Beckett and there is a famous Irish playwright named Samuel Beckett.

Beckett is a handsome hit that will definitely make a splash with your friends. We expect this one to be a top baby name for years to come.

22 Georgia

I can't help but sing "Georgia on my mind" whenever I hear this name. This stately moniker was in the top 200 from 1880 through 1953. From there it declined to #723 by 1986. It didn't stay down long though, as it reached #169 in 2017.

Georgia isn't just an American success, it is also in the top 100 in England, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Wales and Australia. Georgia is also loved by celebrities. It was chosen by Harry Connick, Jr., Hope Davis, Amy Ryan, Zac Brown, Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane, and Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy for their daughters.

Georgia is the feminine English variation of the name George, which means 'farmer." The meaning definitely isn't as pretty as the name, but parents don't seem to mind.

21 Sebastian

This is one of my new favorites! Another name from yesteryear that parents are beginning to fall back in love with. Sebastian started on the charts in 1881, and was up and down between the top 500-1000, but never broke into the top 500 until 1988.

From there it was a steady ride up to the top 100 by Y2K. In 2017 Sebastian reached #21, it's highest ranking ever, as well as its second consecutive year in the top 25. Sebastian is Greek for "person from ancient city of Sebasta."

Sebastian was an ancient martyr who was often used as a subject for medieval artists. It's a literary name as well, used by Shakespeare and Evelyn Waugh. Of course, we can't forget the lovable little crab, Sebastian, from The Little Mermaid.

20 Sienna

Lily baby name

This Italian place name has recently reached the top 100, coming in at #66 last year. It is also in the top 100 in England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Ireland. Sienna only crossed over to the American list in 1995 but has been in the top 300 since 2006.

Siena is the Italian Tuscan city, known for its orange and red colored clay. It is also world-renowned for its art treasures. Sienna, with a double "n", has been doing better with American parents. Actress Sienna Miller may be given some credited for the boost in that spelling.

Sienna or Siena, however you choose to spell it, will definitely get some attention from other parents. There is no doubt that this moniker will make your friends want to steal it!

19 Nico

Parents are beginning to love this Greek name that is extremely popular in Germany right now. Though it only reached #472 last year, it hit its highest ranking ever. Nico found its way onto American lists in 1988 and almost broke into the top 500 not too long after.

Nico is a nickname for the Greek name Nicholas, which means "people of victory." It definitely makes Nicholas way cooler, which is why it's beginning to easily stand on its own as a first name. Nico is actually a unisex name, used as a nickname for Nicola or Nicole, though it's not even ranked for girls.

We highly expect this moniker to be leaping up the charts toward the top 100 soon. Nico is definitely a name that will make your friends want to have a kid!

18 Willa

We would like to welcome Willa into the top 100 baby girl names of 2017! This sweet moniker made one huge leap from #463 in 2016 to #92 last year. It's a well-deserved spot that will probably creep even closer to the top 500. Willa was in the top 500 from 1882 until 1947, when it began to plummet to the high 900s and stayed until 2010.

Willa is the feminine form of the name William, which means "resolute protector." Keri Russell, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, David Mamet, and Brian De Palma all have daughters named Willa, and Meryl Streep used it for her daughter's middle name.

Not only is Willa loved by celebrities, but it was also used for characters in Six Feet Under and True Blood. Willa is unstoppable!

17 Booker

Booker entered American lists in 1882 and quickly made its way to the top 200. By 1910 it was ranked #177. That was the highest point it would ever reach, sadly. Booker dropped completely off of charts by 1966. Last year it began a comeback, though. It reached #573 again!

Booker is an English occupational surname meaning "scribe." Booker would be an excellent name for parents who love to read or write. It would also be a cool tribute to Booker T. Washington, a notable figure in African-American history.

Another famous Booker was famous musician Booker T. Jones, a who was part of the group, Booker T. and the M.G.'s. Despite dropping completely off the popularity list, this moniker is finally beginning to pick up some much-deserved love from parents today!

16 Asia

This place name is relatively new to American lists and is so very inspiring. Asia entered charts in 1980 and hasn't done too badly with parents. It reached its highest point ever in 1997 at #195, and then dropped in the polls and landed at #961 in 2017.

Along with being a continent, Asia has Greek mythological roots. Asia was the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys and the mother of Atlas and Prometheus. Italy actually loves this name, probably because of the famous bearer, Italian actress, and director, Asia Argento. It's ranked #35 in her home country.

Asia is a unique place name that should be joining others in its categories like London and Brooklyn. With its cross-cultural appeal, this name is a perfect place name. This moniker will definitely make your friends jealous!

15 Zane

Zane is so close to the top 100, there is no doubt that it will be there soon! This moniker was ranked #116 in 2017 after several years in the top 300. Zane entered American lists in 1921 and has been on a roller coaster ride ever since, but it never reached the top 500 until 1985.

Zane is said to possibly be a variation of the name John. It claims to fame is attributed to novelist Pearl Grey, whose pen name was Zane Grey. Grey was famed for his Western novels, which might help in this name's definite masculinity and tough guy image, and is also the reason it was popular in the 1920s when Grey's novels were popular.

Zane is a cool kid name but doesn't come with much of a risk. It isn't offbeat or bizarre. You can also opt for the spelling Zayn, made famous but One Directioner Zayn Malik. It's one that your friends will admire and envy!

14 Kaia

Hawaiian names seem to be on somewhat of a trend, and it's no different for the adorable name, Kaia. In 2017 Kaia hit #120 after entered lists in just 2000. It wasn't getting much love until just 2 years ago when it finally broke into the top 500. It jumped nearly 400 spots to where it sits today.

Kaia is Hawaiian for "to rejoice." Kai is the masculine version of the name that is also doing very well on charts. It recently hit #25 in 2017 in the U.S. and is a top 100 name in England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. The alternate female spelling Kai is also in the top 1000.

Kaia is a unique and refreshing choice. It's different without being too risky, which makes it a name your friends will envy for sure!

13 Holden

This baby name, that I thought had been around for a while, actually only began to be used in the U.S. in 1987. It entered the list at #910 and made its way to #111 by 2017. Its success is undoubted because of its masculinity combined with its sensitive and dapper appeal.

Holden is English for "hollow valley." This literary name got its beginning when it was used in J.D. Salinger's book, The Catcher and the Rye. William Holden is also a good representative of the name. Holden is actually said to have come up with the name of her character, Holden Caulfield while looking at a movie poster featuring the late actor.

Holden is one of those names that seems so familiar but is actually quite unique. Though it has entered the top 200, it still holds a rareness that keeps it distinct.

12 Lola


This swanky sort of Spanish name had a great start in the top 200 for 50 years. It reached the top 100 in 1904, and though it dropped to the top 200, it stayed in the top 500 until 1960. Lola recently broke back into the top 200 in 2017, coming in at #156.

Lola is Spanish for "lady of sorrows." It was chosen by celebrities like Kelly Ripa, Chris Rock, Lisa Bonet, Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, Carnie Wilson, and Annie Lennox for their daughters. Lola Montez was a famous 19th-century dancer and Lola Lola was a character in Blue Angel.

Lola is getting a lot of international attention as well. It's a top 100 name in England, Scotland, Spain, New Zealand, and Australia. Lola would definitely make your friends want a little baby girl!

11 Ronan

This tough guy name made found itself at the #48th spot in 2017, after it only reached #315 the previous year. This saintly name entered the American list in 2001 at #859, and slowly and steadily made its way into the top 100, where we will probably be seeing it for a while.

Ronan is Irish for "little seal." It's the name of the famous 12 Irish and Scottish Roman Catholic saints. Ronan Keating is a musician and Ronan Farrow is an American journalist. Ronan was chosen by actor Daniel Day-Lewis and his wife for their son.

This masculine name is a new alternative to the similarly popular names Rowan, Rowen, and Roman. Ronan has an ancient warrior feel, making it super strong and masculine and a great choice for today's baby boy.

10 Presley

Presley is losing its "Elvis" feel and performing well as a baby girl name. It entered charts in 1998 at #989 and has already made its way to #187 in 2015 and dropped to only #201 last year, and is expected to keep climbing. Its uniqueness combined with its familiarity and charm has made this moniker a serious contender!

Presley is English for "priest's meadow." After Tanya Tucker chose it for her little girl, Presley began to climb the charts. This habitational name has variant spellings like Pressly and Pressley for those who want even less of an Elvis feel.

Presley is the perfect pick for parents looking for something a little risky, but not too bizarre. This name will make all your friends want to steal it!

9 Gus


Gus is a diminutive of so many names, but it can also stand on its own, and actually has been for quite some time. It was in the top 500 until 1949 and was ranked #996 from 1978 until last year.

Gus is a nickname for Augustus, Angus, Augustine, August and pretty much every other name with "Gus" in it. The list can literally go on and on. Gus on its own, however, is unique, short and sweet and distinctive. In Germany, Gus means "revered". It is also said to have derived from the Old Irish word gusmhar or gusair for "strength" or "force."

Gus is the name of a polar bear at the Central Park Zoo and the mascot of a football team. In just three letters Gus is a solid masculine stand alone name!

8 Lark


I love this name! This sweet moniker would be a great middle name, but it would be an even better first name! This one has never been ranked, despite several uses in literature and tv. It is, however, starting to get some attention, which can only be expected.

Lark is an English bird name. This name is beginning to catch up to others in its category like Raven and the older unisex, Robin. Lark was actually used as a nickname for Cosette in Les Miserable by Victor Hugo.

Lark as a noun means "something done for fun." The Lark is a beautiful songbird, attached to the saying, "happy as a lark." Lark could be a more feminine form of the name Clark, or easily be a more cheerful a replacement for Ravin.

7 Oakley

blake baby boy name

This strong and masculine nature name is just like the tree it's used for. This moniker actually entered the American list in 1884 but has never entered the top 500. Oakley is a unisex name that is only two spots lower on the girl side, coming in at #577 last year for the boys. It wasn't on the chart for girls until 2013.

Oakley is English for "oak wood or clearing." Oakley is a popular brand of sunglasses, which kind of gives it a warmer summer vibe, rather than a sturdy tree vibe. Annie Oakley was a famous gunslinger and sharpshooter, which makes it a strong feminine option as well.

Oakley is definitely a unique name that will get a lot of interest from your friends. This unisex name is perfect for parents who love the great outdoors as well!

6 Sloane


Sloane is moving fast toward the top 100, coming in at #188 last year. Sloane is a cool girl name that is getting a lot of love from parents and finally broke into the top 1000 in 2008 and has been doing well ever since. This Irish name is finally taking off in America!

Sloane is an Irish surname that means "raider." It's been used for characters in movies and tv, like in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Newsroom, and Entourage. Sloane Crosley was a bestselling author. Sloan Kettering is a famous hospital in NYC.

This moniker has moved from an Irish surname to commonly used for boys to almost exclusively used for girls. It's sophisticated and feminine without being too girly and dainty. We hope to see you in the top 100 soon, Sloane!

5 River

This unisex name is currently performing better for boys than for girls, but it was neck and neck for a while. River broke into the top 500 in 1998 after it entered the charts in 1994. It is currently ranked #214 for boys and 286 for girls.

This nature name's popularity could be attributed to its love from celebrities. High profile stars like Keri Russell and Taylor Hanson chose it as a first name for their sons, while Natasha Henstridge used it as the middle name of hers. Jason Schwartzman used it for his daughter, Marlowe Rivers. River Phoenix was an American actor, musician, and activist.

River is definitely a nature name that we expect to see more of. It adds a coolness to the category that others don't have.

4 Adley

While Hadley has dominated charts and become far too overused, Adley offers a refreshing twist. This unisex name hasn't done so well on the boy's side, but it did enter the top 1000 for girls in 2012, and reached #617 last year.

The girl variation of Adley is a diminutive or alternative to Hadley, which is an English place name as well as a surname. The boy variation of Adley comes from the Old Testament spelling Adlai.

As Adley heads toward the top 500 for baby girls, it might start to replace names like Hadley and even similar ones like Adeline and Adelyn, which have been trending for quite a few years. Adley might peak a little more interest from your friends than these overdone names we hear all too often.

3 Enzo

Enzo is one of the fastest rising baby names right now! It entered the American lists in 2003 at #870 and made its way to the #138 spot last year! It broke into the top 500 in 2010 and has been there ever since. We have high hopes that Enzo will break into the top 100 soon!

Enzo is an Italian variation of Henry or a nickname Lorenzo. Both parents of the real world and celebrities alike are loving this Italian name. Enzo has a cross-cultural appeal that's making it rise to the top even faster than expected.

This moniker is also extremely popular in Italy and now in France as well. One well-known name bearer is Enzo Ferrari, which makes it appealing to car lovers and lovers of brand name baby names.

2 Journey


This moniker entered American lists in 1999 and has made a steady climb from #953 to #264 in 2017. Journey is a cool name with hippie vibes that is perfect for parents who love to travel and take adventures. Though it's used more for girls than for boys, it's considered unisex. Journey was chosen by Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green and Jenna Jameson for their sons.

Journey is a word name whose popularity began to soar in the last decade, jumping over 500 spots to make it where it is today. Parents who are looking for a spiritual name are using Journey to refer to a spiritual trip, while other adventure-seeking parents are choosing it to represent an actual voyage.

The band Journey is a cool namesake as well. Journey would also make an interesting middle name for parents who don't want to take as much risk with a first name.

1 Arlo

Arlo is an international sensation. It reached the top 200 in the U.S. and is in the top 100 in England, Scotland, New Zealand and Australia, as well. Arlo entered the American list in 1900, but never had much success. It wasn't until it went from #918 in 2011 to #349 in 2016 that parents began to appreciate Arlo.

Arlo's meaning and beginning are a little unsure. It can be considered a place name, literary name or short form of Carlo. It was recorded as a name in the 16th century in a book called The Faerie Queen by Edmund Spenser. Arlo Givens is a tv character and Arlo Guthrie is a singer.

Arlo is definitely a latecomer considering how old it actually is, but this only makes it more appealing. It has a history, but it isn't overused.

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