25 Jaw-Dropping Baby Names You Won't Hear On The Playground

Of course, all parents want an awesome name to give their baby! Some parents not only want the coolest name for their baby, but they also want one that is rarely ever heard. They want a name that is truly unique and rare. They are looking for a name that is brilliant and unusual.

Some of the names on this list are classics that are just not appreciated like they should be, and others are undiscovered gems that we need to start hearing more often. Far too often, we hear the same names over and over again! It's time to jump off the bandwagon and pick a name that we don't hear on the playground everyday!

Everyone wants a name for their baby that is distinguished, and has attributes that other names don't have. The baby name search can be quite exhausting, especially for parents who really want a name that will make a splash.

Imagine a name that is as equally exotic and rare as it is adorable and endlessly cute. Parents who truly want to find a name that is one-of-a-kind, may have a hard task ahead of them. Do not dismay though, we've put together a list of names that are both surprising and adorable. Grab one of these names fast!

25 Evelina

This beauty is absolutely stunning. If this name were ever heard on the playground, parents would definitely want to steal it!

Evelina is the English variation of the French name Aveline. With the ever popular El names that are currently more trendy than ever, Evelina is one of the more unique choices. Evelina has been following in Evelyn's footsteps since last century, but she is finally starting to catch up.

Evelina means "the hazelnut tree." Another rare and unusual meaning for a lovely name, putting it in the nature name category as well. This moniker is a rare beauty full of possible variations and nicknames.

For parents looking for a name that you don't hear everyday, Evelina is perfect! It's a stunning name that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

24 Cruz

This Latino surname is as adorable as it is short and sweet. The one syllable moniker has been getting some attention lately since David and Victoria Beckham chose it for their third son, but it's still not a name your kid will be hearing often in his class.

Cruz is Spanish for "cross." Not only can Cruz check off the boxes of a rare, Hispanic, and one syllable name, but it also fits in the religious category, making it a triple threat.

Cruz is actually considered a unisex name. It's equally as cute for a girl as it is for a boy, but it's definitely more commonly used for a boy. This would make it even more perfect for parents looking for a rare find for their daughter's name.

23 Svana


This Icelandic moniker is definitely not going to be heard often on the playground in the States! Plus, it has a pretty fierce meaning too! Svana is short for Shvanhilda, the Germanic swan and battle. It is bound to get some comments about its origin and meaning.

People with the name Svana are said to be very ambitious and have dominate leadership qualities. Svana is also said to be an independent introvert who loves to explore new things.

Though you most likely won't be going with the variation, Shvanhilda, Svana is adorable on its own. It's an exotic and alluring choice that people definitely do not hear every day. Parents looking for something striking that catches peoples ear, Svana is everything and more!

22 Rocco

This Italian name born from the German version is sure to get some compliments. This charmer is surprisingly ranked #451 on baby name charts. Parents are catching on to this dashing baby name! You might want to grab it before it's too trendy!

What better choice for a name not commonly heard, than the moniker chosen by Madonna and Guy Ritchie for their son? There have been other notable bearers of this adorable name including celebrities, two famous boxers, and a broadway producer. Rocco may not be heard around the playground, but it's definitely heard in celebrity crowds.

Rocco means "rest" - kind of an unusual meaning for a name, but doesn't take away from its cool vibes. We love Rocco for its unique and tough combination. It doesn't get much cuter than this for your little guy!

21 Abella

We are constantly hearing of Isabella, Bella, and other Ella names, so why not consider Abella for something different?

Abella is French for "breath." It's a variant of the Hebrew Abelia, and the feminine form of Abel. This name that flows off the tongue was only ranked #2,686 on baby name charts, meaning it is very rare and unusual.

Girls with the name Abella are often very quiet and feel a need to understand the world. They are introverted and seek balance and harmony in their lives. They are beautiful and alluring.

Let's move beyond the popular Twilight Bella and see something a bit more exotic come into favor. For parents who love the "ella" trend that has been in style for several years, Abella offers a fresh take on it.

20 Caspian

Yes, if you're a C.S. Lewis fan, you probably imagine Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia when you hear this name, but there is so much more to it!

Caspian is the geographical name of the sea between Asia and Europe. It is the largest inland body of water in the world. This place moniker has been gaining some attention recently, as edgy parents are beginning to choose it for their little princes.

The name Caspian also has an Irish variation meaning, "born of the sea." Both of these meanings are romantic and whimsical.

For parents looking for a name that isn't heard often and will catch people's attention, Caspian is it! This adventurous and colorful name is beginning to get some attention so you better grab it while it's still rare.

19 Francesca

I can't help but think of the movie Elf and Buddy loving this name in it! It only makes me love this name even more.

Francesca is another name with a stuffy kind of vibe, but I prefer to think of it as confident. Francesca is the Italian variation of Frances meaning "from France and free man." Francesca is a much daintier and prettier alternative of Frances.

There have been several famous Francescas throughout history. They've been seen in film, novels, and politics. Francesca is most prominently known for her character in the book, "Dante's Inferno."

Francesca even has some cute nicknames like Frankie and Franny. Frankie could be the new Charlie for all of those Charlottes out there! Parents are sure to love a little girl named Frankie on the playground!

18 Caterina


Names like Katherine and Katrina tend to be overused and exhausted, but a name like Caterina brings a refreshing twist to its traditional sisters. Caterina is an exotic and stylish alternative to a name that has been around for centuries.

Caterina is the Italian variation of Katherine meaning "pure." This lovely and charming moniker takes a fresh spin on one of the oldest and most powerful names of all time. Katherines have been seen in nobility, saints, literature, and celebrities throughout history.

Katherine is definitely a name with some deep roots, but for parents looking for a name that they don't hear all the time, Caterina is the perfect option.

Caterina can also have several variations and nickname options, just like Katherine. Spelling options like Cateryna and nicknames like Caty, Catie, and Cat, only make this name more appealing.

17 Leonardo

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Though Leo has been trending for the past couple years, Leonardo has not. This classic name meaning "lion" and "bold" has been given to some of history's most talented artists, musicians, and actors alike.

Leonardo is the Italian and Spanish variation of the German Leonard. The most notable bearer of the name is most likely the Italian Renaissance artist, Leonardo Da Vinci. A younger name bearer that we can relate somewhat better to is Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo is a multicultural name that has been made young and smooth once again by DiCaprio. Penelope Cruz also chose the name for her son.

This Shakespearean four syllable name is classic yet unique. It also has adorable nicknames to consider like Lenny, Leo and Leonard. It's definitely not a name you'll hear everyday.

16 Marrietta

Marietta is a rarely heard, French diminutive of Marie. Marie is one of the most commonly used names of all time, both as a middle and first name. Marietta, however, is a rare beautiful gem that you don't hear very often.

Marietta means "bitter." The meaning may not be as gorgeous as the name, but don't let that deter you! Marietta is as charming as it is unique.

Marietta came into the English speaking world during the 19th Century. Its sister Marie saw a lot of success at the turn of the century in the States, but Marietta has rarely seen a rise in popularity here.

For parents who like the classic names Marie, Mary, and Maria but would prefer something less widely used, consider Marietta! This is definitely a name that your kids will rarely hear on the playground.

15 Ellington

Ellington is an adorable place name to consider for your baby boy, but I almost prefer it for a girl! With all of the "Ell" names that are so popular right now, Ellington would be a new and refreshing take. However, Ellington is more commonly used as a boy's name.

Ellington is an English place name and surname meaning "Ellis's place." Ellington is sophisticated and dapper. It can also have a musical feel thanks to the legendary Duke, Edward Kennedy Ellington.

This refined and worldly moniker makes me think of a man with a warm button down sweater, in a library, smoking a pipe. It's not a name often heard around town, but would guarantee to make your little guy stand out among his peers.

14 Allegra

Though you may tend to associate this with one of allergy season's top medicines, Allegra was actually a girl name first.

Allegra is another Italian charmer that means "joyous." Allegra is actually in the music category. Allegro means "quick and lively tempo," making this adorable name perfect for musically inclined parents.

Allegra is also connected to the ballet when American prima ballerina, Allegra Kent, came to fame. Allegra has been chosen for the daughters of several poets and authors, giving this moniker deeper sophistication and intellectual appeal.

Allegra is not the kind of name that you hear everywhere. This exotic name is perfect for parents who would love a name that not many others have chosen for their daughters, as long as they can get over the tie to allergy medicine!

13 Wilder

Wilder was one of my top choices for our second baby boy. This adorably masculine and mysterious name is definitely not common on the playground!

Wilder is German for "hunter." It saw a little boost in interest from parents when Goldie Hawn's grandson was given the name in 2007. Wilder is more familiar as a surname, like that of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Wilder just grazed the top 1000 boy names last year, but it's still not a name you're going to hear often. Wilder has a manly yet free and spirited feel. For parents looking for something of a bad boy name to add to their list, Wilder couldn't be more perfect.

Wilder is a name that you won't be hearing on today's playground, but if you don't grab this one soon, you may start hearing it in the future! Wilder was one of the fastest rising boy names last year.

12 Teagan


Teagan is a unisex name that is way more popular overseas than it is in the U.S. Teagan is showing signs of favor though, as it takes the place of the more common Megan and Reagan.

Teagan is an Irish name that means "beautiful." The famous Welsh street Tegan brought the name into existence during the late twentieth century. Doctor Who's Tegan also gave the name a boost in popularity, but the spelling Teagan seems to be more favorable.

Teagan is more popular for girls, but the male version is equally as cute. Teagan's boy counterpart means "little poet." It has a literary and philosophical appeal.

For parents looking for a name not often heard around town, Teagan is a great choice! Though it's slightly growing in popularity, it still an unlikely choice that other parents are sure to love, especially for a boy!

11 Rio

Though every three year old might associate this name with the movie Rio, we like to think of it as a rare baby name with some seriously cool vibes.

Rio is Spanish for "river." Rio is a South American place name that is extremely exotic and rare. This moniker has been used in several movies and is also known for being in the 1982 Duran Duran song, "Her Name is Rio."

Rio is considered a unisex name, not just a name for boys. Rio for a girl, however, is Japanese for, "place of the cherry blossoms." When Goldie Hawn's first granddaughter was given the name, it was seen used more often for girls.

Rio is definitely a name that will turn heads on the playground if that's what you're looking for!

10 Philomena

Philomena may remind you of someone's granny, but these days this type of name is so old-school and vintage that it is starting to become cool again. Not only is this lovely name now retro, but it's one you will rarely hear on the playground.

Philomena is Greek for "lover of strength." This historic moniker has ties to Greek mythology as well as Christian martyrdom. In Greek mythology, Philomena was an Athenian princess who was transformed into a nightingale by the gods.

It also has adorable nickname choices like Mena and P and alternative spellings like Filomena, which is popular in Italy and Spain.

Philomena has not been ranked in the top 1000 baby names since 1940! It may sound like an offbeat choice, but its rarity and beauty will be difficult to match.

9 Monte

The classic movie Monty Python pays a great tribute to this classic name! The name Monty has a newer alternative spelling, Monte.

Monte is an old nickname that is Norman for "man power." Monte and Monty are both dimunitives of Montgomery. This Anglo-Saxon moniker is drawn from the French place name for the castle, Saint Foi de Montgomery.

Montgomery was the name of several nobleman and commanders, followed by authors and actors. It may be a bit too traditional and commonplace for some parents, but the nickname Monte as a first name would be perfect!

Monte is not a name you hear everyday at the playground. It's a name that will most likely remain familiar, but not excessively used.

8 Indra

Indra is an adorable two syllable name that has an extremely powerful meaning. Indra in Hinduism was the supreme ruler of the gods. He was the warrior god of sun and rain. Though Indra is commonly used for a boy in India, in the States, Indra is more common as a girl's name.

Indra is a Sanskrit, an ancient Indic language of India, name that means "possessing drops of rain." This exotic moniker is only ranked #1298 on baby name charts, making it rare, but not rare enough that it's strange to people.

Even if you don't have an Indian heritage, this name would still be darling for your little girl. It's has a subtle beauty that is sure to wow other parents at the playground!

7 Hans

Hans is extremely masculine and strong, but it's also super lovable for a baby boy! This short and sweet name may be heard frequently overseas, but not too much in the U.S.

Hans is the German, Dutch, and Scandinavian diminutive for Johannes. It was first documented in Sweden in 1356. One of the more famous bearers of the name was Hans Christian Anderson, who wrote fairy tales like "The Little Mermaid," "Thumbelina," and "The Ugly Duckling."

The German name, Hansel, is a variation that means "little Hans." Hansel may remind us a little too much of Hansel and Gretel or Hansel from Zoolander. Either way, it doesn't have nearly as much charm as Hans.

Hans is not a name that you will hear very often on the playground, at least not in the States! It's perfect for parents looking for an unusual and macho man for their new little guy.

6 Isadora

This is one of my favorite names on this list! Isadora has so much sweetness and sophistication all rolled up in one name.

Of course, we are all too familiar with the popular "Is" name, Isabella, but Isadora is a great alternative. Isadora is Greek for "gift of the throne." Isadora was derived from the Greek fertility goddess. It was also the name of a first century saint.

The woman known as the innovator of modern dance, Isadora Duncan, was a notable name bearer. She also had a biographical film made in her honor, which won an Academy Award.

Isadora has a pretty rich history for parents interested in a deep rooted name with a long time significance. Isadora can also be spelled Isidora and the nicknames Izzy and Dora are also adorable options.

5 Keanu

Probably the only Keanu I have ever heard of is, of course, Keanu Reeves. Why haven't we heard more of this name? It's an adorable masculine name that we never hear on the playground! This edgy name is perfect for a baby boy.

Keanu is Hawaiian for "breeze over the mountains." Keanu Reeves, part Hawaiian and part Chinese, brought it from Hawaii over to the mainland. It only just moved into the top 1000 in 2016. It reached its highest ranking of #537 in 1991.

Keanu has a strong ring and uniqueness that we adore. This is a name that is guaranteed to have very few occurrences on the playground, at least outside of Hawaii! This seldom heard name is perfect for parents looking for that rare name with cool vibes.

4 Greer

This adorable Scottish moniker is a huge hit in Europe, but has yet to become a trend in the States.

Greer is a contraction of the surname Gregor, meaning "alert, watchful." Greer was brought into popularity by actress Greer Garson, who was actually named Eileen Evelyn Greer Garson, but decided to go by her mother's maiden name, Greer, as her stage name.

The alternative spelling, Grier, was used most recently by Kelsey Grammar for his daughter and Brooke Shields for hers. Greer was ranked #401 with 98 occurrences on baby name charts in 2016.

Greer could be considered a unisex name, but is definitely more prominently used for baby girls. It's a non-traditional name with strong Scottish roots that will definitely not be heard often on the playground in the U.S.

3 Carlisle

Carlisle may sound a little stale and haughty at first, but at second glance it definitely has some major charm!

Carlisle is English for "from the walled city." It's an old English place and surname that doubtlessly has an aristocratic feel. The vampire Carlisle Cullen from Twilight might have given the name a darker rebel appeal.

The variation Carlyle is often used for girls, though we have seen Carlisle used as well. Either spelling could be the given name for the nicknames Carla and Carly. Carlyle would be a much trendier option!

This noble and well-bred moniker is definitely one to consider. For parents who want their baby to have a name that isn't totally absurd, but is rarely heard today, Carlisle might be just what you've been looking for!

2 Finian

Adorable Finian is an alternative to the highly favored Finn or Finley. Finian is a name with a deep rooted history that makes the name even more appealing.

Finian is Irish for "fair." Finians were warriors who fought for the third century hero, Finn Mac Cumhail. It is also the name of an early Irish teacher and scholar, St. Finian.

This extremely Irish name is one that has a pretty cool heritage. For parents looking for a profound name that has had some relevance in the past, Finian definitely checks that box.

Though you may hear the name Finn pretty regularly today, the alternative Finian is not a name that you will hear often. This name is especially perfect for parents with Irish roots.

1 Lucius

This old Roman moniker is rarely used today and I can't figure out why! It's slightly edgy, obviously historical, and rolls off the tongue.

Lucius is Latin for "light." It's not only seen throughout the Bible, but also in several of Shakespeare's works. Every character that Shakespeare named Lucius was a man of great significance.

Lucius is a non-traditional variation of the name Luke. Strong and rare baby boy names are hard to come by, but Lucius is truly that. Not only is Lucius an ancient Roman given name, but it is also used as a German and Dutch surname.

Lucius has all of the cuteness factors for your baby boy! It's not a name that you hear everyday, but it's not a bizarre name either. You can have the best of both worlds with the name Lucius!

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