25 Jaw-Dropping Boys Names Everyone Is Talking About For 2019

When it comes to naming a baby, expectant parents will look to many sources before they find the perfect pick. The chosen name could be a product of family tradition, an attempt at sounding unique, or simply something that flows well with the family’s surname.

Whatever the case may be, selecting a name for a baby is one of the most important (not to mention most difficult) decisions a mom and dad-to-be will make. A child’s name will be forever tied to them, so it’s completely understandable why making that perfect pick requires a little research. While we may not be able to tell everyone exactly what to name his or her future child, we can give all parents-to-be some great inspiration to spark baby name talk in the household. In the case of this list, we are focusing solely on trending boy names that everyone seems to be talking about for 2019.

The 25 boys’ names we have chosen are so amazingly cute, they make our jaws drop! Seriously, though! We can’t pick just one favourite on this list. Take a look below and find a name that both parents will adore.

25 Hendrix

Commonly known as a Germanic surname, Hendrix is making its mark as an adorable, not to mention, jaw-dropping first name given to boys. It’s said that Hendrix stems from the name Henry, meaning “ruler.” Talk about a powerful name right there!

Popularity-wise, Hendrix is currently hitting its peak, sitting at 326. While this is still considered relatively low on the baby name charts, the name is among many expectant parents' favourites. And, if you’re considering giving your son a name that’s both unique and trendy, Hendrix would be an amazing choice.

24 James

James is a lovely name of Hebrew origin. When translated from its derivation, James means “he grasps the heel,” or “supplanter.” James is one of those names you can’t go wrong with. The name is not only sophisticated in sound, its also super adorable.

James is also one of the most versatile names that sounds just as good on an adult as it does on a newborn baby. Plus, it comes with a super adorable nickname: Jimmy. So, if you're still unsure on a name for your little boy, go with James. You won't regret it.

23 Myles

Myles is an adorable boys’ name of English origin. When translated from its English roots, Myles (also spelled Miles) means “merciful.” Myles was also said to have a Germanic connection as the name Milo. This could be an adorable nickname option should you choose the name Myles for your baby boy.

Popularity-wise, Myles has hit an all-time high, sitting at 188 on the U.S. baby name charts. While this may not seem like a top contender, Myles has consistently risen in popularity year after year. It’s simply an adorable choice for your sweet little boy!

22 Cameron

The name Cameron is a male name of Celtic origin meaning “crooked nose.” And while the meaning of Cameron may be a bit silly, the name itself surely isn’t. Year after year, parents seem to love it. Popularity-wise, Cameron currently sits as the 75th most popular boy name in America.

Cameron is one of the most highly sought after boys’ names to date. Don’t believe us? According to BabyCenter, the last time Cameron slipped from the top 100 on the U.S. baby name charts was in 1986. This 30-year streak of remaining in the top 100 must mean something, right?

21 Bodhi

Bodhi is a Sanskrit name that directly relates to the Buddhist concept; the state of nirvana (a transcendental state). When translated from is Sanskrit derivation, Bodhi means “enlightenment” or “awakening.”

Bodhi has become a hit among parents today. Why? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that it’s a swanky name with a unique twist. Think about it: Bodhi is adorable, upbeat, and soft-sounding all at once. And while it’s similar in sound to that of Brodie or Cody, it’s much less mainstream.

20 Phoenix

Phoenix, a Greek name meaning “heron” is an amazing option for parents looking for a name that’s bold, adorable and super trendy. Popularity-wise, Phoenix has hit its peak. That’s right, parents! The name is currently seeing its highest rank on the U.S. baby name charts.

Why is Phoenix a hit? Perhaps it has something to do with its chic, stylish sound. It could also be because Phoenix literally sounds amazing when paired with just about any surname. There you have it! This versatile, not to mention, cool-sounding name is one worth definitely considering!

19 Noah

Noah is an adorable Hebrew name that means “repose; consolation.” Not only is the name adorable, it’s also extremely desirable. Since 2006, Noah has consistently sat in the top twenty, and today, it sits as the second most popular boys’ name in America.

If you ask us, Noah is a true perfection. It’s just one of those names that will always be lovely. Think about it: this four-letter, two-syllable name is truly one of magnificence.

18 Vance

Vance, an English name meaning “marshland” is a wonderful option for parents looking for a something that’s beginning to make its mark on the baby name charts.

In 2017, Vance saw a spike in America sitting 49 spots up from the previous year. And while the name is still extremely unique, we love the impact it’s beginning to make. No going wrong here, moms and dads! Give your boy the name Vance and begin to hear nothing, but compliments.

17 Watson

Watson is a patronymic surname of both English and Scottish origin. Today, Watson has made its way as a first name given to boys. Popularity-wise, Watson is seeing its highest peak since 1896, and we expect it to become even more popular in the next five to ten years.

Why? The name itself is vibrant and trendy, and we love everything about it. Our favourite thing about the name Watson has to be its adorable nickname. Seriously, though! How cute is Watt?

16 Arthur

Arthur is a versatile name that is not only adorable for a newborn baby, but also sophisticated for a handsome, grown man. The name is of Roman descent from the clan “Artorius. “ When translated from its origin, Arthur means "noble" and "courageous.”

The most famous Arthur we can think of is King Arthur – a legendary British leader who was, you guessed it, both noble and courageous. Now, what parent wouldn’t want a brave little Arthur? And, what little boy wouldn’t want to share the same name as a powerful leader? Win, win!

15 William

William is a strikingly sophisticated name of German derivation. The name was said to come from the Germanic name Willahelm, meaning “strong willed.” Popularity-wise, William is on the rise. The name currently sits at 18 on the U.S. baby name charts, and based on its soaring trend, we expect it to break into the top ten by 2020.

Parents can be confident giving their baby boy the name William. Why? The name has never really gone out of style. Plus, it comes with some adorable nicknames: Billy, Will, and Liam are just a few we love.

14 Knox

Originally seen as a Scottish surname meaning “from the hills,” Knox has made its way onto the baby name charts as a captivating first name given to boys. Not only is Knox an alluring name, it's also swanky in sound.

Popularity-wise, Knox has climbed 26 spots in America from just last year, and we expect it to become even more desirable as the years go on. So parents, if you’re looking for a name that’s about to become the next best thing, Knox would be an awesome choice.

13 Oliver

Oliver is an adorable three-syllable name of many meanings and origins. When translated from it’s English derivation, Oliver means “the olive tree.” In the Norse meaning of the name, Oliver means “affectionate.”

When it comes to popularity, Oliver currently sits at number three. Not only is the name a huge hit among parents today, it was also a widely used name in the 19th century – right around the time when Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist was written. So, there you have it; there’s no going wrong with this classical favourite!

12 Bear

Bear is an extremely adorable, not to mention, jaw-dropping name that is starting to gain serious interest among moms and dads today. When it comes to the name’s popularity, Bear is currently hitting its peak! And while the name still sits quite low on the U.S. baby name charts, the impact it makes when heard is unforgettable.What mom wouldn’t want a darling little Bear to call her own?

11 Luca

Luca is an absolutely adorable name of Latin origin. When translated from its Latin roots, Luca means “light.” How cute? Who wouldn’t want a little light in their life?

It’s also said that Luca also has an Italian association; the name was originally seen as a surname meaning “man from Lucania,” which is a region in Italy. Regardless of where the name originates, Luca is a truly perfect choice.

Popularity-wise, Luca is on the rise. In fact, the name currently sits at 87 on the U.S. baby name charts – the highest it has ever seen! No surprise here. Luca is an exceptional name that parents can be proud to give their son.

10 Asher

Asher is a one-of-a-kind name of Hebrew origin. When translated from its derivation, Asher means “happy.” Not only does the name have an incredible meaning, it also has rich, biblical roots. The name was also traditionally seen as a surname for people who lived near an ash tree. There is just so many cool elements to this name!

Popularity-wise, Asher is currently hitting its peak as the 37th most popular boy name in America. We're not the slightest bit surprised! Asher is a name that makes an instant impact. Plus, it’s jaw-droopingly adorable!

9 Zane

Zane is a male name of Hebrew origin that parents today seem to be obsessing over. In the Hebrew meaning of the name, Zane can be directly translated to “Gift from God.” Now that’s one pretty cool meaning!

Not only is Zane a trendy name with a meaningful background, it’s also extremely transitional. The name can easily transition from baby to adult. Think about it: it’s an adorable name for a baby boy, but it’s also a perfect fit for a dapper, grown man.

8 Max

Originally seen as a nickname to the names Maximilian and Maxwell, Max is now often used as a standalone option. While we love these longer variations, there’s something about the name Max we can’t get enough of. It’s cute, masculine and edgy all at once.

Considering the name Max for your baby boy? You won’t regret it. Aside from being completely awesome, Max is a versatile name that complements just about any surname.

7 George

George is an English name meaning “farmer.” It's  a classical name that’s starting to regain its rank on the U.S. baby name charts. Within the last five years, George has seen a drastic spike in popularity. Perhaps this has something to do with the name’s connection to the Royal family.

George is the son of Kate Middleton and Prince William: Prince George of Cambridge. Not only is the name George one of the most famous, it’s also absolutely charming.

6 Crew

Originally seen as a Welsh surname, Crew (also spelled Crewe) is making its mark as a stunning given name for males. When translated from its Welsh derivation, Crew means "weir" or "ford," also known as "a dam-like structure."

Popularity-wise, Crew is currently hitting its peak. And while the name sits quite low compared to other names on this list, it has quite the solid footing. We expect the name Crew to become big in the next five to ten years. Wouldn’t you agree? The name is not only lovely, but its striking, one-syllable pronunciation makes an instant impact!

5 Hayes

Today, Hayes is making its way onto the baby name charts as a first name. Although it was originally seen as an Irish surname, we think its much better when used as a given name. It’s just so adorable! When translated from its Irish origin, Hayes means “from the hedged land.”

According to BabyCenter, Hayes has been on the rise since 2009. And while the name still sits quite low on the U.S. baby name charts, we expect it to make a huge impact within the next ten years. The name is perfectly suits both a darling little boy and a handsome, grown man.

4 Ryder

Traditionally seen as an Old English surname, Ryder (originally spelled rīdere) has made its way as a fantastic fist name. When translated from its Old English roots, Ryder means “knight,” or “mounted warrior.”

Popularity-wise, Ryder is currently sitting at 135 on the U.S. baby name charts. And while the name has fell a few spots, it doesn’t mean it is any less adorable. If you ask us, Ryder is a name to seriously consider. There’s just something about the name that instantly makes us smile!

3 Finn

Finn is an amazingly cute name of Irish origin. An Irish form of Fionn, Finn was the name of a mythical Irish warrior and folklore hero who took lead during the protection of the king.

Popularity-wise, Finn is IN! Literally! The name is currently hitting its peak, sitting at 133 on the U.S. baby name charts. It’s truly a perfect name that everyone truly love. Finn is soft sounding in pronunciation, but it also has an impactful meaning.

2 Bennett

Bennett is both a classy and adorable name of English origin – itself a variant of Benedict. The name Bennett seems to be a derisible choice for expectant parents lately. Why? Perhaps it is because Bennett has a close relation to the ever-so-popular (and ever-so-lovely) Benjamin.

And while many people love the name Benjamin, it’s extremely common. Bennett, on the other hand, is not, and is equally as adorable! So, if you’re a looking for a lovely-sounding name that’s not too common, Bennett would be a good choice.

1 Gunner

Gunner is a male name derived from the Old Norse: Gunnarr. When translated from its Norse derivation, Gunner means “bold warrior.” Now, that’s an awesome meaning. Who wouldn’t want a bold little warrior running around?

Popularity-wise, Gunner is making its mark! The name was most recently made famous last year when reality TV couple Heidi and Spencer Pratt gave their son the name. If you ask us, Gunner is a total winner; an all-around fantastic name! Expect to hear it LOTS in 2019.

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