25 Little Babies And Their Big Dogs

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5 -Little Babies And Big Dogs

Big dogs might seem intimidating to some, but they make great family members and protectors for children. And as you can see, the proof is in the pudding with these adorable photos.

1. Big little, little big.

Via Jen Hendricks

2. A babe's best friend. 

Via imgur

3.  Merry Christmas from me to you.

Via Erin Vey

4. My big brother.

Via Eyesseymour

5.  "Mom, tell him to stop!"

Via Lindsey Ocker

4 -Babies And Their Big Pups

6. Who's walking who?

7. A girl's best friend. Via Mediumclay.  

8. Lazy bums. Via Imgur

9. "Love this guy". Via Imgur

10. Via MyPetGuru.

3 -Babies And Their Dogs

11. Daily check up. Via Vin J.

12. Lounging.  Via Erin Vey

13. Going for a ride. Via Blake Grimmer

14. Posing for the camera. Via imgur

15. Boys will be boys. Via unknown

2 -Little Babies And Big Dogs

16. "Smile!"  Via Lucu Terbaru

17. Kisses.  Via imgur

18. Just the two of us. Via Irene

19. Puppy love.  Via imgur

20. Love comes in all sizes. Via Erin Vey

1 -Little Babies And Big Dogs

21. Happy days.  Via Pinterest

22. Who's the boss? Via Twitter.

23. Just hanging out. Via Omg Cute Things

24. Monkey in the middle. Via unknown

25. Chubby cheeks. Via Clevel and Women

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