25 Little-Known Details About Britney Spears' Children

Britney Spears is raising two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, and motherhood is a role she has really embraced. In fact, even with all the things that she has accomplished throughout her professional life, Spears feels her sons are her true masterpieces.

Sean and Jayden are growing up fast (and they are already bigger than their mama), but as these preteens grow, so does Spears’s love for her children, and this is a topic she doesn’t hold back on. She regularly shares her feelings about being a parent on social media and she is continually inspired by her boys. She is their biggest supporter, whether that’s praising them for their skateboarding skills or their school achievements, or simply allowing them to express themselves and let their individuality shine, sometimes with a rocking blue hairdo. She’s the type of mom who wants to put artwork on the fridge — or in this case, share it with millions of fans — and her children have a wonderful effect on her mood.

Below are 25 things to know about Spears’s children and the interesting young men they are becoming, but also the ways in which they have changed their mom’s life.

25 Brit Says Her Preteen Boys Are Bigger Than Her, Not That That’s Hard: She’s Only 5' 4" (or 1.63M)

Britney Spears is a mama to two boys, whom she shares with former husband, Kevin Federline. She gave birth to her first son, Sean Preston, in 2005, and her second, Jayden James, in 2006. The boys are very close in age, and now as preteens, they are already bigger than their mom, or so she says.

Spears took to social media to share a photo of herself and her boys, which she captioned with, “The boys are bigger than me now!!” Although, being bigger than her is not exactly hard because according to Celeb Heights, Spears is 5' 4" (163.2 cm).

24 The Boys Skateboard, And Their Mom Is Super Proud Of Their Skills...

Britney Spears is a superstar, but she’s also a mom, and she’s very dedicated and hands-on. She is also incredibly proud of her two sons and the young men they are becoming, and for this reason, she regularly posts about them on social media — her account is very relatable because it’s not just selfies or photos of her lifestyle, she’s also all about that mom life.

Among her sons' interests is skateboarding, and Spears is clearly impressed by their skills because she has posted photos of them trying out tricks. On a skateboarding video, she wrote, “My son is fantastic!”

23 ...But Britney Is Proud Of All Their Achievements, And She Feels Really Grateful To Be Their Mom

Britney Spears loves motherhood, and she uses every opportunity she can to share just how much her children mean to her. She has so much love for her boys, and she is incredibly thankful to have them in her life. Birthdays are extra special days, and her sons are both born in September (Sean’s birthday is Sept. 14, and Jayden's birthday is Sept. 12, E! News reports).

Ahead of their birthdays in 2018, Spears took to social media to celebrate her sons, writing, “I'm so grateful for my wonderful boys!!! I couldn't be more proud of them!! Happy birthday, Jayden and Preston!!!! Love you!”

22 They Go For Walks With Their Mama — And Moments Like These Make Her So Happy

Britney Spears is an animal lover, especially when it comes to dogs. In fact, she has made headlines for the amount of money she spent on her pooches, with Business Insider noting in 2016, she spent almost $30,000 on her dogs in a year — interestingly, she doesn’t top the list when it comes to celebrities who fork out cash for their pooch.

It’s likely that Spears’ sons also have a love for dogs, but one thing we know for sure is that they accompany her when she walks her dog, and this makes her incredibly happy. On social media, Spears wrote, “Going for a walk with my son and the dog always does wonders for my mood…”

21 They Are Super Artistic (The Creative Gene Is Part Of Their DNA)

Britney Spears is a creative person (she wouldn’t have the job she has if she weren’t) and it seems that her sons share her artistic flare. She has commented on social media that she finds painting to be “therapeutic,” and she loves when her children express themselves through art, too.

Spears often shares photos of her boys' artwork on social media. They seem to favor drawing characters from Dragon Ball Z, and Spears has expressed that their talent “inspires” her. She also commented on how the fact that her son “puts so much time and detail into his work…” has made her incredibly proud, and she referred to him as a “true little artist.”

20 These Boys Are Big Fans Of Certain Marvel Characters

Britney Spears’ children are big fans of Marvel characters, more specifically Deadpool (note the outfit), and comic book characters have become popular with a wider audience in recent years. These boys have many interests (like this) that normal preteens would have, and it seems that in many ways they are completely unaffected by their mom's fame. And maybe that’s because they don’t feel she’s famous.

“They don’t see me as famous,” Spears told Entertainment Tonight in 2018. “They’re really into skateboarding right now. They’re not into celebrities – they’re into celebrity skateboard people. So mom’s show business thing isn’t really their interest.”

19 Britney Thinks It’s Important To Have Fun And Be Silly With Her Boys

Britney Spears has admitted to Elle that being a pop star is “way easier” than being a mom. And when asked which was more difficult of the two, she explained, “I think with the children it’s the matters of the heart that get involved, which definitely makes it a little harder, so yeah, definitely motherhood.”

She may be honest about finding motherhood difficult at times, but Spears truly appears to be a great mother and she has so much love for her boys. She also feels it’s important to just have fun and be silly with them — and this photo sums that up.

18 Their Parents Have Figured Out A Way To Co-Parent Like Pros

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears’ marriage may not have ended on the best of terms, but the former couple has worked hard to co-parent, for the sake of their sons. According to Bustle, they are amicable and have put aside their differences to focus on being the best possible parents.

"We have two beautiful children. The way that everything has turned out everybody is happy," Federline told Access Hollywood (via Bustle). "Co-parenting is going great...The schedule has kind of been worked out over time, and we talk when we need to. It's always about the boys. Mostly school stuff and making sure that we stay on top of that. It's going great."

17 Family Dinners Are An Important Occasion For This Bunch

Britney Spears loves being a parent and even told People (via Huffington Post) that she was “the happiest [she’s] ever been,” explaining that this happiness was thanks to her sons. She loves being around them, which is probably why having quality family time is so important for this bunch.

Spears makes an effort to spend time with her sons, including family dinners. She shared this photo of one of their evenings together, which she explained was at one of their “favorite spots.” Although she offered no more details on where this spot is, it’s lovely that she takes her sons for a meal where they can spend time together, just the three of them.

16 Being A Mom To Her Boys, Made Britney More Confident In Herself

“I moved to Los Angeles when I was very young,” Britney Spears told Marie Claire UK, noting that she has essentially grown up in the spotlight. She felt she was under scrutiny and was incredibly anxious. But in the years that have followed, a lot has changed, and motherhood is one of the reasons for those changes.

Spears has been a mom for more than a decade now, and she is grateful for this experience because it has made her feel more comfortable in her own skin. “Becoming a mother and being with my boys has made me so much more accepting of myself,” she said. “That has been a really big thing for me over these last few years.”

15 They Have Nerves Of Steel (At Least, When It Comes To Handling Snakes)

Fans of Britney Spears may remember when she performed with a python at 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. It was one of her most iconic performances, but it’s also not something everyone would do, because, let’s be honest, having a constricting snake around your neck is dangerous.

And it seems Spears’ children share her interest in serpents because she posted this photo to her social media. Although, she also made it known that she will not be holding any more snakes in the future, as she captioned the photo with this message: “I leave the snake handling to the boys these days... I was ready to run.”

14 Brit’s Boys Express Their Individuality, And She’s OK With Them Experimenting With Their Looks

No two children are the same, and Britney Spears is open to letting her sons experiment with their looks and express their individuality. She gives them the freedom they want, and if they want blue hair (and this has happened), she’s OK with that, too.

When her son Sean Preston wanted blue hair, Spears supported his choice, she supported it publicly by sharing a photo of him, and writing, "My son has blue hair!! Wheeee!" Entertainment Tonight notes that this is not the first time she allowed her sons to express themselves, and they had previously dyed their hair blue and purple.

13 Despite Being Close In Age, They Both Have Totally Different Personalities

There is just a year between Sean Preston and Jayden James, and although they share some interests, like skateboarding, art, and Pokemon, they are also individuals. Britney Spears has acknowledged that her sons have very different personalities, and she touched on this in an interview with People (via Huffington Post).

“Preston is very opinionated, very expressive, and if he doesn’t like something, he’s going to tell you, But he has a huge heart, he’s a good kid and he has manners,” she said. “Jayden is sweet, very soft-spoken, kinda funny. He’s adorable — a momma’s boy.”

12 Sure, They Have Fun, But Homework Is Also A Priority In This Household

Many may think that because Britney Spears has a demanding work schedule, which often requires travel, her children do not really have a routine. But keeping up to date with their studies is incredibly important for their mama, and in her household, homework needs to be done before anything else.

"Homework is a priority," she told People (via Billboard). "We have a reward system that helps motivate them: if they get so many As, they get one toy a month." She is also the first to celebrate their achievements at school, with E! News noting that when her son won an award at school for being the best encourager, the proud mama celebrated with him.

11 For Britney, Her Biggest Accomplishment Is Raising Her Boys

Britney Spears has money, fame, and the adoration of millions of people. Her music has touched the lives of many, and her longevity in the industry has proven she’s a serious and well-respected musician. But despite all of these things, her biggest accomplishment is her children.

Jayden and Sean appear to be growing into lovely young men. Spears wants them to be good people, with good manners, and to her, they are her masterpieces.

"You are my masterpieces. From the day I saw the most precious eyes, I believed in miracles to the core," she wrote in a Mother’s Day segment for Time magazine in 2016. She then expressed how she hopes her sons always believe in themselves and that dreaming awakens them to “limitless possibilities.”

10 They’ve Had The Opportunity To Meet A Lot Of Different People

Being the sons of a famous star, means that there is going to be the opportunity to meet a lot of famous people, and Sean and Jayden Federline have had encounters with celebrities, and people working within the industry, especially as they join their mom on tour -- they accompanied her on the Pieces Of Me tour.

Although we cannot know for sure who these boys have met during their young lives, we do have a better idea of Spears’ closest celebrity friends, and according to Bustle, they include Steven Tyler, Kristin Cavallari, Elton John, and Melissa Joan Hart.

9 And See Some Of The Most Beautiful Places (And Things) In The World

Being a superstar has its pros and cons, but there is no denying that Britney Spears has had to work hard for everything she has got. She has long days and busy schedules, but she understands that life is all about balance and loves taking a vacation. Her sons often join her on her trips, and they have had the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful places in the world — and still, they appreciate something as simple as a rainbow.

Some of their destinations of choice include a Hawaiian getaway, and a family sightseeing trip around Europe, with tourist stops including Buckingham Palace and Lustgarten, Travel + Leisure reports.

8 Sean Preston And Jayden James Are A Continual Source Of Inspiration For Their Mom

Of all the things that you could know about these children, it is perhaps the effect that they have had on their mother that is the most heartwarming. Britney Spears often shares her feelings about motherhood, and the joy her sons bring her, and it’s clear that she loves her boys unconditionally.

After looking at photos from a summer trip, Spears expressed via social media how she feels “blessed” to have Sean and Jayden. “It brings me to my knees every day to see how blessed I am to have such amazing and inspiring kids!” she wrote.

7 Pranks Are Their Thing, And You Better Believe Britney Is Their Target

Britney Spears is raising two boys, who are very close in age, and they do get up to mischief sometimes. They are jokesters and enjoying pulling pranks, especially on their mom.

According to Nicki Swift, Sean and Jayden stole their mom's phone (temporarily, of course) and filmed themselves trying to scare the "heck out of mom." When Spears was walking down the hallway in her nightgown, Sean suddenly screamed at her, which gave his mom so much of a start that she dropped to the floor. Spears thought the video was hilarious though and decided to share it on social media.

6 They’re Not Spoiled And Help Out Around The House

Sean Preston and Jayden James are the sons of an incredibly well-known and highly respected woman, and while they may live a luxurious life thanks to Britney Spears’ success, she is careful not to spoil them too much. Both of the boys do household chores to earn money for their allowance.

"Preston just asked for a high allowance — like $10 a week or $20 a week — but we'll see!" she told People in 2015 (via Huffington Post). Her boys are a bit older now, so she may have increased that sum, but the takeaway here is that Spears is teaching her sons the value of money.

5 These Kids Are Athletic, And Apparently Also Big Fans Of Kenny Britt

Britney Spears is a performer, and when she performs, she doesn’t just stand on stage, she moves. She has some impressive dance routines, and she is an athletic woman who takes working out seriously.

Spears regularly shares her workout videos on social media and updates fans on her progress. It’s a big part of her life, and, keeping this in mind, and the fact that their dad is a professional dancer, it's probably not totally unexpected that Sean and Jayden are also athletic. They are also football fans, as Spears shared this photo of her boys with football wide receiver, Kenny Britt.

4 But They’re Not Big On Having Their Photos Taken

Britney Spears may be used to having her photo taken, and she is constantly being followed around by the cameras. It sort of comes with the territory of being a pop star, and everyone wants a piece of her. She is also totally chilled about sharing selfies on social media, but when it comes to her sons, getting them to pose for photos is a tough ask.

She wants to create memories (after all, children grow up so fast) and shared on social media that she had tried to take a photo with her children, who were not cooperating. “My son was like, ‘mom pleeeeeaase…’" she wrote.

3 Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter, Maddie, Has The Best Cousins

Jamie Lynn Spears and her older sister Britney Spears are very close. They have a wonderful relationship and spend a lot of time together. Jamie Lynn’s first daughter, Maddie, is also close in age to her cousins, Sean and Jayden, and they often spend time together.

Jamie Lynn spoke about the close bond the cousins share in an interview with Glamour in 2012, saying, “For now, Maddie’s biggest concern in life is when she gets to see her cousins next. She’s always asking, ‘Why can’t we have Preston and JJ here?’ They’re very close. They’re like brothers and sister…”

2 Hanging Out With Their Mom Is Not Too Bad — They Clearly Have Fun

Some children feel embarrassed by their parents and don’t want to hang out with them, but if this is going to happen to Britney Spears’ sons, it hasn’t happened yet because they appear to spend a lot of quality time with their mom. She also seems to be a mom who is up to date with the times (note how they are all doing the same pose).

They spend a lot of time with their mom now, but that may change in the future and Spears has admitted to feeling anxious about them growing up. "I'm nervous because I know 12 and 13 and 14 and 15 are going to be really," basically, tough, she told Lorraine (via Hello!).

1 They’re Big Fans Of Pokemon (And Have Had A Combined Birthday Party In This Theme)

Britney Spears’ sons are interested in Pokemon, so much so that in 2016, they chose to celebrate their birthdays with a Pokemon theme. The combined birthday party included two separate Pokemon cakes and several other pieces of confectionary in the shape of a Pokemon character.

But, if you were wondering whether their mom has any interest in the Pokemon Go game, the answer to that question is, she does. In an interview with Self, Spears was asked whether she had been playing Pokemon Go, to which she replied, "Well this is a funny one. Just played it for [the] first time with my sons!"

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