25 Little-Known Details About Kate Gosselin's Family

Whether viewers love them or loathe them, the Gosselin family seems to be everyone's guilty pleasure. After all, it's challenging to justify an interest in them since they literally became famous for having eight kids. But nonetheless, Jon, the kids, and Kate are in the zeitgeist now.

The family first entered the spotlight when Discovery Health wanted to do a special on them getting through life with twins and sextuplets. After the special was aired, people grabbed onto them, and soon enough, Jon & Kate Plus 8 was a national hit. Of course, the hit didn't last too long since Jon and Kate couldn't get along.

Nowadays, Jon has all but vanished and Kate and her kids are still sort of in the spotlight. In recent years, we've seen Kate on The View, Dancing With The Stars, and The Apprentice. Soon enough we'll be seeing her in another show, Kate Plus Date, which may just include some of the youngsters that helped to make her famous. Still, not everybody knows some of the details behind this peculiar family.

This is why we've created a list full of fascinating tidbits about Kate and her kids, some of which aren't all that flattering. Without further ado, here are 25 little-known details about Kate Gosselin's family.

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25 Kate Couldn't Get Pregnant Naturally


It's somewhat ironic that Kate actually couldn't naturally get pregnant. This is because she has what's called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. This led her and Jon to seek fertility treatments. With the help of Intrauterine Insemination, Kate was able to put some buns in the oven. The pair welcomed their two twin girls, Cara and Madelyn, into the world on October 8, 2000. The pair of girls were at 35 weeks gestation at the time of their birth, meaning they were born five weeks premature.

24 Cara Gosselin Has An "Angel Kiss"

Via: Huff Post

Being premature isn't the only thing that makes Cara somewhat special. When she came into the world, she had a Hemangioma on the side of her nose. A Hemangioma is a small and harmless growth that forms due to collecting vessels. Instead of helping Cara to understand this imperfection, Kate claimed that the mark on her face was a kiss from an angel. Luckily, this "kiss" went away naturally over time, which is why Cara no longer has it on her nose.

23 Kate Was Once A Nurse

Via: Vox

Before Kate became one of the most famous women in reality television, she was actually a registered nurse. She graduated from Reading Hospital and Medical Center in Reading, Pennsylvania. After she received her diploma, Kate moved to Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, where she became a labor and delivery nurse. Little did she know at the time that she couldn't get pregnant naturally herself. It's pretty interesting that this woman has been surrounded by pregnancy, pregnancy issues, and labor for most of her life and then she became famous for having a ton of kids.

22 Jon Only Wanted Two Kids

Via: ET

Jon was adamant that Cara and Madelyn were all he wanted. The pair had been dealing with the fact that Kate couldn't get pregnant for so long that he was a bit worn out. Additionally, he didn't think they could handle more than two kids. Eventually, Kate convinced him that they would be okay with one more child. That's when Jon decided to help Kate get fertility treatments again. Little did Jon know he wouldn't just be getting one new kid but six more.

21 The Separation REALLY Wasn't Pleasant

Via: Wikipedia

Most Jon and Kate fans know that there was some drama that went on around the couple's separation, but most don't know just how unpleasant it actually was. On many occasions, the pair got into very colorful arguments about many things in their marriage. Some of the topics that they were unhappy about with one another would top anybody's "most important" list. Additionally, the pair went at one another for the custody of their eight children. Unfortunately, the kids were caught in the crossfire of this exchange.

20 Jon And Kate Didn't Pay Their Therapist

Knowing that a separation would cause immense financial challenges as well as hardships for their kids, Kate and Jon decided to seek help from a professional. Although this was a very thoughtful decision, it didn't end well for anybody. Not only did the therapy not work for Kate and Jon, but they also neglected to pay their bill. This caused their therapist, Sylvia Lafair, to go after her unpaid dues. At the end of the day, Kate was forced to pay Lafair a whopping $10,300.

19 Cops Were Called To The Family House

Kate and Jon had many temper-heavy arguments that went public. But in some cases, they got so bad that the police ended up intervening. This includes a time in 2009 when cops were called to the Gosselin home. The couple was in a very big argument outside of their home, and the cops had to separate the two. Luckily for them, no formal charges were made, and they were let off with a warning. If anything, the cops actually calmed the situation down, as they were arguing about something pretty important, their kids.

18 The Family Had A LOT Of Nannies

When you have eight kids, a nanny is definitely needed. And when you're on a big television show, you can afford to hire a few. However, Kate ended up having more nannies than she thought she would have. This is because they kept quitting on her. This is because she had a lot of rules for them to adhere to. If they stepped out of line, they were reprimanded or simply let go. In 2014, a former nanny went on Radar Online and said that Kate had a list of rules that were particularly weird. This included the fact that a nanny had to wash her hands in the bathroom and not in the kitchen.

17 The Kids Couldn't Keep Presents From Their Dad

Via: BabyGaga

After Kate and Jon were officially separated, things continued to be challenging. Sure, they got some space form one another, but they still needed to share time with their kids. Not only that, but there were a series of very unhappy court cases. In one case, Jon claimed that Kate was harmful to her kids. In another, it was said that Kate didn't allow the kids to come home with anything that was given to them by their father. This included toys, pictures, stuffed animals, or any other gift. If she found them, she would throw them away.

16 Collin And Alexis Were Removed From School

The separation between the two took a major toll on all of their kids. This was especially true for Collin and Alexis. The pair were so deeply affected that they started acting out in school and eventually were booted out. However, Kate denied this, saying that she was the one to make the decision about whether Collin and Alexis would continue at that school. Regardless, it was a very unfortunate situation for all parties involved, especially the kids who were clearly dealing with a lot of inner chaos.

15 Kate Has Nothing To Do With Her Parents

Via: Cafe Mom

Drama doesn't just exist between Kate and her ex-husband; she also hasn't spoken to her parents in years. Kate has been estranged from Charlene and Kenton Kreider for years now, although she never speaks about it. Jon was the one to mention this fact in a 2009 interview. He explained that he wanted "drop-in grandparents" but never got them because the grandparents aren't involved with any of their grandkids, including Kate's brother's family. Clearly, there are notable problems going on in this family.

14 Kate's Brother Battled Her And Jon

Unfortunately, Kate also has issues with her brother, Kevin, and his wife, Jodi. Although, these issues are relatively new, at least in comparison to those with her parents. If you recall, Kevin and Jodi have actually appeared on Jon and Kate Plus 8. However, in 2010, Kevin testified against his sister and Jon regarding his nieces and nephews. He and his wife felt that Kate and Jon were exploiting their kids and making them work far more than they should He claimed that Kate was causing "psychological damage" for his nieces and nephews.

13 Jon Thinks The Kids Have Social Issues

Kate's brother, Kevin, isn't the only one who thinks that the Jon and Kate Plus 8 lifestyle did a number on the kids. Jon is also in this camp. In 2013, he told Oprah Winfrey that he thinks that bringing his kids up on television has given them notable social problems. He went on to say, “They have problems with their peers, and they have problems with talking to other people." In addition to this, he said, “They have problems with wants and needs and manners and morals and what’s right and what’s wrong.”

12 Collin Required Specific Help

Unfortunately, Collin's issues seem to be quite notable. Back in a 2015 episode of their reality show, it was revealed that Collin was experiencing educational and social challenges. Kate explained,  “This is a work in progress for him that we’ve sought many specialists' help on. There are changes coming for him. I think it will result in a change of school for him for this upcoming year and beyond that, we’ll see." Eventually, Collin was sent away from his family to a facility that deals with troubled kids. This decision, which was made by Kate, has caused a significant amount of drama in their lives.

11 Kate Is Very Firm With Her Kids

We have all seen troubling images of Kate interacting with her kids. Additionally, we have heard the court-room testimonies from Jon, as well as other witnesses, who claim that Kate is too rough with her kids as well as verbally quite mean. These statements fall in line with other reports that have been made about Kate's way of disciplining her kids. Apparently, she tells them that Jesus won't love them if they do bad things. When asked about this kind of behavior, Kate defers to how Jon has caused all of this tension in the first place.

10 Mady And Cara Have Little To Do With Jon

Via: ET

Kate isn't the only person who really doesn't like Jon. Her and Jon's firstborns, Maddy and Cara, actually have nothing to do with their father. In 2016, Jon himself said that he barely speaks to his two oldest children. Since then, Maddy has spoken up and said, “He makes it seem like we’re being kept from him... He should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don’t want to see him.” Apparently, this perspective has been kept, as there have been no reports of any reconciliation between Jon and his eldest two. This is really unfortunate, as they were once all so close.

9 Hannah Has A Tremendous Relationship With Jon

Maddy and Cara may not have a good relationship with their dad, but their sister certainly does. Hannah is one of the kids who has seemingly picked sides against her mother in her parents' drama-filled separation. She, as well as her brother Collin, are the only two that have any contact with their dad. At least this is a claim made by In Touch Weekly. What we can say for sure is that Hannah and Collin actually do live with their father and are very loving to him on social media. This is especially true for Hannah, who thinks the world of her dad.

8 Their Stardom Was Probably Planned

Back in 2014, an extensive tell-all book was written and released about Kate Gosselin. In Robert Hoffman's book, it's suggested that Kate actually planned her children's fame and fortune from the start. When she first had her twins, she actually wanted to make them into the next Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. However, after she had her sextuplets, a new opportunity for stardom came her way, and she jumped on it. Apparently, Kate was almost Machiavellian about how she planned to use her children to gain fame and fortune.

7 Kate Claimed That Her Kids Had Problems That They Clearly Didn't

Via: Mommyish

In Robert Hoffman's 2014 book about Kate Gosselin, he claimed that Kate went to some really incredible lengths to ensure that her kids got the right childcare while they were growing up. Apparently, Kate bent the truth quite a lot when talking to social services about receiving childcare from them. Specifically, the book claimed that Kate wrote a letter to the State of Pennsylvania stating that six of her eight kids were actually disabled "in a sense." This means that she claimed that the kids had something that they clearly didn't have.

6 The Kids Could Have Been Kept In Their Rooms

Via: Youtube

During the very messy separation process, both Jon and Kate had to make many statements on why they thought their ex-spouse was unsuitable for child-raising. One of the things that Jon said in his statements was that Kate locked their kids in their bedrooms. In fact, he said that she even went as far as to switch the locks so that they would only open from the outside. This was a way for Kate to discipline her kids as well as get them to go to bed and not be able to get up and walk around.

5 Kate's Sister Wanted To Bring Collin Home

During the time that Collin was away at a facility to deal with his issues, there was much drama at home. Collin's siblings clearly wanted their brother home with them. But Kate was adamant that she wanted to keep her son far away from his siblings, as well as herself, so that he could work on his problems. Kate's sister-in-law, Jodi, tried really hard to convince Kate to bring Collin home, but it didn't work. Apparently, Kate wouldn't listen to anybody on the matter. Eventually, Collin was able to get home... to his dad's. It's unknown if he has any relationship with his mother.

4 Collin Isn't Included In Family Photos

Via: Youtube 

Although Collin appears in the majority of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 episodes, as well as the photos that were taken around that time, ever since he was sent to a facility, he hasn't been included in any family image. Many fans have noticed that Collin hasn't been included in any of the images that Kate has shared of her family. Whether it's a promotional image on her social media or in a magazine, Collin is noticeably absent. This has caused fans to ask all sorts of questions about her relationship with Collin and why she doesn't want his face shown to the world.

3 Kate Is Thrilled That Her Daughters Are Leaving For College

Kate isn't one of those parents that wants to keep her kids around forever. In an interview at the Discovery Communications Winter 2019 TCA Tour, she said that she was very happy that Maddy and Cara are going off to college soon. Kate also said that she wasn't concerned about the two girls at all. She said, "They're self-driven. They have goals and dreams, and they're just good kids." Clearly, Kate believes that Maddy and Cara have good heads on their shoulders and will do well socially and academically when they leave her nest and go off on their own adventure.

2 The Children Expected Their Parents' Status

Via: Access

Although Jon and Kate's kids were all negatively affected by the separation, none of them expected any different. Although this is something that is claimed by inside sources, it does seem plausible. When you go back and watch any of the episodes of their reality show, it's not hard to see that there was something wrong between them from the start. Kids can pick up on these things quite easily. Especially when it comes to their own parents. So, it shouldn't take any of us back that the eight kids expected their parents to separate.

1 The Twins Worry About Their Mom

Of all of Kate's kids, she seems to be the closest with her eldest girls, Maddy and Cara. This is reflected in a comment they made about their mother in a recent interview. Maddy and Cara both said that they are concerned about their mother, as she hasn't had a serious relationship since her separation with Jon. This is why they're happy that she's finally doing a reality show that will focus on her love life. This will be titled Kate Plus Date and will come out soon.

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