25 Long Baby Boy Names That Are So Stunning They Are Worth Every Letter

In most communities, choosing a name for a newborn was always a serious decision, because parents used to consider a name much more than just a way of identifying someone in a crowd. Some communities used to choose names based on the season a baby was born, the midwife who helped deliver the baby or even the nature of the pregnancy and delivery.

However, other communities evolved to choose names that would ideally translate into the life of a newborn, by giving them names with positive meanings, as well as those of very significant people of generations past.

These days, people want to be very creative in coming up with names for their children, it's important to choose names that not only sound great but also have great meaning. Arguably, names are so powerful they can define a baby's character or personality as he or she is growing up, so a parent should always be very careful when making their choice.

Short names may be easy for a baby to learn and even write down when he or she is learning how to write, but they might not have any advantage over longer names. On the other hand, long baby names usually make the baby appear to be very intelligent, in addition to allowing even more nickname options. Here are 25 long baby boy names that are so stunning they're worth every letter.

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25 Broderick

Via: koreaboo.com

Broderick is a unique boy’s name of Irish and Welsh origin that means descendant of Bruadar in Irish and son of Rhydderch in Welsh. Broderick was a very popular surname before people started using it as a given name. It was very popular in the United States in the early 2000s but its popularity has been declining over the years.

Famous Broderick’s include American stage, film and TV actor Broderick Crawford, American comedian Broderick Harvey, English singer, and songwriter Broderick Smith, and US playwright Colin Broderick among others. Broderick has adorable nicknames to select from like Brod, Rick, Brodie, Ricky, and Broddy. This name will be popular among parents looking for that name that pushes the character count.

24 Alexander

Via: pinterest.com

Arguably, the best-known bearer of this name is Alexander the Great. He was responsible for creating one of the largest empires in ancient history, and as a result, he is responsible for making the name quite popular. However, not many people have this name today, which makes it a good name.

Alexander means defender or protector of humankind. Leaders like kings, rulers, emperors, and popes have used this name and made it popular. Parents who aspire to have future leaders should definitely choose this name. Alex, Lexie, Xander, Zandy, and Zander are some of the diminutive options to choose from. Other bearers of the name include lead band singer Alexander Gaskarth and the famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

23 Remington

Via: twitter.com

Remington is a masculine name of Old English origin meaning raven estate. It was originally a surname but has now gained recognition as a first name. In addition, many consider this to be a unisex name. Many people became aware of the name in the early 1980s, though it started to gain favor in the 1990s. Currently, not many people have this name, and this makes it unique and exciting.

The 1982 television action series Remington Steele arguably contributed so much to this name's popularity. Some famous bearers of this stunning name include American theatre producer Ralph Remington, Painter Deborah Remington, Entomologist Charles Lee Remington, and Australian politician Keith Remington.

22 Alessandro

Via: jettingjewels.com

Alessandro is the Italian version of the name Alexander. This name, just like its English counterpart means defender of humankind. This name is popular in the United States and Europe. Arguably, Alessandro Volta is responsible for making the name so popular with his invention of the electric battery that we use to date. Its nicknames include Alessio and Sandro.

Alessandro will be popular among parents seeking a more exotic and unusual version of Alexander. Other famous people who were borne to this name include Italian tennis player Alessandro Bega, Italian footballer Alessandro Bordin, Canadian actor Alessandro Juliani, and American actor Alessandro Nivola, among others.

21 Christopher

Via: vh1.com

The name Christopher is of Greek origin and it means Christ-bearer. It has been in use in the United States since the 10th century and sources consider it the most popular boy name in the United Kingdom from the 1950s to the early 2000s. It is still quite popular to date and is a classic name that sounds so effortlessly cool.

Christopher has been born to famous people like American author Christopher Cerf, English actor Christopher Eccleston, and English-American actor and director Christopher Guest, just to name a few. Parents who feel Christopher is a little too formal can opt for its equally likable nickname Chris for their boy.

20 Augustine

Via: pinterest.com

Augustine is originally from Latin and it means venerable or the great. People from different countries have admired this long and beautiful name since the 1990s. Back in the 5th century, Saint Augustine of Hippo was perhaps the greatest fathers of the Christian church famous for his frank revelations.

Since the Saint, the name Austin canons, friars, and nuns have used it. Augustine has nicknames like August, Gus, Tintin, and Austin. This name has gained a lot of popularity among millennial parents and does not show any signs of falling out of style. It will be perfect for a little boy.

19 Maximilian

Via: picdeer.com

This five-syllable name may look difficult at a first glance but is super easy to pronounce. Maximilian is an old-fashioned name derived from the Latin word Maximilianus. This name, which means greatness, has several variants like Maximillian, Maximiliaan, and Maximilien. Prominent early Christians used this name, though its popularity has greatly declined, making it a not so common name today.

The name has several cute nickname options like Max, Maxie, Milian, Milani, and even Ian, it's no wonder parents are choosing it for their baby boys. As a plus, folks who expect greatness from their son can use it. Max is also a commonly used given name on its own.

18 Nathaniel

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Nathaniel is the most popular version of its variants Nathanial, Nathanael, or Nathanel. It is originally from Hebrew and it means God has given. The name has been popular since the 1970s and has maintained its fame until 2016 when it dropped off the charts.

Nathaniel has a sophisticated sound to it and parents will definitely love it. It was borne to famous people like Nathanael the apostle of Christ, Nathaniel Archibald, an American basketball player, and Nathaniel Buzolic, Australian actor, among others. Nathaniel has cute nicknames for parents to choose from like Nate, Nat, or Nathan; they definitely cannot go wrong with this one.

17 Roderick

Via: flickr.com

Roderick is a beautiful name from Germany and it means glory, king, and ruler. It has been in use since the 8th century as a given name and as a surname but disappeared as a given name over the years until the 19th century. The poem The Vision of Don Roderick by Sir Walter Scott greatly contributed to its comeback. It’s at a low point right now but deserves another comeback; Roderick is strong and quite masculine.

This name belongs to notable bearers like English classic pianist Roderick Chadwick, British impressionist Roderick Bremner, and American football player Roderick Lewis just to name a few. Roderick remains singularly appealing and distinctive, with several attractive nicknames like Rick, Rode, Rory, and Roddy.

16 Humphrey

Via: hiveminer.com

Popularly used as both a given name and a surname, Humphrey is a strong and beautiful name from Germany. It means peaceful warrior. Several fictional characters, especially in children’s shows, go by this name. The name was common in the 19th century but its use has been declining over the years, making it unique and appealing.

In the 19th century, notable people such as film actor Humphrey Bogart, British jazz musician Humphrey Lyttelton, Canadian politician Humphrey Mitchell, and former VP of the United States, Hubert Humphrey, all wore this name with pride. Humphrey is also common as a royal name in Britain. It will be perfect for a little prince.

15 Bartholomew

Via: huntersandheels.com

Bartholomew is one lengthy and stunning baby boy name. It is from the Aramaic language, which means son of Talmai. Bartholomew was the name of one of the disciples of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Today, it is not as common as the other disciples' names. This name sounds so good you can’t help but love it.

Bartholomew will be popular among parents looking for that old and rare choice. Some notable bearers include English lawyer Bartholomew Gosnold, founder of Santo Domingo Bartholomew Columbus, and Portuguese maritime explorer Bartholomew Dias among others. Folks with their eyes set on long names should definitely consider Bartholomew for their baby boy.

14 Nicholson

Via: picdeer.com

Nicholson is a beautiful baby boy's name of English origin that means son of Nicol. It is popular as a given name but it’s also a common surname as well. Nicholson comes from the name Nicholas. It has nicknames like Nick, Nickie, and Nicky and has a not so popular variant Nicholeson.

This name has been born to many football players like A. Nicholson from Australia, A.J. Nicholson from The United States, Barry Nicholson from Scotland, Stuart Nicholson from England, and Claude Nicholson from Australia among others. This beautiful name is sure to capture the attention of parents looking for the perfect long name.

13 Constantine

Via: Hollywood.com

Constantine comes from the Latin name Constantinus and it means steadfast or constant. The name became so popular thanks to the famous emperor called Constantine The Great, who people give credit for becoming the first Roman Emperor to adopt Christianity. Other emperors followed suit with the name.

The name has never been popular just mildly used in various parts of the world. A few bearers include Australian businessperson Con Constantine, French actor Eddie Constantine, and British fantasy author Storm Constantine. This name will be appealing to parents who are fans of history and historical figures. It is quirky but has adorable nicknames like Stan, Connie, and Costa.

12 Jonathan

Via: people.com

Jonathan is a remarkable name that means God has given. It has variants like Jonathon, Johnathon, and Johnethen. The name is not quite popular in the United States but it’s a favorite choice among parents. It is also the longer version of the name Nathan. In the Old Testament, Jonathan was the son of King Saul.

Jonathan has several nicknames like Jon, Jona, Jonte, Jonny, Nathan, Jono, and Nat. Famous people who go by the name include TV personality Jonathan Cheban, actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, football player Jonathan Stewart, and gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds. The name has also been in use in TV shows and books.

11 Sebastian

Via: picdeer.com

The name Sebastian is originally from Latin and it means venerable. Celebrities like rapper Sebastian, Italian ski jumper Sebastian Collaredo, and Romanian politician and rally car driver Sebastian Ogier just to name a few, go by this beautiful name. Sebastian was also the name of a martyr Saint Sebastian back in the 3rd century.

Since 1989, the name became popular thanks to a fictional character going by the same name in Disney’s animated fantasy film series The Little Mermaid and its Sequels. Sebastian is an old-fashioned name that has now become super rare and nostalgic and its nicknames Bass, Bash, Bastian, and Sebby are definitely a bonus for this one.

10 Napoleon

Via: iol.co.za

The name Napoleon has a very close relationship with its arguably most famous bearer French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who was in power back in the 17th century. The name was greatly in use between the late 1800s and 1970s, though its use has been on the decline in the past few decades.

The 2004 comedy film Napoleon Dynamite gave the name a little bit of spotlight. Napoleon also belongs to famous people like choreographer Napoleon Buddy, makeup artist Napoleon Perdis, and Politician Napoleon Harris. This extraordinary name means lion of the new city and is originally from the Italian language.

9 Abraham

Via: imggram.net

Abraham is a Hebrew name that means father of multitudes. Abraham whose original named Abram was the husband of Sarah in the Old Testament. This name is still in use to date. In the 18thcentury, the 16th US Pres. Abraham Lincoln also greatly added to the name’s popularity.

Abraham is a classic name with nicknames like Abe, Abram, Bram, and Abey. It has been borne to notable people like Venezuelan boxer Abraham Torres, Israeli Olympic basketball player Abraham Shneior, Spanish kickboxer Abraham Roqueni, and many more. This name is definitely a great choice for parents looking for a classic name with a great meaning.

8 Channing

Via: interest.pics

Channing is a boy’s name of English and Irish Origin. It was a surname before it gained popularity as a given name. Channing is an attractive name with a modern feel to it and parents will like it for their boys because of its uniqueness. Although some people might find it a bit lengthy, it's easy to pronounce.

This name has become very popular thanks to a famous American model and actor Channing Matthew Tatum who started acting in 2005. Other namesakes include Channing Crowder a former linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, Channing Frye an American basketball player and English poker player Neil Channing.

7 Jamieson

Via: lilylarson.tumblr.com

Jamieson is a Scottish name that means son of James. It is both a male given name and a surname. Jamieson has two spelling variations, Jamison and Jameson. Jamison was more popular at first but Jameson quickly overtook it. However, these days Jamieson is the more popular spelling for the name. To date, this name is moderately used.

A few famous persons who go by the name include Australian politician Colin Jamieson, English footballer Henry Jamieson, and Scottish swimmer Michael Jamieson. Parents who don’t like the simplicity of James can definitely consider this one as a better choice. It will also be ideal for boys with fathers named James or Jamie.

6 Emmanuel

Via: heraldclub.com

With spelling variations like Emanuel, Emmanuelle, and Immanuel, this Hebrew name meaning God with us is great for a baby boy. It appears many times in the New Testament. The name is common among the Jews and is popular in Spain as Manuel. Emmanuel's usage in the US dates back to the 1940s. It gained significant popularity for decades but in recent times, the name's popularity has declined.

Emmanuel has a slight vintage feel and is a very bold and elegant name. Parents looking for a wonderful long name should definitely have their eyes on this one, and as a bonus, it has an adorable nickname, Manny.

5 Montgomery

Via: pinterest.com

Although it's not very clear where Montgomery came from, arguably one of the first people to go by this name was Saint-Germaine-de-Montgomery from France. Its common variation is Montgomerie. The name was popular in the prominent family of de Montgomerie of the Anglo-Normans.

Montgomery, which many people believed to be too formal, is now unquestionably unique and cool and its nickname Monty or Monte is even cooler. Some of the most famous bearers of this name include actor Montgomery Clift, British army commander Marshal Bernard Montgomery, American geologist David Montgomery, and American researcher Montgomery Atwater among others. It is also a popular fictional character name.

4 Zachariah

Via: tagpik.com

Zachariah is a masculine name of Hebrew origin meaning the Lord has remembered. It has several variations like Zechariah, Zaccaria, Zachary, Zaccharia, Zecharia, and Zacharias. Back in the 17th century, the 12th Pres. of the United States, Zachary Taylor, made this name very popular. Currently, Zachariah is not as famous as it was a few decades back.

With cute nicknames like Zac, Zack, Zach, or Zak, Parents looking for an ancient Biblical name with a nice meaning to it, should consider this one. In the Bible, it was the name of Zechariah King of Israel, Priest Zechariah the father of John The Baptist, and Prophet Zechariah of the kingdom of Judah.

3 Muhammed

Via: pinterest.com

An Arabic given boy name, Muhammed is translated to mean praised or commendable. It has a lot of spelling variants like Mohammed, Mohamad, Muhamed, and many others. Muhammad was the main prophet of Islam, hence the reason the name is popular and trending in Arab Muslim countries. It lends itself to adorable nicknames like Muha, Mhamud, and Muhd.

Arguably, the best-known bearer of the name is former American professional boxer, activist, and philanthropist Muhammad Ali, who died in 2016. Other people with the same name include South Arabia lawyer Muhammed Taib, Syrian Footballer Mohamad Zbida, Malaysian politician Mohamad Aziz, Kurdish historian Muhammed Emin Zeki, and Iraqi major general Muhammed Latif.

2 Cleveland

Via: prabhusukumaran.tumblr.com

Cleveland is a popular surname that is quickly rising as a first name. It means from the cliff land and many people believe it came from two old English elements Cliff and Land. The 22nd and 24th United States Pres. Grover Cleveland greatly enhanced the name's popularity back in the 18th century. Cleveland is not overused, which is a good thing because your child will stand out from the crowd.

Other celebrities who bore by the name include American politician Bill Cleveland, gospel singer James Cleveland, and fashion model Pat Cleveland among others. This name is long but can be made shorter to Cleve, though its full version is still worth every letter.

1 Tennessee

Via: picdeer.com

Tennessee is one stunning long name borrowed from the State of Tennessee in the United States. It means Gathering place and people believe is to have come from the Native Americans. Tennessee is one of those rare names; your kid will be the only one going by it in school. It has nicknames like Tennes, Tenzy, Tenzo, and Tenn.

American actress and producer Reese Witherspoon chose this elegant name for her son, Tennessee James Toth. Other notable bearers of the name include American playwright Thomas Lanier Williams who adopted it as a pet name and American television host, actor and singer Tennessee Ernie Ford. Tennessee will make a perfect name for a baby boy.

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