25 Long Baby Girl Names That Are So Stunning They Are Worth Every Letter

There's so much in a name. Those who've grown up with a long name will be all too familiar with the niggles. Filling out those forms and not having enough space – seriously, what's up with the tiny boxes? Then there's the inevitable nickname when people want to shorten it. What any girl with a long name will also know, however, is that it's unique. Take the beauty queen behind the brand, Anastasia Beverly Hills. Could this woman have a more glamorous and beautiful name?

Those of us expecting a girl might know to shop pink and buy bows, but we've still got to make the biggest decision of all. While baby name lists online are filled with super-short, one-syllable names like Shay or Eve, there's an opposite list that's totally out-doing the "short and sweet." These lists are for the baby girl who will have enough personality, beauty, and depth to live out every letter of her name. Over in Russia, super-long names are pretty standard. Likewise, in Italy. With names like Alessandra, Elizabeth, Persephone, and countless others climbing the popularity charts, it's time to take a look at the most beautiful ones. The biggest sign that longer names are back in vogue? Kim Kardashian's first two kids may be named North and Saint, but that third baby has three syllables. Chicago isn't the only beautiful long name. Here are 25 of them that are worth every letter.

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Talk about a beautiful name. The Russian name of Anastasia has graced duchesses, Disney characters, and a song by Tori Amos. Elegant, long, and simply stunning, the name means "resurrection." Given the rise in popularity of this name, Anastasia is definitely experiencing a "resurrection." Name Berry listed the name as ranking 169th for baby girl choices in 2017. Alongside famous Russian ballerinas and the Hollywood beauty brand, Anastasia Beverly Hills, this is a name that pulls off regal charm, a beautiful sound, plus a whole ton of chic.


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With a soft "g," Genevieve is perfect for any mom wanting to keep the "gen" sound (without the somewhat overused "Jen"). This classic French name is hugely popular across European countries like France, Belgium, and Switzerland. With a slight vintage feel and so much elegance, Genevieve goes back to the medieval patroness of Paris– if anywhere on the planet is classy, it's Paris. Since peaking in the 1930s, Genevieve has risen in popularity in recent years. It ranked #184 for US girls in 2017.


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There's a whimsical beauty to the name Esmeralda– this name didn't get past Disney, and it's not getting past us. Sometimes spelled as the alternative Esmerelda, this Spanish and Portuguese name has a literal meaning of "emerald." An absolute jewel of a name, Esmeralda has featured in the Notre Dame de Paris novel, the ballet "La Esmeralda," plus it was chosen by Eva Green and Ryan Gosling for their beautiful baby girl. This is a long name that can be shortened to Esme, but we think it's worth every letter.


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Emmanuelle is a French name that has been elegant since day one. With a Hebrew meaning of "faith," it's also a name with a beautiful and deep meaning. According to She Knows' numerology system, the Soul Urge of this name shows a deep desire to use abilities in leadership, while the Expression number reflects a personality that seeks spiritual truth and inspiring others. This name has a more unique flair than Emma or Emily, and we think it is stunning.

Emmy Rossum's real name is Emmanuelle.


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Heroine of Oscar Wilde and wife of the Arthurian legend, Merlin, Gwendolyn is a name that has carried strength and beauty through the ages. This Welsh-originated name means "white ring," and the purity is in every syllable. Despite the vintage feel, Gwendolyn ranked #379 as the most chosen baby girl name in 2017. This is a long name that works great with the "Gwen" nickname– if anyone if proof of that, it's Gwen Stefani. Gwendolyn has featured in Spider-Man, plus Buffy The Vampire Slayer.


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People might not know their Greek mythology inside out, but everyone has heard of the Greek god, Zeus. His daughter went by the name of Persephone. This deeply historic and mystical name has a beautiful lyrical appeal, not to mention associations with springtime and the harvest– Penelope was the Greek goddess of spring growth. If anything represents the blooming beauty of spring, it's a new baby. More moms are choosing Persephone over the more-common Stephanie for a long name that is beautiful and unusual.


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For a mom-to-be with her eye on longer names, Christabella is definitely one to consider for a baby girl. This longer variant of Christabel is super-unique, plus it has that magical and slightly retro feel. Christabel has Latin and French origins, with a meaning of "fair Christian." You don't need to be religious to go with this name– Christina, Christine, and Christie have been chosen for many baby girls without the religious setting. The name has also been chosen by two separate members of the British Royal Family.


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Bouncy, joyful, and with a summery feel, Penelope is a beautiful name that has shot up the popularity charts in 2017. Name Berry ranked it as the 34th most-chosen baby girl name of 2017. With a Greek origin and a meaning of "weaver," there's a really lyrical sound to saying this name out loud. Classic and modern all at once, Penelope manages to sound carefree whilst still retaining classic elegance. It's a favorite with us.

Kourtney Kardashian chose Penelope for her daughter's name.


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A four-syllable name can seem clunky, but with Arabella, the simplicity of the vowels really works. Names ending in "bella" carry the natural elegance of the Italian meaning of "beauty," and Arabella is no exception. This slightly unusual name nevertheless managed to rank 157th in the most popular girl's names of 2017. With a meaning of "yielding to prayer" and a Latin origin, Arabella is classic, twinkly, and anything but ordinary. We've seen famous Arabellas in Harry Potter, All My Children, and Vanity Fair.


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It's amazing what a difference one letter can make. While the name Ariana has shot up the popularity charts thanks to Ariana Grande, this more unusual spelling of the Italian name has an elegance of its own. With the famous blog queen, Arianna Huffington putting the name on the 2018 map, this name is a gorgeous choice for a long name that's "not too long." Arianna ranked 87th as the most chosen baby name for 2017 girls. That's a pretty high ranking for an alternate spelling.


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Evangeline is one of those names we wish we had been given. Ethereal, romantic, and with a meaning of "bearer of good news," Evangeline is a classic Greek name that manages to work perfectly in 2018. It has variety in every syllable, a classy ending, and an angelic feel that is perfect for a beautiful baby girl. The Lost and Ant-Man and The Wasp actress, Evangeline Lilly has made this name famous, alongside Disney's Princess and the Frog. Little Eva in Uncle Tom's Cabin was called Evangeline.


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Eleonora is now popular enough to have worked its way onto Name Berry's "Best Cool Unusual Names." This Italian, Dutch, or Polish variation of the name Eleanor has a feminine and frilly feel that's all about the elegance. At the same time, Eleanor can easily be nicknamed with Ella, Ellie, or Elle. To give you an idea of the prestige that Eleonora has, the name has belonged to two Roman Empresses, the Princess of Savoy, plus the daughter of the King of Sardinia. We love this name.


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Zipporah might sound super unusual, but it's a fairly common name in Israel, where the language is Hebrew. This name makes a statement with its "z" first letter, but there's none of the tacky with Zipporah. This Biblical name has significance for millions of people around the world, but you don't need a religious affiliation to see the beauty in it. Actual beauty queens have had this name– Miss Kenya was named Zipporah.

Zipporah was the wife of Moses in the Bible. The name means "bird."


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Stick the French "ique" ending on a name, and it suddenly becomes 100% classier. The French version of Veronica is a name that feels poised, but it manages not to sound old-fashioned. With a meaning of "true image," Veronique is perfect for that baby girl who is so true to you but has yet to find her true image. Many prestigious French actresses have pulled off the glam of Veronique, plus it gets extra cool when you add on the accent to make it Véronique.


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You won't need a degree in literature to figure out that Angelica means "angel" or "angelic." This simply stunning name has been chosen by mothers across the world, and they generally only need one clue when picking it– looking down at that little angel of a baby. This Italian, Polish and Russian diminutive of the name Angela adds a lot more flair (and a few extra letters). Everyone remembers the not-so-angelic Angelica on Rugrats, but in the non-cartoon world of real babies, this name is all kinds of perfect.


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Caledonia isn't going to be a name that any other girls in class have. Full of class though, this Scottish name honors the wild and rugged beauty of the northernmost British isle with its meaning of "hard or rocky land." The name Caledonia has a unique rhythm to it that flows easily, despite its length. Caledonia is, of course, also a place name from the Ontario region of Canda. For a mom-to-be who wants to channel the untamed beauty of the Scottish highlands, Caledonia is perfect.


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This time ten years ago, Bernadette was the long and beautiful name that nobody ever imagined would become a household name. The Big Bang Theory might have Sheldon Cooper as its biggest genius, but the cute and spunky Bernadette isn't far behind. This German-originated name has a fierce meaning, but the sound of Bernadette is beautiful. The name was already ranking #188 for girl's names in 1946. Now? It's off the charts.

Bernadette means "brave as a bear." The Big Bang Theory named their Bernadette perfectly.


The name Allessandra takes the already beautiful name of Alexandra for an unusual and exquisite twist on a traditional name. The variant of Alexandra is of Greek origin, although you'll mostly find the name Allessandra in Italian. Any mommy-to-be with a love of the beautiful country of Italy is all set with this name. With a meaning of "defending men," this is also a name for any mommy who can see their feminine-strong traits carrying onto their daughters. Allessandra has a chic aura that is absolutely worth every letter.


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With a light ring to it and those prestigious Gilmore Girls references, the name Lorelai is just long enough to find its way onto this list. The lively ending takes a longer name and gives it a light, airy ring, as does its alternate spelling of Lorelei. The name may have a meaning of "alluring" or "temptress," but the dainty sound is full of the innocence of a beautiful baby girl. Name Berry ranked this name #462 in 2017. We're definitely predicting a rise with this one.


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Vintage names are all the rage right now. With its striking spelling and unique sound, Wilhemina is the Dutch and German name that has been climbing the baby name ranks in the US for the past couple of years. This name has a regal feel to it– the queen of the Netherlands had this name. Then again, a beautiful name doesn't get past popular culture. Despite being unusual, we've seen the name Wilhemina in Ugly Betty and the Harry Potter series.


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We've had beautiful names like Bryanna, Aubrey, and Brie. Now it's time for moms-to-be to take the best of all three and consider the exquisite Aubrianna. This is a combo name that also takes in the classic name of Anna– to give you an idea of its popularity, Aubrianna is currently on a Name Berry list called "New Baby Names on the Rise." Much like the baby site states, the elaboration of a name doesn't improve the original. It takes the original and makes it more original.


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Valentina is all kinds of beautiful. This Italian name has a meaning of "brave," a link to the love-centric St.Valentine, plus some powerful numerology behind it. According to She Knows, Valentina has a Soul Urge number of 7– this indicates a deep inner need for quiet and a desire to learn deeper truths. The Expression number of Valentina is 8– this shows a competent and practical personality that lends itself towards success. If anything, just say this name out loud. Valentina is so beautiful.


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We're struggling to imagine how baby name charts managed the spike in popularity of Hermione after Emma Watson made Hermione Granger a household name in Harry Potter. With a meaning of "messenger" and "earthly," this Greek-originated name has feminine strength, intelligent groundedness, and a long history dating back to the Spartan King Menelaus. Shakespeare chose the name for his queen in A Winter's Tale, and with good reason. Hermione is a long name that doesn't feel too long, and mommies-to-be are eyeing this name up, big time.


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The world's most famous Russian ballerina is called Svetlana Zakharova. Before her, there was the ballerina, Svetlana Beriosova. This beautiful Russian name is all kinds of unique for the rest of the world, especially when you consider that two letters come before the first vowel. For any mommy who can't wait for the days when ballet class comes around, Svetlana is just perfect. The name has also worked its way into The Sims.

Svetlana is the Russian for "star." Ballerinas have long had this name.


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In 2018, Sharon Osbourne's son, Jack named his daughter Minnie Theodora. Not many years prior, the singer, Robbie Williams named his daughter Theodora Rose. This beautiful and unusual name comes from the Greek meaning of "god" and "gift." Of course, the nickname of Dora is a huge draw for this name, but this is a long name that works without a need for shortening. With links to Greek and Byzantine empires, expect great things from little Theodora.

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