When Princess Marketa married Valdemar III in 1205, she changed her name to Dagmar because it meant ‘day maiden.’ It suggested her ownership of the whole day. That was the first time the name was mentioned in Denmark, which is where the name came from. It spread to Norway around

1750 and entered Sweden in 1845. It hit peak popularity in Sweden between 1900 and 1919, and in Denmark around the middle of the last century. Here in the United States, it entered the top 1000 between 1906 and 1915, reaching its highest level of popularity in 1907, when it was 777th on the charts.

So, a girl with this name would have a queen’s name that means she owns the day. She would also be sharing her name with a German Olympic swimmer and a cross-country skiing Silver medalist. It also just sounds dignified and beautiful. Any daughter could be proud of it.

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