25 Lovable Names That Work For Babies And Pets Too

What’s in a name? This well known verse, found in one of the most iconic plays ‘Romeo and Juliet’ has a lot of truth and importance behind it. It is an important question one must ask themselves when choosing a name for a newborn. One of the most important aspects of a name is that it is loveable. Having this attribute will make it last the test of time and people will never get tired of it.

From traditional names which have been around for centuries, to names that are unique and different, that are getting much more attention in the 21st century, there are many beautiful and loveable names to choose from. However, with so many loveable names, many of them have been a favourite for pets too. Just like newborns, pets are an important part of a family, so ensuring that a name is beautiful and loveable is important. Just like a person, a name will be part of animal for their whole life, so it is vital to get it right.

Below are 25 loveable names that work for babies and pets. So, if it is time to have a new edition to the family, whether it be a baby or a pet, these names will be loveable and adorable for whoever the name is chosen for!

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25 Andre

Who can forget the loveable seal Andre? For all those 80’s and 90’s babies, many of us would have fallen in love with this adorable creature back in 1994 when the movie hit our screens. Extremely loveable, this is a beautiful name for a little boy and just as beautiful for a pet (just as many of us witnessed in the movie Andre the Seal). With its sweet tones, it is a great alternative for the well known name Andrew. Its French and Portuguese origins makes this name a beautiful variation, that sounds soft and classy at the same time.

24 Bonnie

Such a loveable girl’s name, it is one of my favourite names for a little girl and also for a pet. Deriving from Scottish origin, the meaning behind the name is ‘pretty’, hence a perfect choice for any parent searching for a beautiful name for their baby girl or any animal lover looking for a girl’s name for their pet. Initially a nickname for the name Bonita, it is now a popular choice on birth certificates, as it gives a fresh life to the original name. This will be loved for years to come, as its sweet tones are gentle and modern.

23 Leo

Deriving from Latin meaning Lion, there is no name that is more perfect for a pet than this. A great name choice for a feline friend, it is a name that symbolizes strength, yet has a friendly tone to it. Also gorgeous for any little boy thanks to its friendly and soft tones, it is a loveable name that will continue to have popularity. This is a great alternative to the longer version of the name including Leonardo and Leonard. Although Leonardo was the name of one of the famous Ninja Turtles (which is still be a great name choice), Leo is cute and sweet which makes it a great choice for pets too!

22 Willow 

This sweet, free flowing name will undeniably be loved by many. Thanks to its graceful tones, it is a beautiful choice for a baby girl and pet. This botanical name has been popular throughout English literature, from Shakespeare to our modern time Harry Potter. As a popular name in English speaking countries, you cannot go passed this name when choosing a special name for a new member of the family. Along with its sweet tones, it also encompasses a hippie vibe, making it a great choice in our modern generation. There is nothing more cooler than bringing back traditional names in a new era.

21 Lola

Derived from the Spanish language, Lola is a shortened version of the name Dolores. With its popularity in the hispanic community, it has also gained international popularity. Thanks to its delightful tone, it is definitely a loveable name. However, it is not just a loveable choice for baby girls, but it is a beautiful choice for your loving pet. Who can forget the Looney Tunes cartoon character Lola Bunny? Known as Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend, she is an adorable character with sass. Just like Lola Bunny, it is a great name choice for your pet, whether or not it is a bunny rabbit!

20 Duke

With its regal tone, Duke has been a name symbolizing nobility and high class status for centuries. Originating from the English language, it has made a revival being a cool name in our modern era. Giving your little boy a touch of class to its name, Duke is an adorable choice that is just as loveable for a pet. Perfect for a little puppy, this will give any four legged friend a status of authority, being a king of his own own home. This loving and fun name will be a great fit for any prince in your family, whether a little baby boy or a furry friend.

19 Rosie

Deriving from the English language, Rosie is undeniably an adorable name. How can we go passed a name that is pretty and sweet? Also known as a nickname to many traditional names including, Rose, Rosemary and Roseanne, it is a pretty stand alone name that will be loved for any little girl or pet. Also spelled Rosy, it is a feminine choice that is a great name for any four legged friend, pet fish or bird. According to rover.com, it has been ranked in the top thirty female dog names of 2018. As a popular dog name, it is a loveable choice that is a great fit for little girls or a special pet who is a special part of the family.

18 Oscar

Known to be a very popular pet name, it is just as loveable for a little baby boy. From English and Irish origins meaning ‘champion warrior’, this name is a strong choice. This urban and trendy name works well for both little boys and pets. Although it has strong characteristics, there are many well known people with this name, including the fashion designer Oscar de La Renta. Thanks to this fashion powerhouse, the name represents style and class, which makes it a loveable choice gaining more popularity. Whether you are naming a little boy, cat or dog, Oscar will always be a great option for whomever you are choosing it for.

17 Max

Topping many canine charts throughout the decades, Max is just as loveable for a little boy. With English and German origins meaning ‘greatest’, this one syllable name is easily distinguishable for any pet and simply an adorable choice for little humans. Compared to Maximillian and Maxwell, Max has been a stand alone name that continues to top the charts. Even if the longer version has been chosen for their birth certificate, many owners of pets and parents will shorten the name to Max. Hence, to save the worry of how to spell a long name, Max is the perfect choice with it friendly tones yet strong characteristics.

16 Bailey

Deriving from an English surname ‘Bailiff’, Bailey is a fun and loveable name which is known to be a unisex choice. Whether you are choosing this name for a boy or girl, it has friendly tones that also make it a perfect pet name. Meaning ‘law enforcer’ this may just be the name you are looking for, when choosing a name for your German Shepherd. Known as a loyal dog that is extremely intelligent, these canines will benefit with a name like Bailey. Whichever way you want to spell it (Bailey, Bayley or Bayleigh), it may have strong connotations but its amiable tones will always come through and bring its loveable side out.

15 Tommy

I was surprised to learn that Tommy has been a name choice since the 1800’s. Although many would use this as a nickname, it has managed to survive as a first name for centuries just like Thomas. Even though it may not have been as popular than Thomas centuries ago, it has seen a resurgence as a loveable name for both babies and pets. Tommy evokes a friendly nature, which creates warmth and welcoming vibes. These are definitely traits that are necessary when choosing a name for a pet. It is also important to have a name that is loveable and sweet for any little bundle of joy. Tommy creates these wonderful vibes that will continue to have popularity in years to come.

14 Jack

Jack has been one of the most popular names in many westernized countries including Scotland, England, Wales and Australia. English in origin, Jack was once a nickname for John or James. However, it has come a long way as a stand alone favourite. With the name associated with many nursery rhymes and children’s stories, who can forget ‘Jack and Jill’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’? With the name being around for centuries and used throughout literature, it will never go out of fashion or overused thanks to the love society has given it. Why not use this name for your little Jack Russell Terrier, it sure is a fitting name - short, sweet and simple.

13 Lucy

Deriving from Latin, meaning ‘light’, Lucy was originally a name given to a bay girl born at dawn. Although it had a dip in popularity within the 20th century, it has had a revival, being one of the most popular names beginning with the letter ‘L’. Thanks to its old fashioned charm, it is an adorable name for a little girl or pet. With its sweet tones, it is a perfect choice for any beautiful little girl, however thanks to celebrities including Lucy Liu and the use of the name for heroine’s in novels, the name also encompasses strength. Just like ‘I Love Lucy’, you cannot help love the name, no matter if you choose it for your pet or baby.

12 Milan

When I think of the name Milan, I instantly think of the famous Italian city. However, the name also comes from Slavic origin meaning ‘gracious’. Whichever meaning you would like to refer this name to, it is a cool and trendy name that makes it loveable and perfect for babies and pets. Milan is an ideal name for your feline friend whom poises sophistication with every step he or she takes. Simultaneously, it is perfect for your little boy, especially if you are looking for a name that is unique and trendy. No matter if you are naming your furry friend or newborn, this name surely makes the ‘loveable’ list for babies and pets too.

11 Clara

More of a traditional name choice, Clara still encompasses the loveable features that a name should have, which are perfect for any little girl or pet. Deriving from latin origin meaning ‘bright/clear’, this name is filled with old world glamour. With a pet’s name speaking volumes just like choosing a name for a baby, it is important to choose a name that will be loved for decades. Possessing style and vintage chic, you cannot go passed this beautiful name. Clara will definitely be a great choice, and thanks to its feminine tones, it continues to be a name that will be loved which are one of the most important characteristics when choosing a name.

10 Molly

A classic nickname for the name Mary, it is now more than just a nickname. Molly is now known to be a notable name that is perfect for a little girl or your pet. With Gaelic associations, Molly has become a loveable name that is adventurous and fun. Rover.com has named Molly the most popular Irish dog name of 2018, hence there is no denying the love many animal owners have for this name. With simple and sweet tones, it is simultaneously filled with joy and happiness when said aloud. Thanks to its rising popularity, especially as a pet name, it will continue to be a loveable name for many years.

9 Trixie

Modern and chic, Trixie is a loveable name that can be seen as unique. Originally adopted as a nickname for Beatrice, Beatrix and Patricia, it has grown to be loved by many people around the world as a girl’s name and a name for animal lovers to choose for their pets. With Latin origin meaning ‘she who brings happiness’, it is a beautiful reason to name a baby girl or pet Trixie. Choosing the right name for a person or a pet is important as it stays with them for their life duration. Hence, choosing a name like Trixie that encompasses fun vibes and happy tones will be the perfect choice.

8 Paris 

Looking for a stylish name with a classy vibe? Looking for a name for your a little chihuahua, poodle or precious little girl that is sassy and chic? If you answered yes to these questions, then Paris should be the name on top of your list. Bringing it’s stylish vibes from its French origins, it was once a Shakespearean boys name, which, nowadays has become more favourable for little girls. Just like the city of love, Paris is a loveable name that is fitting for any member of the family from your four legged friend to your little bundle of joy.

7 Daphne 

Bringing a lot of sass, this name is fitting for any sassy personality. Whether it’s for a little girl or pet, it’s chic tones are not to be overlooked. Derived from Greek mythology, it may not be an overused name, however it continues to have a well known status in many countries. Name to one of the the well known loveable and sassy characters from the cartoon series Scooby Doo, Daphne encompasses all the characteristics this name possesses. With its ancient origins, it has been a name that has stood many centuries and continues to be an attractive name choice for babies and pets.

6 Charlie

Whether you are looking for a loveable boy’s name or girl’s name, you cannot go passed the name Charlie. Known as a nickname for the male name Charles and the female version Charlotte, Charlie is becoming a popular choice that is fun and playful. It is a great alternative for names that have a more serious tone. Hollywood has had their fair share of Charlie’s including the hit series 'Charlie’s Angels' and movie 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Not only name to one of the iconic shows and movies in history, Charlie has been a popular name choice for celebrity children. Tiger Woods is just one high profile figure who has named their son Charlie.

5 Felix

This upbeat name derived from the Latin language has been a popular choice in many countries. Felix has been a notable name in the hispanic community along with being a fashionable upscale name in London. Besides it’s popularity as a boy’s name, Felix the Cat has been a popular character in the silent film industry in the early 1900’s. Thanks to Felix the Cat, it has been a loveable pet name for many decades, especially for any feline friend. Meaning ‘happy’ and ‘fortunate’ it continues to be a popular choice which will be loved by parents to be and animal lovers.

4 Bella

Signifying beauty in the Italian language, how can you not fall in love with this sweet name. Fashionable as a stand alone name, it has previously been incorporated in longer names including Isabella, Arabella and Bella-Rose. According to rover.com, Bella is the number one ranking female dog name in 2018. Whether you are choosing a name that is for a precious little girl or a furry friend, this name has all the right attributes to be loved for many decades to come. When you choose a name with a beautiful meaning there is no way it will lose it popularity for whomever you chose this name for.

3 Ruby

Known as a deep red precious stone, Ruby is derived from the Latin language which has gained popularity and love by many parents to be. A popular name in the Victorian Era, it has had a resurgence in the modern era for pets too. This popular name is vibrant and encompasses a lot of sass. These are just two characteristics that are welcomed for names for baby girls and pets. This pretty name is perfect for a pet gold fish or a little lovebird. Just like a precious stone, babies and pets are definitely in this category, hence don’t underestimate a name like Ruby, as its loveable tones will be welcomed for years to come.

2 Ebony

Ebony’s simplistic features makes this name a great choice for both babies and pets. With English origins, the name means ‘deeply black wood’, a perfect name for any black furred animal or just a sweet name for a little baby girl. Short, sweet and simple, Ebony is an easily distinguishable name for animals. Although it is a short name, its three syllables make it a pretty free flowing name. Found in top 100 girls names in several lists in the 21st century, this name has many beautiful characteristics that makes it easily loveable. Its growing popularity is making a statement that will be sticking around for years to come.

1 Roxy

Diminutive of Roxanne, its Persian roots has given this name an exotic tone. Meaning ‘dawn' and 'bright’, it is a sassy alternative to the well known name Roxanne. This edgy name (that once was only a nickname), has gained popularity for baby girls and pets around the world. Roxy has also made an appearance in Hollywood, however, not as a baby’s name but as a pet's name. Global superstar Jennifer Lopez has chosen the name Roxy for her beloved boxer. Gaining fame in Hollywood, this name will be around for years to come for both little girls and definitely canine pets thanks to its presence in Hollywood.

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