25 Lovely Baby Names That Will Be Popular Forever

There's nothing quite like it– the minute that newborn baby lies in mommy's arms, the magic has officially arrived. They're so tiny. Their eyes are shut so tight. Yes, they'll scream the house down for a feed, but it's so worth it.

Babies come as a pretty simple setup. They cook in that oven for nine months (kinda why it's called "a bun in the oven"), and when they're done, they pop out. Ten little fingers, 10 little toes; until a name has been thought of, though, they're a blank slate.

While some parents decide to wait until the last minute to pick that name, others will be scouring the Internet the minute that stick turned pink. It's a choice, and either is fine. For some, "it just won't be known until he/she arrives." For others though, it's literally a shopping spree with a clock.

Last year threw the world major statement baby names from the celebrity world. Kylie Jenner named her daughter Stormi. Cardi B told SNL that "anything else would've been basic" about Kulture. Khloé Kardashian's girl was named True. Not every mother wants to go "Hollywood" with her baby, though. Sometimes, classic is best.

They're out there. Those utterly perfect, beyond-adorable names that were lovely then (and are lovely now). They aren't going to be Pax — Angelina Jolie isn't for everyone.

It's time for the best of them. For little boys and little girls who are so fast asleep in the womb, they have no idea what's going on, this one is for them. Here are 25 lovely baby names that will be popular forever.

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25 AVA

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With just three letters and a number three slot as the most-chosen baby girl name of 2017, Ava is the classic one that'll forever be a favorite. Wide, open vowels and a statement "v" manage to steer clear of pretentious. In fact, Ava is anything but. Reese Witherspoon has chosen this name for her daughter, but you don't need to be a celebrity to pull off being a mother to Ava. Soft, gentle, feminine, and so classy, this name was a classic back in the day (and it isn't going anywhere).


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Playful, girly, and classic all at once, Matilda is the little girl's name that everyone knows and loves. The book and movie Matilda made it clear that this name comes with buckets of intelligence, but if you've watched it, you'll also know that Matilda was cute as a button. "Battle-mighty" is the meaning of this name, although you'd never guess it. Shortening perfectly to Tilly or Tilda, Matilda might be a little unusual, but it's still in the top 550 baby girl names.


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Mommies expecting baby boys are continuously on the hunt for a boy's name that just "works." Theo is actually gender-neutral, although it's mostly chosen for boys. With a meaning of "divine gift" and so much beauty in four letters, it's no surprise why this name has been a favorite forever. The diminutive of Theodore is way less fussy than the long version, plus it's unlikely that any other boys in the class will have this name. It's powerful, gorgeous, and totally worth considering.


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From someone with a mother named Stella, trust us, this one is trendy. "My name is still getting picked?" she says. Yup. Stella is the classy, feminine girl's name that has a meaning of "star." With signature double "l" letters and a little more of a kick than Ella, this name is staying popular for a reason. Stella McCartney is the designer with this name. Ellen Pompeo also chose Stella for her little girl. With Latin origins, this name comes with a #Classic, but it'll be lovely forever.


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It's boyish. It's easy-going. Basically, it's lovely. Dylan is the (now gender-neutral) name that's been popular for decades. Mostly chosen for boys, Dylan is loved for that solid vibe that still offers a little something extra with the "y" letter. The meaning of this name is "son of the sea." With origins in Wales and a 29th ranking as the most-chosen boy's name of 2017, Dylan is still a chart front-runner. Poets have had this name and Catherine Zeta-Jones chose it for her son.

20 MIA

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Perfect with just three letters, Mia is the girl's name that so many moms consider. Those that pick it choose well. In 2019, moms are moving away from complicated or clunky names. Mia is short, sweet, and for some reason, it feels unique. "Mine" is one of the meanings of this name. With a staggering 2017 ranking as the sixth most-chosen girl's name, Mia is definitely one that's loved. It's a shortened version of Maria, so for something more #modern, go with Mia.



The minute we saw Dominic, we recognized it as one of those names that will stay popular forever. Cheerful, grounded, steady, and fun all at once, Dominic is the boy's name that just has that ring to it. "Belonging to the Lord" is the meaning of this name, and the origins are Latin. In the UK, Dominic used to have a stuffy feel. Now, it's super-trendy, super-popular, and you only need to say it out loud to see why. #TotalYes


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It's gonna be a while before anyone gets over this name. Olivia ranked second as the most-chosen baby girl's name of 2017. This stunning name comes with a beautiful, flowing sound, and the meaning of "olive tree" is just lovely. Earthy, but not wacky, Olivia sounds great out loud (and most girls probably wish they had it as a name). The name has featured in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night as well as Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and it's even a song title by One Direction.


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"Hey there, Delilah, what's it like in New York City?" Everyone knows the song. Delilah is the delightful, feminine girl's name that has been a classic forever, but it isn't fading. Just missing the top 100 most-chosen girl's names in 2017, Delilah nevertheless remains super-popular. The meaning of this name is "delight." With Hebrew origins, there's also a neat international twist to Delilah. Definitely a name for a playful girly girl, this name would suit any girl who'll come with a bow in her hair.


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Nature-inspired names are basically topping charts right now. Kylie Jenner chose Stormi with an admission that she was looking to the weather, as per Harper's Bazaar. If you're looking for one of those powerful, nature-centric names (and Stormi is little "out there"), it's time to look at Lake. Gender-neutral, and with that open beauty of the water, Lake is a name that sounds beautiful to anyone who hears it. Gisele Bundchen chose it as the middle name for her daughter (although it works just as well for a boy).


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We were 99% crushing on the name Kieran until we found out it means "little dark one." Awesome (and totally bumping it up to 100%). Kieran is the gender-neutral name from Ireland that has only recently started being picked for girls. With a real ring and an unusual feel, it's a classic name that just seems to work perfectly in 2019. Mommies are all up on the "k" names right now. With the Kardashians dominating girl's names though, it's time for a "k" name that's gender-neutral. Kieran is it.


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Forever classy, forever fabulous. Chloe is the stunning girl's name that has been making mommas melt for longer than we know. "Young green shoot" is the meaning of this fresh name, although everyone is more than familiar with a very famous lady whose mother chose Khloe with a "k." Khloé Kardashian might be dominating headlines, but very few people are paying attention to her name. The actress, Chloë Grace Moretz has this name with a "c." It's an absolute stunner of a name.


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Speaking of Kardashians, let's not forget that Kourtney Kardashian has a daughter named Penelope. Upbeat, cheerful, and with a cheeky little ring, Penelope is the girl's name from Greece that has more than made its way over to the rest of the world "Weaver" is the meaning of this darling name. Where do we see it? Everywhere. Penelope Cruz has this name. Harry Potter, Lost, Criminal Minds, and One Tree Hill have all had a female character named Penelope. Penny is also an awesome nickname.


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Sometimes, a mother just wants one of those hard-working, outdoorsy names. Gender-neutral, Tyler is the boy or girl's name that comes with enough of a barn feel to fit the requirements, but it's actually pretty classy. For boys, we've seen the name in The Vampire Diaries, Fight Club, and Gossip Girl. Over in the girl's domain, Doctor Who has a girl called Tyler. The "y" letter is totally 2019, the name is easy to say (and spell), and it's a favorite that will forever be popular.


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With a meaning of "prophetess," there's a lot more to Cassie than an easy-going sound. We all know the show that brought us Carrie Bradshaw, and it definitely opened the world's eyes to "ie" names, but Cassie has a little something different. A touch sassy, a touch fun, and totally letting you picture a grinning little girl, Cassie is the girl's name that's on this list for a reason. Days of our Lives and Ant-Man both have a Cassie. This name will forever be loved.


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What a squish, right? That's before we get to the name Milo. This boy's name became world-famous after a delightful, curious, and intelligent little Milo was the main character in the book, The Phantom Tollbooth. This super-spunky boy's name has origins from Germany, but it's a name that any mom in the US, UK, Canada (or elsewhere) can pull off as a choice. "Soldier" or "merciful" is the meaning of Milo, but we're way too busy crushing on the cute sound. Totally one to bookmark.


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Just, wow. Avery is the gender-neutral name that might sound unusual, but it managed to rank 14th in 2017. "Ruler of the elves" is a pretty good starting point – yes, this name has the most awesome meaning ever. It isn't long before they're little elves (and mommies go nuts over the outfits). If he or she is totally going to be an elf, they may as well be the ruler of them, right? With wide, open vowels and a soft sound, Avery is the favorite that will never go out of style.


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Noah is the beautiful baby name that's topping charts for a reason. It's actually gender-neutral, although many mothers still associate Noah with boys. With Biblical links (but totally pulling off #2019), Noah has a meaning of both "rest" and "wandering." Hebrew roots give this name a worldly feel, but it's that wide "oah" ending that everyone's crushing on. Glee, Heroes, and Desperate Housewives have all had a Noah. Michael Buble even chose it for his son. We love everything about Noah.


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Powerful, unique, and so beautiful, Ezra is the baby name that managed to find a 69th slot as the most-chosen name of 2017. Working as a gender-neutral name for boys and girls, this Hebrew name has a simple meaning of "help." An unusual set of letters form a really stunning layout with Ezra –  everything from the "e" opener to the signature "z" adds so much in just four letters. Any Pretty Little Liars fan will recognize the name, but we also see Ezra in the band, Better Than Ezra. What a name.


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Something about Madeline will always be lovely. Whether it's said out full or shortened to Maddie, this adorable girl's name has beautifully laid-out letters and a nice number 100 slot as the most-chosen baby girl's name of 2017. "High tower or woman from Magdala" is the meaning of this name, but it's so beautiful, you don't even need to pay attention to the meaning. Charles Dickens loved this name, but as the rankings show, Madeline has stayed popular. It likely always will.


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Yes, you're looking at a little boy. With Cameron Diaz still in the running as an A-Lister though, everyone knows that this name is gender-neutral. Cameron is the solid favorite that's been topping charts for decades. With origins in Scotland, the meaning of this name might be "crooked nose," but nobody ever needs to know. With solid consonants and simple vowels, the placement of letters keeps simplicity here (but somehow, it's anything but basic). It'll always be a favorite. One for the list.


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Absolutely stunning. Isabella is the girl's name that ranked fourth in 2017 as the most-chosen name. The variant of Elizabeth (although you'd never know it) has a buttercup ring to it that just makes you want to smile. While the Twilight series made this name super-popular, it's been around for a while. Bella Swan took the name and shortened it, but there's beauty in every letter with Isabella. Elsewhere, we've seen the name in Degrassi: The Next Generation, Wuthering Heights, and The Young and the Restless.


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She's smiling (and we're wondering if there's any chance it's because she might be named Byranna). Moms are so, so not over the "br" names. Brie Larson might be a star now, but we had a Brie back on Desperate Housewives. A little longer and with a gorgeous "y," Bryanna is the baby girl's name that is actually the feminine form of Bryan. It's so soft and classy though, you'd never know. Brianna and Breanna are alternatives, but it's up to you.

2 CoCo


If she's going to be called Coco, she's going to be classy. There's just no way around it. Coco Chanel is arguably the most iconic fashion designer ever. Nicki Minaj adores the brand so much, she actually has a song called "Coco Chanel." Cardi B recently updated her IG with a Chanel outfit. Super-cute with its upbeat sound, Coco is the girl's name that will never go out of style. It's short, but the repeated sound definitely adds a ring. We love it.


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Oscar definitely makes you think of prestige. It's an award that actors and actresses consider the ultimate achievement (and it kind of is). This boy's name is definitely unusual with its "o" opener, but it's super-loved. "God-spear" or "deer lover" is the meaning of this name, but nobody needs to get too bogged down with that. Ultimately, it's the beauty of Oscar's wide, open vowels that make this baby name so popular. The Wizard of Oz had an Oscar, but it's stayed a trendsetter.

25 names; all perfect in their own way. These are totally one for the "big list."

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