25 Mommy Diva Demands That Make Us Want To Hit Unfollow

Celeb moms have money, power and influence. As a result, they sometimes go into diva territory. If most "regular" moms were shown the same temptations, fame and luxury, maybe they'd do the same.

While it's so easy to understand how celeb moms become divas, it's still a bit off-putting. That's why mommy diva demands from famous women may want to make us hit unfollow.

Today's list is about some big names who have kids. These women are part of pop culture. They've made their mark and, now, they want things their way. While all of the moms are stars, they're not all the same. The only common denominator is that they've had their moments of being demanding. Of course, every woman has had her moments, famous or not.

Anyone who's curious about celeb mom divas will enjoy this list. It's not hard to guess the names of a few woman who are on the list. Word of diva behavior spreads like wildfire online. With so many websites and gossip message boards out there, not to mention social media, it's safe to say that the worst excesses of celeb mom divas definitely get noticed.

However, these famous females have thick skin. They've been out in the public arena for years.

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25 Kim Kardashian Wants Her Way


Do we really want Kim K. to not be a diva? Well, probably not. By exhibiting diva behavior, she often gives the general public exactly what it wants. Sometimes, she may go a bit too far. One source indicated that Kim acts like royalty...and not in a good way. The source said she orders others around and generally acts like a queen. The same source said she's really tough on her household staff.

Kim wants things her way. It's basically her way or the highway.

24 Beyoncé Makes Outrageous Requests


In the old days, before she had kids, Beyoncê was known for the big demands that she added to her tour contracts. On her tour "riders", she would actually demand that every one of her crew members wear 100 percent cotton exclusively. No other fabrics were permitted. Queen Bey doesn't go so far with her tour riders anymore, maybe because her demands surfaced online.

Celebs do get somewhat embarrassed when the public finds out about their diva behavior behind the scenes.

23 Kristin Cavallari Is The Boss


If Kristin thinks that you're too emotional and extra, she will call you out on it. This brassy and bossy mom always speaks her mind. Blessed with a healthy amount of self-confidence, Cavallari likes to lead the pack. She likes to be the boss. Her new reality TV show, Very Cavallari, is built on her very strong personality.

Her hubby doesn't seem to enjoy the cameras being there, but Kristin doesn't care. She wants to be in the spotlight. She always will.

22 Kourtney Kardashian Is So Particular


Does Kourtney make household staff suffer because she wants everything just right? Well, yeah. She asked her nannies to call her Madam, which really says it all. Every Kardashian but Kim has coasted his or her way to easy fame and fortune, simply because the world became so interested in what Kim K. was doing.

It's not hard to understand why Kourtney feels deserving of the very best treatment, but Kardashian ratings are down. Will there come a time when people don't care about Kourtney and her famous family? Maybe, but it's a long way off.

21 Mariah Carey Lives Large


Mariah is a woman who's been famous for a long time. She learned her diva habits very young. When she travels long distances, she books a room for herself and another room just for her suitcases. She also got some bad press when a family member said that she didn't use her wealth to pay her sister's medical bills. Mariah is also known to drop excessive amounts of money on her pets. She gets them doggie massages and things like that.

This mother of twins lives large and seems comfortable with the diva label.

20 Farrah Abraham Goes Her Own Way


Farrah's bad attitude was easy to spot on Teen Mom. She was rebellious, had issues with her mother that ran very deep and often seemed to prefer socializing over parenting. However, she was a teenager and becoming a mom at that age is often very hard.

Farrah was a baby diva during those days and became more demanding as time passed. Her former Teen Mom producers said she was hard to work with on the set. She once banned a crew member from entering her home, just because she didn't know how to pronounce that person's name.

19 Kylie Jenner Has Meltdowns


In 2015, Kylie followed in Kim's footsteps by acting like a diva. Kylie was going to appear on Ellen Degeneres' talk show and decided that the TV show's hair and makeup team just weren't good enough. She wanted her own glam squad. This ruffled some feathers on the set. Kylie also wanted two dressing rooms, instead of one. She also demanded a couple of parking spots. Ellen was instructed to avoid questions about Kylie's partner, Tyga, but Ellen ignored that request.

18 Britney Spears Goes Up And Down


In September of this year, some fans who paid big bucks to meet Britney backstage at her concerts were disappointed. They thought that Britney brushed them off, diva-style. They didn't feel that they got their money's worth.

Big celebs like Britney do have their off days, when they don't necessarily feel like being cheery with fans. Britney can be gracious with fans, but she goes up and down. Fans who complained said that they had just a few seconds with the pop idol.

17 Christina Aguilera Is Tough On Staff


A source described Aguilera as demanding and rude. Christina is the type of diva who will complain about doing a TV show, even though she gets a salary of seventeen million bucks a season. Christina has also had feuds with Lady Gaga and Kelly Osborne. This bold singer doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks of her. She speaks her mind and takes the consequences.

Celebs like Aguilera have been pampered from a young age. They may be out of touch with how regular people live.

16 Khloe Kardashian Had Delivery Room Demands


Khloe Kardashian wanted everything to be perfect in her delivery room. She had a wish list and made sure that she got everything that she wanted. So, what did Khloe, who is now the mother of baby daughter, True, ask for? Well, she wanted to have a water birth, so she requested a brand-new tub. She also wanted sheets with very high thread counts.

Kylie Jenner also had a lot of delivery room demands, including the desire for an extensive snack bar.

15 Kris Jenner Is Into Control


Kris drops big bucks on flashy Versace outfits. She isn't a shrinking violet. She's masterminded a family empire. It started with Kim Kardashian and then expanded exponentially. Kris is a bit of a diva in terms of how she interacts with her assistants. She has fired four of them. Assistants are expected to work 24/7 and Kris intimidates them regularly. If they aren't meeting her needs, she gets rid of them. This momager is not reluctant to make employees feel bad.

14 Gwen Stefani Is High-Maintenance


Gwen isn't known for being mean, but she's extremely high-maintenance. Let's just talk about her hair for a moment. In all of her years of fame, have you ever seen a pic of Gwen with dark roots? Probably not. That's because she maintains her image so well. Stefani's longtime hair styler, Danilo, says that she gets touch-ups every seven or eight days. Even Marilyn Monroe only touched up her platinum locks every ten days. She utilizes layers of deep conditioners every day, as styling products.

13 Cardi B Has A Bad Temper


Cardi B is pretty volatile. She can be sweet, but turns on a dime. Cardi B got mad at an airport recently, because she just wanted to be left alone. She's asking too much, because she travels with an entourage, wearing outfits that are definitely going to get noticed. Sure, flying is a drag sometimes. Traveling can be exhausting, but Cardi B would probably be better off being gracious, even when she's very tired. Then again, her occasional lapses in good behavior do get her tons of free publicity.

12 Luann de Lessups Was Sued By Her Kids


Imagine being sued by your own children? Kind of a depressing concept, isn't it? Well, it happened to Luann, who isn't a countess anymore, but acts like one. Her children, Alexandre, Noel and Victoria, claimed that Mom didn't adhere to a divorce settlement stipulation. The countess was supposed to set up a trust for her kid's benefit, but her children claimed that she didn't fulfill that part of the settlement. They said she used the money for the trust to buy a fancy house.

11 Adele Is Pretty Demanding


Adele's diva demands are mostly about food and she's been open about the fact that she will make demands in order to get food that makes her feel less homesick on the road. Once, she made a hotel employee drive more than a hundred miles to get her a tasty pizza pie. That was pretty diva-ish. The diva antics got worse when she didn't even bother to consume the pizza. The pizza place was in Adele's hometown, but she rejected her takeout pizza when it did arrive. Maybe it got cold en route?

10 Geri Halliwell Teaches Her Daughter To Be A Diva


Geri has said that her daughter, who is named Bluebell, acts like a diva, just like mom does. Bluebell was once captured on film as she had a fit at an airport. Kids do have their moments and a child shouldn't be judged, but having fits in public is going to generate some bad publicity. Celeb offspring have a lot to deal with. They are always under scrutiny, even though they didn't ask to be famous by association. Geri and Bluebell are said to be very close.

9 Cher's Diva Behavior


Susan Sarandon has said that Cher acts like a diva. Susan has a lot to say. She's so opinionated about others, and politics, etc. When she went after Cher, Cher denied the accusations. Cher said that she loved the actress who had just put her down. She didn't believe that Susan would actually have said that. Susan was complaining about Cher's behavior on the set of the film, The Witches of Eastwick. Susan did make the comments about Cher and later apologized. Maybe Susan is a diva, too?

8 J. Lo Is In Charge


J Lo has had a diva reputation for a long time. She's got a rep for being difficult. When Jenny from the block visited a posh London hotel years ago, her list of demands preceded her. So, what did she want from the hotel? Well, she requested special fans with dual oscillating power. She's also known for getting mad when certain very expensive candles aren't set up for her backstage at her concerts. A source even stated that Jennifer won't let her man, A-Rod, speak with women under the age of forty.

7 Kate Moss Is Trying To Settle Down


Kate Moss is loaded with cash, has so much clout in the fashion industry and has had her share of romantic failures. She's always doing her own thing, but is very close to her daughter, who is starting to model. Since Kate is a high-fashion icon, it's not surprising that she goes the diva route sometimes. Years ago, Kate freaked out while attending an awards show, after the host made an off-color joke about her. There are pics of her at this event and she did not look happy. Kate is mellowing with age, though.

6 Kate Gosselin Gets So Much Shade


Kate put her kids on TV to access fame and fortune. That's kind of a diva move in itself. Sources have also stated that she is extremely demanding with her children. Kate's need for control had led to parenting rules that are really tough. She kept a very close eye on them when they were young and made them do plenty of chores. She also subjected them to pat-downs, police officer-style. One of the weirdest rules was that the kids couldn't bring clothes that they'd worn at dad Jon's house into her home.

5 Heidi Montag Has An Entourage


Heidi's own partner, Spencer, has confirmed that his partner is a real diva. While filming The Hills, she once showed up with a great big entourage and then refused to have photographs taken alongside the other female cast members. Heidi was ill that day, and probably not in the jolliest mood, but still.

The photo session in question was for the final episode of the show. It was kind of important. Sometimes, when women get famous (men, too, of course), their egos get a little bit over-sized.

4 Chrissy Teigen Has a Big Glam Squad


How good would most female celeb moms look without their glam squads attending to their hair, makeup and wardrobes? Probably not as good. The best glam squads are filled with very talented stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists. These pros can really work some magic. Chrissy relies on big glam squads for special events. She's not slapping on some makeup in front of the bathroom mirror. She goes all out by hiring expensive and talented people to help her look good.

3 Lauryn Hill Is Complicated


A former band member sued Lauryn because of her diva conduct. Lauryn also got slammed when she didn't bother showing up for a performance with The Weeknd at The Grammy Awards in 2016. Hill does seem like a complicated woman. She's got a lot of sides to her personality, as well as a ton of talent.

Lauryn defended herself against the diva claims by explaining that people announced her performance with The Weeknd too soon. She was over-scheduled and couldn't make it to The Grammy Awards.

2 Madonna Acts Like Royalty


Madonna has always treated herself very well. She is a woman who values herself highly. Women should value themselves, as long as they treat other people well, too. Madonna is another celeb, like Kylie Jenner, who made big demands before appearing on the Ellen show. Madonna wouldn't settle for the hair and makeup services provided at the show, and she wanted the show to pay for her own glam squad. Madonna also brought along a very noisy and difficult entourage.

1 Lisa Vanderpump Makes The Rules


Lisa is a hard-working woman with many fabulous qualities, but she's very into control. She's had feuds with other "real housewives" because they think she's a manipulative person. Her manipulative side is something that's been referenced again and again. Lisa has a lot of aspects to her personality. She does so much for dogs, which is awesome, and she does a lot for her kids, too, but she's viewed as someone who acts like a diva by pulling the strings on RHOBH.

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