25 Most Attractive Boy Names Perfect For A 2019 Baby

Parents are the first and the most powerful superheroes of their kids. At least until they turn into teenagers. Parents do everything for them, right from giving them their first bath to making them walk. They take many important decisions for their children, naming them is one of them. It is a daunting task for every parent, be it for a first child or third, choosing a name is not a piece of cake.

Consider a few things: the name has to be cute but he must not be ashamed of it when he grows up, so beware of choosing any super cute baby names. Let’s admit it, he is going to be a big man one day and his name should suit him even then. So, when all the family members are proposing different names, don’t keep the name just because you want to please your grandpa. The baby has to bear that name all his life.

The best names have a positive meaning. They sound classy and yet make him stand out from the crowd. Here is a list of the 25 most attractive names that are perfect for a 2019 baby boy.

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25 Felix

Felix is a Latin name that means lucky, happy, fortunate and successful. This name has started gaining popularity since 2017 and now it is on number 248 in the US according to BabyCenter. Four popes and several other saints were named as Felix. So the name has its fair share of history in it.

Even the celebrities are not spared from its charm, Hugh Grant, Elizabeth Banks, and Gillian Anderson have named their kids Felix because of its popularity as well as the origin and wonderful meaning. Boys named Felix are loving, caring, sporty and fun to be around. They are said to be one of the best people you encounter in your life.

24 Troy

Via: Posh Peanut

Troy is so French that it almost creates a picture of a handsome soldier. The name Troy is gaining popularity in the US again, as it has in the late nineteenth century. This name is at 275 on the US most popular baby names list and is likely to go up in the upcoming years.

In some cultures, the meaning of Troy is said to be 'curly-haired', so if you are blessed with a boy with gorgeous curling tresses, then just go for this name. Boys named Troy are said to be family-oriented, affectionate, sensitive and community-minded. They are believed to become a legend who works for the underprivileged in their society.

23 Django

If you are a musical band’s fan and want your kid’s name to be more on the cool side, then Django is a great choice. As D is silent in the name, it creates a very jazz appeal to it. The name is also a little countryside and cowboyish. The meaning of Django is ‘I awake’.

According to the Urban Dictionary, Django is also a verb that means 'to turn the bad thing in favor or rescuing someone'.  Boys named Django are kind-hearted, talented and have a very unique taste in music. As the name is quite musical, it is one of the best choices for a musical family.

22 Ezra

The baby boy name Ezra ranks high on the popular names list, having the 69th rank in the US, according to Nameberry. Ezra means ‘help or support’ which is a quite positive meaning. Also, it's a very Biblical name, as there was a warrior named Ezra who freed fifteen hundred Israelites out of slavery.

Comedian Paul Reiser and musician Taylor Hanson have named their son Ezra. Boys named Ezra are said to be easy going, freedom loving, adaptable and adventurous in nature. So if you want to keep a name for your newborn that’s biblical as well as popular then Ezra is one of the best choices.

21 Ronan

Ronan is an Irish name meaning ‘little seal’. The name is quite popular according to nameberry.com, having the 48th rank on the site and 296th rank in the whole of USA. It is a very distinctive name that is not common yet.

Ronan was led to fame by 12 Irish and Scottish saints who bore the name with pride. The name is quite popular among Hollywood as celeb couple Megan Hilty and Brian Gallagher named their kid Ronan recently. Boys named Ronan are tough, powerful, authoritative and problem-solvers too. In short, their personality resembles that of CEOs and military personnel.

20 Theodore

This 3-syllable masculine name was once used as a girl’s name too as per babynamespedia.com but it’s much more common for boys. Pronounced THEE-a-dawr, this name is predominantly used in the English, French and German languages and has an Old Greek origin which means ‘Gift of God’.

This biblical name is derived from the elements ‘Theos’ meaning God and ‘Doron’ which means gift. An extremely popular name among early Christians and it was borne by more than 20 saints. Theodore was considered a trendy name and during the height of its usage, it was ranked #30 in 1904. It has 65 variants used in various languages and is extensively used.

19 Weston

Weston has achieved number 109 on it's US popularity list (as per nameberry), thus showing the love of parents for the name. Weston means ‘from the western town’ so it was a location based surname back in the 11th century, though americans have embraced it with love as a first name.

Weston has a cowboy feel in the name and is effortless to pronounce. Celebrities like Jenna Fischer(from ‘The Office’) and actor Nicolas Cage have have chosen the name Weston for their offsprings thus proving its allure. Boys named Weston are humanitarian, nurturing, caring and compassionate in nature.

18 Luca

Luca is a simple, short, easy to enunciate name having it's origin based on a location. As Luca literally means ‘man from Lucania’ but it has another beautiful meaning as well that is ‘bringer of light’ quoted by ohbabynames. This beautiful Italian name is on 130th number thus maintaining its vogue.

The name is in demand since 2000 and still adored by the new parents. Forbes journalist Poppy Harlow named her sprog Luca in june 2018 thus making it a recent catch for the new mommies. Independent, ambitious, strong-willed and inventive are just a few characteristics of the name Luca.

17 Samuel

Samuel is a 2 syllable baby boy name pronounced SAEM-Yuw-ahL (English) or Shem-u-well (Hebrew). It is a Hebrew name, though it is used all over the world, and in every language and culture. Samuel means ‘God has heard’ or ‘asked of God’. This name could have been derived from the Hebrew words Shemuel or Shmuel, of the elements ‘Shama’ and ‘el’ (meaning God, powerful) or else the contracted Hebrew version; Shaul meel’.

This name has traditionally been a Jewish name; it was widely adopted later by the English Puritans in the 17th century. The short form Sam is found in Uncle Sam, the personification of the US, a term which has been used since 1812. This masculine, yet gentlemanly name has been quite popular and its usage peaked around the 1960’s and it is still a top name.

16 Dean

Dean is very English, authoritative and among the most sophisticated names in the US. It means ‘church official’ and thus has a Christian touch. The number that Dean achieved on the US popularity charts is 188, according to Nameberry.

Boys named Dean have a magnetic personality and they happen to attract people without any effort. They are known for their balanced nature and sensitivity towards the mankind.Grimm famed Bree Turner loved this old school name and named her son Dean thus breaking the odds. As per numerology, the name awards the child a number 6. They happen to be great teachers and counselors.

15 Remington

Remington is again a location-based name which means ‘place on a river bank’. The history of the name goes to a place known as Rimington which is now Yorkshire in England, ohbabynames explains. The name is popular for two reasons: the simplicity of shortening the name to just Remy and the outlandish feelings that this name evokes.

Remington is on the 247 number in the popularity charts. The main traits of this name include a mystical nature, intuitive abilities, and philosophical tastes. Remington boys are nature lovers, highly spiritual, artistic, creative and caring in nature.

14 Kenneth

Via: The Glam Pad

This name is masculine, has 2 syllables and is pronounced KEN-eth as revealed by babynamespedia.com. Kenneth is primarily used in English, Gaelic and Scottish though it is of Celtic origin. It is derived from the names Cináed (Scottish) and Cainneach (Irish).

Kenneth means handsome, fair and fiery – in other words, honorable, holy and powerful. Other forms of Kenneth in other languages include Keneke (Hawaiian), Kennet (Scandinavian), Kenya (Russian), and Kesha (Russian). Kent is another Scandinavian variant. Kenneth is a classic favorite for boys, however, in the past century; it has also been used for girls.

13 Rhett

Rhett is a baby boy name of Dutch origin word that means ‘advice or counsel’. This underused name recently got adored by the US population thus giving it the 180th rank among millions of other names. Rhett is monosyllabic so it is simple to express. The couple Jenn Brown and Wes Chatham named their bundle of joy Rhett, as did the media mogul Ted Turner.

Who can forget the charismatic Rhett Butler from the famous Gone With The Wind novel and movie? The boys named Rhett are ruled by some amazing qualities like ability to earn well, hard-working nature, intelligent planners, and achievers. Not only they are born with a silver spoon but prove their worth as they grow up!

12 Nickolai

Via: Pinterest

Nickolai is unapologetically Russian. The name has its own charisma. The meaning of Nickolai is ‘victory or victorious people’. The variation of this name is Nicolas.The boys named as Nickolai are perfectionists by nature, they believe in working smart and eventually they achieve victory with their voracious efforts.

As the spelling is a bit tricky, you can opt for some simpler variations of the name such as nikolai, nikolus, etc as per your choice. You will get a bonus of nickname with this, that’s ‘Nick’. Who won’t love this lovely moniker?

11 Nash

Via: @prairiefox_kids

Nash is an English name from a different realm. It literally means ‘by the ash tree’, that is the person who lives by the ash tree. What makes it distinctive is the belief that the ash tree has magical properties in it and it imparts them in the person living near it.

Due to its outer space effect, it has got 283 rank in the Nameberry popularity meter. Iron Chef Cat Cora named her baby boy Nash. The name is inspired by the main trait of spirituality, protectiveness, power, and expansion, as the ash tree is known to have all these traits.

10 Declan

Declan has got some Irish luck in it. The name has a very positive & religious meaning that is ‘man of prayer’, thus making it the first choice of many Christian families. No wonder it has got 121 number on the US popularity list, ohbabynames reveals. The name was given this glory because of an Irish saint bearing the same name.

Singer and composer Patrick Stump named his baby boy as Declan. The boys named Declan are optimistic, creative, social, popular and a little dramatic as well. Numerology reveals that they are charming, witty and happy-go-lucky people. What is more beautiful than a happy kid?!

9 Finn

Finn is another Irish name having lots of fans around the globe. Finn means ‘white, fair’ or ‘fair-haired’. It is unique and still uncommon thus making it a wise choice. Finn has secured the 167th position on the US popularity meter as quoted by Nameberry. Among celebrity couples, Christy Turlington and Ed Burns, Jane Leeves, and Autumn Reeser have little Finns running around in their home.

Boys named Finn are curious by nature, love to stay outdoors, real explorers and have poetic interests as well. They are fascinated by the cosmos and it's mysteries. So don’t be surprised if you see your little man in NASA someday.

8 Leo

Well, this one is hands-down a favorite of young parents, be it us or the celebrities. A breeze to spell, a cinch to articulate, all the while being a classic, yet perplexing name, Leo means ‘Lion’, it represents a sun-sign as well. The popularity meter has shown it on 61 number in the US.

There have been thirteen popes who bore this name thus giving it international popularity as well as a religious aura.

Even celebrities are in love with this name for their little sweethearts. There is a long list of them, some of them are Kaitlin Olson, Courtney Ford, Penelope Cruz, Jeff Gordon etc .Leos are leaders, adventurous, funny, serene and progressive in nature.

7 Ryker

Ryker means ‘rich’ in German! This rich meaning makes the name more appealing to every parent. The name is quite popular on nameberry thus claiming 49th rank and number 131 in the US. Singer & songwriter Lee Brice’s son Ryker has helped the name to gain further popularity.

According to numerology readings, the boys named Ryker adapt very well to the change, they take things easily, they love to travel and a bit rebellious in nature. They are fearless souls, social, lucky and persuasive too. They have every ability to leave you in awe!

6 Vincent

Parenting.com mentions that in terms of popularity wise, it is almost similar to the name Victor, but has the artistic edge, courtesy of Van Gogh. Vincent also comes with more choice for nicknames; from the macho Vin to the hipster Vince. It is mentioned in babynamespedia.com that Vincent is a 2 syllable masculine name that is pronounced VIN-sent (English) or VEn-SAHn (French).

It is mainly used in English, French, Dutch and Scandinavian languages and is derived from Latin origins. This Biblical name is derived from the elements ‘vincens’ meaning winning, conquering; ‘vincere’ which means to win or to conquer. This name has 58 variants and is widely used in different languages and still remains a classic favourite.

5 Jackson

Don’t underestimate this one! This is much more than simply ‘son of jack’ name. Jackson is one of the most popular names in America and the 12th rank proves it. Jackson is celeb clan’s favorite too, some of the proud parents of Jackson are Carson Daly, Poppy Montgomery, Spike Lee etc.

Boys named Jacksons are ambitious, strong-willed, inventive and competitive in nature. They like to lead the clan, they are very focused and determined, their hard work makes them successful in every aspect of life. Consider this popular yet uncommon name as it is a perfect match for your 2019 baby.

4 Levi

Levi is a Hebrew name that means ‘joined, attached’. It is among the top unique names. It has got a whooping 37 number in US popularity list. Levi is a biblical name too as Levi was the third son of Leah and Jacob.

The Celebrities who fell in love with the name Levi for their newborns are Sara Gilbert, Sheryl Crow, and Matthew McConaughey, just to name a few. Boys named Levi are known for their jolly nature, they are the star of the party, very optimistic, loyal and loving personality. They are born to be great inventors too. Not to forget the famous inventor of blue jeans ‘Levi Strauss’.

3 Benjamin

Benjamin is a 3 syllable name given for boys and that its origin is Hebrew. Benjamin’s definition is ‘son of my right hand’ or ‘son of the south’. Its usage is in English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Biblical. In the Old Testament, Benjamin is the 12th and the youngest son of Jacob and the founder of one of the Southern tribes of the Hebrews.

Benjamin’s original name was Ben-oniy, which meant ‘son of my sorrow’, named by his mother who died shortly after childbirth. This name was later changed by his father to Benjamin. Benjamin is considered trendy and is widely used; it has 52 variants that are used in English and other languages.

2 Niklaus

Niklaus is a German name which is another variant of Nicholas. Other related variants are Nicolaus, Niklas, Nikolaus, Nickolaus etc. The meaning of Niklaus is ‘people’s victory’. The name is quite uncommon yet but its increasing popularity will make it a hit for 2019 babies.

According to numerology, the babies named Niklaus are creative in nature, they like to keep things organized and in order, they are not risk-takers, SheKnows details.They like to live a balanced life in harmony with the surroundings. Boys named Niklaus are the admirers of beautiful things too. A boy who keeps things organized and beautiful, what else to ask for!

1 Asher

Asher is a name from heaven. It is beautiful in expression and the feel of the name is quite sober. Asher means ‘Blessed, Fortunate’, a is an Hebrew name and on number 59 in popularity in the United States. This biblical name (Jacob’s another son was Asher) is among Nameberry’s favourite names list.

Due to it's subtle charm, this name has maintained its position in US top 100 for several years. Jamie Anne Allman baby boy is the proud celeb owner of this biblical name, along with Campbell Brown’s son. Boys named Asher are sensitive, empathetic, kind and family-oriented in personality. Do give it some serious thought.

References: Nameberry, people.com, lifeandstyle.alexandalexa.com

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