25 Most Beautiful Girl Names Of The Last Decade

Bringing a child into this world is a miracle in itself. So, congratulations, mom, for creating a beautiful baby girl! When a mom is picking a name for her daughter, she should choose something beautiful with an equally beautiful meaning. A name is something that a child will carry with themselves for the rest of their life. This is why mom’s need to be careful when choosing their child's name, because whatever mom picks will follow their child around forever; and forever is a long time for a child to be stuck with a name they don’t like.

If a mom knows that she is going to be having a little girl, then she should pick a name that is not just beautiful, but also elegant, that will make her daughter shine, and something that is unforgettable. Every little girl deserves the perfect name; a name that she can be proud of. When a mom picks a name for her little one, she should pick something that she thinks will suit her daughter, as well as something that the mom hears that just sounds pleasing.

There are millions, upon millions, of names out there and a mom can only choose just one for her child’s first name. So, mom’s, if you are looking for a beautiful name for your little girl, look no further. Here is a list of some of the most beautiful baby girl names, that also happens to have a gorgeous meaning to it as well.

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25 Jazmine

Jazmine is the perfect name for any little girl. In the urban dictionary, Jazmine is defined as referring to a smart, beautiful, and sweet woman. With this amazing name, when it is spelled with an ‘s’ and not a ‘z’ for the third letter in, this name is supposed to mean a jasmine flower. This gorgeous name has Persian roots from its place of origin. Two common nicknames for Jazmine could be Jaz or Jazzy.

Most people spell this name as ‘Jasmine, ’ but I think that adding the ‘z’ gives it a nice touch. Something as simple as switching one letter can take something from being boring and ordinary to fun and extraordinary. Moms, go ahead and say this name out loud; it sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? Jazmine would be a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

24 Mikayla

Mikayla is a beautiful name for any little girl. This name happens to be the feminine version of the name Michael, which happens to mean, a gift from God. This name is derived from Hebrew.

Mikayla has tons of spelling variations such s Makayla, Michaela, or Mikaela. So, mom doesn't feel obligated to spell this name the way you see here; Mikayla. No matter how you decide to spell this name, it will still hold the same meaning.

A few nicknames for Mikayla could be Kayla, Mickey, or even Kay. This could be a beautiful name that any daughter would be proud to carry with them for life. It is one of those names that sounds smart, elegant, and classy. With a name like Mikayla, she is sure to be the center of attention anywhere she goes.

23 Abigail

Abigail is one of those sweet names that any girl could grow to love. This name is of Hebrew descent, and when translated means a father’s joy. Abigail also happens to be a Biblical name. Abigail was the beautiful and smart wife of the Old Testament's David and Nabal.

This name also has a second meaning to it, which is simply; beautiful. Any baby girl with this name will always know that she is beautiful with a sweet and loving name like Abigail.

If a mom were to choose a name like this for her little girl, she could give her daughter the nicknames Abi, or even spell it as Abby, or a mom could even shorten it and call her daughter Gail. It’s short, yet simple and elegant. A little Abigail would be proud to hold on to this name.

22 Kaytlyn

Kaytlyn is a beautiful and elegant name to give a little girl. Any girl who was given this name would be proud to own it. Kaytlyn has a glorious meaning to it as well. It means smart and beautiful young child. With a meaning like that, it is easy to see why anyone with the name of Kaytlyn would grow up to be confident, and self-assured.

The name Kaytlyn is derived from the name Caitlin, which happens to mean pure. There are so many different variations of how to spell this name such as Katlyn, Caitlin, Katlynn, Kaytlynn, Katline, and so much more. If a mother were to choose this name for her beloved daughter, she could give her the nicknames of Kay, Kate, Lynn, or even Kat. In the Urban Dictionary, the spelling variation on this name as Katlyn is said to mean that she will be the coolest person in the world.

21 Bella

Bella is a very beautiful and elegant name for any little girl too. Its origins are from Latin, and it means beautiful. Any mom would know that with a name like Bella that her baby girl is going to be very popular in school and with her friends. This name is ranked number thirty-seven out of all the baby names for 2017. That is pretty high up on the list of names. Bella can be short for Isabella or Isabelle, which is another adorable name.

Mom could always call her little Bella just Bell as a nickname. Bella grew in popularity thanks to the Twilight Saga. Bella can be mysterious at times, and it may be hard to gauge how she is feeling, but she will always be honest. She will be the beauty that everyone will look at when she walks into the room.

20 Luna

The name Luna is growing in popularity; it is ranked number twenty-eight on the popularity list for 2017 out of all the other baby names that there is to choose from. Luna would be a beautiful and stunning name for any baby girl. This name is of Latin descent, and simply means moon in both Spanish and Italian. This adorable name for mom’s sweet baby girl has an outer space theme to it.

Mom, don’t be surprised if your mini-me becomes fascinated with the moon as she gets older, because she may want to learn more background for the meaning of her name. Luna is also a popular name on the celebrity front. Uma Thurman and Penelope Cruz both names their daughters Luna. Any little girl would grow up to love their celebrity chosen name.

19 Kayla

Kayla is a beautiful name for any little girl to have. Moms daughter will be proud to have this name because it sounds so pleasant when being said. It has a sweet and adorable ring to it, just like mom’s sweet and adorable daughter. Kayla will be very popular, and maybe even join the cheerleading squad when she gets older. Kayla is of Greek descent and it means pure. So, Kayla will most likely be pure of heart, and honest. She will be the one her friends turn to when they have a problem and need someone to talk to.

Mom can call her little Kayla, Kay as a short nickname for this sweet angel. Kayla is derived from the name Mikayla, or any different spelling variation of that name.

18 Naila

Naila is a unique and different name for a mom to give her daughter. This name is of Arabic descent and means attainer or successful. Attainer in British basically means someone who attains something or achieves something. This is the perfect name to give a little girl, because as she grows she will be successful in life, and she will reach for her dreams and not let anything get in the way.

Wouldn’t mom want her precious little one to be very successful in attaining everything she desires in life? According to the Urban Dictionary, Naila will be the most beautiful girl that anyone has ever met and that she will make whoever she meets into a better person. That sounds pretty amazing to me. So, mom considers this gorgeous name for your little one.

17 Gia

Gia is a beautiful, one-syllable name for any little girl to have. Gia was the name of a popular model from the late 1980’s. It also happens to be the name of the famous actor Matt Damon’s daughter that he shares with his wife, Luciana. Gia is of Italian descent and means God is gracious. Gia will have a wild spirit and will like to try new things.

There is no need to try to think of a nickname for Gia because it is short enough already, but if mom is insistent on a nickname, she can call her little Gia by the name of Gee-Gee. Gia is not the most popular name, but it is adorable for a little one. It comes in at number three hundred forty-two on the popularity list of baby names for 2017.

16 Teagan

Teagan is a gorgeous name that is starting to come around. Teagan is the name of the main character one of Natasha Preston’s books. It is of Welsh descent and has the perfect meaning of beautiful and creative. Tegan will be the most memorable girl no matter where she goes. Teagan is at number one hundred eighty-six on the popularity list of baby names for the year 2017. That really is not too bad when you think about it, because that list has thousands of names on it.

Mom, why not give this name a shot for your little girl? The meaning alone is beautiful, and when the child gets older, she will appreciate the meaning behind her name and know that her name was chosen out of love and thought about thoroughly.

15 Aisha

Aisha is a cute and unique name that you don’t hear of too often. It would be perfect for mom’s sweet little girl. Aisha is of Arabic descent and means life and woman. Anyone with the meaning of ‘life’ in their name will grow up to cherish life, and she will take in each moment as it happens. For a nickname, mom can drop the ‘an’ and just call her little girl Aish.

Why pick a name that everyone else has? Moms should want their daughter to be special and unique, and that is what the name Aisha has to offer. It is a very beautiful name for a very beautiful girl. Any little girl would be proud to carry this name with her for the rest of her life.

14 Summer

Summer is a very beautiful and fun name for moms daughter to have. This name is of English descent, and it means exactly what you think it means; the summer season. Christina Aguilera actually decided on this name for her baby girl. If a mom chooses this name for her little one, Summer is a bright and playful name. Amy little girl would be happy and proud to have to this name.

If a mom chooses this name for her daughter, she should know that Summer will have lots of friends and will love the hot weather of the season. She’ll enjoy playing outside, which most kids don’t do anymore.She will be a beautiful little girl, who will also happen to love playing at the beach and catching some sun.

13 Lily

Lily would be a beautiful name for any baby girl to have. Lily is like a delicate flower, and it is of Greek descent, and it is a symbol of purity. Lily might be a little shy at times. Her cheeks will blush when someone compliments her on her elegant name. Lily is the short form of Lillian, another beautiful name which mom can consider.

Lily has become a very popular name and is ranked number twenty out of all baby names. That is pretty good and shows that Lily will be very popular just like her pure name. Lily is a like a springtime name that has aesthetically pleasing sound to it. Mom, just saying this name can make you or anyone else fall in love with it. Lilly will be pure, and trustworthy.

12 Scarlett

Scarlett is a very beautiful name for a baby girl. It sounds very elegant and classy. Someone with the name Scarlett may grow up to know exactly what she wants out of life, and she won’t let anyone come between her and her dreams. Scarlett was traditionally used as the name of someone who sells bright and colorful fabrics or given to someone who was a dyer.

Scarlett simply means bright red; red like the color of love and affection. A girl with this name will be a someone who is sweet and tender, and always affectionate to those that she chooses to love. She will never give up on anyone. There is a very popular actress with this name, Scarlett Johannson. She will also be a very beautiful and attractive woman when she grows up.

11 Willow

Willow is a very beautiful and attractive name for any little girl. She will grow up to love her name. This name is of English descent, and it means free or freedom. Willow will be a free spirit that does not like to be tamed. She would want to roam free and experience all the adventures that she can. The famous actor and singer Will Smith named his daughter Willow.

This name is number seventy-four on the popularity list of baby names for 2017. It is also up thirty points from 2016. It is a very beautiful name, and it has a nice ring to it when said out loud. Mom, your little girl will thank you when she gets older for choosing this name for her. If a mom wants her daughter to grow up to be free and who won’t settle for anything but the best, you should definitely choose this name.

10 Layla

Layla is a very beautiful name for a mother to give her daughter. It happens to be from Egyptian and Arabic descent, which translates into night. This name became popular after Eric Clapton’s 1970 song titled Layla. This name can also be spelled Leila as well. So, mom can choose from either one, because it will still be just as beautiful.

Layla will fall in love with the night time because of the meaning of her name. She will love to gaze up at the moon, and she will cherish each moment. Layla comes in at number twenty-two on the popularity list of 207 baby names, and it is up two points from 2016. Little Layla will be very popular, and beautiful. Layla has a lyrical ring to it and it sounds amazing when said out loud.

9 Ellie

Ellie is a beautiful and sweet name to give a baby girl. This name means shining light and the most beautiful woman. What mother wouldn’t want a name with those meaning? The name Ellie comes from a Greek origin and is short for Eleanor or Ellen. This name also is tied to someone very famous; her name is Ellie Goulding, and she is a popular singer. This goes to show that if mom decides to name her daughter Ellie, there are great things to come for mom’s little superstar.

Mom can even give her little one the nickname of El. Since part of this name means, the most beautiful woman, mom should know that her baby girl is going to grow up and be gorgeous, and very pretty. She will definitely get everyone’s attention.

8 Lynne

Lynne is a very beautiful name that any girl would be proud to have. It happens to be a form of the name Linda, and it means pretty. Wouldn’t a mom want to name her daughter something that means pretty, for a very pretty girl? Lynne is said to be an “80’s themed name that is coming back. A mom could use Lynne as either a first name or a beautiful middle name.

Take another name in this list and combine it with this name, and it is guaranteed to have a beautiful sound that mother and daughter will love to hear; something like Jazmine Lynne, or Mikayla Lynne. It just has a pleasant sound to it. If mom chooses this is either a first name or a middle name, it will be beautiful no matter what. Lynne does not even need to have a nickname because it is short enough as is.

7 Norah

Norah is a beautiful name to give a daughter. It is a spelling variation of Nora. A mom can choose to spell either way because it will still mean the same thing, There are a few famous people with this name. Some of them you may not have ever heard of before because they are not A-List stars. There are a singer and songwriter named Norah Jones, and there is also quite of few daughters of famous people that were given this name at birth such as the daughter of hockey player Patrick Eaves, who named his daughter Norah Eaves.

Norah means woman of honor. Wouldn’t that be an amazing name for your little girl, mom? It would be superb for a daughter to have a name with this meaning.

6 Faith

Faith is a sweet and adorable name for a mom to give her daughter. It is of Greek descent and means confidence, belief, and trust. Mom, if you choose this name for your little, she will always be truthful and trustworthy. Faith will be someone that anyone can rely on. Faith will be stable, and sturdy. She will be someone that people can go to and tell their innermost feelings and secrets, and they never have to worry about Faith judging them or repeating what they had told her. Once you tell Faith something in confidence, it will stay between you and her,

If mom names her daughter Faith, she will have trouble keeping the boys away from her, because she will be stunningly beautiful; just like her name.

5 Amity

Amity is a unique name that not a lot of people have. It is different, but yet still beautiful. Amity is of Latin descent and means friendly or friendship. If a mom chooses this name for her little girl, mom should know that little Amity will have more friends than she knows what to do with them. She will make friends wherever she goes. She does not just stick to one single group of friends, like just the jocks, or the preppy kids, or the emo kids because she will be friends with anyone despite what they are classified as.

Amity will be a trustworthy friend that everyone can go to. She will also be the kind of kid that helps her mother out in the house, without any arguments.

4 Cora

Cora is a beautiful name that any daughter would be honored to have this name for the rest of her life. This name was created by an author by the name of James Fenimore Cooper for his book titles, The Last Mohicans. The character name of Cora was very beautiful and adorable, and she will also be a brave soul as well. Those three things are character traits as characterized by a woman being beautiful.

Cora is of Greek origins and is a small story that tells about why this Cora had, and why the name is so popular, This name is at one hundred seven on the popularity list of popular baby names. Moms, if you give your little girl this name, she will become very popular once she gets older.

3 Trinity

Trinity is an adorable and beautiful name for a daughter. It can also be spelled Trinitie. Either way, a mom decides to spell this name, it will still have the same meaning, which is three in one. Trinity is of Latin origin, and can sometimes be used of a spiritual nature. Trinity was the name of one of the main characters in the movie The Matrix.

Trinity can be a name that is not used too often, but it is rising in popularity. It is at number one hundred and seventy-one on the popularity list for baby names in 2017. That may not seem very popular, but there are thousands of baby names so, it’s actually becoming quite popular. Mom, if you choose the name Trinity, she will be uniquely beautiful, and popular.

2 Ivy

Ivy is a beautiful name that is quite unique and not very common. Although it does come in at one hundred and three on the popularity list of baby names for 2017 and is up by twenty points from 2016. Ivy is of Greek origins and simply translates into the plant Ivy. Ivy was used in the Batman movie as Poison Ivy. So, mom, if you are a fan of Batman, which some moms are then this, is the perfect name for your little one.

Ivy will most likely be a free spirit, and hard to tame her wild side. She will enjoy thrills, but still be safe about everything she does. She will accomplish great things in her life no matter what she does. Ivy will also be very beautiful and popular. So, mom, why not consider naming your daughter this?

1 Isa

Isa is a beautiful and short name. When used in the Spanish descent, this name simply means beautiful. When used in the German descent, Isa means strong-willed; which is something that any girl should grow up to be. When used with the American origin, it means devoted to God. However, when this name is used in the Scottish descent, it means oath to God. So, there are many different ways a mom can look at the name Isa, and no matter how mom looks at it, Isa is still a very beautiful name.

Isa can also be used as a boy’s name for the moms out there that are looking for a name to fit both genders because they want to be surprised when they find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. It is also a short enough name that mom’s little girl will be able to write her name on her own in no time.

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