25 Most Beautiful Baby Girl Names That Don't Have Nicknames

Choosing that perfect name for a child is a daunting task. For many parents, it takes the entire nine months of pregnancy to come up with just the right name, while others may have had a name they loved saved up for as long as they can remember. There are even some who wait days and sometimes weeks after the baby is born to ensure they've chosen the perfect name for their little ones.

For most parents, the process of choosing a baby name is a lengthy one and involves a lot of research and negotiating to make sure everyone agrees and likes it. Factors, such as how it flows with the child's last name and with their sibling names, are all taken in to account. This makes it even more frustrating when the name you've painstakingly chosen for your beloved child is replaced over time by it's more common nickname.

We all know at least a few Jakes, Alexes, Jennies, and Kims, and more than likely there are parents behind those names who were convinced their child would go by Jacob, Alexander, Jennifer and Kimberly their entire lives.

While nicknames can be hard to avoid — after all if someone wants to they can shorten literally any name — it isn't impossible to give your child a name that doesn't have a given nickname. Here are 25 fantastic girl options to choose from that don't have nicknames.

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25 Emma

Laughing Caucasian baby girl

Let's agree that any name can be shortened, so Emma can, in turn, become 'Em', but it's not really a common nickname for the classic moniker. The name Emma is German in origin and is such a lovely and sweet name that it is the most popular girl name in North America and has been for the past four years.

The name is popular in books and television shows, and there's even a handful of famous actresses such as Emma Watson, Emma Stone and Emma Thompson who all share the classic name. It should be noted that none of those characters or actresses are known by nicknames and are simply just 'Emma.'

24 Ava

Ava is a beautiful name for a baby girl that won't be shortened into any form of a nickname. Latin in origin, Ava means 'life' and has seen a rise in popularity over the last decade, sitting firmly in the # 3 spot for the past few years. While it hasn't hit the #1 spot for popularity yet, it definitely looks like it will get there.

Even though it's fairly common these days, it's still a gorgeous name that any little girl would be lucky to have. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman both have daughters named Ava, which no doubt helped with the name's popularity. It's sleek and stylish and flows with many middle names and last names.

23 Emily

Like it's similar name counterpart Emma, many Emily's will get the occasional 'Em' but there really isn't a standard nickname for this pretty name. Emily sits just outside of the top 10 currently on most popular baby name rankings, which is also appealing to some parents.

The name is Latin in origin and evokes a sense of class and femininity. There are many famous literary Emily's such as  Emily Dickinson and Emily Brontë as well as a handful of famous actresses. Emily Blunt, Emily Deschanel, Emily Ratajkowski and Emily Watson are all well-known Emilys.

22 Mia

Via: @baby_violine

Mia is one of those baby names that is slowly becoming increasingly popular. In Italian, Mia means 'mine' which is a lovely sentiment behind a sweet name to give your baby daughter.

While Mia is a smart choice to choose because it won't be shortened into a nickname, some have suggested it came to be when it was originally used as a nickname itself for names such as Maria.

Mia is short and sweet and unpretentious and will flow with a wide variety of last names and middle names. Mia has sat in the top 10 for most popular girl names for the majority of the last decade, yet it doesn't feel like it's overused or too common.

21 Chloe

Chloe is a name that was once used to represent the Greek Goddess of fertility, Demeter. Greek in origin, the name has definitely seen a rise in popularity over the years, no doubt thanks to one Khloe Kardashian, yet it's never really hit the top of the popularity charts.

Actresses Chloe Sevigny and Chloe Grace Moretz show the name is popular amongst many generations and is still a gorgeous name parents are choosing today. The beauty of Chloe is that it won't be shortened and doesn't have a nickname that is commonly associated with it.

20 Ella

While Ella itself is a stunning name that doesn't have a typical nickname, it rose in popularity by being a nickname itself. Ella was once a popular short form for Eleanor or Ellen, and more recently Isabella (which also spawned the now popular name Bella.)

Ella has definitely seen a rise in popularity over the years, sitting just outside of the top 10 over the last decade.

19 Lily

Lily is a name of English origin and is probably one of the most popular girl names based on flowers. Like its namesake flower, Lily is a delicate and feminine name that won't be shortened into a nickname, ensuring your daughter will always be called by her given name.

Lily is popular not only in North America but also in Europe and is a favorite name for many celebrities such as Kate Beckinsale, Chris O'Donnell, and Johnny Depp, who all have daughters named Lily.

18 Grace

Via: @cottononkids

Grace is such a classic and ethereal name any girl would lucky to have it. The name Grace evokes images of femininity, class, and strength thanks to women like Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco.

The name Grace is a classic, sitting in the top 30 most popular names for the last decade. While it has always been a moderately popular name, it's also avoided being a name that has been shortened or given a common nickname.

Meryl Streep, Kevin Costner, Mark Wahlberg and Neil Patrick Harris have all named their own daughters Grace.

17 Brooke

Brooke isn't just a fantastic name for a baby girl because it is reminiscent of cool, summer girl vibes, but it's also a classic name that won't ever be shortened.

Some say, actress and model, Brooke Shields was one of the first to make the name modern day popular. Although it only comes in at just under #200 in popularity naming lists, the name Brooke has long been popular on television shows and movies who love giving their 'cool girl' character the name Brooke.

16 Ally

Ally is another name that first rose in popularity thanks to it being a nickname for Alice, Alicia, Alexandra and even Allyson. However, over the last few years, the name has become popular as a standalone that doesn't have a nickname of its own.

Ally is a fantastic name meaning noble and light and is perfectly short and sweet for any parent who wants a name that won't be shortened for their daughter. 

There is a variation of spellings from Ally to Alli to Allie to give the name your own bit of uniqueness, and while it's always been a popular nickname, Ally as a given name is still not very common.

15 Faith

Best 25+ Baby Girl Hairstyles Ideas On Pinterest | Baby Girl Hair within Cute Hairstyles For Baby Girl - Fade Haircut

Similar to the name Grace, Faith is another Christian themed name that is not only lovely and feminine but has no nickname attached to it. The name is English in origin and is one of the most virtuous names you can give your daughter.

Famous Faith's are Faith Hill and Faith Hill, while Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a daughter named Faith, as does Kelsey Grammer. The beauty of the name Faith, aside from the fact that it doesn't have a nickname associated with it, is that while it's popular, it's not topping the baby name charts so chances are your daughter won't meet too many other Faith's in her lifetime.

14 Hannah

The name Hannah is of Hebrew origin that means 'grace' so not only is it a nice option for anyone looking for a name that doesn't have a nickname, but it's also a nice, more modern alternative to the name Grace.

The name is rooted in the Bible as Hannah was the mother of Samuel, but it not only appeals to those who are looking for a Christian themed name. Hannah saw a bit of a spike in popularity thanks to the hit Disney show Hannah Montana and currently ranks in the top 30's on my popular naming sites.

13 Hope

Hope, like Faith and Grace, is another name popular with many Christians as it doesn't have a nickname. After all, with a name as beautiful and sweet as Hope, why would you want to alter it?

Hope has English origins meaning trust and faith which are definitely characteristics anyone would want for their daughter. The name has been very popular on the small screen, with numerous soap opera characters named Hope. Not only is Hope a stunning first name, but it's been commonly used as a middle name as well. Miley Cyrus's middle name is Hope, as is Leah Gosselin's and Angie Sehorn's daughter.

12 Jade

Jade is a cool and modern name that will never have a nickname attached to it. Like the stone it is named after, Jade is a bit mysterious and definitely unique. It's such a beautiful name it would be a shame to have it shortened or altered into a nickname.

The name Jade has risen in popularity over the years, with it breaking the top 100 in 2018. Several celebrities have given their daughter the gorgeous moniker as either a first or middle name including Eminem, Lori Loughlin, Howard Stern and Mick Jagger.

11 Paige

Cute smiling baby girl sitting on the grass.

The name Paige has English and French origins and evokes the same feelings one gets when hearing similar names such as Brooke, Hannah, and Lily.

The name peaked in popularity around the early 2000's, but still holds steady in and around the top 200's currently. Similar to Hope, Paige has been a favorite of television character names over the years as well. Charmed, Pretty Little Liars, Degrassi: The Next Generation and even the Marvel Universe all have characters named Paige.

10 Nina

Via: @ava_and_ari

Nina is a name that once gained popularity as a nickname but has become increasingly more popular as a given name thanks to its massive popularity over a variety of countries. Nina is Russian and Hebrew in origin but is also a popular name in Spain, Russia, and Italy.

Nina evokes a feeling of maturity and refinement and is a name that people won't forget.

It's short and sweet enough that you won't have to worry about a nickname replacing it either. While Nina has been a popular name over the years, it's never reached the huge level of popularity that some other names on this list have, making it even more appealing.

9 Luna

Luna is a name of Latin and Italian origins that simply means 'moon,' and has grown widely in its popularity thanks to Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend naming their daughter the sweet name. Before that J.K. Rowling named one of her popular characters from the Harry Potter series Luna, and Grey's Anatomy actress used the name as a middle name for her daughter.

Luna is perfectly endearing as a baby name because there is no nickname for it, and it's feminine and lovely, and growing more popular every year.

8 Kelly

Kelly is a girl's name (or boy name as well - it works for both genders) that comes from Irish origin and means 'war'. It's typically been a name that has avoided nicknames unless you count the shortened version of 'Kel'. Many names can be shortened but typically most Kellys are simply 'Kelly.'

Kelly reached peak popularity in the 1970's which is why we know celebrities such as Kelly Ripa, Kelly Rutherford, and Kelly Preston. It has also been a popular name for television characters such as Kelly Taylor, Kelly Kapowski, and Kelly Kapoor.

I may be a bit partial but I think Kelly is a fantastic name for a girl especially if you want to avoid nickname drama.

7 London

London is, of course, a name of English origin. Similar to the name Paris, London is definitely popular amongst those who want to give their child a name with a bit of international flair, and luckily this is a name that also doesn't have a nickname.

The name was at the height of its popularity around 2013 but is still ranking in the 100's in popularity. London is a name often associated with prestige and class and often characters in popular culture who share the name tend to be wealthy.

6 Bria

Via: Pinterest

The name Bria is only recently becoming a popular choice as a girl's name. It has Irish and Italian origins and is slowly gaining popularity across the globe while not being as common as many other short and simple names.

Much of the appeal of the name Bria is that it isn't too popular. It's sat in the top 1000 of popular baby names for the past two decades, but it's never really risen past the 500's. Bria is an innocent sounding name that would work as a first name, part of a hyphenated first name or even a middle name.

5 Lea

Lea is another of those names that is often used as a nickname for Elizabeth but has found it's own popularity as a stand-alone name. Thanks to the shortness of the name, there are no nicknames for Lea (which is sometimes spelled Leah).

Lea might not be uber popular, but it has always charted in the top 1000 most popular baby names. Although it had peaked in the 1970's, Lea once again made a bit of a resurgence in popularity in 2013.

4 Autumn

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons to celebrate, so it's no wonder people have chosen to use Autumn as a lovely baby name.

This nickname-free moniker is in the top 100 most popular names and is the most popular name amongst seasonal names like Summer or Winter. While all seasonal names are pretty, Autumn evokes feelings of warmth and security, just like the season.

Autumn is Latin in origin and perfect for any family who loves the season offerings that Autumn brings.

3 Gia

Gia is an Italian name that means 'God's gracious gift' and how much more perfect can a name be for your little one? Like many other shorter names, Gia was once used as a nickname for longer versions such as Gianna and Giovanna.

Celebrities like Matt Damon and Teresa Guidice have popularized the name itself after both naming their daughters Gia. Gia is the perfect choice for someone who loves the name and doesn't want to give their daughter a longer version only to have it shortened.

2 Maya

Maya has many different origins and is said to mean 'water' or even be a take on the month of May. While it's slowly rising in popularity, Maya is still a name that isn't too common that you would be nervous about giving it to your child.

Maya is sweet yet it has a little flare and is beautiful without being shortened or given a nickname. It's sat comfortably in the top 100 baby names for the last decade, although sometimes the spelling has varied. There is Maya, or Maia, or even Mya, however, the pronunciation stays the same.

1 Zoe

Zoe is a such a sweet name to give to a baby girl because it literally means 'life.' Zoe is of Greek origin and has definitely been a popular name choice over the years.

It's also a name that while it doesn't have any nicknames, it does have a variety of spelling options. We've seen Zoe, Zoey, Zooey, and Zoie as all popular ways to spell the name.

It's definitely been a name of choice amongst television characters with the name appearing in multiple shows.

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