25 Most Gorgeous Girl Names Perfect For A 2019 Baby

Upon embarking on the wonderful and life-changing experience of parenthood, expecting parents need to remember that they have a great responsibility on their shoulders. The decided name for a little girl will shape her identity for her entire life. With so many options to choose from, ample time to select, discuss, and settle on a name that both parents like is of uttermost importance.

So if you haven’t already zeroed in on one, we’d suggest you pull up your socks and get to it. If you believe that you have ample time until 2019 to decide a name, you couldn’t be more mistaken. As you get closer to becoming parents, every small task and detail will require your attention and you might not be able to allocate sufficient time towards finding the best name for your daughter.

So if you have been granted an expected delivery date in 2019, NOW is the time to look for a name. Since finding the perfect name is no easy task, we have put together a list of 25 gorgeous, unique, elegant, and stunningly beautiful names to help you get started.

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25 Zelma

Zelma is a powerful German name which means ‘God helmet’. The name is a derivative of Anselma, another great name. The name has been slowly gaining traction with young parents. Girls named Zelma are exceptionally loving and caring by nature.

They are also usually exceptionally talented and generally choose a creative pursuit as their career.

With a heart of gold, they never miss an opportunity to help others around them. However, their giving nature also means that people are likely to take advantage of them. A great advantage that Zelma offers is that in the future, Zelma’s sisters can be named Selma or Velma!

24 Yareli

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Yareli is a beautiful native American name that means ‘water lady’. The name was the 779th most popular name in 2017 according to NameBerry. The is considered a variation of another popular name Yara. Recently, the name has been getting a lot of attention owing to its unique pronunciation and meaning.

Girls named Yareli are very headstrong and assertive and do wonderfully well in leadership and managerial positions. They usually make great careers in the fields of politics and management. The name is bound to get your daughter the right kind of attention and ensure that she has a handy conversation-starter!

23 Willia

A variation of Williamina and William, the name Willia is slowly gaining mainstream acceptance. Girls named Willia have a deeply philosophical and compassionate demeanor and tend to be very sensitive. They are usually very considerate of those around them, and always lend a helping hand to those in need.

According to SheKnows, they value the virtues of truth, justice, and discipline, and are also very resourceful. Girls named Willia can do well in any profession of their choice but do exceptionally well in the field of literature, music, and art. They have a very creative and artistic vision and are blessed with multiple talents.

22 Zelda

Zelda, a sister-name of the previously mentioned Zelma, comes from the German name Griselda. The name means ‘gray fighting maid’ and was the 649th most popular name in 2017 according to the data on NameBerry. The name’s popularity has sustained for decades owing to its widespread usage in popular works of fiction.

Very few names beginning with ‘Z’ enjoy as much popularity as Zelda. The name has a rich cultural and historical significance as well. If you need another reason to pick the name here’s one: Marilyn Monroe often used the name Zelda Zonk as a pseudonym.

21 Tressie

The name Tressie peaked in its popularity sometime in the late 1880’s and 1890’s. The name, a common variation of the classic Theresa, means ‘to harvest’. Girls named Tressie are usually very shy and reserved and take time to open up. However, they are extremely loyal friends and cherish close connections with friends and family.

Sharing a deep and profound connection with nature, they really enjoy traveling and outdoor activities.

Additionally, girls with the name Tressie have a really strong adventurer and explorer streak as well. The name Tressie also has several readily-available nicknames like Tress, Ress, Ressi, Tess.

20 Alexis

The stunning name Alexis has its roots in Greek and means ‘defender’. The name was the 144th most popular name in 2017 according to NameBerry. Although the name was initially used for boys, over the course of the last few decades, the name is now being increasingly used for girls as well.

Although it is past its prime, the name has seen a revival of sorts in its popularity owing to an increase in its usage in TV shows and movies. It also helps that several celebrities and people in the public domain named Alexis have brilliant careers. What’s more, easy nicknames like Alex, Ally, and Al are also available in plenty.

19 Amber

Amber is a grand English name which comes from the same word. The 401st most popular name in 2017, Amber has maintained a steady position on the charts for a long time now. The name’s classical appeal is evergreen and continues to woo parents of all ages.

Girls named Amber are usually very creative and tend to do well in artistic fields like music, art, and dance. A unique benefit of naming your daughter Amber is that her sister can be named Ruby or Pearl! Some international versions of Amber are Ambra (Italian), Inbar (Israeli), and Ambrette (French).

18 Brianna

The female version of ‘Brian’, the name Brianna means ‘strong and virtuous’. The name was the 123rd most popular name in 2017 and has steadily risen in rankings over the last few years. The fact that several similar-sounding names (like Rihanna) are also very popular make Brianna unique in its own accord, despite being fairly common.

Individuals named Brianna are very accommodative and caring in nature. They tend to have a very friendly nature and are easy to talk to. However, their generous and giving nature might allow others to take them for granted. Nicknames for girls named Brianna are Bri, Riri, Anna, and Ria.

17 Eliana

The elegant name Eliana exudes great confidence and beauty. A name of Hebrew origins, Eliana means ‘my God has answered’, says NameBerry. What’s more, the name was the 88th most popular name in 2017. Girls named Eliana are very innocent and pure-hearted. They tend to help others around them and are natural-born leaders, thinkers, and philosophers.

Furthermore, they grow up to be strong, assertive, and powerful individuals. Some popular foreign variants of Eliana are Eliana (Israeli) and Eliane (French). Girls named Eliana can be lovingly called Liana, Elia, Ellie, Ell, Lin etc. Christian Slater has named his daughter Eliana.

16 Evelyn

Evelyn, the English version of the beautiful French name Aveline, was the ninth most popular name in 2017. The name means ‘wished for child’ and continues to top the popularity charts. The name’s easy charm and simple spelling have found several takers in parents of all ages.

The fact that the name has been in use for hundreds of years indicates to its eternal charisma. The name has been popularized by Angelina Jolie’s depiction of ‘Evelyn Salt’ in the hit spy-movie Salt. Celebrities like Bruce Willis and Carey Mulligan have chosen the name for their daughters as well. Common nicknames can be Eve, Lyn, and Eva.

15 Isabella

The name Isabella is of Spanish-Italian descent and is a variation of Elizabeth. The name was the fourth most popular name in 2017 and means ‘pledged to God’. Its surge in popularity over the last decade can be attributed to the hit series ‘Twilight’, the protagonist of which is named Isabella.

It helps that the name has a rich cultural connotation, and perfectly fuses the traditional with the trendy. The name has also enjoyed usage among royalty. Common nicknames for girls named Isabella could be Bella, Issy, Izzy, and Ella. Some popular variations of the name are Isabelle, Isabel, and Isobel.

14 Jasmine

The effervescent name Jasmine naturally comes from the popular flower’s name. It was the 130th most popular name in 2017 and its splendid rise in popularity has been aided by the popular Princess Jasmine of Aladdin. Although the name’s popularity has already peaked, owing to its simple pronunciation, beautiful meaning, and classic appeal, it continues to be a popular choice for parents of all ages.

Public figures like Michael Jordan, Martin Lawrence, and Nigel Barker have named their daughters Jasmine. Some popular international versions of the name are Yasmin (Arabic), Yasamin (Iranian), Jasmin (French), Yasemin (Turkish), and Yasiman (Hindi).

13 Jordyn

A variation of the much more popular Jordan, the name Jordyn was the 162nd most popular name in 2017. The name means ‘flowing down’ and has really caught up in the last three decades. However, it has been in use since the Middle Ages and that is a testament to its timelessness.

Individuals named Jordyn are usually very strong individuals, and make great careers in law, medicine, and science. They also usually have a very flexible and accommodative nature and are known for their compassion and kindness. Popular nicknames for girls named Jordyn could be Jo, Jor, Jay, Jode, and Jody.

12 Julia

The Latin name Julia means ‘youthful’ and has survived the test of times. The name is an amalgamation of all things classic, simple, and sophisticated. The name has been used extensively in Roman history as well. Its usage in works of fiction is also very common.

The fact that the name Julia has never dropped below the 150th rank reflects highly on it. It is also a popular name in Spain, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands. The famous and loveable actress Julia Roberts has also helped in popularizing the name immensely. It was the 93rd most popular name in 2017 according to NameBerry.

11 Kayla

Kayla is a graceful name of Arabic-Hebrew origins which means ‘laurel; crown’. The name was the 138th most popular name in 2017. Although the name came on the public radar due to its usage in the popular soap Days of Our Lives, it has held the fort since then. Girls named Kayla are very intelligent and talented.

They are friendly, smart, and extremely adaptable. Natural-born leaders, they usually achieve great success in their personal and professional lives. Popular names like Mikayla and Kaylee have been derived from this wonderful name. However, nicknames like Kay, Lia, and Ale are also popular.

10 Kristyn

The name Kristyn comes from Kirsten, which itself is the Scandinavian variation of Christine. The name means ‘anointed’, and thus has a religious significance as well. Girls named Kristyn have a penchant for being perfect. They usually excel in academics, sports, and other creative pursuits as well.

They are fiercely competitive and work hard to remain at the top. Usually, individuals named Kristyn do very well in professions that require dealing with people. They value close relationships and friendships and go out of their way to help people around them. Common nicknames for girls named Kristyn are: Krissy, Kris, and Tinnie.

9 Lily

The short and sweet name Lily comes from a flower of the same name. The name has recently made a comeback of sorts, after enjoying below-average popularity over the last few decades. Several celebrities like Chris O’Donnell, Kate Beckinsale, and Johnny Depp, have chosen Lily as their daughter’s name.

Its common usage in popular works of fiction like Harry Potter, Black Swan, and House of Mirth have further boosted the name’s popularity. The name is also very popular in Scotland, England, and Wales. The name was the 33rd most popular name in 2017 as per the records with NameBerry.

8 Michelle

This wonderful French variation of Michael means ‘who is like God’. Michelle was the 214th most popular name in 2017. The name enjoyed peak popularity in the 1970’s when it consistently featured in the Top 10. One of the most famous Michelles in the world is Michelle Obama, the former First Lady.

Others include actresses Michelle Williams, Michelle Monaghan and Michelle Pfeiffer. It should then come as no surprise why the name continues to remain popular. As a matter of fact, the name Michelle has also given rise to contemporary names like Michaela and Makayla. The name has other French variations as well: Micheline and Michéle.

7 Selena

Selena, or the ‘goddess of the moon’, is the Latin version of the Greek name Selene. This chic name has been steadily popular over the last few decades. Its popularity, however, saw a sharp surge when the movie based on the popular singer Selena Quintanilla, with Jennifer Lopez in the lead, became a hit.

Presently, pop singer and Disney star Selena Gomez (who was incidentally named after Selena Quintanilla), has ensured that the name has retained its appeal. Parents, there’s also a chance to name Selena’s younger sister Seraphina or Celia, and both the sisters can have similar-sounding names! Selena was the 243rd most popular name in 2017 according to NameBerry.

6 Shiloh

Shiloh, or ‘tranquil’, is a deep and multi-layered name of Hebrew origins. The name is also mentioned in the Bible as a place and was the 582nd most popular name in 2017. In the Old Testament, Shiloh has been mentioned as a strategically important place. In the present world, Shiloh is a place in Tennessee and has witnessed a critical Civil War battle.

The name has recently become famous, owing to its usage by celebrities. Most notably, estranged couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie named their daughter Shiloh and propelled it to instant stardom in 2007, which has since refused to fade.

5 Sophia

The Greek name Sophia means ‘wisdom’ and was the fifth most popular name in 2017. The name has enjoyed the topmost position from the years 2011 to 2013 as per NameBerry. The name, owing to its simple spelling and pronunciation, profound meaning, and international familiarity, has developed a universal appeal.

The fact that it also has a religious connotation makes it even more remarkable. St. Sophia has three daughters, namely, Faith, Hope, and Love. Sophia is also sometimes spelled as Sofia. The best part is that in the future, Sophia’s younger sister can be named Olivia – to ensure that both the sisters have similar names.

4 Violet

The Latin name Violet means *surprise* purple! Despite being used regularly by celebrities and in TV shows, books, and movies, the name shows no signs of slowing down. Violet has been a hot favorite for decades now, and even power couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck couldn’t resist its charm.

However, the name was in its prime nearly a hundred years back and was tremendously popular back then. A great benefit of choosing this name for your daughter is that naming her sister in the future won’t be very tough! You can easily go for a Lily or Rose and continue the tradition of flower names. The name was the 48th most popular name in 2017.

3 Thea

The Greek name Thea means ‘goddess’. The 269th most popular name in 2017 comes from Theia, the goddess of sight. Theia holds great significance in the Greek mythology and culture, and is hence, a popular choice due to its cultural depth. Girls named Thea are usually very calm and composed and are extremely sensitive.

They are also generally very creative, and particularly good with visual expression. Individuals named Thea thrive in creative fields like arts, music, and theatre. Furthermore, they enjoy a profound connection with nature. As a result, they are very grounded, humble, and straightforward in their demeanor. Girls named Thea can be called Tia, Tee, and Teah.

2 Pearl

Pearl is the name of a gemstone and has been a classic, elegant, and graceful name for decades now. Although some might assume that the name is old-fashioned, it is witnessing renewed attention from the younger generation.

This name, that once disappeared from the popularity charts altogether, has made a strong comeback in the last few years, steadily rising upward.

Celebrities like Maya Rudolph and Jack Osbourne have named their daughters Pearl. However, the name is also an exceptionally popular middle name as well. To add a dash of uniqueness, close variants like Perle or Perla are also used by young parents instead of Pearl. The name was the 652nd most popular name in 2017 according to NameBerry.

1 Malia

The Hawaiian iteration of Mary, the name Malia means ‘bitter’. If that doesn’t sound good, don’t worry; in Swahili, the name means ‘queen’. It was the 215th most popular name in 2017, and the same can be attributed to Malia Obama, the daughter of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

The otherwise obscure name has consistently made it to the charts in the last few years. The culturally-rich, unique, and exquisite name can be a great pick for parents looking to make a strong statement. Common nicknames for girls named Malia are Mia, Mel, Mal, Mals, Alia, and Lia.

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