25 Most Phenomenal Baby Names Set To Take Over This Decade

Naming a baby is mostly overwhelming. This is one of the first big parenting decisions that need to be undertaken, especially since this particular decision is going to have a lifelong impact on someone else's life. It is also true that whichever decision is made and the name chosen, it's impossible to satisfy everyone at the same time. People and their likes are obviously different!

In earlier times, parents would just go with the familial traditions and rituals. There wasn't much brainstorming to find a baby name. But the new generation of parents is different. They are ready to break any conventional thoughts and actions when it is for their kids. They are the ones full of spirit and enthusiasm.

The new generation parents are explorative. For them, the name should be meaningful, rare, unique and catchy. To satisfy all the needs they are ready to take up any challenges or risks. That is how the names from other traditions, cultures, and beliefs have started to become trendy in the United States. Here we present you a list of names that is going to be a big hit in this decade.

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25 Tazanna

Via: ABC News

This is a rare and unique name for girls because as per Social Security Administration records there are only 10 babies in the U.S with this name from 1880 to 2016. So this name is a sure hit as the rarity is the current hot trend.

This name has native American origin with the meaning ‘Princess’. Tazanna currently does not have any known variations. As the name surges in popularity, we may expect variations in the future.

As per numerology, this name comes under number 24. The names with number 24 epitomize faith. They are the ones with true faith according to moonastro.com. All they need to do is to believe in something, and the work is done without difficulties. How fantastic!

24 Shreya

This name is baby girl name rooted in Sanskrit. This name is more popular in Hindu religion and it is considered as an Indian name. This name is originated from the sanskrit word ‘śreyas’ which means "auspicious", "more beautiful", "most excellent".

In Hindu mythology, the goddess Lakshmi stands for prosperity and this name is a synonym of her.

According to moonastro.com, people with this name would be very dedicated to their job and they would have an organized way to achieve their objectives. They are also the people with a strong spirituality. They also seem to possess musical abilities and can become stage personalities.

23 Isa

Via: Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy Magazine

Isa is a unisex name and his origin can be claimed from a variety of sources. It is mostly considered as derived from the classical Arabic translation of Jesus, which itself has a Hebrew origin. But it is interesting to note that Arabic speaking Christians use ‘Yasu', a more phonetic translation of Jesus as per Wiki.

This name is generally misunderstood as the short form of the name Isabella but it has another, separate origin. In the American version, this name means ‘Devoted to god’. Meanwhile, in Spanish origin, this name also means ‘beautiful’. Germans consider this name as ‘strong willed’ and for scots Isa stands for ‘Oath of God’. Wonderful meanings in vivid languages!

22 Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is a cute baby girl name borrowed from the Irish. It is a variant of Caitlin, the Gaelic form of Catherine which means pure or unsullied. In Greek, this name also stands for ‘Purity’. Kaitlyn is also a variant of the name Kaitlin. This name is also considered as derivative of the Greek name Katherine.

There were 2044 girl babies born in America last year named Kaitlyn according to the United States Social Security Administration records, as reported by Time.com. This shows the popularity of this name and the trend is not stopping. So this is again going to be a big hit this decade.

21 Dhara

This name is very common in Hindu or Jain beliefs and shared across persons in both traditions. This is a feminine name. IIt has an Indian Origin from the Sanskrit language. Dhara generally means "Constant flow", "Gold" or "Earth".

As per Moonastro.com, little girls with this name has the special abilities to come over any sort of hurdles in their lives. They are the ones with social responsibility and often emotional too. Though they are philosophical, it is advised that they need to put their brains and not hearts while taking a decision to be more realistic. These people are lucky to have enough helping and loving relatives in their lives.

20 Caia

Via: DHgate.com

This is a beautiful girl name which originated in the Latin language or you can say Latin Culture.

Caia Caecillia was the Roman Goddess of fire and women, which makes this is a perfect name for a baby girl. This name is the female version of ‘Caius’ and there is also a river in Portugal with this name. The word meaning of this name is ‘to rejoice’.

This name appeared on U.S name charts in the year 2007 with ranking #35346 according to baynamescience.com. Since then the name has surged in popularity and it is going to be a great hit in this decade too. This name’s pronunciation is also very similar to some common names such as Kaia or Kaya.

19 Vaidehi

This is a classic name from Indian mythology. The epic Mahabharata written by the sage Veda Vyasa portrays Sita as the wife of Lord Ram. Vaidehi is another name of Sita. The word meaning is ‘Of Videhas, princess of Videhas’. Sita was the princess of Videha and thus the name became popular.

Little girls with this name are firm in their friendships and excellent workers, according to sevenreflections.com.

This name is very common in Hindi speaking countries and is considered as a Hindu name. Although it originated in the Sanskrit language, in Buddhist literature, Vaidehi refers to goddess Sita of Hindu mythology. 

18 Birdie

Via: AliExpress

This name is an exclusive girl’s name. It has German, Swedish, English and American origins. In English and Swedish, the meaning of the name is Little bird; Birdlike. In American, the name refers to a bright, famous little bird. Golfers might know about this name very well as this is one of their basic scoring terms. This name is related to the name ‘Bertha’ which also has the meaning ‘bird’. This is quite an old name which had its position on the charts for the first time in 1910 with a ranking of #274. One of the personal experiences read was that a girl named Roberta is being called by her colleagues using this name. She just loves it!

17 Swara

This is a baby girl name mainly popular in Hindu religion and seen in several Indian languages though its main origin is Hindi.

Swara means tones or musical notes of Indian Classical music. This name also has the beautiful meaning, ‘self-shining’.

Swarali, Swarangi, Swaranjali, Swaroopa, Swaraj, Swaraali, Swarashree, Swaradevi etc. are some of the suffixed names of swara.

According to kidpaw.com, the letter S in the name stands for sweet, W stands for warmth, the glow of friendship, A for their ability, R for resourceful in any challenge that comes their way and A for Amenable, which denotes their easy-going nature.

16 Arden

Arden is considered as a unisex name but there are more boys than girls named Arden. For a boy, it sounds strong and for a girl it means intelligent. Shakespeare had used this name for a solitary and beautiful forest in his play as an homage to his mother, whose name was Mary Arden. This name has Celtic origin where the root word ‘Ardu’ means ‘high’ or ‘high land’.

Arden could also be of Hebrew origin where the word stands for the Garden of Eden, meaning a place of solitude and great beauty. According to allparenting.com, this name also has the meaning Eager or ardent.

15 Avantika

Via: Notonthehighstreet.com

This is a feminine name of Indian origin. This sanskrit name is mainly associated with the Hindu religion. Avantika actually means "Princess of Ujjain". The city of Ujjain was known as Avanti or Avantikapuri and so Princess of Ujjain was called as Avantika.

It also means modest. Avantika is another name of River Ganga & Goddess Parvati of Indian mythology.

According to prokerala.com, the positive nature of the name bearers is that they are flexible to new changes. The best-suited professions for this name are fitness experts and psychologists. They are also the people who know how to speak well.

14 Yedda

Yedda is an English baby name. In English, the meaning of the name Yedda is ‘Beautiful voice’. Though it is considered as a pretty girl name, there are chances that you might bump into boy Yedda as well. In numerological terms, the name means ‘Home’.

According to moonastro.com, since the name start with the letter ‘Y’ made of straight lines, these people do not deter themselves from saying things on peoples’ faces if the situation asks so. They are the ones who accomplish their tasks in the shortest way possible. These people are very talented and should know how to use them effectively in order to be successful.

13 Adelia

VIa: Pinterest

The name Adelia is a French girl baby name. In French, the meaning of the name Adelia is ‘Of the nobility’ or ‘one who is noble’. In German, the origin can be from the root words Adele which means ‘Noble’ and Leah which means ‘Bringer of the Gospel’. Another variation of this name in German is Adela which means ‘Deeds’.

‘Adelia’ is also a genus of flowering plants in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae. This flower is native to Latin America and the Caribbean, with one species seen in the southernmost part of Texas. In Greek, words a stands for ‘not’ and delos means ‘visible’. So the combo ‘Adelia’ means ‘not visible’, which refers to the difficulties experienced in interpreting this genus of flowers.

12 Abhaya

Via: orlandowhite.com

Abhaya - Girl with no fear, a brave name! This is a name of Indian origin which means fearless. You can see references of this name in Hindu mythology. This is a synonym for the powerful goddess Durga. Nirbhaya is another variant of this name which is not that popular as this name.

According to sheknows.com, people with this name have a deep inner desire to create and express themselves, often in public speaking, acting, writing or singing. These are the ones who are sympathetic to others, very adaptable and trustworthy. They always see the beauty around them in their home and work environment.

11 Jewel

Any parents with the motto, ‘My girl child is precious and most valuable’ will find the name ‘Jewel’ for their baby girl more befitting than any other option.

Jewel is one of the expensive gemstones and it is a generic name for the same.

According to sheknows.com, people with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership. They love personal independence. They are not interested in small matters, they would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details. They are the initiators rather than the followers. Boundless creativity and specific goals are also related to this name.

10 Zane

Zane is considered as a boy baby name, but actually, it is unisexual. The name Zane is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Zane is ‘Gift from God’. In American, this name is regarded as a variant form of the name John.

This name has presence in Arabic tradition as well. It is also a Latvian feminine name, which is derived from Zuzanna. Zuzanna, in turn, is originated from the English name ‘Shoshannah’ meaning white waterlily. The name Zane also means "God is gracious". So in every way, this simple elegant name symbolizes purity and is divine.

9 Yael

Nature's Reward Photography

Yael is a baby boy name which has its origin in Hebrew meaning ‘mountain goat’. This name is also referenced in the Holy Bible. The wife of Heber, the Kenite has this name. After being defeated by Barak, the captain of the Canaanite army fled and sought refuge with the tribe of Heber.

A variant of this name is Jael who is mentioned in the Hebrew bible. Another variant of the name Yael is ‘Yahel’ which means ‘To build shelter; to shine’. This name is also considered as an Israeli name and in that tradition, the name has the meaning ‘God's strength’.

8 Xeno

The name Xeno is from the old Greek language. In Greek, the meaning of the name Xeno is ‘Strange voice’ and is pronounced as ZEHNow †. Xeno is also a variation of Xenophon. It is believed that the name could have originated from the Greek word Xenos which means ‘alien’.

This term generally refers to the variety of what a particular individual can be, a guest, host, stranger, friend, or a foreigner. A variant of the name Zeno was the name of two famous Greek philosophers: Zeno of Elea and Zeno of Citium, the founder of the Stoic school in Athens as per behindthename.com.

7 Wyatt

Sleeping baby

This is an English boy baby name with meaning ‘Guide; wide; wood’ etc. This name was brought to England by the ancestors of the Wyatt family following the Norman Conquest of 1066. It could have developed from the Olde English word ‘Wigheard’ which is a combo of Wig (war) and heard (brave or strong).

Wyatt is also a very common Surname of Anglo-Saxon origin. This famous name is of mainly deriving from the medieval male personal name found as "Wiot, Wyot, and Gyot", according to surnamedb.com. One of the famous bearers is the Wild west hero and frontier marshal Wyatt Earp.

6 Rocco

This ia male baby name which can claim German and Italian origin. This name is believed to have originated from the Germanic element rohon which means 'roar, battle cry'. It could have also been derived from the word hrok which means 'rest or repose'. The English version of this name is Roch whereas the modern German version is Rochus. In American, the meaning of the name Rocco is Rock.

This name got popular through the 14th-century French saint who was there in the forefront to nurse the victims of the plague. But eventually, he contracted the disease himself. He is the patron saint of the sick. It is always a joy to see a Rocco!

5 Laszlo

Via: Pinterest

This is a Hungarian male name and surname. This is derived from an old Slavic name composed of the elements volod which means 'rule' and slav means 'glory'. The Latinized version of the name is Ladislaus and the same name is Vladislav in Czech and Wladyslaw in Polish.

According to Urbandictionary.com, Laszlo would be the hottest and funniest man ever to exist!

This name became popular after the King-Knight Saint Ladislaus I of Hungary (1077–1095). Saint László was looked upon as the embodiment of Christian virtue and bravery. Other versions of this name are Laslo, Lazlo, Lessl or Laszly. 

4 Ryker

Ryker is believed to be the transferred use of a German surname Riker. This name might have originated from the Germanic word “rike” which means 'rich'. This name was ranked at #131 in the U.S for popularity.

American parents are experts in creating curious and beautiful names by respelling the original ones. This name was obviously invented in the United States and was influenced by the popularity of other male names beginning with the “Ry-“ prefix such as ‘Ryan, Rylie, Ryder, Rylan, Ryland).

The name Ryker comes from the Danish origin and in Danish, the name means ‘strength’, perfect for a baby boy! Ryker is a boy's name of German origin meaning "rich". Ryker is theranked male name by popularity.

3 Orion

This beautiful boy name comes from Greek mythology. Orion is believed to be a great talented hunter and son of the sea God Poseidon and Euryale, daughter of Minos, King of Crete.

As per the story he was in love with the Goddess Diana, but accidentally got killed by her. So the Zeus made him a constellation and placed in the sky. The constellation Orion contains three conspicuous stars. This constellation is visible throughout the world.

The meaning of the name is ‘rising in the sky’ or dawn’. It also has the meaning ‘water bringer’. Another variant of the name is “Orien” meaning “The Orient, East” according to thenamemeaning.com.

2 Naaz

Naaz is a Muslim girl name of Arabic origin. In Arabic, the meaning of the name is, ‘Pride, Delicacy, Elegance, Glory, gracefulness and Fresh’. The virtues we would love to see in our girl child are all related to this name meaning, so this is a very apt name for a lovely baby girl.

This name is very prominent in Urdu and is widely used in Hindi too. According to Urdu and Hindi, the name Naaz also stands for ‘Gentle and Coquetry’. Sunday and Tuesday are considered to be the lucky days for the name bearers. As per numerology, their lucky number is four and the lucky colors are believed to be Red, Rust, and Light Green.

1 Mekhi

Via: Jubilee Harvest

This two-syllable name is a Biblical derivative of the name Machi. Machi is a Hebrew name with ‘K’ sound. The other variants of this name are Mechi, Mechiy, Machiy, Maki, and Makiy. This is a baby boy's name of Hawaiian and Hebrew origin which is currently surging in popularity.

Mekhi can also be considered as a modern variant of the name Michael which is derived from the Hebrew language. This name too is becoming popular in the United States. According to babynames.co.uk, this name when translated is a meaningful question to the mankind, 'who is like God?’ This name is popular in Africa too.

References: names.org, sheknows.com. thinkbabynames.com, kidpaw.com

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