25 Most Popular Baby Boy Names From Around The World

Choosing a little one's name- whether picked before they arrive or after,  is one of the most exciting parts of having a child. But looking through list after list, book after book, and hearing suggestion after suggestion and can cause the mind to become a blur of different combinations of letters and names. The task of picking that all important name for baby can become very stressful and daunting.

From many moms and dads, I have heard that boy names are harder to pick than girl names to the point where parents are praying for their unborn child to be a girl. Picking a male/unisex name they like or can agree on is simply not possible.

Have no fear! We won't let new parents settle for 'baby boy' as their chosen baby name; this list is here to help. From Grayson to Omari, this list contains far more than the generic names parents see on every list. These boys names are from all over the world including America, Africa, Sweden and more. This list not only contains the names but the origin and explanation behind the name - I know many moms and dads like to know these details when researching that 'perfect name.'

Searching for a name for a little man? Curious about what names are popular around the world? Or just in the mood for a good read, here is 25 Most Popular Baby Boys Names From Around The World.

25 Francisco - Portugal

Popular in Portugal in 2017, Francisco is a sure fit for your little bundle of joy. Francisco, a fun, confident and carefree name, is someone who is exciting and happy. Francisco shouts fun whenever you hear the name because it almost sounds like a Spanish dance.

Originating from Portugal and Spain, Francisco is actually a twist on the more common name Francis. The name means the fun one; what name could be full of more joy than that?

An interesting fact: Francisco was the name of a famous French artist so if the name is anything to go by, your son may grow up to be very creative and talented.

This name is sure to be remembered by all who hear it. It is easy to understand and pronounce. What more could you want for you little man?

24 Blake - United States

A bit less mysterious and out there, but a good contender on your baby list nonetheless, is Blake. Blake originated from England and is a beautiful unisex name for your son.

Blake, meaning fair, is often associated with being nice, helpful and handsome. All things I'm sure your baby boy will grow up to be so why not give him a name to match? Sounding almost like a prince, you know this would be the name of the heartthrob or hero in your favourite book/film.

The name Blake was dropping in popularity for a few years but since 2016 it has shot back up, ranking high in the favorite baby names in the Unites States.

A little more demure and soft compared to our first few entries, this British name could be the one.

23 Alejandro - Spain

Alejandro shot into popularity in many countries ever since pop star Lady GaGa featured it as the title to one of her hit songs a few years ago (2009). But even before this, the name was and still is highly popular in Spain and Mexico.

Spain also being where the name originated from, Alejandro (pronounce Al-eh-hond-row) is a name which contains a lot of mystery behind it. The owner of such a name is sure to be interesting and attract many people; it's a name you are sure to notice and never forget. Depending on the country (for example if you live in the UK or USA) it is likely that this name will be quite different and you don't need to be fearful of many other children having the same name.

The meaning of this strong name is protector of man-kind. Looking for an extremely masculine name? I think you have found it with Alejandro.

22 Juan - Spain

Another name that is again popular in Spain and Mexico in 2017 is Juan.

Juan means gift from God in Spanish and it could be perfect for your little man. He is after all 'a gift from god' to you, so it matches perfectly. Pronounced 'Waan,' this name can be a tricky one to explain to people but that just adds even more intrigue to the name. It's a good conversation starter and it is definitely a name that will be remembered by everyone your baby boy meets.

Thinking of Spanish names for your little boy? One of these two in our list could be a strong contender. But if you're still not convinced, wait until you hear the next name. It's a very fun and exciting one.

21 Vincent - Italy

An old-fashioned, Latin name that is still quite popular in 2017 is Vincent. Vincent has come back into popularity in many countries including France, Germany and, as always, Italy (thanks to the famous artist, Vincent Van Gough). This manly name meaning conquerer could be arguably the strongest name on this list.

It's a name with many possibilities for nicknames such as 'Vin', 'Vinny', 'Vince' or 'Vincey.' It is a name given to the stars such as actor's Vince Vaughn and Vin Diesel. This name could potentially be in lights and your son could have the chance to make it big.

In need of a leading name? A strong, straight-to-the point/no nonsense name for your male offspring - I think this could be it.

20 Parker - United States

Another name originating from England is Parker. Parker, although a British name, is currently finding its popularity on this side of the pond. The United States of America has taken this cool and sometimes underrated name under its wing and since 2015, its popularity has sky rocketed.

The name Parker means keeper of the forest. This gives the name a naturalistic feel. With this name, your son could likely grow to love the outdoors and be one with the environment. Reminding many of someone who works outside, if you enjoy nature and want your little boy to as well, you never know, this name might just do it.

19 Quinn - New Zealand

For all you quirky parents out there looking for a name that's a bit different, the name Quinn (originated from Ireland) could be for you. Often considered a girl name, but not on this list, we think Quinn is the perfect quirky/diverse baby boy name.

Popular in New Zealand this year, the name Quinn has several meanings to it. These meanings including intelligent, free man and reason. With this name, your son could potentially be top of his class. A quirky name like Quinn - one people would remember - could mean your little boy will become a good leader.

Quinn is a quick off the tongue, snazzy name that I personally love. Whether you lengthen it to Quinton or change it to Quint, this diverse and unique name could work well for your guy.

18 Brooklyn - United Kingdom

You know it's a good name if Posh Spice herself gave her baby boy the name. Despite it being the name of a location and Victoria Beckham claiming it, this name in its own right is up there with some of the favorite baby boy names across the world.

This Dutch name is, of course, popular in the United States but now also growing in popularity in other English speaking countries, especially Britain.

Street-wise and outgoing being personality traits often associated with the name Brooklyn, you know your son would rock this cool dude name. Not really having a meaning other than being the name of a borough in New York City, don't let that put you off this marvelous name for your little man.

17 Carter - Ireland

Now here is a name that has been through the ages. Originally used as a surname, Carter originated from Old England. In those times, your last name was given through the job you had, so Carter was given to those who transported (carted) goods.

Far from that meaning now, the name Carter is often thought of as posh, intelligent and somewhat royal. The reasoning behind this is due to the 39th President of the United States, President Jimmy Carter.

Currently most popular in Ireland, Carter has managed to hold its own as a strong baby boy name for years now. Will your son carry this name too? Don't stress, it won't condemn him to transporting goods for a living.

If you aren't keen and Carter is crossed off the list, don't worry! There are more names to come.

16 Jackson - United States

Surprising to some, the name Jackson actually originated in Scotland. Meaning 'God be gracious,' this name is well known for being the surname of the legendary singer and dancer, Michael Jackson. As well as MJ, this name is also the surname of other stars for example Samuel L Jackson, MJ's sister Janet Jackson and more.

Now too popular in the United States yet, Jackson (or Jaxon) is the hot new name for your baby boy that everyone wants. Jackson can be thought of as someone with a musical/dance background. This name would be perfect for an all singing, all dancing kind of boy.

10 down, 15 names to go! We're not even halfway yet but don't stop reading. We still have names from the Wild West, Highlands of Scotland and beautiful Italy to come.

15 Wyatt - United States

It must be a good name if movie stars Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis named their daughter this. I know I said daughter but not to fear, the name Wyatt (sometimes spelled Wyhatt) is definitely unisex and is actually leaning in popularity as a name for baby boys, especially in the United States.

This name originated in England and is often used as the name of characters in Wild West films. So if a cowboy name is what you're looking for, put your pistols down. I think you've found it. Popular American YouTube mum Aaryn Williams recently revealed this as one of her favorite names for a boy for this exact reason. She says in her video, "I associate Wyatt as a country, cowboy/western name, I just love it."

Wyatt means guide; no wonder this name is so popular at the moment.

14 Liam - Norway

A well known name is next on our list: Liam. Liam has been on the top of many baby boy name lists for many years now. In 2017 it is at the height of its popularity in Norway, of all places.

Liam originated in Ireland and has several great meanings such as boss, protector and guardian. Liam was originally just short for the popular name 'William' before it became a first name in its own right.

I spoke to a woman who named her son Liam recently and she revealed to me her reason for picking it. "I liked the name because it wasn't as common as you would think these days. It also means protector and strong willed which is just like me so perfect for my son," she told me.

I'm sure you've seen Liam in many baby name books before. But maybe a bit more information could put this name back onto your maybe list.

13 Marco - Italy

"Marco?" "Polo!"

You often hear this name through the game children play in the pool, Marco Polo, but this game comes from the name of a famous Italian explorer. Want your little man to be an explorer? This name would suit him well.

Marco, originating from Italy and meaning 'God of  War,' is without a doubt a highly popular name all around the world in 2017. It's most popular of course in its country of origin, Italy. Because of the explorer I mentioned earlier (Marco Polo), this name gives off an adventurous and outgoing vibe.

I spoke to a mother who named her child Marco and she had this to say about the name. "I first heard the name on holiday in Chile and I instantly fell in love. I swore I would one day name my son Marco and I did 32 years later."

12 Stefano - Italy

Another Italian originated name, Stefano is a name full of seductive charm. So if you want your son to be somewhat of a lady's man when he grows up, this name might give him a head start.

Stefano means crowned and has a mysterious, sultry feel to it similar to Alejandro (the first entry on our list). Very popular still in Italy, it is no wonder Italy is the place people go to find their Prince Charming.

We are now over halfway and down to the final 11 names. Have a few names made it on the maybe list yet? Or have you still not fallen in love? Keep reading for even more potential names for your little man.

11 Christian - France

A name with a more biblical and religious background, Christian has been a solid favorite for a long while now. Originating in the United Kingdom and meaning Bible, this name pays homage to the Christian faith and those who practice it.

Currently very popular in France, this name beams respectful, polite and kind. If you wish these qualities upon your son and feel that this name would do the job, it could be the one.

You do not have to be religious to give this name to your little boy of course. This is a very handsome name even if you take away the religious background (not to be disrespectful).

10 Grayson - United States

Grayson (or Greyson) is another British name that is popular on our side of the pond. Grayson originated in the United Kingdom. Meaning 'Son of Steward' in the Middle Ages or more recently 'Son of the Grey-haired', this old time name is on top of the favorite baby boy names in the Unites States of America this year.

Not with an overtly interesting meaning, Grayson has always been middle-ground in popularity but for some reason, it has shot right up to its peak this year.

Recently this name started to be associated with a dapper, seductive and wealthy male (could this be because of 50 Shades of Grey? Probably). A well-equipped buissness man name, this could set your son up for life. Bringing in some wealth can't be a bad thing.

9 Lucas - Denmark

Lucas is a name with an interesting meaning, one many people might not be aware of. Lucas, a name of Latin origin meaning 'illumination' or 'light,' has made it onto our list.

Very popular in Denmark during 2016 and now 2017, is this the name that your baby boy will be given? With many possibilities for nicknames such as 'Luca' or 'Luke," this is a versatile name that you can switch up to yours, your partner's and your son's liking.

This name is also popular in the USA since the character of Lucas in the hit TV show, Pretty Little Liars was released a few years ago.

Another interesting fact, Lucas was the name of the 3rd author of the New Testament. A bit of a biblical/religious background for those who may be searching for that type of name.

8 Zain - United Kingdom

Zain (or Zayn) has been a very popular name in the United Kingdom the past few years, including 2017. Not a surprise really as the British boy band One Direction contained a member whose name was Zayn.

Zain is a Muslim name, originating in Egypt. Meaning 'beauty' or 'pretty,' this name could potentially suit any handsome little boy coming into the world.

I spoke to a mother who named her son Zain, here is what she had to say about the name. "Zain was a family name. I chose it back before One Direction were around and loved how unique it was." Although it has gotten more popular, the name Zain is still uncommon and different, which a lot of parents nowadays look for.

7 Amare - Africa

Amare is a name originating in Africa and one of the most popular baby boy names around. This name would be considered very unique in countries such as the UK, USA or Canada, but in Africa it is very common.

You might not be warming to the name right now but wait until I tell you the meaning. The meaning of Amare is Prince, how adorable! Giving your little prince a name to match what he is, what could be more fitting? If you don't like this meaning however that's okay, it has two more. The Latin meaning is 'to love' and the Hebrew is 'strong.' Take your pick of which meaning you like best!

Apart from the sweet meaning of the name Amare, the name itself is very intriguing. You know Amare is an interesting person who would have great stories to tell.

6 Omari - Africa

Another name that originated in Africa is Omari. Having the majority of its popularity in Africa in 2017, Omari is an unusual and interesting name sure to grab attention.

Omari means 'God the Greatest' in Swahili. This is a solid and powerful meaning also having a religious background.

Similar African names include Omar or Mari (which you could also use as nicknames). If you want your little man to stand out in a crowd and not have a name like anyone else, Omari could be it.

20 names have come and gone on our list and now we are down to the final five. We have names that are popular in Sweden, Finland and more coming up. You don't want to miss it; keep reading!

5 Alfred - Sweden

Into mythical creatures? How about a name that is derived from one? The name Alfred originated in Old England and was originally spelled Elfred.

Alfred was originally spelled as Elfred due to its relation to elves. An elf is a mythical creature that was said to have special powers allowing it to look into the future, hence the meaning of the name Alfred being wise counsel.

Being on the most popular baby boys name list in Sweden during 2016 and now 2017, this magical name is both mystical and wise (as the meaning suggests).

Interesting fact: Alfred is the name of Bruce Wayne's (also known as the superhero Batman) butler in the comics and films. This made the name known to many fans around the world and brought it into the more mainstream.

4 Harry - England

Originating in England, the name Harry has been a popular one for baby boys for many years now. Highly popular in its country of origin, the name is shared by some very well-known people.

This name belongs to pop star Harry Styles (who was also a part of the boy band One Direction which I mentioned earlier) and also Prince Harry of England.

Harry means protector of home so you will always feel safe with your little Harry around. Being thought of by many as a handsome, pretty and sensitive name, Harry could be perfect to give your boy when he finally arrives.

Final three names now; don't give up now! The final three could be perfect for your little one.

3 Axel - Finland

Another biblical/religious name is Axel. Very popular in Finland this year, the name Axel is a unique name not many would have heard before, depending on the country you live in.

The name Axel means Father of peace. It could be perfect if you want to bestow a sense of peace onto your little boy and want them to spread the peace as they grow up. God is also known as the Father of Peace, so you can see where the religious aspect of the name comes in.

Originating in Scandinavia, this name is sharp and strong. It is gaining in popularity as the year goes on.

This name can actually have many different spellings such as Axsel, Aksel, Akseli and Axelle - take your pick on which spelling you like the best.

2 Hamish - Scotland

Back to the United Kingdom now, more specifically to Scotland for this name. Hamish has been a solid favorite in Scotland in 2017 as well as years before.

Originating in Scotland, this strong male name is often associated with a rugged, outdoorsy man. So if you are outdoorsy yourself and want your son to follow in your footsteps, Hamish could help him out.

Although common in Scotland, Hamish is uncommon elsewhere so could still be the unique name you're looking. It means 'James' in Gaelic, so could be a good way to put a twist on a common name. You could even use James as a nickname to Hamish or the other way around!

1 Teddy - Wales

The final name on our list is Teddy. Teddy has many meanings such as wealthy, powerful and fortunate so this name puts out a very positive vibe.

Originating in England, this name was originally an abbreviation of Theodore before it became a name given on its own. It is no popular however not in England but its neighboring country, Wales. It is one of the most popular names in Wales this year.

I spoke to a mother who used the name for her son and she revealed why she chose this name. "It wasn't a name I had really heard of before, which is rare with me being a teacher. As soon as he was born, he just looked like a Teddy and I couldn't imagine him with a different name. Everywhere we go, everyone always says how cute it is."

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