25 Mythology Names With A Modern Sound

There are myths and legends in every culture and whether or not people believe them, they are a fantastic source of information. They teach us about the history of a people and their beliefs and they give us an insight into their language. The deities of the past had some of the most interesting and well-known names around. Zeus, Persephone, and Hercules to name a few from Greece. Roman mythology ended up providing the names of our planets such as Jupiter, Neptune, and Mars.

Recent Superhero movies like Thor and the Avengers have brought even more names into view drawing on Norse mythology for character inspiration. Norse legendary figures like Thor and Loki are featured as a hero and a villain in these Marvel films. The names and Gods don’t stop there however. There are Celtic and Egyptian deities on this list as well and many more cultures with many more figures of legend that aren’t included. The names of deities do not need to be mystical and hard to say, they can be modern and edgy and perfect for a little one. Check out these 25 names that have a long history but a modern sound and an edgy look.

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25 Vesta

Vesta is the Roman Goddess of the hearth. Home has always had a special place in our lives and the hearth has often been where people gathered, especially pre-television. In addition to her role as the Goddess of the hearth fires, she was the goddess of bakers.

Vesta is another name that is perfect if you are looking for a V name but are tired of overused names like Violet or harsh and stuffy sounding ones like Victoria. Vesta is recognized as a name on Nameberry and is given the meaning, “pure,” with a Latin origin. Currently, however, the name has not reached significant popularity allowing it to keep its purity and rarity making it the perfect unique V name for your little girl.

24 Luna

Luna may have been a minor Goddess but she is one that is in charge of something we see every day. Luna is the Roman Goddess of the Moon. Big beautiful and bright the moon is something we are all extremely familiar with and it was something that the Roman’s believe that Luna was in control of.

Luna is an extremely common name in the Modern United States. Nameberry has the name at number 37 in their top 1000 names list. This name is so popular it is in the top 3.7% of girl’s names. Luna is lyrical and if you love night and the moonlight it may be perfect for you. However, if you are looking for something guaranteed to be unique and rare it may not be a wise choice.

23 Flora

Flora is a common name that is usually associated with flowers and spring. The association has to do with the origin of the name. Flora was the Roman Goddess of spring and flowers so it is not surprising that when this beautiful name got picked up as an everyday name it kept that association. Flora was an important Goddess in Rome and even had temples and festivals.

The name Flora is fairly well known and is even the name of one of the good fairies in the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. Even though it has been featured in a Disney movie and most people have heard the name it does not currently have any modern place on the top 1000 names list. The name has a romantic sound and a sweet meaning that make it perfect for your little flower.

22 Hera

Hera was not just a Goddess, in Greek mythology, she was the Queen of the Gods. Married to Zeus Hera helped to rule Olympus. The name Hera has been given the meaning, “protectress.” Hera is often depicted as strong and as the meaning of the name suggests protective.

The name Hera is harsher than most others on the list alluding to the name’s meaning and original owner. Unfortunately, if you are looking for versatility this does not offer much, the name is an original and it is not easily changed. The gives off a strong and commanding feeling which is perfect for your little Queen.

21 Eir

Eir is actually a handmaiden to a Goddess as well as being a Goddess who oversees childbirth. She is the handmaiden to the Goddess Frigg from Norse mythology. The name Eir means, “help or mercy.” Eir was a Valkyrie and in battles, she would choose who would recover from injury and live.

This Goddess has a history that has strong connections to helping people, childbirth, and health. The perfect name for parents in the healthcare field. Also, the sound of this name has so much edge to it. Eir is bold and modern while being short and strong. The only real downside is a lack of versatility or nicknames for the short name.

20 Nyx

This short name is full of sass and has a spelling that is modern in style and has a rebellious look. The name Nyx lives up to that rebellious look. Nyx is the Greek Goddess of Night. This is the perfect tomboy name for any little girl, especially for parents who love the night.

Nyx is a name that has been around for centuries, she was a Goddess who was said to have existed since the dawn of creation. Even though the name has been around this long it has not reached much popularity, this may be because of the negative connotation it gets being associated with night and darkness. This beautiful and bold name need not be negative however, it is backed by a strong Goddess and a history that reaches back centuries.

19 Lua

Lua is a lesser known Goddess. Lua is said to be the Goddess that soldiers sacrificed their weapons to in Roman mythology. There is little recorded on this particular Goddess other than the fact that weapons taken from enemies were dedicated to her. From Lua, we also get this sweet little name.

Lua is a beautiful poetic name that has a modern sound to a centuries-old name. The name has all the sweet sass expected of a modern name but the poetic sound that is so common in names from Roman mythology. The perfect combination of old and new the name Lua is a simple, sweet choice for your little one.

18 Enyo

Enyo is a rare and unique name that belonged to the Greek Goddess of war. Enyo is considered to be the female counterpart to Ares, seen later on this list. While being the Goddess of war can get you a bad reputation it was an extremely important role in mythology and ancient civilizations.

Enyo as a name is rare and unique, there is nothing else quite like it in modern trend and yet it has a modern feel to it. The short simple sound of the name gives it a modern feel. Being mostly vowels the name Enyo is extremely smooth and easy to say.

17 Tyr

Tyr is one of the oldest Gods in Germanic mythology and he is associated with the law, justice, and treaties. His name actually has some spelling variations, Tyr is the Norse spelling of his name while Tiw or Tiu are the English spellings. Tyr was the guardian of contracts and oaths and was essentially a very stand-up guy.

The name Tyr is the perfect alternative to Tyler or Taylor if you like the spelling but want something edgier and more modern that isn’t quite as common. Tyr does have the versatility of spelling variations and it does also offer the nickname of Ty which is rare for such a short name.

16 Ares

Another God of war, likely because of the need to protect the community from potential invaders, Ares comes from Greek mythology. Ares is the actual spirit of battle and the counterpart of Enyo. Ares was seen as brutal and unlike the Roman God of war Mars he was not popular.

The God Ares was featured in Xena: Warrior Princess (1995-2001) played by Kevin Smith. There is also the zodiac sign that shares the name Aries, which is symbolized by a ram and runs from March 20 to April 21 each year.

Whether you spell it, Ares or Aries, this name is strong unique and bold, perfect for your little warrior.

15 Iris

Iris comes from Greek mythology. She is the personification of the Rainbow. Iris is also considered to be the messenger of the gods. She was in charge of bringing water from the river Styx to the Gods whenever a sacred oath was made that would render the God or Goddess unconscious for a year if they lied.

Iris is also a flower in addition to being a Goddess and a name that has been in use for quite a while. The name Iris has reached relative popularity making it to 149 in the top 1000 on the name chart according to Nameberry. Sweet and bright Iris is the perfect name for your little flower.

14 Sol

Rome had two sun Gods. Sol and Sol Indiges. The word Sol itself translates to the sun so it is often associated with the brightness and warmth. The sun holds great importance for so many reasons which may explain why there is a not only one but two Gods and multiple temples devoted to them.

This crisp and fresh name has a smooth sound. It is fitting that it sounds the same as soul. The warmth and brightness of the sun are similar to the warmth and brightness of a person. This is the perfect name for the sweet little soul who has brought sunshine into your life.

13 Bes

An Egyptian God with a funny appearance and a sweet purpose. The God Bes was meant to drive away pain and sadness bringing joy to people. Bes is also associated with music. He was put in childbirth house possibly because he drove away evil spirits.

The name Bes is unique there are no modern names quite like it. It is smooth and melodious which is fitting as Bes is connected to music. Bes is associated with childbirth as a way to protect children from evil spirits. It is also the perfect name for your little one who brings joy to people, most of all to you.

12 Babi

Babi is a God who is often depicted as a baboon in Egyptian mythology. He is associated with both water and fertility however his roles are not well defined. The association with water is better defined but there is always contradiction over whether Babi is good or evil.

Babi may seem a bit obvious as a baby name as it sounds similar to the actual word baby, however, no matter how hard it is to image your little one will not always be a baby. Babi is cute and sweet it may be the name of a God but it would be the perfect modern name for a little girl. It is similar to the more common name of Babs or Barbie.

11 Buri

The first God. Buri is said to be the “Father of all Gods,” even if he is not the most well-known. There is little known about Buri other than an origin story involving a cow and that he is the grandfather to Odin an extremely important God to Norse myth.

Buri is an interesting name that could be the perfect replacement for Brian or Brandon which have been more popular and have lost their uniqueness. Buri keeps a similar vibe to the more common names but has a unique sound and spelling that have a modern feel even though they are centuries old. The name is that of a God but it could work for either a boy or a girl with the current naming trends.

10 Fulla

Fulla is another handmaiden to Frigg like Eir from Norse mythology. Fulla’s name means “abundance.” She was the guardian of the shoes and jewels of Frigg who is the Mother of Gods in Norse Myth. The job of the handmaiden was an important one to the myths which is why their names and roles have been passed down and remembered to modern day. A Goddess in her own right Fulla is the Goddess of managing people and supplies to create abundance.

The name Fulla has not created a place for itself in the United States yet. However, it has the ever-popular -lla ending seen in Bella, and Ella and their variation names. The name also has a unique and strong being most names with the -lla ending lack.

9 Idun

Idun is another name that is a little flexible in spelling. Norse myth has it spelled as Idun, Idunn or even Iduna. Idun is the Norse Goddess of spring and rejuvenation. She also had the unique role of being the keeper of the apples of immortality which is why she is often associated with apples.

Pronounced like e-doo-n the name Idun has a rare and poetic sound. It is smooth yet dramatic much like the story of the Goddess herself. The name has not gained popularity in the United States yet however, its beauty and rarity make it a fantastic choice. This name is perfect for your sweet girl who is the apple of your eye.

8 Saga

Poetry and history are what Saga rules over. This Norse Goddess is also often associated with Odin personally as a sort of “best friend” friend figure. Saga is known as a name and is given a Swedish origin. The Goddess Saga is not as widely known as other Norse Gods such as Loki or Thor and the name Saga on its own is still rare in the United States.

This rare gem of a name has the perfect amount of sass and sweet. Saga is a strong name but it is still beautiful and lovely to listen to. This beautiful sound is, of course, fitting as Saga was the Goddess of poetry and this name is perfect for your little poet.

7 Beyla

Beyla is the Goddess of being along with being a handmaiden of Freyja who is the Norse Goddess of fertility. She is also sometimes seen as the personification of manure giving nutrients to the seeds. This Goddess has an important role in agriculture and crops despite the manure image.

Beyla has a beautiful and sassy sound and keeps the ever popular-ella sounding ending. This is a fantastic alternative to the overused Bailey for a beautiful girls name. There is an alternate spelling for Beyla, Baila. The nickname options you would have to be creative to come up with but there are none that stand out immediately.

6 Vulcan

Full of fire, literally, Vulcan was the God of fire. The story of Vulcan is full of both tragedy and beauty. His mother wanted a child so she had Vulcan but he was, “red-faced and crying,” so she abandoned him. He was raised by sea nymphs and spent happy days along the beach collecting coal. Eventually, he became an extremely skilled blacksmith tasked with making important objects for the Gods.

Vulcan is a unique name for sure. It is a great twist for parents who like v names but are not a fan of the tradition Victor. It also offers a Star Trek reference for fans of the show. The major downside is Vulcan does not offer much by way of versatility however it is so unique on its own that you do not really need to change it to make it stand out.

5 Ceres

Ceres is one of the many Gods and Goddess that the Romans dedicated to agriculture, as you can imagine it was an important part of their lives. However, she is the only one that belonged to the main group of 12 core Gods and Goddesses. Also responsible for fertility and the keeper of marriage laws Ceres had a role in many people’s daily lives.

The name itself is strong and captivating. Pronounced SEER-eez, Ceres demands attention and commands the room. The name Ceres is listed on name sites but does not currently have much popularity making it recognizable as a name but rare enough to ensure that your daughter won't be sharing it with three other girls in her class.

4 Furrina

Furrina has a long history in Rome although there is a debate about her nature. There are two schools of thought. One is that Furrina is an Underworld Goddess. The other, who that she is a Spring or Water Goddess. There was at one point a sacred grove with a spring dedicated to her and a festival in July which back the second theory more than the first.

The name Furrina has a poetic and almost romantic sound to it that is feminine yet feisty. It has the -ina ending popular in many of the more feminine and “girly” sounding names but the F beginning and the double rr’s give it a fiest that most “girly” names lack.

3 Lir

Lir or Llyr is the Celtic God of the Sea. There are varying accounts of his role, the Welsh saying he was Chief and the Irish saying he was rejected as Chief. The tale of Lir at least the Irish version ends with his children being turned into swans for 300 years, so not the happiest of endings.

Even though it may not have turned out great for Lir, the name he left behind many years ago still has an edgy and modern, if not very Celtic, ring to it. The name Lir would be the perfect alternative to names like Liam which are gaining so much popularity they are nearly everywhere. Lir like Liam keeps the Irish sound with a simple short spelling. Lir even has a bit more of an edge to it.

2 Macha

Macha is one of the Celtic Goddess’s of War. She is known by multiple names including, Dana or Crow and Badb or Raven. She is also connected to Arthurian Legend being one of a trinity that included Morgan le Fay, who played a role in healing King Arthur. The whole trinity consisted of Macha, Morgan, and Nemain.

Macha is a name that is pronounced MOK-ha. The name is recognized as a name but has yet to gain popularity in the United States. There are not spelling variations that could be made without changing the sound of this bold name. Nicknames could be made you would just have to be creative. Perfect for your little warrior princess this name is all edge and fiest.

1 Isis

Isis started out as a second-rate Goddess but soon become an extremely important deity in Egyptian mythology. Isis is also the Greek word for throne to throw a meaning with royalty into this powerful name. Isis is actually connected with the dead but in a positive sense. Isis is known as a magical healer and for curing the sick and bringing people back to life. She is connected with images of a pig, cow, bird or scorpion.

This strong Goddess who climbed her way to the top was also a mother and a role model for women. A simple name of only two letters Isis comes from a strong history with a fierce meaning.

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