25 Names For Fairy Princesses

To be a fairy princess used to be something out of childhood playtime, but as pop culture has evolved, fairy princesses have permeated onto both the big and the small screens and for big and small people. That is why having a name that is for an actual  type of fairy in a different culture, whether it be a celebrated Fairy Queen out of Shakespeare, a fabled Fairy Queen from Scotland or Ireland, or a Gallic (Gaelic) name that sounds like it would go perfectly with wings, a fairy princess can be conjured from just about anywhere. While there is a surprising amount of them mentioned throughout historical literature, poems and folk tales, there are other folk tale characters that just sound like they have names ideal for a fairy princesses.

At the same time, what exactly defines the perfect name for a fairy princess? Sure, for a little girl who wants to be a fairy princess the idea of ethereal, magical, mystical and winged creatures all come to mind. However, there were a lot of goddesses and other creatures out of folk tales with such strong and powerful legends behind them that they just couldn’t be left out of this fairy princess party! Sure, Disney has its own market cornered on fairy princesses. However there are a lot of other ones in Shakespeare as well as folkloric tales from around the world that make for fine and very original names that are ideal for today’s budding fairy princesses that most people may have not considered for the baby in their bump.

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25 Titiania

Perhaps one of the world’s most famous fictional Fairy Queens, she has been gracing the stage since 1595/6 when William Shakespeare created her as part a one of his most celebrated plays, Midsummer Night’s Dream. A cherished favorite that often makes it to summer parks, it's Queen Titania evokes images of a glorious winged creature, in a garden with flowing tendrils of fair hair, a flower crown and twinkling stardust wherever she floats. While the likelihood of these things happening to your baby is pretty slim, as a name, it is really a standalone. It says beautiful fairy queen, magical and full of grace but you aren’t going to find five other kids in the classroom with the same name. It’s beautiful, it’s bold and it’s also the name of an actual moon.

24 Freyja

Photo Courtesy of Baby Basket Boutique

Why there aren’t more Freyjas happening in the baby naming department is really kind of surprising because for those who are looking for a fairy princess of a lass? Freyja as a name is all that and a bag of chips!!! This Goddess out of Norse Mythology, Freya or often spelled as Freyja, is described as being the preeminent Goddess of Norse Mythology and is associated with embodiment of romantic love and beauty, fertility, gold, and ancient Norse Sorcery. While that may seem kind of wild for an infant she is also the being associated with all things relating to the fondness of the heart as well as the finest of things on earth, Freyja or Freya would be a fairy princess with a deluxe crown and an extra sparkly wand!

23 Arwen

So few fairy princesses capture the conflict of wanting to remain with the familiar or take that very daring chance on love as Arwen did in the Lord of the Rings novels by J. R. R. Tolkien. When Liv Taylor brought them to life in the very magical film series, she forever became that magical image burned onto the minds of the world as Arwen. At the same time,  that really doesn’t have to be so as by the time a 2018 or 2019 baby is a teen, they won't know who Liv Tyler is. Arwen is a beautiful name and a beautiful character and there is absolutely no reason as to why she can’t be your beautiful little creature in a tutu and rubber boots and fairy wings while playing with a fire engine. Arwen is a beautiful name; it belongs on a beautiful girl.

22 Imogene

Another one born out of a Shakespearian play, Imogene is just the kind of name you would expect a fairy princess to have. With origins in both Celtic and Germanic cultures, Imogene definitely could be a fairy princess or somehow a 90s it girl? It just has that feel. It conjures the image of someone spritely and pixie-like. While it was once the name of a British Queen, the name has seen its own surges of popularity in both Australia and the United Kingdom but not so much in North America. An Imogene sounds like a freckly little imp with sassy short hair, funny little wings and a mischievous smile. Perhaps a little wand and crown to top her off at playtime and you’ve got you perfect little fairy princess.

21 Ella

Whether it was a blessing or a curse, Anne Hathaway as Ella Enchanted was a particularly charming type of princess in that she was kind of like a parent’s dream, she did everything she was told to do. She would be mom and dad’s favorite kind of fairy princess. As for the name “Ella,” it has both Germanic and English origins, short for Ellen or Eleanor and translating into “all or bountiful” on the Germanic side or “light” and, ironically enough, "beautiful fairy woman," historically in old English. The name Ella has been wildly popular as a baby name over the last few years as it has seen a surge in pop culture in various films but the fact that it actually means “beautiful fairy woman,” kind of makes it really ideal if you want to have a little beautiful fairy princess of your own.

20 Aine

courtesy of fairytaletutus.com

Pronounced "awn +ye," this Irish Gallic version of the name Anna or Hanna, according to Baby Names of Ireland, the “noun Aine that means “splendor, radiance and brilliance.” Aine is connected with fruitfulness and prosperity. The queen of the Munster fairies was called Aine,” The hardest thing about Irish baby names however is looking at them and wondering what they actually sound like. Never fear however, the website listed above has prolific writer, Frank McCourt (Angela’s Ashes) providing audio for every name so that you can hear them pronounced properly. Other websites have Aine described as a Fairy Queen, making her apt for this special club as she is synonymous with being the goddess of summer, wealth, sovereignty, growth and somehow cattle? Perhaps that would be handy if your fairy princess also lived on a farm? Cowgirls can be fairy princesses too and doctors and tap dancers, all at the same time when you are a little kid, right? That is the joy of childhood!

19 Brigantia

While relatively unheard of, Brigantia is a name that packs quite the punch historically. Also and Irish goddess of victory, the name is equated with the name with Victoria. Brigiantia is often connected to Brigid or St-Brigid in Celtic mythology and she is like the big heavyweight in terms of Irish Saints. The name itself historically is  translated from “Briganti” which means the “High One” so bust out your tiara, because this just screams fairy princess. Brigantia was also the name of the land inhabited by the Brigantes, who were a, according to Wikipedia, “British Celtic tribe which occupied the largest territory in ancient Britain.” This tribe was recorded to have lived there around 43 AD and so this is definitely a time where people believed in deities and fairies and all kinds of Druidic lore. Brigiantia fits right in with that and could fit perfectly on your fairy princess.

18 Damara

Damara is another lovely Celtic name that rolls right off the tongue as opposed to those that need translation. Known in a few different cultures other than the Celts such as the Greeks, she is named as a Goddess and a Fairy princess that is the protectors of children, of the inner child, fertility, creativity and inner wisdom. Particularly celebrated in England, Damara is very associated with the month of May and dancing around the May pole so think flower garlands and greenery. She is all about fertility but not just the fertility of the human body; she is also a symbol of fertility of the land, farms and crops. In ancient times celebrating this fairy princess would have been about the hope of fruitful growing season ahead. Damara is everything that embodies youth and the protection of it, growth and life, wherever it takes. Damara is the embodiment of life’s longing for itself and the love that brings it to life.

17 Druantia

While fabled only in the “White Goddess: a Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth,” a 1948 book length essay written by Welsh author Robert Graves in 1948, Druantia has since taken on new life. The character within the essay of Druantia is Gallic tree Goddess known as a Queen of the Druids and Goddess of fertility for all things living.

Since the publication, however she has grown in popularity among neopagans who have hailed her as the “Queen of the Oak,” or Celtic Tree Goddess and there are several whole websites devoted to her. She is included in several lists of Celtic Deities and she can be the name of your little fairy princess if that seems to be the one that sticks. It certainly is unique.

16 Glinda

Of course the quintessential fairy princess or queen out of pop culture for cinema-files has to be the very first one that ever appeared on the silver screen in color, Glinda the Good Wich. With a name that was just as beautiful and sparkling as her breathtaking dress and crown, she was absolutely otherworldly and that was the point. While she wasn't exactly a "fairy" per say but a good witch instead, in terms of folk tales, they really can't be that far off from each other.

Straight out of the 1939 classic film, the Wizard of Oz, Glinda saves Dorothy, from the Wicked Witch of the West. Glinda was adorned in the most sparkling, fantastic pink princess gown with the fines crown of the times and matching magical wand, she really does appear fairy-like Glinda never really seemed to take off as a name perhaps because it sounded too close to the frumpy “Glenda,” but as these characters have seen new life through Wicked the Musical, the Gregory Maguire novel series and new children’s cartoon series, Glinda is becoming a name that is getting tossed around a lot these days. At that, it’s a name that is always associated with wings, a wand, a crown and a gigantic pink dress and that is the recipe for: Fairy Princess!!!!!!

15 Alver

If you are of Nordic heritage or are just really into the culture, Alver is Swedish for “beautiful supernatural beings.” Legend has it that the Alver, who are divine or are equal to deities must always appear in a group. Interestingly enough, it was this specific legend of Norse or Scandinavian elves that J.R.R Tolkien’s elves are original based on.

These divine, immortal elves also had the spirit of the elements within them such as a tree, mountain, lake or rock and so they were magical and could help or hurt others. This is the kind of a name that would be most befitting for a fairy princess as well as a child that just has an ethereal element to them. Some babies are just miracles to have, this fairy princess type name may be befitting to them.

14 Älva

Keeping along with the Norse theme, if you want to get technical and precise on the spelling, Älva is the feminine of Elf in Sweedish. It is really just a differentiation but a different sound and a different feel for those looking for a name with an umlaut for their fairy princess. Ironically, if you remove it, you get Alva, a Hebrew baby name that means brightness or exalted one.

It was Thomas Edison’s middle name and is befitting of a boy or girl. Either way, stick wings on the tiny tot; give it a tutu and a wand and a crown and SHAZAM! You have yourself a tiny fairy princess creating magical and mischief wherever she goes, sprinkling pixie dust and love for those she knows.

13 Asrai

Known for particularly out of English mythology, the Asrai’s lore is that of being tiny water fairies that live for hundreds of years under leagues beneath the sea that eventually come up to grow while bathing in the moonlight. According to some legends, the Asrai,  very beautiful little creatures that they are, lure men away with promises of underwater treasure but then they get finicky about the vulgarity of men and that and lose interest.

Also described as one of the most delicate species, Asrai would be an ideal name for a beautiful little fairy princess who might grow up near the sea or water or one whose parent’s hope that she may one day don ballet slippers. Asrai sounds like the perfect name for a fairy princess that is also an absolute gem, if not, the whole treasure chest! Think about an aquatic themed fairy princess costume for her!

12 Diana

The name Diana historically, in the context of the ethereal world, is that of a Galatian hunting Goddess who rode a wild boar. However, if you know anyone who was alive in the 80s and 90s, it was the name of the world’s only real “Fairy’ princess or “people’s” princess, Lady Diana Spencer, who wore the most beautiful, big white fairy princess gown on her wedding day, looking like the most magical looking of beings ever when she became the Princess of Wales.

While she didn’t remain a princess, getting divorced in the 90’s, what was most magical about her was her heart. Lady Diana, like no other Royal, was a friend to the sick, advocated for those with leprosy, held the hands of people with AIDS back when hospitals were afraid to touch people with AIDS (literally), and up until her death, advocated for the removal of landmines. She was a real “fairy princess,” she made the world better for everyone and them in turn want to be better people.

11 Marja

Marja (Morvena) who was Warrior Queen out of Russian folklore can be your more feminist version of a fairy princess, think Nella the Princess Night (if you already have kids and you know what that is).

Her legend tells of a strong, fair and beautiful warrior and the head of her tribe when a prince stumbles upon a battle field one day and demand to be taken to the person who was responsible for such warfare. He is quite surprised to meet her but she decides to keep him for days and then weeks and eventually marries him. While the legend doesn’t end as great as it starts out as he wins in the end, Marja is a strong name for a strong fairy princess/warrior queen.

10 Ellyllon

Hailing from Wales, Ellyllon is its own very unique name that shortens down to “Elly” very nicely but is actually the name of a type of pigmy elf that haunt the countryside of Wales. Supposedly they aren’t too far off from their related English Elves that do the same things.

They are described as mischievous little characters in Welsh poetry, Davydd ab Gwilym, writings from 1866 feature them and they are also are referred to in lots of other Welsh fairy tales. The Welsh Myths and Legends Directory describe them as having passions for toadstool mushrooms, silk and human children. They apparently live on tiny islands and herd tiny cattle. Legend aside, Ellyllon, as a name,  makes for one original, cutting edge, fairy princess like you have never heard it before name. Its mythical, ethereal and fabulous all at once!

9  Lhiannan-shee

While on the darker side of fairy land, this one comes with an interesting legend and makes for an interesting choice in names. While there are various different versions of the legend in different versions of Gaelic, the legend of the leannán sí, which translates to “fairy lover”, is about a beautiful woman that is said to briefly live through the fairies. The name translates to “sweetheart” and also “vampire tendencies,” as this mythical character is a type of succubus for fairies.

Also depicted as a breathtaking muse to artists in exchange for devotion, her legend tells a story that entails love in the real world and in the afterlife as she doesn’t let go so easily. A bold name that is just perfect for the Emo couple expecting a dark fairy princess, bust out a black tutu, a spider crown and some silver booties for this baby!

8 Mab

Throughout English folklore,  particularly Shakespearean plays  and a lot of other writers that came before and after him, Queen Mab is known as Queen of the fairies and she featured in English literature for about a span of 200 years. Particularly in  Shakespeare she is known as the 'Fairies Midwife.' Mab is a symbol of freedom and a quite the prankster.

Her particular specialty is delivering the innermost desires of men to them in their dreams while they are sleeping. A beautiful and charming fairy, she probably was featured so many times from the imprint she made in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette.  A famous fabled fairy and a cherished character, this Fairy Queen is synonymous with the fairy princess daughter of some very intellectual parent’s. A fairy queen like no other, she gets a very special crown, this little fairy princess gets a very simple but splendid name that is ancient but very well loved.

7 Loireag

An intolerant Scottish water fairy that is passionate about the arts of music and weaving, she is described as becoming furious with anyone that makes mistakes in either domain. While that may sound like paving the way for a fusspot kid, keep in mind that these are only legends, it’s quite unlikely that there every was a Scottish water fairy that wove things to begin with but rather a bored bunch of Scots sitting around a fire on a cold night came up with one.

A few sips of scotch later and someone is spinning a few yarns. That is the thing with all of these names, they are based on tales once told en lieu of TV or Instagram because people needed to be entertained and storytelling and it was considered  a commodity. If someone could tell stories, they were welcome to dinner. Loireag could be a beautiful name for your beautiful fairy princess if it the parents like the sound of it and remember the fact that they will be screaming it out under all kinds of peculiar circumstances.

6 Selkie

Depicted beautifully in the film 1994 classic, The Secret of Roan Inish, the Selkies are an Irish/Scottish folkloric people that are seals by water and people by land through the magic of a special skin that they wrap around themselves as they go back into the water. It is said that if a human steals their magical coat, they can be cohersed into a relationship with them but that is only in one version of the legend, the version the Scots tell, they are more like mermaids and mermen. It is a beautiful and enchanting tale and also makes for a really beautiful baby name for a magical little creature or a sea bound fairy princess with a very special blanket cape with magical powers.

5 Elsa

Because those Disney-files have to be represented, if you really want to go all out Disney Princess, and you are thinking something fairy like, why not go with Elsa because you really, really can’t go with Tinkerbell!!!! Tinkerbell just too easily becomes too many horrible rhyming things. The argument for  Elsa is strong,: she is independent, didn’t need a man to save her, she is beautiful, she is magic, she can build an ice castle at the flick of a wrist, she is all girl power  and she is a really good role model for your little fairy princess! The name is originally of Germanic origin for ‘God is bountiful or of plenty,’ so it has its own beautiful meaning too!

4 Una (Or Oonagh or Oona)

Another fairy queen (because apparently there are a lot of them), Oona is Queen of the Irish Sidhe (type of Irish fairies) and apparently was a beautiful, golden haired creature that wore a glittering crown that looked like it was made out of diamonds. She is not only the a fairy of fertility but, according to legend, the source from whence all fairies descended from, kind of like a queen bee but often compared to a magical flower of which thousands of petals have descended from, with each petal becoming a fairy. So, this fairy princess name is particularly special considering that she is the master fairy. Perfect for a very bold fairy princess, the type of kid that broke the mold when she was born.

3 Elphame

Elphame is derived from the Scottish Lowland/English Highland Elf-hame or kind of elf land folklore. The Queen of Elphame is first documented in a legend by Thomas the Rhymer (c. 1220 – 1298) who was a land owner in the region around the border of Scotland. Spoken of in many ballads and in literature, she is the Fairy ruler for this region and has control over this region of fairy land.

So, if you are looking to give your beautiful baby girl a name that is synonymous with being a fairy princess but also give a nod to perhaps some Scottish lowland or Northern English heritage, this really could be the perfect name to make a cultural nod. It’s definitely original and absolutely beautiful, fit for a beautiful little fairy princess herself.

2 Daenerys

While not exactly a fairy princess, Daenerys is the “Mother of Dragons,” and it is a pretty cool name and it’s not like everyone on earth doesn’t know who she is. Bold and fierce, this contender for the throne on Game of Thrones is not just a leader but a peace maker that has drummed up massive armies, flown away on Dragons and captured the heart of Jon Snow. Daenerys actually makes a perfect name for a modern day fairy princess because a little girl with that kind of a name would be the kind of fairy princess that would believe in magic and also believe in herself. If you are looking to raise a strong, resilient, intelligent fairy princess, Daenerys is a totally acceptable fairy princess name by today’s standards.

1 Charlotte

If you want to go with actual, legitimate princesses, look no further than Charlotte. This is the sort of name for a real life princess who will grow up with a new generation of little girls and be their role model. She will no doubt be raised socially conscious, looking to do good in the world and sharing from her heart…. Even with a pair of wings on. This precious name is just too adorable for words, and is perfect for any little fairy princess.

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