25 Names For Mom's Beloved Baby Boy

It's the moment that many parents put off. The task that can be the source of unrest and of constant questioning; that special moment of choosing the perfect baby name. Deciding what to name a baby will be one of the most challenging responsibilities to take on as a parent. There are so many options and staring at a list of names can seem all-consuming. Finding the perfect name for a beloved baby boy may seem taxing but this is one baby prep task mom and dad can have fun with.

There's a lot to a name; more than what meets the eye. Baby names hold meanings that extend into their personalities. They build confidence and are a source of inspiration for many children, especially if they share their name with someone they admire or who is in a profession they wish to be in themselves one day.

Choosing a name that has a meaning associated with love is easier once mom has those names listed all in one place. Here is a list of 25 beloved baby boy names moms are choosing for their little princes.

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25 David

David is one of those classic names that will remain timeless. It's of Hebrew origins and is one of the most common names on the list. It's also considered to be a handsome biblical name. As one of the traditional names present on this baby name list, David is one that is classic but still has modern appeal. David literally means beloved.

Despite how common this name is, it is considered to be ageless and still a name many moms turn to when thinking of the perfect name for their baby boys. In the new millennium, David still remains in the top 50 on popular baby name charts.

24 Caleb

We love Caleb. It has that new school sound but still exudes traditional pizzazz. Caleb has Hebrew origins and means devotion to God. It is a popular baby boy name, appearing in the top 100 on popular baby name charts.

It has actually been in the US Top 100 for close to three decades. Some consider Caleb to be an attractive Old Testament name. In the Bible, Caleb is the name of an ancient Israelite who leaves Egypt to enter the promise land.

23 Connelly

Connelly has a distinguished ring to it. It also has Irish origins. Connelly means brave or wise. What has become a trend is taking boy names and transforming them into gender-neutral names. This is done when parents give traditionally recognized boy names to their little girls. This can be said about Connelly.

Though this name has begun to trend as a little girl's name, it still is very much a name that mothers of beloved little boys flock to. Numerologists believe that little boys with the name Connelly are highly imaginative and are destined to become visionaries who inspire others.

22 Alexander

Alexander is a name that likely will never go out of style. It's youthful yet mature and can be shortened to something cute like Alex. Alexander has Greek origins and means defender of men. This name is notoriously the name of the 4th-century Macedonian king of which the Egyptian city is named Alexander after. Alexander to this day is considered to be a popular name amongst parents of little boys. It also is a popular name amongst popes and emperors.

21 Dominic

If you're looking for a name that has masculine elements and holds significance, this name is the perfect pick. Dominic is a name that many parents are turning to, to name their little boys. It has Latin origins and is a common Roman Catholic name.

Usually given to a male child born on Sunday, Dominic is a derivative of the Roman-Italic name Dominicus, which means lordly, belonging to God or of the master. Dominic is, not surprisingly, currently in the top 100 of popular baby name charts.

20 Jayden

Looking for a name that is different but still familiar enough? Jayden is a name with a modern sound that shows no signs of losing its shine. Of American and Hebrew origins, Jayden means God has heard.

Surprisingly, this is a name that many consider to be unisex. There are a few little girls with the name Jayden however, parents of little boys tend to pick this name more often. It is believed that Jayden is from the biblical name Jotham which means thankful.

19 Asher

We love the name Asher. It's one of the unique sounding names on this list. It's also a refreshing change and may be a favorite amongst parents who want a name that is different but not too different. Asher has Hebrew origins and means happy, fortunate and blessed.

This name is considered to be a biblical name and appears in the Old Testament in the Book of Genesis. Asher in the Old Testament was promised a life blessed with abundance.

18 Conor

Classic sounding names have been the focus of many parents today. With the wealth of names that are unique and untraditional, Conor is a refreshing pick for moms who want something traditional but still can be modernly admired. Conor has Irish origins and means wise. It is believed that Conor was derived from Conchobhar, a legendary Irish king of Ulster. Currently, Conor is a popular baby name, appearing in the top 100 baby name charts.

17 Elijah

What is there not to love about the name Elijah? Moms love Elijah because it's so easy to shorten it for something cute like Eli. It's recognizable, easy to annunciate, and has a beautiful meaning. Elijah has Hebrew origins and means Jehovah is God. The name was inspired by a 9th century B.C. prophet who was taken up into heaven in a chariot made of fire. Currently, Elijah is a popular name on the baby name charts, sitting in the top 20 position.

16 Micah

Micah has become a pretty common name among little boys. It has Hebrew origins and is derived from a Hebrew name that means, who is like God? Micah is a name that was inspired by several Old Testament characters. If you're looking for a name that has ties to a more traditional name then you've found it. Micah is considered to be a variation of Michael. Micah is currently in the top 100 on baby name charts with name experts predicting a continued rise on the charts for years to come.

15 Axel

Axel is the perfect name for parents who want a name that will stand out amongst others. This is the kind of name that shouldn't be judged by its cover. Understandably, the first thing that comes to mind is the heavy metal band Guns N' Roses. The lead singer's name is Axl, minus the "e." But believe it or not, this name has a gentle meaning. With Hebrew origins, Axel means father is peace. Characteristics of people with the name Axel include humanitarian, compassionate, and family-oriented.

14 Valentino

There's something so romantic about the name Valentino, isn't it? And that's for good reason. Valentino has Latin origins and is a derivative of Valens which means to be healthy, to be strong. According to experts, the name was created by fifty-one saints including a 3rd-century Roman saint whose feast day on February 14th coincides with a pagan festival that is held at the beginning of spring. Little boys with the name Valentino are believed to be destined to gravitate toward public speaking, acting, singing or writing.

13 Milo

Milo is such a cute name with youthful energy. It has German origins and no definite meaning. Some believe that Milo is a derivative of German mild which means mild, peaceful, and calm. Some also believe that Milo means soldier or merciful. So whichever definition fits the type of personality you'd love for your beloved little guy to have is all up to you. Milo isn't currently a very popular name on the baby name charts, but it is a favorite amongst parents of beloved baby boys.

12 Aidan

The name Aidan is easy to fall in love with kind of name. Aidan is a name that is simple in sound but still has the qualities to draw positive perception when it is heard. The name Aidan has Irish origins. It is believed to be the name of a Celtic sun god and means fiery. Aidan is a name that has become unisex like most popular baby boy names, but many agree that this name is ideal for little boys.

11 Rafael

Rafael is another name on the list that has all the makings of making a comeback in 2019. For a name with few letters, it sure packs a punch in sound and in the syllable department. What makes this name so beautiful is that it comes with a sweet meaning. Rafael has Hebrew origins and means God has healed. There's so much good tied in with this name. Besides sounding great, Rafael is a name inspired by an archangel messenger of God.

10 Augustus

Are you looking for a name that has a little prestige? Traditional is great, but a name that has the qualities to command attention is often preferred. If this piques your interest, then Augustus might be what you're looking for. It's list cousin, August, will probably get your attention too. A bit on that name later. Augustus has Greek origins and is derived from Augustus which means majestic, the increaser, or venerable. Descended forms of Augustus include August, Augusto, Austin, Agustin, and Augustine. The Greek translation of Augustus was Sebastos which the name Sebastian originated.

9 Marcello

There are some names that make such a big impact that they are here to stay. No matter the decade or how long they have been on the charts, some names have staying power and Marcello is one of those names. This name rolls off the tongue in a fun way. It's beautiful to read and see so we had to include it in a list for beloved baby boys. Marcello has Italian origins. It is the perfect name for parents of little boys who are looking for a traditional name but also a name that is able to stand the test of time. Marcello was derived from Latin Marcellus which means hammer. Marcello means young warrior.

8 Anton

Anton is a name that will be loved by many and understandably so. It is a simple name but packs appeal in every syllable. Anton has the essential qualities of a name perfect for beloved boys. This is a name with a modern spin on a classic. Anton has English, German and Scandinavian origins. It means highly praiseworthy, priceless one. Anton is believed to be derived from the traditionally recognized Anthony. The name Anton is currently in the top 1000s position on popular baby name charts.

7 Oliver

This is a name that isn't going anywhere and we love that. Simple, classic, youthful and definitely timeless, it's no doubt the name Oliver will continue to live in the hearts of many. Oliver has English and Latin origins. The English meaning of Oliver is the olive tree. In the Bible, the olive tree signifies fruitfulness and beauty. Extending an olive branch symbolizes peace. Oliver is a popular name for baby boys and is currently in the top 10 position on many popular baby name charts.

6 Apollo

Greek mythology is a source of a lot of inspiration for parents in search of names that are recognizable but still different. Apollo is a name that holds a lot of power at first glance. Before even knowing the meaning of the name, you know it's a name that is easy to love and holds significance. Apollo has Greek origins. The name was borne in Greek mythology. As a Greek mythological figure, Apollo was the god of music, poetry, medicine, and prophecy. In the bible, Apollo was one of the early Christian disciples.

5 Maximus

Maximus is a name that is bold and new. It has the sparkle of a modern name but also the qualities of a name with no plans to go anywhere. Maximus has Latin origins and means the greatest. With a name meaning like that, is it a wonder why moms are turning to Maximus with heart eyes to name their baby boys? Currently, Maximus is in the 200s position on popular baby name charts. It isn't a very popular name but it is rising in popularity every year. The name Maximus is, however, a popular name amongst Roman leaders and was also the name of three saints.

4 August

August is appealing for many reasons. It's the name of a month, a summer month, and who doesn't love summer? August has Latin origins and is developed from the name Augustus which also appears on this list. The name August is derived from the Latin auere which means to increase. This name is perfect for little boys born in the month of August for obvious reasons but beloved baby boys could benefit greatly from being given this name. Currently, August continues to rise in popularity, decades after it made its first appearance on baby name charts.

3 Demetrius

Demetrius is a refined name. A bit lengthier than other names on this list, Demetrius is a name that little boys will grow into with confidence. Demetrius has Latin and Greek origins. It is believed that the name is a derivative of Demeter. Demeter in Greek mythology was a Greek goddess of harvest and fertility. Though the meaning gives the impression that this name is ideal for little girls, many parents are choosing this name for their beautiful baby boys.

2 Noah

Noah is such a sweet name for a little boy. Finding a name that holds great meaning and a positive representation is a must when selecting a name for your beloved baby boy. Many parents seem to agree as they have fell head over heels in love with the name by the droves and for good reason. Noah has Hebrew origins and means rest, comfort. Like most of the names on this list, Noah is a biblical name. It was the name of a patriarch who was commanded by God to build an ark to save families and two of each creature from the great flood.

1 Levi

We love a name that is simple and has the lovable "v" in it. Some names blend it in and others just stand out. Levi, though a name comprised of only a few letters, is a name with a big presence. Levi has Hebrew origins and means joining, adhesion. It's a biblical name of a progenitor of the tribe of Levi which took on priestly responsibilities for the twelve tribes. Characteristics of boys with the name Levi include being social, happy and creative.

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