25 Names From Capri That Moms Will Fall In Love With

Known as one of the languages of love and romance, the Italian language has had prominence all around the world. Thanks to its migration to countries across the waters, it has been a language that people love which is filled passion and exotic tones. Trust a romantic language like this to have so many wonderfully long given names that parents cannot resist.

With so many people in love with the culture and heritage it is no wonder Italian names are a popular choice throughout the world. One of the most visited places in Italy and loved by many is Capri, a little island off the coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula. Known for its prime location, rich history, beautiful beaches and high end fashion, there are so many reasons for its popularity. Just like this island, many Italian names encompass the beautiful vibes that are only provided by certain places around the world.

Thanks to the culture and beauty of this wonderful country, the world is provided with so many exotic names that are attractive, glamorous and full of passion. There is no denying the connection these names come from with one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Like the beaches of the island, these names are hidden gems that moms are sure to fall in love with instantaneously.

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25 Serafina

Free flowing like the island breeze of an exotic island, Serafina is a name not to be underestimated. Pronounced se-ra-FEE-na, this soft name has all the right tones for a pretty little girl. Meaning ‘ardent’, Serafina has a lot of fire within the name which is one of the special traits of this beautiful European name. Soft and pretty it is still seen as a name full of passion. As a an exotic version of the name Sera (Sarah), mom’s will simply love this longer four syllable version that comes straight from the Italian coasts and isles. This is a special name for a special little girl.

24 Adamo 

Pronounced a-DA-mo, this is the Italian variation of Adam. With Adam a popular name choice in English speaking countries, it has been ranked a top100 boy’s name since the 70’s. However, it is time for the English version name to move aside as we have a new contender. Thanks to its passion and exotic tones that is extremely popular on the mainland and islands of Italy, Adamo name is heading for the mainland of English speaking countries. Bringing an exotic twist to a popular name will give any mom a reason to choose this beautiful European choice for their little boy.

23 Bianca

A strong Italian name, this feminine choice has been a popular name past the borders of Italy. Meaning ‘white’, it has a beautiful association with the Italian islands as the meaning of the name is as fresh and pure as the Island of Capri. Having prominence in English speaking countries, Bianca is a go to choice with many moms. Bianca was also the namesake of characters in Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ and ‘Taming if the Shrew’ dating back to the 1500’s. As a vintage name that has been used throughout the centuries it is an Italian name that many mom’s will without a doubt fall in love with.

22 Luca

Full of charm, this is just one adjective to describe this beautiful Italian name. Known as an Italian variation of the given names Luke and Lucas, Luca has been a wonderful substitute. A name that brightens up the room, it is an attractive male choice that is undeniably charming. As many male names end with an ‘o’, this gorgeous name defies the rules and stands out from the crowd. This instantly makes it a loveable name that mom’s will definitely consider as a masculine name choice for their beautiful baby boy. There is no denying the beauty and charm this Italian name offers.

21 Alessio

This strong Italian name is a great masculine choice for boys. Meaning ‘defender’, Alessio provides a powerful tone to an exotic name. Loved within the Italian culture especially on islands where exotic names are widely accepted, Alessio it is a name that has not yet ranked high with English speaking name charts. However, this is what makes this name so special. When said aloud, it has a flare that you cannot undermine. Bringing Europe to English speaking countries, moms will love this name the moment they hear it. Whether they hear it for the first time on vacation on the stunning Island of Capri or on the streets of Rome, this name will get huge attention.

20 Bettina

This attractive name has a different tone to many other Italian names. With a more dainty tone, this name is extremely pretty and soft rather than being fiery and full of passion. Pronounced be-TEE-nah, this name comes with the beautiful meaning ‘blessed’. With its association with religious beliefs, moms will love the meaning behind the name as many would believe their child is a blessing. With its sweet meaning and gorgeous tones, it is an Italian name on another level. Mom’s will no doubt fall in love with this name from the moment they set eyes on it.

19 Allegra

When sipping cocktails (or mocktails) on an island off the coat of Italy, you instantly feel a sense of relaxation and happiness. Allegra is a beautiful Italian name meaning ‘joyous’, which fits all the right tones of an island name. This creative sounding name has a beautiful association with its mother country that should not be denied. This cheerful name is fitting for an island setting but should not be kept within the European borders. This name undeniably lights up the room when said aloud and people will be intrigued with this unique name. Mom’s will surely fall in love with this feminine name choice.

18 Paola

Pronounced POW-lah, this pretty name is full of character. Italian variation of the name Paula, it can easily be seen more appealing thanks to its European flare. Whichever meaning you would like to take from it, ‘smart’ or ‘pretty’, both are fitting for any little girl. Known as a relatively new name in the United States of America, this is a longstanding name in Europe especially in Spain and Italy. It may seem too exotic in English speaking countries, but its flare thanks to its European uniqueness will make it a name that mom’s will fall in love with instantly.

17 Lorenzo

This Italian variation of Laurence, has a tone that you cannot deny. Full of passion, it is definitely a name choice that is associated with the beautiful island Capri. Along with its flirtatious tones, this name brings a sense of passion and romance within the name. This is a masculine name choice that grows beautifully with a little boy into an adult. Mom’s will instantly be attracted to the name thanks to its attractive nature and tones. Just like the Italian language, it is a name full of life and romance that you cannot pass by. A name fitting in the Isle of Capri, mom’s will instantly fall in love with this full flavoured name.

16 Gabriella

Pronounced ga-bree-EHL-ah, this feminine name choice is filled with sophistication. Meaning ‘God is my strength’, it has a strong meaning behind a pretty name. Found throughout Italy and the exotic Islands including Capri, this name will never get tired. This graceful name continues to be on the rise in English speaking countries and in 2017 was ranked within the top 100 names for girls. It’s major popularity in countries including Canada and Australia have given a little piece of Italy well beyond the waters. With so many nicknames including Bella, Ella and Gabby, this is a name that mom’s will instantly fall in love with.

15 Stefania

Pronounced exactly how it is written, this feminine name is the variation of the English version Stephanie. Bringing brightness to the room when said aloud, it provides an attractive tone fitting for any little girl. Pronounced ste-FA-nya, it has an exotic tone that you can undeniably see has been a name that lives on the isles off the Italian coast. Mom’s will love this variation of the well known English version, and will be a name choice considered full of European flare. This long free flowing name should not be underestimated as it will fill the room up thanks to its attractive features.

14 Caterina

As an Italian variation of the feminine name Catherine, it has been given an exotic twist to a classic name. Pronounced ka-te-REE-na, this Italian version is still a very elegant name choice that has all the characteristics of class and sophistication. For those that love names from European languages, this is a name choice that mom’s will instantly fall in love with thanks to its exotic flare. Meaning ‘pure’ there is no name more fitting than this for a newborn baby. This feminine beauty will give any little girl a point of difference filling a room full of radiance when said aloud.

13 Matteo

This Italian delight, is a balanced masculine name filled with beauty and strength. Pronounced maht-TE-o, it has had popularity across the borders in countries including Belgium, France and Austria. Meaning ‘gift of God’ this has a strong connection to religious beliefs. For many Italians, this was a fitting name choice thanks to its religious meaning. This gracious name also looks beyond the meaning and it is a trendy masculine choice that is a fitting name on the Isle of Capri, and across the waters to English speaking countries. This is a name from Capri moms will love and consider for their baby boy instead of the English variation Matthew.

12 Adriana

Pronounced AY-dree-ann-ah, this four syllable Italian name sets off pretty tones that are suitable for any baby girl. Although it is a name commonly used within the mainland and Islands of Italy, this name has crossed the waters into other exotic countries found in South America. Brazilian born supermodel Adriana Lima, is a well known bearer of the name giving it world wide attention. Thanks to the popularity it has been given in the 21st century, mom’s have fallen in love with this name instantaneously. Exotic and beautiful, this is definitely a feminine name to be considered when choosing a girl’s name.

11 Lorena

Just like many Italian names, this is another given name pronounced phonetically (lor-E-na). This feminine name is used within a range of European origins including Italy. A name suitable for the islands, it oozes class and sophistication. This is a fitting name for a girl who loves the sunshine and sun baking on the Italian islands surrounded by love and happiness. Known as a variation of the name Lauren, Lorena provides and exotic tone that turns heads whenever said aloud. Mom’s will definitely fall in love with this name and may even consider this choice rather than its English variation.

10 Santino


From its Italian origin, this also has association with religious beliefs which are strong within this European country. Pronounced sahn-TEE-no, this name is commonly known to mean ‘little saint’. This uplifting name has not been a common name choice beyond the waters of Italy, however, if any mom hears this name, they will instantly fall in love with its beauty and sweetness. Although it may be an uncommon name in English speaking cultures, we cannot deny the beauty this name has and what joy and happiness it brings. This is definitely an uplifting name that should be considered for any little boy.

9 Valentina

Valentina has been a much loved name in the islands and mainland of Italy for centuries. Pronounced va-lin-TEE-na , this four syllable name is full of feminine tones that anyone will instantly fall in love with. This romantic name is a variation of the masculine version Valentine, known as the name of the Saint associated with love. Celebrated in Italy on the 14th of February, many countries also celebrate this beautiful day representing love and romance. With this beautiful association, it was only fitting to have a female version of the name, so parents could have this romantic name choice for their little girl.

8 Emilio

As the isle of Capri is filled with beautiful shops with the latest fashion trends, this name definitely fits within the tones of the Island. Pronounced e-EMEL-ee-oh, this masculine name has an exotic vibe which is undeniably heard when said out loud. Extremely popular within Italian and Spanish cultures, it has received increased popularity within English speaking countries. This is a flattering boy’s name that will loved by mom’s around the world, and should be considered as a given name to any new bundle of joy. It is a name that will grow with masculinity and any little boy will grow with the name and its exotic tones.

7 Orlando

It’s mystical tone, filled with European flare is a precious name choice from the Italian island of Capri. Meaning ‘famous throughout the land’, its meaning gives this name a another reason to choose this for your bundle of joy. Name to the well known city in Florida, USA, and also the name of actor Orlando Bloom, this name has been used beyond the Italian island. Handsome and not overused as a given name in our modern era, Orlando is an Italian name choice that moms all over the world will fall in love with instantly when said aloud. This name will instantly make any little boy handsome.

6 Giuliana

Pronounced jYOO-lee-ANN-a, this is a glamorous name full of passion. Meaning ‘youthful’ this definitely an uplifting name that is a lovely choice for any little girl. This name will grow with any girl, as it is name that is sweet, but simultaneously full of life. Thought to be the combination of Julia (Giulia) and Anna, we thank these two names for coming together to give us this beautiful variation with so much flare. This is just one of many exotic names from Capri that moms all over the world with fall in love with. Name to one of the most well known presenters in the US, Giuliana Rancic has given this name a youthful tone allowing it to cross the waters of Capri more frequently.

5 Romeo

What’s not to love about this name? Full of romance, many people associate this name with William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. Although, many associate it with this Shakespearean love story, this name originally means a ‘pilgrim of Rome’, also known as a ‘Roman’. This romantic name is fitting with the Italian culture and a perfect name choice to cross the waters to English speaking countries. This name has been given a new life thanks to celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham, naming their oldest son this handsome name. This is a perfect name choice for any little boy who promotes a beautiful sense of grandeur and affection to anyone they meet, traits instilled within the Italian culture.

4 Aria

Full of radiance, Aria is a perfect name for any little girl. Meaning ‘air’ in Italian, this fresh name has been a beautiful choice for decades. Also meaning a solo in an opera, it’s musical connotations will be loved by those music loving parents, whether they are Italian or not. This exotic sounding name fits perfectly on an Italian island and has increased in popularity within the years. Known as a modern feminine name choice moms are falling in love with, don’t underestimate a simple name like this, as the use of vowels make it a sweet name choice that should definitely be considered.

3 Alessandra

This is another wonderful Italian name on the list that is full of life and attractive tones. Pronounced ahl-e-SAHN-drah, this four syllable name is the Italian variation of Alexandria. Meaning ‘defender of mankind’, Alessandra is a timeless classic that has everyone falling in love with the name. It’s strength and wonderful meaning behind the name is a perfect choice for mom’s wanting a name that promotes feminism, but is still beautiful when said aloud. A popular name in Italy, it has also found prominence throughout the rest of the world thanks to Brazilian beauty and super model Alessandra Ambrosio.

2 Cristiano

One of the well known names on this list of beautiful names, and there is no denying that moms will fall in love with it instantly. Meaning ‘follower of Christ’ this has strong connotations to religious beliefs, which many Italians follow. Thanks to its meaning, it is a popular choice in Italy including other christian countries such as Spain and Portugal. Thanks to the well known soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo, he has made this name a well known choice for many other boy’s around the world. It has all the attributes a name should possess when choosing the right choice for a little boy. It is also a wonderful name that will grow with the child and fitting at every age.

1 Maximiliano

The longest name on our list, this five syllable masculine name lights up the room when said aloud. Pronounced mahk-see-mee-LYAH-no, names like this don’t come around everyday. Variation of the English name Maximilian, this name has an exotic tone which is robust and full of character. A name that definitely makes you feel you are in one of the most beautiful places in Italy, you cannot underestimate the dramatic flare it has. Meaning ‘the greatest’, it is a strong name that should definitely be considered for a little boy. Max is a popular nick name for this free flowing beauty, however why would you want to shorten such an amazing name full of substance? There is no doubt that mom’s will fall in love with this name the moment they hear it.

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