25 Names From Malta That Are The Most Gorgeous Anyone Has Ever Heard

Malta is a small group of islands sitting in the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Italy. Made up of three islands - Gozo, Comino and Malta- it is about 50 miles south of Sicily. With a long and rich history dating back to Neolithic times, there are many beautiful temples and sights to visit, such as the limestone temple Hagar Qim, which dates back some 5,000 years. Because of its geographical position many countries, including Spain and England, tried to capture it in order to use it as a naval base.

Malta chose to become part of the great British Empire in 1800 and spent 164 years under British rule before becoming independent again in 1964. Therefore many of the traditions, customs and names reflect the British culture, for instance, they still drive on the left and English is an official language, along with Maltese. The most popular names there for girls last year were Abigail and Nicole, popular British names. Similarly, top boys names included Matthew, Ewan and Aaron, which can be found widely used across the UK.

However, names in Malta also reflect the culture of its Greek and Spanish neighbours and there are some extremely beautiful choices on these small islands.

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25 Elias

This lovely boy’s name comes from the Hebrew name Elijah, meaning ‘Jehovah is good’. It arrived in Malta from their Greek neighbours and has been quite popular ever since. This year it is listed as number 75, which means that in the USA there are 2668 babies called Elias per million. It has been around at least since the 9th century when Elijah was a Biblical prophet of Israel. If you love the name but have a girl, try Iliana, the feminine form.

24 Fleming

This name has been in use in England and its regions, including Malta, since the Middle Ages. It means ‘man from Flanders’, which is a little bit niche if you’re not Belgian, but still makes a nice sounding masculine name. In the Middle Ages there was a lot of trade between Flanders (which was then part of the Netherlands) and England, and many men in the wool trade came to settle in England, bringing the name with them.

Whilst this was a popular 19th-century name, its popularity has steadily decreased over time. It now sits at number 14 407 in the naming lists so is ripe for a comeback.

23 Kaiden

This more modern name has several meanings. Some say it comes from the Gaelic word ‘cadain’, meaning ‘battler’, so could be a great choice for a tough little boy. In Scotland it refers to someone who has come ‘from the Wetlands’, so is a locational name instead. Some believe it derives from the first man, Adam, and means ‘ground or earth’. The MacCadáin clan was responsible for maintaining and managing the church land so this would link nicely to that meaning.

Whatever its origins, it turns out to be a popular name, currently in at number 120.

22 Alessia

This is the eighth most popular girls’ name in Malta, but its overuse doesn’t detract from its beauty. A pretty alternative to Alex or Alyssa, this name means ‘defender of mankind’. Whilst this name, and its male counterpart Alessio are popular around Europe, Alessia has only reached number 625 in America.

There is a huge variety of variations on this name including Alexis, Alexia, Alexina, Lexi, Lexus and Lexy. You could even use the nickname Sia, to make her really up to date.

21 Lude

If you like the names Lewis or Louis but are put off by the slight overuse of those names, then this could be the perfect choice for you. Lude is the Czech version of Louis and is becoming more popular across Europe, including Malta. Meaning ‘renowned warrior’, it is a great boy’s name. Whilst the use of Louis is rising fast thanks to a recent Royal encounter, Lude stays off the popularity charts so would make a unique name for your child.

20 Marcellino

If you like a traditional name but are looking for something more unique, Marcellino is a great choice. It is the Spanish version of Marcellino, and although well used in Malta is still rare across Britain and America. Meaning ‘warlike’, the girl’s version is also lovely - Marcellina. Originally this name comes from the Latin ‘marcellus’ meaning ‘hammer’, from where it gets its ‘warlike’ links.

Boys with this name are said to be passionate, compassionate and intuitive. They like to express themselves and are broadminded and generous.

19 Angele

If you like ‘Angel’ but fancy being a bit different, then why not use this spelling variation? Derived from the Greek ‘Angelos’, this pretty name means ‘messenger’ or ‘one who announces’. In the Bible of course, all the most important messages are delivered by angel, so this is an ancient and important name

Although this is the ninth most popular name in Malta, it has only managed to reach number 350 in America. Whilst Angel can be unisex, this neat twist gives it a purely feminine feel.

18 Easton

Easton means ‘east facing place’ and is a fast climber in Malta’s popularity stakes. Whilst it is in the top 100 names for boys, it is becoming more popular for girls now thanks to a spate of celebrity namings. Directional names are now becoming more popular, including North, West and Weston, so it is only logical to have an Easton too! You can find many examples of famous Eastons in TV, music and sports.

Variations on this name include Eston, Eastyn, Eastman or just plain old East.

17 Matthias

This is a very popular Hispanic name and is in 15th place in popularity in Malta. Translating as ‘Gift from God’, it is a variation on the ever so popular Matthew. Probably the most famous Matthew was the first of Jesus’ disciples and writer of the first book of the New Testament, which was self-titled.

Matthias also has royal links, being a line of Hungarian Kings throughout the 15th century.

There are various European variations including Mathias in Sweden and the Catalan Mateu.

16 Mirko

This unusual boy’s name has the gorgeous meaning ‘peace and celebration’ and is a short form of Miroslav. It is used more frequently in Eastern European countries such as Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia and in neighbouring Italy, it is number 77. This name would work well for boys of all ages and with a beautiful meaning behind it, is waiting to be introduced to the USA and Britain.

Linked with royalty, Miroslav was the name of a 10th-century king of Croatia who was deposed by one of his nobles after ruling for four years.

15 Harriet

Thought by some to be quite a snobby sounding upper-class name, Harriet is making a comeback. Whilst it spent the 19th century in the American top 100, Harriet hasn't appeared on the list since 1970. However, it is currently number 61 in England.

Coming from the French name Henriette, the name originally derived from the German words ‘haim’ and ‘ric’, meaning ‘estate ruler’. This is where its link with wealth and class was established.

Nowadays it is a pretty name that could be shortened to Hattie, Hetty or even Arrietta.

14 Lia

Lia is the Italian version of the well-used name Leah. In the Bible, Leah was Jacob’s first wife. The name translates as ‘weary’. Hugely popular in Switzerland, Spain and many Eastern European countries, Lia is still languishing at number 337 in America. Lia is also a Greek name meaning ‘bearer of good news’.

There are many famous people called Lia from Lia Neal, the American Olympic swimmer to Lia Cirio, American ballerina and even the Youtuber Lia Marie Johnson.

13 Parr

Parr is an old English word meaning ‘enclosure’. In some places it translates as ‘from the cattle enclosure’, indicating that Parr was probably a popular farming name. Whilst it is common as a surname, for instance, Catherine Parr, wife of Henry VIII, it could transition to make a rare and stylish given name.

Boys with this name are competent, practical and successful, and often become quite wealthy. They make great leaders, but sometimes at the expense of their private lives.

12 Orsel

This is a particularly beautiful girl’s name with a particularly cute meaning. Translating as ‘little female bear’, Orsel is an alternative to Ursula. Whilst Ursula is still a lovely name it is considered quite old-fashioned by some, and now also is unfortunately linked with the wicked sea-witch in ‘The Little Mermaid’.

However, Ursula is also a Saint and appears in two Shakespeare plays, so not a bad name to be linked with. Orsel offers a fresh take on an old name. Still not sure? Try yet another lovely variation such as Orsola, Orssa or Orsalina.

11 Palma

Originally a Latin name, Palma has two meanings and is very popular in Malta. As a locational name, it relates to the city on the nearby Spanish island of Majorca. As a nature name, it translates as ‘palm’ and is quite often used for girls born on or around the important Christian festival of Palm Sunday. From ancient times the palm leaf has been an emblem of victory and the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, is represented with a palm leaf in her hand.

10 Rianne

This is a pretty alternative to the increasingly popular Rihannon or Rihanna and translates as ‘divine queen’. It is a name steeped in Celtic tradition, as the root name Rhiannon comes from Celtic mythology. This goddess was born on the first moonrise and is known as the Divine Queen of Faeries. Appearing as a beautiful young woman dressed in gold and riding a horse, she is the goddess of fertility, rebirth, wisdom, poetry and magick. Rianne is popular in Malta and could make a lovely name for your little goddess.

9 Selene

Selene is famous in Greek mythology as being the goddess of the moon. She is the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, and sister to the sun-god Helios, and Eos, who is the goddess of the dawn. Her favourite mode of transport is her moon chariot, which she drives across the heavens. In Roman mythology, her equivalent is Luna, which also makes a very pretty name.

The Latin variation of this name, Selena, is more common in America. This name could also derive from ‘selas’, which means light.

8 Tamyra

Tamyra is a popular Maltese version of the name Tamara. Originally a Hebrew name, Tamara means ‘date palm tree’.

Tamar is a name that dates back to the Bible, where she was the daughter-in-law of Judah and also King David’s daughter. There are multiple variations on this name including Tamarks, Tama, Tamryn and Tomka.

The name Tamara peaked in popularity in the 1970’s when 1,104 babies per million were given it. Since then it has declined in popularity quite rapidly and is just awaiting a comeback.

7 Xavier

Made more popular than it already was in the USA by Professor Xavier in the X-Men comics and film franchise, Xavier is actually an old Basque name. Meaning ‘new house’ or ‘bright’, some pronounce it ex-ZAY-vee-er whilst others go with ZAY-vee-er. This name is popular in Jesuit societies, where it is connected with high intellect and strong moral values.

Last ranked in the USA at number 89, there are some spelling variations to choose from including Zavier, Xavior and the Spanish Javier.

6 Zachary

Zachary is an unusually cool sounding Biblical name, which has stood the test of time and remains popular. Having been in the top 20 American names for over 10 years, it has dropped to number 103 but is still popular thanks to its widespread use in the media and celeb-land.

It means ‘the Lord has remembered’ and refers to various men in the Bible, including the father of John the Baptist and the King of Israel.

With a huge choice of variants including Zac, Zach and Zacharias, this name looks set to continue to be well used.

5 Zainab

Zachary is an unusually cool sounding Biblical name, which has stood the test of time and remains popular. Having been in the top 20 American names for over 10 years, it has dropped to number 103 but is still popular thanks to its widespread use in the media and celeb-land.

It means ‘the Lord has remembered’ and refers to various men in the Bible, including the father of John the Baptist and the King of Israel.

With a huge choice of variants including Zac, Zach and Zacharias, this name looks set to continue to be well used.

4 Sephora

Sephora, or Sephira, is a Hebrew name which translates as ‘bird’. The wife of Moses, in the Bible, was Tzipora, so this makes a softer version of this quite harsh sounding name. Now the name of a famous cosmetics franchise, Sephora is popular in Malta but still languishing at number 3,815 in America. However, it has made a huge leap in popularity since its lowest point at number 13,428 in 1994.

With alternative spellings of Saphora, Saphorah, Seforah and Sephorah there is plenty of choice about the exact name you are going to use.

3 Lara

Lara is the 49th most popular girl’s name in Malta but has only reached number 759 in America. Meaning ‘citadel’, Lara is a name of Russian origin and a short form of Larissa or Larisa.

There are some notable Laras in the media, including the character in the classic film Dr Zhivago and the video-game heroine Lara Croft. Lara is also a state in Venezuela and was a nymph in Ovid’s ‘Fasti’. She was known for her beauty and inability to keep secrets!

2 Marcheta

This beautiful name comes in at number 35 on the top Maltese girls' names list. It is a variation of the Greek name ‘Margaret’, which translates as ‘pearl’. As a surname, Marcheta can be traced back to the ancient region of Venice and was first recorded in Crema. As these families began to travel, the name can be found in America and Britain by the end of the 19th century.

With other variations including Maretha, Marjey and Margalo, this name is a pretty choice for your little girl.

1 Thwayya

This most unusual name is Arabic, meaning ‘star’. Girls with this name are said to value truth, justice and discipline. They love to work with others towards a common goal of peace and harmony. They may appear overly cautious at times, but this is just because they enjoy order in their lives.

This name is very rare and doesn’t rank in any baby name lists. If you like the name ‘star’ but want to keep away from the more popular Stella or Estelle, Thwayya could be a good choice for you.

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