25 Names From Scandinavia That Make A Girl An Instant Beauty (Part 2)

Scandinavia is unique for many reasons, this is an area unlike anywhere else in the world. Scandinavia takes a multitude of countries in Europe and combines them into a single region. From this region, which includes countries such as Sweden, Demark, and Norway, comes some of the most interesting traditions, cultures, and languages. These traditions include names that have not been heard or utilized in the United States. These names are beautiful and range from exotic sounding, to traditional and modern. They utilize languages from all over the region and play on sounds that are rarely heard elsewhere in the world while gaining great popularity throughout Europe.

The names on this list are an example of some of the most unique and beautiful names that Scandinavia has to offer. The beauty of these names ranges from having to do with sound, spelling or meaning and any combination of the three. If parents choose these names, they certainly will not have to worry about other kids in the class having them or the names not sounding original. They're so unique and gorgeous that no mom can go wrong with them, so read on to find the perfect name for any little one.

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25 Vanja

The female variation on the name Vanya, this Scandinavian name is traditional, powerful and absolutely gorgeous. Like many names, this name is bold and bright but it has a sound that is greatly under-utilized, especially in the United States. Down a long line of variations, feminine forms, and diminutive forms you will find the name distantly related to John. That gives the name its meaning of, “God is gracious.”

This name is a unique way to honor a John in your life without resorting to traditional names. This name is pronounced VAHN-yah. The name Vanja does offer the variation of Vania if you don’t like the j. The name has also seen a lot of use and popularity in Europe being used by athletes, artists, and television hosts.

24 Signe

A very unique name Signe is exotic and rare. The name Signe is pronounced SIGG-neh. This name has a Scandinavian origin which means, “new victory.” A fierce and strong meaning with a unique and beautiful sound Signe is the perfect option for those looking for a name that is a bit different.

Signe is a name that has seen the spotlight on many occasions, Signe Toly Anderson was the lead singer of the band Jefferson Airplane. The name has also belonged to activists, actresses, and journalists among others. While there are not a lot of options for variations on the name Signe it could be used as an alternative to Sydney or the lesser known Sigrid.

23 Mette

This edgy name is a Norse variation on a traditional. Mette is a variation of Margaret. Both of these names share a meaning of, “pearl.” Margaret is a name that has a Greek origin and has experienced significant popularity resting at number 132 on the name charts.

While Margaret is a classic name it can be seen as formal and stuffy. Mette is the perfect solution to those who love the meaning, “pearl,” or those who want to honor a Margaret but are not a fan of the old school sound to the name. Perfect for the parents looking for a fresh and modern twist on the classic Mette is a bold and beautiful choice.

22 Nessa

From Scandinavian origins comes the beautiful, lyrical Nessa. Nessa is a name that has multiple origins in addition to Scandinavian, this name also has roots in Scotland and Russia. The beautiful name means, “headlands or promontory.” Nessa is more commonly heard as a nickname to Vanessa but is also a beautiful stand-alone name. Nessa has failed to gain much popularity on the name charts despite being lyrical and gorgeous.

The name Nessa is one that can be used as a cousin name to Tessa or as a nickname. However, it does offer nicknames of its own, Nessia, Nessi and Ness are options. The name also has variations such as Nesha, Nesiah, Nesa, Neysa, Neshia or Netia.

21 Mia

This short and sweet name is one that you have probably heard of. It is no surprise that it has made a name for itself on the charts, currently sitting at number 6 on Nameberry’s chart. Mia is the Scandinavian short form of the even more well-known name Maria. This sweet little name has two meanings, “mine and bitter.”

The name Mia is extremely well known from sports stars like Mia Hamm to actresses, singers and models this name has been seen all over Hollywood. Mia is short and strong There are few ways to vary this name and even fewer options to shorten it any further making it perfect for parents who want a sweet simple and classic name for their little one.

20 Marte

Marte is a unique name with a Scandinavian origin. The name Marte is based on the commonly known name Martha. Martha and therefor Marte means, “lady.” A simple and elegant meaning for a name with a fresh and modern feel. The name Martha is Aramaic in origin and has reached enough popularity to make the names chart at number 750.

While Marte has not reached the name charts like its cousin name has it offers a unique way to honor the name Martha or simply liven up this classic. Marte is short and striking creating a beauty out of its rarity and unique sound.

19 Vigga

Vigga is a strong and bold name which has a meaning to match. This Scandinavian name means, “war or battle.” While this name has notable popularity in Denmark it has yet to gain traction in the United States and elsewhere. This name is one that has a male form that tends to be better known, Viggo, although it still has not made a significant impact on the U.S. name charts.

Vigga is strong and bold. This name is beautiful in its commanding nature and its fierce meaning. A strong sound and a meaning that is perfect for any parent wishing strength and power for their baby girl, Vigga is a perfect choice.

18 Kieron

A variation on the plain Jane name of Karen this Scandinavian girl’s name offers a fresh and strong sounding alternative to the well-known classic. Kieron is a name that fits perfectly into the current naming trend of stronger less girly names for girls. Despite being less girly in sound this name is one that still inspires beauty even without being overtly feminine.

The name Kieron is tied to the name Karen which has a meaning of, “pure.” The name has not gained near as much popularity as its better-known counterpart Karen which currently is ranked at number 556. Kieron has yet to make a name for itself on the charts which keeps its unique beauty rare.

17 Kallan

Kallan is a name that comes from a Scandinavian origin but offers a fresh and modern yet soft and beautiful sound. The name Kallan has a lovely nature meaning of, “stream or river.” The name has not yet gained significant popularity in the United States despite its sweet sound. Overall the name has managed to remain out of the spotlight keeping it a rare beauty.

Kallan is a simple name that still offers a significant number of variations in spelling that make it easy to personalize this name to fit you. The name Kallan can also be spelled, Kalon, Kalahn, Kallon, Kalen, Kalan or Kallen for starters. If you are looking for a nature-related name or a name that has a connection to water this may be the perfect choice for your little beauty.

16 Kaia

Kaia is a beautiful name that is short and sweet. The name Kaia has multiple origins coming from Scandinavian, Latin, and Hawaiian roots. This is a name that has on its own gained itself a seat on the Nameberry name charts at number 332. The name Kaia is pronounced Ky-a and means, “to rejoice.”

The name Kaia offers many variations in spelling, Kaija, Kya, Kaya, Kyah, Kayah or Kaiah. The name Kaia has seen plenty of spotlight in recent years as a popular choice for baby names. Supermodel Cindy Crawford, NFL players, Jim Finn, Kroy Biermann, and T.J. Jones and the wrestler The Undertaker all chose the name Kaia as part of their daughter’s names.

15 Jytte

An edgy and bold Scandinavian variation Jytte is a form of the well-known Judith. Judith has a current seat at number 846 on the Nameberry name chart. The name Jytte shares its meaning with Judith, “woman from Judea.”

Jytte has not yet gained popularity in the United States. However, this name has a rarity and an edge to it that is likely to carry it into the modern naming trends while classics like Judith fall into disuse because they are too common, formal or plain. A great choice for parents who like edge, are looking for an update on a classic religious name or just want something unique and unheard of, Jytte is a fantastic choice for the name of a baby girl.

14 Juni

Juni is Scandinavian and it means, “June.” The name is a month name and a perfect variation on the well-known June. While June is a name that has significant popularity in the United States having reached the 244th spot on the Nameberry name charts. The name Juni is a perfect way to change up the classic and make it more personal and original.

The name June or Juni is based on the month which was named for the Latin goddess Juno. The goddess Juno was the goddess of marriage and childbirth. This name is fresh and bright having an upbeat feel that brings to mind thoughts of cheerfulness and beauty.

13 Janne

Janne is a sweet and demure name that is the Danish and Norwegian diminutive of Johanna. This name is one that can be used as both a male or female name however it has a feminine ring to it that makes it a fantastic choice for a baby girl. The name in Scandinavian, Finnish and Danish cultures means, “God is gracious.”

Janne is a beautiful variation that takes the overly formal Johanna and makes it into a more modern name. The name is sweet and demure but beautiful and rare. Janne has been seen in the spotlight in Norway but has yet to make a place for itself in the United States. A perfect choice for parents who love classic names like Jane or are looking for a religious origin the name Janne is a fresh take on the traditional.

12 Isak

A variation on the name Isaac this name is a Scandinavian unisex name based on a traditionally male name. The name Isak is pronounced EE-sak and it is based on the popular Hebrew name Isaac. As a boy’s name Isaac has gained immense popularity reaching number 33 on Nameberry’s charts.

While Issac has gained popularity Isak has not enjoyed as much, especially as a girl’s name. However, this line of names has a wonderful meaning of, “laughter.” While this name is beautiful and it would be a bold choice for a baby girl you may have to deal with the impression that Isak is traditionally a boy’s name. However, if you are willing to break that mold this bright and beautiful name is definitely a unique and stunning choice.

11 Eline

Eline is the Scandinavian version of the well-known Elaine. Elaine is an old French form of the name Helen. This line of names means, “bright, shining light.” Elaine has gained significant popularity making it to number 588 on Nameberry’s top name list.

While Eline has not enjoyed the same popularity as Elaine it is a more modern, edgier version. Eline has a rarity and beauty to it that Elaine has lost in exchange for its popularity. The has had success in Norway and Denmark, however, being seen as the name of athletes, actresses, and models for starters. This lyrical little name is perfect for parents who want their little one to know she is the light of their life.

10 Daven

Daven is bold and beautiful in its smooth melodious nature. Daven is a Scandinavian variation on the name Davida a femininized version of the Hebrew name David. These names have a meaning of, “beloved.” The name David has immense popularity however the feminized versions do not have that same popularity.

Daven is unique and is perfect to fit into the current trend of tomboyish names for girls. The name Daven is bold and modern sounding but it still has a beautiful feel to it that comes from its strength. Daven would be perfect to honor a David in your life or simply because beloved is the perfect meaning to bestow on your bundle of joy.

9 Cristen

Cristen is a name which is a unique looking variation on the commonly known and loved Kristen. Kristen and Cristen are names that are Danish or Norwegian variations of the name Christine. The names have a meaning of, “a Christian.”

Cristen is a little bit strange to look at for those who are used to seeing Kristen or Christina, however, it is a beautiful and rare variation on a classic name. The name Cristen is one which is sure to serve well those looking to honor a Kristen, Christina or even just looking for a religious meaning. This particular variation has remained out of the spotlight and therefore has a rare and exotic feel without having the overused qualities of its cousins.

8 Syrin

Unlike most of the variations on this list, Syrin looks nothing like the name that it is derived from. Syrin is the Scandinavian version of the name Lilac, an English name that comes from a Persian origin. This name has a meaning that is related either to the flower or color that it shares its name with.

Syrin is strong and forceful. This name has a beauty to it that is unlike most names popular in the United States. Syrin is a name which is perfect for parents who love nature or flowers but are looking for a more powerful, edgier name than the classic demur options.

7 Rica

Rica is an interesting name choice and it comes from a variation line filled with names that are bound to be familiar to most people. Rica is the Scandinavian diminutive of Frederica or Erica. These names are far more well-known and while Frederica is still rare it is overly formal. Erica, on the other hand, is overused. This line of names comes from the Norse name Eric and they mean, “eternal ruler.”

This short and bold name is one that may not have much popularity but has a modern edge to it that means it may yet continue to grow in use. The name Rica can be personalized in multiple ways. Spelling variations include Ricca, Rhica, Rycca, Riqua, Rieca, Riecka or even Rieka depending on which style strikes your interest.

6 Kiersten

The name Kiersten has a decidedly feminine ring to it. It is a name most people are likely familiar with and it is a girl’s name with a Scandinavian origin. Kiersten is a variation on its more commonly known cousin name, Kirsten. This name is the Scandinavian variation of the French Christine a variation on Christina. This line of names means “anointed.”

The biggest downside to Kirsten is that it is easily confused with Kristen and therefore mispronounced. Kiersten makes it more obvious through spelling that the pronunciation should be different however be aware with this name there may still be some mispronunciation. The name Kiersten has not gained widespread popularity but its strong feminine sound makes it a great choice for parents looking to customize a more familiar name.

5 Jensen

This name is one that fits perfectly with the current trend of more masculine names for girls. Jensen is a name which means, “son of Jens.” This Scandinavian name is unisex but used as a girl’s name there is a beauty in its strength even without an overly feminine sound.

The name Jensen has not gained much popularity as a girl’s name in the United States, however, it does have a beautiful sound and strength to it. The name is also traditionally a surname and is one of the most common last names in Denmark. The name belongs to actress Jensen Buchanan known for her roles on shows such as Another World (1993-1999) and One Life to Live (1987-1990). Jennsen Rahl is also a character in the popular book series, “The Sword of Truth,” by Terry Goodkind.

4 Hilde

Hilde is a name that comes from a variation list. The name Hilde is a Scandinavian variation on Hilda, a variation on Brunhild, and a variation on Hildegarde. These names range in meaning from, “battle woman to a comrade in arms or armed for battle.”

The name Hilde is a name that has not gained a spot on the popularity charts despite having a long history of use. The lack of popularity may be due to an old world sound and a brusque feel to the name. While Hilde does not have a sound that is extremely feminine the name may fit better with modern trends away from super girly names. This name has belonged to activists and writes, to Olympic athletes and singers as well as actresses and politicians.

3 Berit

Berit is a Scandinavian form of the name Birgit, a variation on Brighid which is Irish in origin. The names in this line of variation all mean, “strength,” going back to Brighid which is said to mean, “strength and exalted one.”

Despite the name being well known and used in northern Europe the name is almost unheard of in the United States. This name has belonged to an Olympic cross-country skier, Norwegian MP, and performers. Berit can also be spelled Berette or Beret or Beryt. The name also invites the nickname Berry or Berri and can be substituted for Berta.

2 Tyra

This name is the feminine variation on the name of an Indo-European God. The name Tyra is based on the name Tyr which belonged to one of the war Gods. This name is strong and bold and bound to grab attention.

The name Tyra is one which has not held significant popularity. Even currently that name is not on the top names list. However the name has been in the spotlight for quite some time thanks to Tyra Banks, the supermodel and businesswomen is known by most everyone. This name has also belonged to a princess and multiple actresses. The name Tyra can also be spelled as Thyra or Tyria.

1 Trina

Trina is a Scandinavian girl’s name that comes as a diminutive form of Katrina. The name Katrina is the German variation on the classic Katherine. This gives Katherine, Katrina, and Trina all the meaning of, “pure.” This name is a great option for those looking to honor a Katherine or Katrina with a less formal and more modern name.

Even with a more modern feel to it, the name Trina retains some of its traditional sounds. Trina is a short and strong name which offers room for a lot of personalization and creativity. The name can be spelled Treina, Treena, or Trena. The name has also belonged to fashion designers, rappers, singers, Olympic swimmers, and even a comic artist and writer.

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