25 Names From The 1800s That Actually Sound Brand New (Part 2)

A lot of people read part one and were big fans of all the names inspired by the Victorian era, so here we are again with Part II! There are so many names to come out of such an elegant and intense historical time period that we figured we couldn't just cram them all into one article. Names such as these will forever hold a timeless place in our hearts, and now moms don't just have to hear them when reminiscing about their great, great, great aunt or uncle. Retro names are making a comeback which means that vintage names can't be too far behind, and we're happy to give moms a solid start to finding the perfect one for the baby girl or boy. While many of these might seem outdated, the fact that they're not commonly heard today make them so unique and interesting.

Naming a child is a personal decision and it can take some time before finally settling on something that's perfect, descriptive, and fitting. It doesn't hurt to do a little shopping around before making the final decision and sometimes it can even be fun to take a step back in time and learn what was once popular. These names are classy, reminiscent, and reminders of a time before technology, social media, and long-distance phone calls.

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25 Ida

The name Ida is considered to be very old-world and because of that, many people don't see the true beauty in it. It's a short name but one that is unique and carries a strong meaning. It has strong roots in the German culture and is translated to "industrious one". Any girl that bears the name Ida will inevitably be a strong worker and someone who doesn't give up very easily. She might even be a bit stubborn, as any good German usually is!

24 Harley

Harley is a name that is now considered unisex and makes for one very rebellious-sounding name for a little girl. However, in the 1800s, it was known most commonly as a male name. Its meaning is quite simple and means "hare's meadow", which seems like such a soft and gentle name compared to the actual sound of it. However, this could be because an entire motorcycle company also shares this same first name!

23 Lilian

This is a beautiful name that has since been replaced with the shortened version of Lily but will always remain a classic. The name hails from Latin and was inspired by the word "lilium" which is literally translated to the "lily flower". This would be a pretty name for a little girl especially for fans of the popular summer flower, and it would be very fitting for a baby born in the summer months as well. There's no doubt that this is a great nod to the Victorian era.

22 Otto

Many names on this list first originated in European countries because their immigration was on the rise throughout the 1800s. One of these names it Otto, which was first introduced in Germany. It the German culture, it's a strong and popular German name, first given to the king of Germany, Otto I, in the year 912. He was also an emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, which is why much power is associated with this name. Its original form was "Odo".

21 Edith

Edith is a name that was first coined in Old English and was a combination of the names Ēadgyđ and Eadgyth. It's easy to see how Edith became a sort of middle ground between the two and what's unique it the name's meaning. It's translated to "prosperous in war", making it a strong name without sounding too harsh. This name is subtle pretty and very understated, but in the Victorian era, it was relatively common to meet girls bearing this first name.

20 Harvey

You'll notice that many names that came about during the Victorian era have strong meanings and Harvey is no different. It's translated to "battle worthy" and has a very long history behind it though it's still fairly popular to this day. The name is French in nature and simple, yet still unique in its sound. Back then, the name was commonplace and not unusual. Nowadays, this name comes off as cool and somewhat rebellious because it's not too common.

19 Victoria

The name Victoria is one that many parents either end up loving or despising. One that everyone can agree on is that it's a pretty cool namesake twist on the word "victory", which is also its meaning. Victoria gives way to several nicknames including Vicky, Vic, and even Torrie. This is one name that still has the echo of the past attached to it which is why it will always be an interesting name in today's society. It's pretty but strong and sharp-sounding, making it perfect for a strong baby girl.

18 Julius

It's quite obvious that this name came from somewhere within the Latin language as it echoes times where the Roman Empire ruled supreme. It was, indeed, an old family name during Roman times and is thought to have originated then and has since become a first name. Through centuries of evolution, the final meaning of this name is said to be "youth" and is unique but also carries with it a beautiful sound when spoken out loud. Julius would be the perfect name for a handsome little boy who will seemingly always have a baby face.

17 Estella

The name Estella is so great because your little girl will always have the nickname Stella, which is pretty and reminiscent of the stars and the sky above. This name as a whole isn't often seen much anymore, making it very unique but still pretty. In fact, the original word for "star" in Latin was "stella", which worked in a bit of a backward process -- During the 1800s, the name Estella became popular, playing off the popular soon-to-be nickname for this full first name.

16 Roscoe

While Roscoe sounds a like a very bold first name, it actually came to us from England. It hails specifically from Lancashire which is on the Northwestern coast of the country and was used as a proper first name. Its meaning comes from two different words that are seen in the Old Norse culture, one meaning a "roe deer" and the other meaning "a wood". Therefore, this name is very evocative of forests, wildlife, and wooded lands, which is surprising considering how formal it sounds!

15 Delia


Delia is a very interesting name. It's believed to be the shortened form of Cordelia, a name which you almost never hear anymore, if ever at all. It's also the feminine counterpart to the name Delius, a male name meaning "from the island of Delos" in Latin. This name also has somewhat of a mythological history to it as well since Delia is said to be another name for the goddess Artemis, who was supposedly born on the island of Delos.

14 Emmett

This is a cute and heartwarming name for a little boy. The name Emmett is perfect for a little boy with a big heart who is always kind to others, at least that's how it sounds to us! It's the male form of the feminine name Emma and was originally used as a surname. Over time, this name circulated back and became a proper first name which is when it surged in popularity during the 1800s. We love it no matter how rare it is, though.

13 Mathilda

If you love the name Matilda then chances are, you're probably a fan of this name as well. It's definitely not one that's heard very often now, but since the name Matilda sounds very old-world, this (even older) twist on it sounds brand new. Mathilda is a combination of two German words; "Maht" which means power, and "hiltia" which means battle. When putting together, the meaning of Mathilda is "powerful in battle" which keeps in line with Germany's reputation for having very strong names.

12 Adelia

The funny part about this name is that it goes hand in hand with another name that made it to our Part II list, William. Adelia was the name of the youngest daughter of William the Conqueror, which make both of these names a cute and powerful combination when used together -- Not to mention, a great nod to history! Adelia is a variant of the names Adelaide and Adelheid, two names that are commonly seen today. It means "nobility" which is quite fitting of the Victorian era.

11 Irving

You're probably thinking of Washington Irving right now and possibly Sleepy Hollow, and that's quite alright with us. This name is very colonial-sounding and, while it shares the namesake of the popular author, is believed to have originated at a parish in Ireland. This name is definitely not used much anymore if at all which is a shame because it's so unique in sound and truly echoes the Victorian era and everything that came with it. For lovers of history and literature, this is truly a one of a kind name.

10 Verda

Verda is a pretty name but not much is known about it, including where it came from or where it originated. We do know, based on records from the 1800s, that it was very popular and surged during the Victorian era. We like that this name has an air of mystery surrounding it, though; It's fitting for such a unique-sounding and gorgeous name. Its meaning is thought to be something akin to "springlike", thought to be playing off of the term "verdant".

9 Clayton

This is a name that's somewhat popular today and you can still hear it around, but somewhere along the way, it became a popular Southern culture name. Often referred by the nickname of "Clay", this name actually originated in Old English. The name is a compound that was created by two Old English words for "clay" and "settlement" or "enclosure, therefore the name is translated to meaning "settlement near the clay pit". It's not super glamorous, but it does have an interesting history!

8 Tillie

Tillie is such an adorable name for a little girl. Interestingly enough, it's considered to be the number one nickname for girls named Mathilda and was treated as such during the Victorian era. Much like we use the name Christopher but still name children Chris in today's era, the same was done back then. Tillie bears the same meaning, "powerful in battle" and is, of course, of German origin as well. This would become a precious name for any little girl, especially those with parents who are proud of their European heritage.

7 Marshall

The name Marshall is another one that is quite the mystery when it comes to where it originated and what it means. However, we do know that it was popular in the 1800s and is still somewhat popular today. Nowadays, it's more commonly a middle name than it is a first, which makes it a bit more unique than other names. It does share a name with a town in Texas as well as several terms to describe police and military rankings. It's historic in sound and still somewhat echoes the Victorian era.

6 Alta

The name Alta is believed to have originated from the Latin word for "high", but it also bears the same meaning in Spanish culture as well. It's meaning is "high and mighty" but other than that, not too much is known about it except that today, it's viewed as a very vintage name. This name is unique in sound and very pretty, while not very popular by any means. It would make a beautiful first or even a middle name for a little girl and definitely one that no one else in her class will have.

5 Elbert

There's not much that we can say about the name Elbert other than what it says for itself -- It's so dang cute! It's thought to be derived from the name Albert (which is still a name that floats around a bit today) and means "nobly bright". It is a German name and could totally bear the nickname "El" or even "Bert". This name is more versatile than many people think and its meaning makes it even more of a perfect Victorian era-inspired first name.

4 Virginia

You'll notice that there were plenty of names that start with "V" to come out of the 1800s, and Virginia is a name that's still around today, though not nearly as popular now. It does have roots in Latin as a surname until it eventually became used as a feminine first name. Virginia means "springlike" or "flourishing" which evokes some beautiful imagery, and is also a reminder of how beautiful the state is that shares the same name. A popular nickname for Virginia is "Ginnie" which is cute and also reminiscent of the beloved character in the popular Harry Potter books.

3 William


For a strong baby boy name, William is one that reminds us of knights and kings, but also of royalty with its regal air. It conjures up images of palaces and castles, of crowns and jewels, and will certainly suit any boy who is considered a little prince to his family. Although the name was first heard during the year 1027 (that's a long way back!) by Willian the Conqueror, it gained popularity throughout the Victorian era, especially in England. The name means "resolute protector" which is quite fitting.

2 Grace


It's easy enough to take a guess as to what this name means since it's meaning is right in front of you. However, it's in this that we find beauty because this is truly so much more than a name. To bear the name Grace means, yes, to be graceful; It also carries an air of certainty, patience, and serenity. It's a beautiful name for a little girl and is surprisingly popular consider the fact that it was first seen in large numbers during the 1800s. This is one name that keeps on giving and any little girl will be lucky to be graced with it... No pun intended.

1 Thomas

Thomas is a name that never really became unpopular but it did surge during the Victorian era. Similar to the name William, Thomas is a strong name with plenty of nicknames to accompany it in order to turn it into something more casual-sounding. The name means "a twin" and is originally a derivative of tē’ōma, which is Aramaic. The nicknames that often go along with this name can be anything from Tom, Tommy, Tee, or even TJ, depending on your child's middle name.

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