25 Names Nobody Would Have Thought Of

In today’s world, it seems like the trend where almost anything can be a name is becoming more and more accepted. People are picking all sorts of “non-names” as names for their children. There seems to no longer be a boundary preventing people from choosing everyday objects to name their children after. Although as some of the names on this list will show this trend has been around quite a while, despite it only recently picking up speed.

Names like Pearl, and Ruby, for example, are precious stones that double as names. Flowers such as Lily or Rose are also well-accepted everyday items that double as names. This expanded into names like Sunshine with the more Hippie crowd but it has been a trend for a very long time. If parents are looking for a name that has a different sound and unique feel try one of these 25 names that no one would have ever thought would have been a name, they may just be what parents have been looking for all along and surely the baby won’t have to share this name with anyone else in the class. Isn't that what every mom wants: for their little one to be unique?

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25 Amias

Amias is traditionally a male name with a Latin origin. With a classic Latin sound, this name rolls off the tongue smooth but is still strong and bold in character. While this name is not a direct object name it is the meaning that gains it a spot on the list. The name Amias means, “loved.” The perfect name for the little boy that is so very loved this name is a perfect descriptor.

Having not gained popularity in the United States and not broken into the top 1000 names the name remains rare enough to be unheard by most people. This rarity gives this sweet strong name a precious quality that echoes the sentiment behind it.

24 Moss

The first object name on our list goes to Moss. A sweet sounding name that inspires lush green images of nature for most people the name actually has a meaning tied a biblical name. The name Moss has an English origin but means, “descendants of Moses.” Moses is typically a name referenced in accordance with religion or the bible. Although the name is traditionally male it is possible with the current trend inU.S. naming that it could be used as either male or female.

Moss also brings to mind the hearty green plant that often covers surfaces and trees. As the more common image the name relates to this name becomes associated as a nature name or an object name. Naming your child after this strong and resilient yet beautiful plant is an association that anyone would be lucky to bear. This soft and poetic word is the perfect name choice for any nature-loving parent.

23 Aura

Aura is a beautiful and lyrical word that comes from a Greek origin. The name has a meaning in harmony with its sweet sound, “soft breeze.” While not a physical object you can hold the concept of a soft breeze is well known and easily understood.

The name Aura brings to mind the mystical and medical as well as the natural. Auras as the atmosphere surrounding a person. Essentially the vibes that they give off, the perception of them as a person. Auras are also a part of the medical field. They relate to migraines and epilepsy and are lights or feelings prior to an attack.

With so many common meanings and uses in our daily life, it is no wonder that people fell in love with this beautiful word. The lyrical sound and poetic meaning make it perfect to transition to a name.

22 Nova

Nova is the perfect name to describe any baby as it means, “new.” New to the world as any child is, new to your arms or even just a new name for them. The name Nova is listed as unisex however the -a ending is typically more popular among females and this name does have a feminine sound to it.

The Latin name Nova has a strength to it that comes from the strong N and V of the name. While the name brings to mind science because of the popular PBS documentary series with the name, they are not traditionally linked. This fierce and sassy name is the perfect way to introduce your strong new baby to the world.

21 Blaze

If you are looking for a name with some fire in look no further. Despite the common image of warmth and fire, this name brings to mind its meaning isn’t actually fire-related at all. A name with an English origin Blaze means, “one who stutters.”

The name Blaze is more popular for boys however it would also make a fierce name for a baby girl and has been gaining popularity for girls as well. This name is another one on the list that is an everyday concept or object that can make an extremely fierce and bold name. The only downside is there are not any spelling variations or obvious nicknames for Blaze.

20 Lux

If you are a fan of names that indicate royalty, richness or wealth Lux may be perfect for you. Lux is originally Latin meaning, “light,” however the word is often associated with richness and shine. The shine and light aspect may be where the name gets its connection to wealth and richness.

Lux is traditionally listed as a female name but the strong and simple sound it could easily double as a boy’s name as well. Even for such a short name the name Lux does offer nicknames. The options include the nickname Lu for a boy or Lulu for a girl.

19 Arlowe

Arlowe is special on this list because it is not an object but a place name. When the name is spelled its traditional way, Arlo it is a location. The object name trend is very similar to the place name trend, although the place name trend comes out of a more practical need to know where people come from.

Arlowe is an Armenian name that is either used as a place name or possibly a shortened version of Carlo. The name is typically either boy or girl when it is in the Arlo spelling. However, the Arlowe spelling is considered to be only female. This name is bold and poetic sounding like the name of a mythical elf in a fairytale.

18 Ara

Another Armenian name this one has a royal meaning. The name Ara means, “king.” Despite the -a ending the name Ara is used for either boys or girls. This palindrome is short and sweet. The strong sound is fierce but still retains the perfect amount of poetry.

The name means king giving it an air of regality and elegance. One of the best parts of object words from other languages is you get to keep the simple meaning but you can change the sound. You don’t have to name your child king because that is the meaning you want to impart, you can change the language and change the sound.

17 Tierney

Tierney is an interesting name because of the emotion it evokes. The name is Irish in origin and means, “the descendant of a lord.” When you change the spelling to Tyranny the image becomes that of a cruel and oppressive government. This becomes an issue because the beautiful sounding name is not distinguishable from the type of government by sound but by spelling. So saying the name may cause confusion.

Despite this, the name Tierney is a beautiful and melodious name that has a strong connection to history and the structure of our governments. You could easily change the spelling depending on the meaning you are interested in. This is another example of a name that while common in Ireland it means something entirely different in the United States so it becomes more similar to an object and odd for it to be a name. Odd or not this beautiful word makes a lovely sounding moniker for any baby girl or boy.

16 Kade

This name is a spelling variation on Cade but originally comes from an English origin. Kade means, “barrel.” This is a plain everyday object that is easily imaginable. Similar to other names on this list Kade is an example of naming your child after an everyday item but not using the word itself.

Kade is a name that can be used for either boys or girls however it has a distinctly masculine sound that makes it more popular as a boy’s name. The name has a strong, sharp and bold sound that gives it an unmistakable command when spoken. The only downside is that there is no really obvious nickname for Kade. There is, however, the alternate spelling option available of using the C instead of a K.

15 Dax

This is another name that originates as a place name. The name Dax is French in origin and traditionally used as a boy’s name. Dax is located in Southern France. The location aspect of the name is common but is another type of example of naming after an object.

The name may not have gained extreme levels of popularity in the United States but with its sharp and modern sound, it is likely that it will gain more ground. The name Dax has been sighted in Hollywood through Dax Shepard an actor who is best known for roles in Idiocracy (2006) and Employee of the Month (2006).

While traditionally a boy’s name likely because of the strong, bold and masculine sound it is possible that the name will become more popular with girls due to recent trends. Whatever happens, this is the perfect name for parents looking for a short, strong and unique name.

14 Kale

If the first thing that came to mind was the leafy green vegetable then I am pretty sure you have never thought of this word as a potential name before. This traditionally male name was originally spelled Cale and has a Hebrew origin. The name actually has an interesting meaning, “dog,” or “devotion to God.”

This name runs the gambit from being a vegetable from having an animal meaning to a religious one. Meaning aside though the name itself is smooth and relaxed. It starts with a strong sound but finishes with a poetic and smooth ending. The beautiful sound of this name is what is its saving grace, especially after the bad rep the vegetable gets.

13 Axton

Axton has an object meaning but it is an almost mythical feeling one. The name Axton means, “sword stone.” The name Axton is a boy’s name that is of an English origin. Axton has a fierce sound with the Ax prefix and strong -ton ending.

Axton does not offer any variations on the spelling of the name, however, there is the very fierce nickname of Ax that is available. The nickname Ax does bring up one downside which is this name does include the word Ax which some parents may not like. This name with its Arthurian sound and its meaning that sounds like something straight out of Camelot is perfect for your little Knight in shining armor.

12 Knox

This is an object word that is also related to nature. The name Knox is Scottish in origin and means “round hill.” This could double as a place name used to describe a particular round hill but all in all a round hill is an object.

The name Knox is used for both girls and boys and has a sharp and clean sound that comes from the K and X that start and finish the short name. This unique spelling gives the name its crispness but also its exotic look and bold style. Knox can be shortened with a dropped K to get Nox but there are no nicknames that are obvious for this short but strong name.

11 Omri

Omri is a name that probably isn’t as familiar in the United States as some others on the list. The name Omri is a Hebrew boy’s name that means, “my sheaf.” Omri is bookended with vowels which give it its soft sound.

The name does offer the spelling variation of Omry if you prefer the Y ending over the I. There are the options of nickname Om or Ri but neither is particularly obvious for the name. Unlike any other names in the United States, Omri has not yet reached popularity but it has potential and a lyrical sound that will have no problem catching on.

10 Ember

Another name that brings to mind fire and warmth, Ember is actually the French variation of Amber. Ember is a name that is used as either a boys or girls name. The image that most often comes to mind surrounding the word ember, is the small pieces of burning wood in the bottom of a fire. These little pieces of light holding on the warmth and strength of the fire are the objects attached to the name.

The perfect alternative to its overused cousin Amber, Ember keeps the same sound but switches out the first letter and meaning to create something unique and original.

9 Bee

Bee is a name that is just buzzing with happiness. The name Bee means, “she who brings happiness.” Bee is a short and sassy name for baby girl’s that is sometimes a nickname for Beatrice. The name Bee has a sound that makes you smile. The word itself brings to mind images of cute little bumble bees buzzing around flowers.

This sweet name has not gained popularity on its own in the United States just yet, however, it’s cousin name Beatrice has been popular. The name Bee definitely has hope for popularity in the near future with its sass and upbeat meaning.

8 Dai

Dai has a Japanese origin and is pronounced like Day. Just like the sun in the daytime, this name means, “to shine.” The name Dai is perfect for those parents who love the sunshine and summer but are looking for a name that doesn’t have quite as strong of a 60s-70s hippie vibe to it.Dai has been used for either a boys or girls name.

Day is another word name that simply goes by an alternate spelling. We all have a concept of day and the beauty of it. Beautiful, bright and bold Dai is the perfect name for your little sunshine.

7 Beck

Beck is a little different. Not necessarily an object name it brings to mind phrases like, “beck and call.” The name Beck has an English origin and means, “one living beside a small stream.” The name is used for both males and females however it is more commonly used as a boy’s name because of its bold and masculine sound.

The name Beck has been seen in Hollywood. The character Beck Oliver was featured on the Nickelodeon show Victorious and was played by Avan Jogia. Even with this, the name has not received significant popularity in the United States so it is safe to say it would be unique to your precious little one.

6 Brick

It is easy to figure out the object related to this word. The name Brick instantly brings to mind images of the rectangular red object used to build. The image is associated with a strong object that comes together to create complex and wonderful structure. While this associate is fairly simple the origin of the name is not.

The name Brick has various origins and meanings. The origin list includes German, Irish, Yiddish and Gaelic and meanings range from, “swamp” in German to “bridge” in Gaelic according to Nameberry. Even with so many origins and its bold sound the name Brick has not gained popularity in the United States. The name was featured however in the television series Hart of Dixie through the character Dr. Brick Breeland played by Tim Matheson.

5 Fern

Typically classified as a nature name it is no surprise that the name Fern brings to mind thoughts of the lush green plant with the same name. This girl’s name has a soft sweet sound reminiscent of the soft leaves of the fern plant itself. The name’s origin is a little unclear however Baby Center puts the name as having a Greek origin likely because of its relation to the plant name.

Even with its beautiful soft sound, this name has never quite taken off. Even with its feature in the novel Charlottes Webb by E.B. White the name still remains rare in the United States. Perfect for parents who love nature and hiking this sweet beautiful name is sure to remind you of the great outdoors.

4 Kase

Kase is a spelling variation on the more well-known Case. The more popular spelling has reached some popularity making it on to the top 1000 in the low 600s according to Nameberry. The spelling Kase is only about 100 spots behind in the low 700s according to the site.

The name case is considered a modern name and isn’t given a meaning but said to be a modern word name or a variation on names like Casey. It is easy to imagine what object the word case brings to mind. This name is perfect for parents who love travel, as in suitcase, or even a mystery, as in a case to solve. Whether you want a little adventurer or detective check out the name Kase it may be just what you are looking for.

3 Rex

Rex is another name on this list that is a word for king. Rex is used for both boys or girls, however, it tends to have a more masculine sound so it is more popular as a boy’s name. Rex has a classic Latin origin and a sharp and commanding sound which is rare in such a short name.

The name used to have a bad rep as being a “dogs” name but not anymore. This strong name has gained popularity as a name and has made it into the low 600s on the top 1000 names according to Nameberry. The name Rex was even used by Cold Play’s Will Champion and British actress Natascha McElhone for their children.

2 Hani

Hani is an exception on this list and an extremely happy one. The name Hani is really related to any particular object but it isn’t a word that would have ever been considered a name, at least not in the continental United States. The name Hani has a Hawaiian origin and means, “joyful.”

Hani is different, short but bubbly this name has a brightness to it that cannot be ignored. Hani has a happy sound to it, saying it you can’t help but smile. For the perfect name to describe how you feel about your little bundle of joy, Hani is an exceptional choice.

1 Bridge

Bridge is the perfect example of a word name. Typically used for boys the name Bridge does not have an origin listed on Nameberry despite being listed as a name. Bridge is an easy name to associate with what object it relates to. Bridges can be beautiful yet practical, strong yet flexible. They are a perfect example of the ability to be more than one thing. They are also the perfect example of connection, the ability to connect two things, two people.

The name Bridge is masculine but not too sharp or rough, there is still something almost poetic about it. The perfect name for your strong yet beautiful little man the name Bridge has it all.

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