25 Names Parents Will Never Get Tired Of Hearing Their Whole Lives

With the modern era making way for trendy and unique names, many of these names are only popular for a short period time. Although it is great to choose a name that is unique, parents need to consider other aspects. A name grows with a child, however it is also a name that parents need to be happy saying on a regular basis. Names can easily get boring, and in turn parents begin to get tired of hearing the name and fall out of love with them. Hence, it is important to choose a name that avoids this and has aspects that people will love for centuries to come.

With short names ranking high within naming charts, it is the vintage and classic names that have made this list. Many of these names dating back to early civilization have continued to have presence within the 21st century. With many of these names fuelled with strength and beauty, they have been choices that are loveable and people will not get tired of hearing. Some vintage names have been popular from the moment they were created, whereas some have seen a resurgence after a decline in popularity. However, what these names have in common is that they are choices that people don’t get tired of hearing no matter how much they are used.

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25 Grace

This name is as pretty as they come. Setting an elegant tone, Grace has had a presence for hundreds of years and is not leaving any time soon. Ranked within the top 20 girl’s names of 2017, its elegance and popularity dates back centuries. Name to the ever so beautiful Grace Kelly, princess of Monaco, this girl’s name has an association with nobility and high class status. This name is full of sweet and soft tones and is a name that people will never get tired of hearing. So, if you are looking for a classic name, this is a perfect choice for any little princess.

24 Thomas


Deriving from Aramaic origin, Thomas has been a classic boy’s name that has had huge popularity within the US and UK. Having an association with several religious saints, it has also been a popular name within children literature and television shows including the television show Thomas the Tank Engine. It is not only a masculine name that has been used for hundreds of years, it is a name that does not sound old or boring. Instead, it is a vintage name that lights up the room and is fitting within the modern era. Choosing this name for any little boy would be a wise choice as it is not a name that parent’s will ever get tired of hearing.

23 Emily

This girl’s name has had presence for hundreds of years and continues to be a name choice for many parents. This is evident as it is rated within the top 15 girl’s of 2017. This name appeals to people on so many levels thanks to it being simple, classic and feminine. Its pretty tones make it stand out from the crowd, continuing to be a favourite that parents are definitely not getting tired of hearing. So if you are stuck on a girl’s name, this is definitely a beautiful choice that should be considered. Pretty names don’t go out of fashion nor do people get sick of hearing them.

22 Jack 

Filled with strength and substance, this boy’s name has stood the test of time. Meaning ‘God is gracious’, this name has derived from English origin. Originally a nickname for the given name John, Jack has been given a huge amount of credit and has since become a stand alone given name. Jack continues to have presence in the modern era, thanks to nursery rhymes including Jack and Jill, and children’s stories including Jack and the Beanstalk. A name that has been instilled within literature and history, Jack will continue to be apart of our modern era which people have given so much acceptance. This name is definitely a classic and although it has strong tones, it has all the right attributes as a young boy’s name.

21 Amelia

Deriving from German origin meaning ‘work’, it continues to be a top ten name that definitely won’t be going anywhere any time soon. This vintage name has risen in the modern era and has beautiful soft tones that people will not get tired of hearing. Although it has a strong meaning and origin behind the name, the sweet tones override its background, grabbing the much attention of parents looking for a beautiful girl’s name. As a very popular name in English speaking countries, Amelia continues to be a name that is loved centuries on, giving new life to the name that people will not get tired of hearing anytime soon.

20 Isabelle

Deriving from the French language, this name instantly oozes class and sophistication. The French language provides a tone full of romance and love, and the name Isabelle encompasses these beautiful traits. This European girl’s name has been a popular name choice in English speaking countries and continues this trend by being a top ten name chosen by parents. With its feminine touch, Isabelle is a name that will truly light up the room when said aloud. With the variation Isabella also a popular choice, these girl’s names are long free flowing names that are full of substance and grace. Isabelle is definitely one of those French names that people will never get sick of hearing.

19 James 

This stylish Anglo Saxon name has been a popular choice for many decades and people are simply not getting tired of the name. Known as a variation of the Hebrew name Jacob, this boy’s name is full of substance and class. Meaning ‘supplanter’ which often refers to government and rulers of countries, this name shows the strength beyond the name itself. Found in biblical stories, the name of saints, and names of historical figures such as Captain James Cook. However, many would associate this name from the well known character James Bond 007. With this name used throughout history, James is a name that we won’t get tired of hearing.

18 Julian 

Funny little baby relaxing in a bouncer with sheepskin foot muff wearing warm knitted reindeer Christmas sweater at home on cold winter day. New born boy in stroller. Newborn child in rocking chair.

This beautiful boy’s name has all the right attributes to be a name that will be loved by any parent. Deriving from the Latin variation of Julius, this English version has a great meaning behind it. Meaning ‘youthful’, there is no way this boy’s name will ever get old. This handsome name continues to chart within the top 50 most popular boy’s names and thanks to its popularity, there is no reason to get tired of this name. With many cultural references from saints to Roman emperors, this strong and robust name is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a boy’s name you will not get tired of hearing.

17 Nathan

Deriving from Hebrew, meaning ‘given’, Nathan has been a top choice for centuries. With just as much charisma as it had centuries ago, this name is fitting within the modern world. Well known in the Old Testament tales, this name has been a popular choice in France and Belgium. Pronounced NAY-than in English speaking countries, it has been used as a given name since the 1500’s. Since then, Nathan has been a popular name which is currently ranked in the top 50 boy’s names. How can you not love this simple yet strong name? You simply cannot get tired of hearing it.

16 Ruby

Pretty and sweet, there is so much to love about this name. Full of beauty thanks to its meaning ‘deep red precious stone’, Ruby has continued to be used throughout the ages. This is surely a vintage name that you can never get sick of. Many parent’s feel the same way, as it is a popular girl’s name choice in many English speaking countries. Pronounced ROO-bee, this simple to spell name has a beautiful tone that you cannot underestimate. Also the birthstone of July, this is a great name choice for any little bundle of joy born in that month. However, if you do not have a baby born in July, it is still a name that should definitely be considered.

15 Charlotte

Feminine and classic, this name turns heads whenever said aloud. It’s pretty tones make this name a popular choice for parents searching for that perfect name. Thanks to the British royal family, Charlotte has become a top ten name within the last several years. Known as the given name to Prince William’s daughter, Charlotte is fourth in line to the British throne, so if you like it or not, we will be hearing her name quite often. Thanks to its classic and royal attributes, this is a feminine choice that parents instantly fall in love with. How are we ever going to get sick of this name? We see it within royalty, pop culture and literature.

14 Violet

This is one of many of the beautiful botanical names that you will never get tired of hearing. Deriving from Latin, meaning ‘purple’, this is commonly used in different areas of the modern world, including a given name for girls. This was a popular name hundreds of years ago and has had a resurgence in the modern era. Just like Lily, Daisy and Rose, this feminine name choice will never get old, nor will people get tired of hearing it said aloud. Just like other botanical names, Violet is fuelled with radiance and purity that a name for any little girl should encompass.

13 Isaac

Call me bias, but this is one of my favourite boys names and truly a name that I will not get tired of hearing. Deriving from Hebrew, Isaac’s name comes from the meaning ‘laughter’ which makes it a beautiful boy’s name. This masculine name is full of strength but also provides a beautiful tone that makes it a name that lights up the room when said out loud. Pronounced IE-zak, this name has been used throughout history and a name to one of the most famous mathematician and physicist’s, Isaac Newton. From biblical times to the modern era, this name has continued to rise and be a popular choice that people are not going to get tired of any time soon.

12 William

This English name is close to the top of the most popular boy’s names, ranking number three. Whether it is due to the growing popularity of the Royal Family and second in line to the throne Prince William, or just the beautiful tones of the name, it is a choice that parents will not get tired of hearing anytime soon. Meaning ‘resolute protection’, William is conservative, yet contemporary providing a name that represents the old world and the modern era. From royalty, US Presidents and famous people within literature including William Shakespeare, this name has been around for centuries and continues to be loved by the masses.

11 Alexander

This masculine name has been a popular name choice in many countries including, England, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Hungary and Iceland. Deriving from Greek, this name has a very strong meaning known as ‘defending men’. If you are looking for a name that has substance and been given a huge amount of credit around the world, then this is the name you are looking for. Pronounced a-lig-ZAN-dar, this has been a top 25 name since 1991 according to nameberry.com. With historic references with the most famous bearer, Alexander the Great, king of Macedon, it is a name that is robust and full of strength.

10 Victoria

With its vintage vibe, Victoria is more than just a name that dates back to the ages. Meaning ’Victory’ and deriving from the Latin language, it has just as much presence today than it did centuries ago. Ranking within the top 20 female names, this traditional name has a powerful meaning, which is a perfect feminine choice for parents wanting to give their baby girl a name full of power which is still beautiful. Name to the long-reigning British queen, this name has been given a modern edge thanks to superstar Victoria Beckham and the well known lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. We won’t be getting tired of hearing this name any time soon!

9 Daniel

Deriving from Hebrew, it has been a boy’s name that has had presence in many countries including Norway, Sweden, France, Poland, Portugal and Spain. Pronounced DAN-yal, this is definitely not a name that parents will get sick of thanks to its simple characteristics. According to nameberry.com, Daniel has been a top 15 name every year since 1972 and modern parents are loving this name for their little boy. Meaning ‘God is my judge’ this name not only has associations with religion, it has been the name of many famous actors including Daniel Radcliffe and Daniel Craig, along with protagonists of many films and television shows including Daniel LaRusso in the hit 80’s film The Karate Kid.

8 Elizabeth

With its regal tones and noble heritage, there is no reason why this name will get old and tired any time soon. A name strong within royal families, Elizabeth has been the name sake of two British Monarchs of the 20th century. But how can we forget other notable figures including the queen of show business, Elizabeth Taylor? With this name easily shortened to Liz or Beth, this name in full has so much charisma, so there really is no need to shorten it. This is the perfect name for any little princess which is also a beautiful choice that parents will not get tired of.

7 Catherine

The subtle sweetness to this name makes it a beautiful name choice for any little girl. Deriving from Greek origin, meaning ‘Pure’, there is no name more fitting than a name that has a beautiful meaning like this one. Besides its Greek origins, it has had wide spread attention thanks to the British monarch. Catherine of Cambridge, wife of Prince William has given the name more reason to associate this name with class and beauty. Known as one of the oldest girl’s names, it has stood the test of time which is still fitting in the modern era. There is no sign of people getting tired of this name anytime soon.

6 Patrick

Deriving from Latin meaning ‘noble’, this boy’s name has been a classic for centuries. Fun yet full of class, this name has had presence within many cultures, especially in Ireland. Known as the patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick is celebrated in many other countries around the world. Along with celebrating this saint, St Patrick’s Day celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish. Thanks to this commemorative day, we continue to see this name, and it is definitely a stylish classic that you will not get tired of hearing. Throughout the years we continue to see this name as a given name and its classic tones make it a great choice to last a lifetime.

5 Rebecca

Its Hebrew origins, finds this name within biblical stories. Meaning ‘servant of God’, its religious connection is strong and has continued to be a name choice centuries on. According to ohbabynames.com, this has been a name used within the US trending back to 1880. Ranking high throughout the 20th century, it continues to be a name that defies fashionable trends. Keeping up with all the hip modern names, Rebecca is a captivating name that people do not get bored of. With diverse spellings, it is also commonly spelt Rebekah. However, no matter how this pretty girl’s name is spelt, it is a name that parents will not get tired of hearing.

4 Benjamin

Full of warmth, this masculine name is a lovely choice for little boys and parents looking for a name that has a vintage flare, yet suitable for the modern era. This attractive name has continued to be used throughout the ages and does not look like it’s slowing down any time soon. With this Hebrew name ranking within the top 10 popular boy’s names, it continues to have presence. Whether you like using this name in full or one of its loveable nicknames, Ben, Bennie or Benjy, it is a name that parent’s are attracted to and won’t get sick of hearing for the rest of their lives.

3 Joseph

Ranking within the top 20 names of 2017, Joseph is one of the most classic names in history. Although it may not be as popular as it once was, it has had a revival that continues to rank this name high within the charts. With religious appeal thanks to the name being used in the Old and New Testament, these associations have made it a name choice for parents who have strong religious beliefs. Besides these associations, the name resonates with people thanks to its friendly nickname that it encompasses. Joe has been widely renowned and this given name keeps getting a mention a top ranked boy’s names of the modern era.

2 Noah

Pronounced NO-a, this Hebrew name has found a place within the 21st century. Well known in the biblical story Noah’s Ark, Noah was a man who built an ark that allowed him, his family and two of every animal species to survive the great flood. With this story told throughout history, the name has found presence within the modern era. Charting within the top 100 boys names since 2013, Noah is a popular choice for little boys as it is full of strength and substance. As a popular name, it is definitely a choice that parent’s will not get tired of hearing their whole lives.

1 Olivia

Rated as the second most popular girl’s name of 2017, there is no denying the pretty tones of this name. Deriving from Latin, meaning ‘olive tree’, it first became popular in Shakespeare’s comedy, Twelfth Night. Pronounced o-LIV-EE-a, this name has been used in the English-speaking world since the 18th century and has continued to be a choice within the modern world. Along with its popularity within English speaking countries, it has been used throughout Europe including Italy, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Norway just to name a few. The love people have for this name is endless, and there is no denying it will be around for centuries to come.

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