25 Names So Gorgeous We Can't Believe More Moms Aren't Using Them

Choosing the right name for your baby is a big part of their future. It will mold them into who they will eventually become. Whether this may be a first, second or fifth pregnancy, the name game is always one of the toughest parts. It creates a child's identity and, unless they front a lot of money, it will be permanent. No pressure, right?

Each name has a significant meaning; though some can predict personality traits, they aren't always that accurate. Who they are and who they will become is brought on by fate, destiny and their environment. However, picking the name of a child can be stressful but is also a lot of fun! Most parents decide their child's name together, while others choose to select the name through games, songs and even picking out of a hat.

As a cautionary reminder, there are names that will be heard a dozen times in a classroom. While these names are unique to that specific individual, they're not unique to the ears. Without straying too far, like with the name Apple or ABCDE (yes, this is a name apparently,) it may be a great idea to find a name that is gorgeous, popular but hasn't been heard in a long time. So we came up with 25 names that are just that: gorgeous, popular but recently forgotten, something that may be unique and creative enough for your upcoming bundle of joy.

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25 Mia (Mee-a)

Mia is a commonly used name, so it seems according to Babycentre.com who ranked it the 6th most commonly used name in 2016. But, where are all these Mia’s of the world? I have never, in my late twenties, heard of a Mia, except of course, for my own daughter.

The name Mia is the shortened version of Maria, which is Latin meaning “mine” and “wished-for child.” However, in the Slavic language, the name Mila (a form of Mia) means “dear” and “darling.” 

Isn't that the most perfect definition for your future baby girl? I believe so!

24 Claire (KLER)

Claire was created in a plethora of languages. Originally French, Claire was destined to be a girl’s name with the definition of being “bright” and “clear.” Otherwise, in the Latin language and the American culture, Claire is also commonly used and holds the same definition. 

Though Claire has been ranked #68th most commonly used baby name in 2018, the use of the name Claire is being traditionally used as a middle name and rarely as a first name.

Other commonly used avenues for the moniker Claire is by spelling it Clare, or using the higher vintage name, Clara.

23 Holly (HAHL-ee)

The origin of the name Holly comes from the English origin. In 2017, the name Holly ranked #494 in popularity worldwide, which is a major decrease in use since the 70’s when the name hovered just around the Top 50 most commonly used baby girl name. In 2018, Holly was only used 323 times per million babies born, according to Babycenter.com.

Still, the name continues to be used here and there and increases in popularity around the Christmas holidays. Jolly Holly, Holly trees, holly flowers, are all perfect Christmas icons for babies born in December.

Above all, who can forget the ever so popular Holly Golightly, played by the stunning Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 premiere of Breakfast At Tiffany’s? Now she was a woman with grace, beauty, and sophistication (though a little reckless with her money!) 

22 Ashton (ASH-ten)

The name Ashton is traditionally used for boys and men, however, with the new era of boy names being trendy for girls, you can only image how many Ashton females have been appearing lately. Although, back in 1985, a popular television character called “Ashton Main” from North and South was played by Terri Garber. It wasn’t until Ashton Kutcher’s major television debut where the name Ashton skyrocketed for young boys, ranking in the Top 100 as opposed to for girls, where it was ranked the 778th female name in 2005.

Ashton is of an English origin where it’s derived from the meaning “Ash Tree Town.”

21 Layla (LAY-la)

Layla is of the Arabic origin in which it means “night.” However, in the Egyptian origin, the name Layla means “wine, intoxication and dark beauty,” which is not something I would give to my daughter but the name’s tone is gorgeous regardless.

Used throughout eras, dating back all the way from the 7th century where the name was used in a romantic poem written by the Qays. This poem was a romantic story about Qays and Layla, that was eventually turned into a popular romantic novel in Persia and Arabia. In 1970, the name Layla was introduced into the English world written by Derek and the Dominos. Again in 1970, another song was written, sung and produced titled “Layla,” by Eric Clapton.

Layla is also often spelled “Leila,” but holds the same pronunciation.

In 2017, the name Layla ranked #26 in the United States, #36 in Australia and #56 in Canada. Though they were commonly used, where are all the Layla’s in the world?! I’ve never heard of them!

20 Leilani (lay-LA-nee)

Leilani originates from Hawaii and is very commonly used in the smaller islands of Tahiti. Leilani has a delicate meaning, “heavenly flowers and royal child.” Initially, the name Lei started off as the national flower in Hawaii, as opposed to the ending Lani which means “heaven, majestic, heaven and sky.” It comes as no surprise that this name was so loved by parents, that the originally female-only name has now become a unisex name used for baby boys and baby girls across the globe.

Unfortunately, this stunning moniker has not been commonly used in a long time. In fact, in 2018, the name Leilani was ranked at #3297 for boys and #99 for girls.

However, some believe that the name Leilani is the English form of Liliane, as they use the same letters to create opposing spellings. Though this may sound clever, it has never been based on facts.

19 Melani (may-LAH-nee)

Via Gerberchildrenswear.com

This little moniker comes in many forms- spelling forms that is. Truth be told, there are thousands upon thousands of Melanie’s around the world, especially in North America and countries that have become more Americanized. However, the beauty of this spelling is the pronunciation. Rather than the common “Melanie,” this unique gem has similar spelling with an entirely different pronunciation.

Sadly, this gorgeous moniker, though it may sound beautiful, has a very dark meaning. The name Melani comes from Greek origin, meaning “dressed in black,” and “dark.” Although, we must collectively admit that this name doesn’t seem to mean anything dark but rather beautiful and joyous that your baby girl is almost here!

18 Belle (BEL)

The name Belle was initially used as a shortened version of the longer formed, Isabelle or Isabella. It is of English origin for Isabelle. However, originally the name Belle came from Latin origins and it meant "beautiful," even though the name and wording can also be traditionally French, with the same meaning.

Another longer variation for the name Belle is Annabelle. Though the name wasn’t particularly used until the ever-so-popular hit movie and book sequel, Twilight, premiered and the main character was named Isabella (or Bella as a nickname.)

In the beginning, the name Belle was highly used throughout the 1880s, charting at the Top 100 of female names. A few decades later, in the 1930s, the name Belle has completely dropped from the charts altogether. Finally, in 2016, Belle came back to grace us with its’ beautiful presence by entering the Top 1000 charts.

17 Charlotte

Charlotte is one of those names that can easily be considered a beautiful classic, a name so delicate that it can only be used in whimsical books. However, this stunning moniker has quickly been making its’ appearance. In fact, according to Babycenter.com, the name Charlotte was #8 in 2018 which is astonishing considering it was #8 in 2017 as well. But where are all these Charlottes, you may ask? Well, they’re in the UK of course.

Charlotte is the feminine token for the male version of Charles. It also means feminine and, even, petite. Though the name is of French origins, it is most commonly used by the English as it’s a name that has been used and reused by royals around the world. Our prime example is the young Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, the middle child of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton.

16 Liv (LIV)

This cute little name was created in the time of the Vikings! It’s heritage dates back to the Norse days when the Vikings used the name Liv for their little girls. The name, meaning Life or Protection, is currently ranked at #675 most commonly used for future daughters. However, the name Liv also makes the charts on other lists, such as Most Popular Middle Names.

Naming your daughter Liv will give others reasons to believe that her name is either a nickname for the longer version, Olivia or Olive, or she was named after Liv Tyler. Be warned.

15 Catherine (KA-TU-REEN)

Originating from the Greeks, the name Catherine has been a very popular name since the moment it was born. In 2017, Catherine ranked in at #198, which isn’t the greatest rating but still higher than others. The meaning of Catherine and their traditional personalities are fairly similar: Pure.

As with other names, the name Catherine has duo spelling, Catherine or Katherine. However, either way you spell it, you ultimately still get the same name and a gorgeous nickname to use forever, Cate or Kate. In fact, according to Nameberry, the C-spelling of Catherine was more commonly used throughout the millennial stage, ranking as high as #18 and #19 depending on the year.

14 Maddie (MAD-ee)


Maddie is the diminutive of the longer name Madeline and Madison. In the English language, the name Maddie means “Woman of Magdala.” Whereas in the French language, the name’s is quite similar, meaning “Woman of Magdala’s Tower.”

According to SheKnows, those who use the moniker tend to be extremely loving towards their families, but need to work with others in order to feel appreciated. They are passionate, typically humanitarians, and normally go for careers that serve the good in humanity. What a stellar young girl your daughter will be!

13 Jasmine (JAY-min)

Little girls with the moniker Jasmine hold a name that literally means Jasmine, the Jasmine Flower that is. Though it is of Persian origin, the name Jasmine has been highly ranked on Top 20 Names Used in African Americans. In 1992, after Disney’s Aladdin’s main character, Jasmine, was released there was an increased surge in the use of the name.

Afterward, the name quietly trickled down to barely being used and we are here to say, BRING BACK THE NAME!

12 Lea (LE-a)

How insanely adorable is the name Lea? I mean, it’s super cute and feminine, yet strong and bold, capable of holding its’ own. Originally, the name Lea came from Hebrew origins meaning weary, to tire. The name was first introduced in the Bible given to the fourth wife of Jacob. However, since then, the name has grown into multiple different meanings and other origins have since claimed the name. In fact, the name is showcased in six different origins, each with a different meaning.

According to Oh Baby Names, the name Lea corresponds generally with the number nine and will be a caring woman for the world order and the existing human condition. She will also be fearless and extremely courageous and will not tolerate injustice.

11 Rochelle (rosh-ELLE)

The gorgeous name Rochelle is from the French origin meaning Little Rock. It’s also a name based on the city in France, La Rochelle. The name itself came to be heard for the first time in the 1930s. Afterward, the name was rarely used in this spelling format and was quickly changed to an English version, Rachel. However, the name Rochelle will often be seen in popular lists such as “Top Names for the Summer,” and “Rotating Names Used for Siblings.” Basically, if you use the name Rochelle, you’re guaranteed a 2nd child.

Our favorite girl, Rochelle, will be blessed with the quiet, humble and fragile personality, according to Nameberry. Someone must love that name enough because the name increased in popularity by 42% in November of 2018!

10 Wendy (WEN-dee)

In 1904, the name Wendy came to be known worldwide. It was the beloved character in the iconic Disney classic, Peter Pan. Initially, the name was a shortened version of Gwendolyn, however, the creators of Peter Pan was given a nickname, Fwendy, meaning friend and that’s how the character and the name came to be about.

From the Celtic origins, the name has always had popularity, but constantly hovering around #700’s. According to Oh Baby Names, Wendy will be a wealthy and popular little girl and young woman. She is a problem-solver, tenacious, powerful and an achiever which, isn’t that what we all want for our girls?

9 Elizabeth (i-LIZ-e-beth)


Elizabeth, meaning “A Pledge to God” in Hebrew, this name has been a constant favorite across the pond, to our neighboring friends in the United Kingdom. However, in 2017, the name was used enough that it was voted in at #17. It did even better in the lists of Top Bible Names where it reached a high of #13. The name Elizabeth has been in a constant tug-a-war for a spot against another super popular name, Charlotte.

Those who hold this pretty moniker tend to have a deeper meaning for humanity, companionship, and love. She will work better with others than solo, in the name of harmony and peace.

8 Coral (KAWR-el)


If you had to guess a name whose origin was not a language or a country, but rather being in touch with nature, your guess would have to be Coral. Originating from the Coral reef system, someone using the English language decided to use the word into a name and it caught like wildfire.

The name originally came to the be used in the 19th century. It was generated from the pink corals that were once made to make beautiful and expensive jewelry for royal members.

7 Julie (ZHUY-LEE)


The name Julie starts with a little bit of backstory. To make it quick, it is the from the Latin origin meaning Julia, which is the male version of the moniker Julius. Though it may not have an actual meaning, the name Julia means “young” or “youthful”, but can also mean “soft-haired” in Latin. To think that your future daughter will probably have perfect skin with soft hair is one thing, but learning about the personality of a future Julie is also extremely interesting.

According to SheKnows, all the Julies in the world are fearless, creative and excellent at communication skills with leadership skills and great advice on money, even though she may be a little reckless with hers. Can’t have all the great traits, can you?

6 Carrie (KER-ee)


Introducing another name that comes with a female nickname and a male dominant name. Carrie was introduced through the name Caroline or Carol, and the male moniker of Charles. It is often present in Latin or English, though the longer names can be said in a plethora of names. However, it does call for a lifelong of misspelled names at Starbucks such as “Kerri, or Carey.”

Regardless of how many times the barista may misspell her name, all Carries tend to have a strong personality, one that makes them independent and can easily problem-solve.

5 Fiona (fee-O-na)

For most North Americans, the name Fiona was officially introduced in the early 2000’s movie, Shrek, as the relentless and strong princess by day and ogre by night. However, this name has been used across the pond, in the quiet country of Scotland for quite some time where it originated from. Fiona, meaning “fair” and “white,” ranked in at #181 in 2017. The longer moniker for Fiona is actually Fionnula.

According to the baby name gurus over at Urban Dictionary, any little girl and a young woman that carries the name Fiona is the definition of true beauty and popularity, but truly a remarkable person both inside and out.

4 Veronica (va-RAHN-i-ka)

Veronica is strong and has an interesting history. Originated from the Latin language, Veronica means “she who brings victory and true image,” according to Nameberry. Moreover, baby name experts have called the name Veronica a triple threat: she is bold, she is wholesome and saintly, and she is extremely empathetic and can feel other people’s feelings.

If that wasn’t enough, the name Veronica is also used for the name of a spice that blossoms with bright blue colors.

Makes me rethink my own child’s name!

3 Lesley (LEZ-lee)

Contrary to the name above, the meaning for the moniker Lesley has a slightly darker meaning, literally. It actually means “dark grey fortress.” Way to suck the life out of this name. However, Lesley’s in real life tend to be extremely stunning people, both physically and emotionally, who can feel emotions that no one else quite understands, something that is both mystical and whimsical.

Though the name Lesley originated from the longer moniker, Less Lea, which was of Scottish origins meaning “smaller meadow, smaller clearing” according to BabyNameWizard.com.

2 Tiffany (TIF-a-nee)

At the beginning, the meaning of the name Tiffany was “Appearance of God” in Greek. In time, the name evolved into a multitude of different meanings.  In 2017, the name reached a low of #580, even after the Jennifer Love-Hewitt remake of the Audrey Hepburn classic, Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

According to Nameberry, children with the moniker Tiffany will have a sibling with the names Jack or Olivia.

People with the name Tiffany have a strong attitude and a deep desire to have leadership roles in their circle of friends, career moves and life decisions. Unfortunately for those thinking of using the name Tiffany, according to Nameberry, Tiffany dropped 45 spots since the 45th president was elected, whose eldest daughter’s name is also Tiffany.

1 Audrey (AW-dree)

The name Audrey is another moniker that holds different meanings in a variety of different languages. Originated from Old English, the name was a shortened version of Aethelthryth, meaning “noble” and “strength.” Audrey was also a name used in the Shakespearean language for which it meant “As You Like It, A Country Wench.” Typical Shakespeare, you begin to understand until the end.

Other variants for the name Audrey can include Audra, Audrie, and Audrina. The name ranked #51 in 2018, which is 7 spots lower than in 2017. Those who hold the name tend to be extremely creative, imaginative and spiritual. According to SheKnows, Audreys in adult form will have great responsibilities in life but if they misuse their authority and powers, causing mayhem for the future.

References: Nameberry.com, behindthename.com, babynamewizard.com

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