25 Names So Perfect Moms Wonder Why They Didn’t Think Of Them (Part 2)

Every single mother and father want their child’s name to be different from the others. There is a common misconception that "different" is seen as strange and weird. However, being different is very unique and also a great form of expression. All of the names on this list are very beautiful, unique, and creative. The reason why parents might not take the time to choose the best name in the neighbourhood is simply because they follow certain traditions, they like certain names even though they are very common, they might not simply care, and there are definitely more reasons.

Parents might also feel rushed to choose a name and/or pressured by their family and friends to choose the perfect name. Let’s face it, we all have that one family member, which is most likely to be the grandmother, the grandfather, or the uncle, who pressures the pregnant mother to name their child after them! All of these reasons are very normal since everyone has their own opinion on every subject. However, if new parents want the best, and most perfect list of names to choose from, this is the list for them! Just breathe in and out since everything will be okay and will fall into place. The most important decision when it comes to baby names is the parents’ decision of course, and we must never forget that. Happy reading!

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Let’s begin the article with the baby girl name Alianna. This name is derived from an Italian origin and it means, ‘sublime’ and ‘elevated’. An individual with this name lives a very balanced life since they are very calm and patient with themselves and their surroundings. When they walk into a room, they instantly calm the room due to their healing aura. Little Alianna will grow up to make a very good counsellor and/or teacher since she will be very cooperative and understanding with others. Since she is very calm and patient as well, it will translate positively into her work.


Next up we have the pretty baby girl name Cordelia. This name is derived from a Latin origin and it means, ‘daughter of the sea’. An individual with this name is very dependable. The people who are close to her will be very confident to trust her with large responsibilities or certain tasks that must be completed since Cordelia will be very reliable. Her trustworthy personality will make her very responsible and practical at the same time since these traits will shine through and make her who she will grow up to be. An individual with this name is also very studious which is great since their personal intelligence will open up many doors for them.


Following the trend of baby girl names, next up we have a Hebrew originated name which means, ‘helper’. Independent will not only describe Azariah but it will also drive her. Little Azariah will grow up to always rely on herself. If she gets in a bad situation and must get out of it, she will rely on herself and the same goes for a good situation that she would like to participate in. Her own success will be brought by herself and she will be very proud of that. All of this independence brings an individual with this name to be very individualistic and ambitious. Everything they want or need, they get on their own through their own hard-work! With all of these great traits comes hard-work. The amount of work Azariah puts into a task will be mind-blowing to many individuals!


Changing it up with a Japanese originated name, Kimora means, ‘brave’ and ‘noble’. Little Kimora might seem very conservative but only because she will constantly be studying! An individual with this name is extremely studious. They enjoy it very much and they definitely value intelligence. All of the studying they get done, will bring them closer to the well-paying job they deserve. Kimora will enjoy understanding more about the world and all of the different aspects it has to offer. Besides her knowledge-filled mind, she will also be a very hard-working individual like many of the names on this list.


Finally a baby boy name! Zion is derived from an African-American origin which means, ‘utopia’ and ‘the promised land’. Little Zion will have loads of imagination as a baby and child, and basically for his whole life. His imagination will serve him very well in the future since he will develop an inventive mind. Some people might think he is slightly crazy since he will be thinking of inventions that have never been known to humanity! He will become very eager to develop his own dreams into reality which will make him very ambitious. All of his ambition and eagerness will not only make him very hard-working but it will also lead him towards success!


The next gorgeous baby girl name has a Slavic origin which means, ‘gracious’ and ‘dear’. Little Mileva will grow up to have a very self-sufficient and dependable nature. Everyone will rely on her and she will always rely on herself to complete the tasks she wants to complete. With these traits, Mileva will also become very responsible and organized. An individual with this name is very determined and has a strong mindset when it comes to achieving what they would like to achieve. This incredible mindset and traits will bring Mileva towards the road to success! She will also appreciate everything she is given and everything she works for.


An original baby boy name is Atticus. This name has a Latin origin which means, ‘man of Attica’ which is a place in Greece. Little Atticus will be very easy to speak to since he will be very communicative. He will have a great understanding of people’s feelings and emotions which will make it easy for him to speak to them depending on what they want to hear. This trait will make him very social and happy; which will translate easily in every social interaction. An individual with this name is also very optimistic and creative. They are at their best when they are being creative and they can bring anyone who is feeling down, up to feeling positive and happy again.



The next name might sound like it is from the story of Romeo and Juliet, however this baby girl name has a spin to it. With a Latin origin, Julietta means ‘youthful’. This beautiful girl will steal many hearts that’s for sure. Little Julietta will always want to serve to humanity and to give back to those in need. She will share her knowledge with others, her money to those who need it, as well as her resources and belongings. Serving to humanity and giving back will give her a purpose and without that purpose she might feel lost. An individual will obtain wealth besides having their humanitarian side. They are very powerful individuals since they are hard-working and practical.


The baby boy name Deangelo has an Italian origin which means, ‘from the angel’. Little Deangelo will grow up with a need to always be in-charge. He will involve himself in situations and instantly take charge. He will also be very organized and skillful in that department. By having these traits, he will achieve power, status, and wealth. Every parent wants their child to be successful and it will definitely be the case for Deangelo! With all of this hard-work, Deangelo will also be very compassionate and passionate, especially with his work. He will also be very romantic with his special soulmate! Strawberries dipped in chocolate, anyone?


Another Arabic originated baby girl name is Layla which means, ‘night’. Little Layla will have a humanitarian spirit and approach to life. She will enjoy giving back to the world and to those in need. She will be very community-minded which will do her well when she has children and starts planning events for them and the whole community. An individual with this name is very sensitive to people’s stories and very affectionate as well. She will be able to easily understand and co-op with what people are feeling. Little Layla will make a very good counsellor since she will develop great listening and communicative skills.


Moving onto unique baby boy names, the name Jabari is an African-American name which means, ‘the brave one’ and ‘fearless’. Little Jabari will love a good adventure. He will always be the first one to jump on every opportunity to go on a different adventure. This trait will increase his bravery by a lot. He will also grow up to be very easy going and adaptable. Change will excite him and encourage him to progress in life. Besides these traits, he will definitely be an intellectual who has a very loving spirit and who loves everyone he cares for and who supports him.


This next unique baby girl name means ‘to caress’ in French and ‘to embrace’ in Italian which is the true origin. Little Caressa will grow up very quiet since she will be constantly analyzing the world and trying to learn and understand why humanity truly exists. She will find a great meaning in understanding all of her surroundings and to also understand why people think the way they do. Besides having this trait, an individual with this name is excellent at expressing themselves both verbally and written. They are also very drawn to art and they tend to enjoy life immensely.

13 GIA

Another unique baby girl name is Gia which has an Italian origin. The meaning of this name is very stunning! ‘God’s gracious gift’ is the meaning which is very beautiful especially since this baby girl will be her parents gracious gift as well. Gia will do very well in an authoritative job when she grows up. Her fierce aura will make her appear as very tough and powerful which are traits that explain who she is. An individual with this name is an achiever. They achieve everything they put their mind to which will make them gain loads of success and wealth.


The baby boy name Donovan has a Latin origin which means, ‘strong fighter’. Little Donovan will be the type of son to be running around all over the place and playing a bunch of different sports. A child like this might sound exhausting but it is great for his physical being instead of having a child on an iPad or watching television for example. Not only will he love trying and playing different sports but he will also be great at them. An individual with this name is very dedicated to building a great life for themselves; they work very hard for their own personal success.


Moving onto baby girl names, Arianna is derived from a Greek origin which means, ‘very holy’. If someone is not that religious they might not find interest on the meaning of this name however, this little girl has many interesting traits to offer! Little Arianna will feel a constant need to create objects and to express herself at all times. She will be great at expressing herself through acting, public speaking, singing, and writing. An individual with this name is also very dedicated to building the perfect life for themselves. They are very practical as well as being creative which creates a balance.


Jamison is a Scottish baby boy name which means, ‘the son’. Little Jamison will grow up to be very multi-talented. As he grows up, he will develop different talents in which he did not know he had. An individual with this name is very independent and he will rely on himself to complete all of the different tasks he has to get done as well as any achievements he sets for himself. He will have a certain oneness to his character which will also bring him to be idealistic. He will think of many different ideas which will be successful if he completes them.


A pearl is part of the English vocabulary which is a small lustrous gemstone. The origin of this name is of a Latin origin. Little Perla will grow up to be very imaginative and mystical. She will have a different aura from others which will expand her mystical nature. Her imagination will make her dream about great ideas and create large aspirations. Her wishes and dreams will reach for the stars! An individual with this name is also very intuitive. Their intuition will guide them towards the right situations. If Perla ever ends up in a negative situation, her intuition will guide her towards the solution.


Moving back to baby boy names, Amedeo is derived from a Latin origin which means, ‘lover’. Little Amedeo will grow up to be very communicative. He will understand the feelings and emotions people have which will lead him to help them. His communication skills will make him a social butterfly in everyday life. Both of these traits will make Amedeo very popular also because of his optimistic and happy nature. An individual with this name is also very creative and without creativity in their lives, they do not feel at their best. He will be creative for his whole life and it will make him the happiest.


Another word from the English vocabulary is the next baby girl name Daisy. This name is a flower and it also means, ‘the day’s eye’. Little Daisy will grow up to be a leader. She will constantly lead everyone and she will have a need to delegate everyone at all times. She will also be very independent which will make her rely on herself for any tasks and achievements she would like to complete. Daisy will grow up very powerful as well and she will undertake large tasks very effortlessly and successfully. She will also value truth, justice, and discipline.


Chandler is an English baby boy name which means, ‘candle maker’. Chandler will grow up to want a perfect family and soulmate. He will love them extremely and will make sure that his family lives a very stable and healthy life. This little boy will be highly imaginative. His imagination will make him wish for the stars and all of those dreams and aspirations will bring him towards success. All of the work he decides to complete, he will want to be appreciated for. An individual with this name will also inspire many individuals due to his way of thinking and the way he acts around others.


The next baby girl name is a very different name from what individuals are used to hearing. Thea is a Greek baby name which means, ‘Greek goddess of light and mother of the sun, moon and dawn’. Thea will look for a stable and loving family to cherish and love with all of her heart. Her large imagination will make her dream of her perfect prince charming. She will definitely dream of having the perfect life of a princess that’s for sure. Thea will also be very thoughtful when it comes to others and how others feel; which is a great trait to have.


Another baby girl name is Elia which is a very pretty name derived from a Spanish origin. Little Elia will have a very humanitarian approach to things. She will want to help others in need at all times. Her generosity will make many individuals value and respect her. These great traits will also inspire many others to help those in need just like Elia. An individual with this name will also easily fall in love. She will be lifted off of her feet when she meets the true love of her life. Lastly, Elia will be very affectionate towards the people she loves.


The last baby boy name of this list is the gorgeous name Gianni which is derived from an Italian origin. The name has another religious meaning which is, ‘God is gracious’. For those individuals who are not religious, the traits this baby will have are much more important than the meaning! Little Gianni will have many talents to offer to the world. He will be skilled in many different aspects which will ultimately make him different from the others. He will also be very independent which will make it very easy for him to rely on himself and to complete all of the tasks he wants to achieve.


Zorana is a baby girl name derived from a Slavic origin. The meaning of the unique name is, ‘dawn’. Zorana will constantly feel the need to lead everyone. She will have very good leadership skills which will make her succeed in a position which has more authority than others. She will also be great at organizing and supervising. An individual with this name will achieve wealth and success if they work-hard for it. Zorana will also feel the need to express herself at all times whether it is through written or verbal expression, she will enjoy both. Expressing herself will bring her towards true happiness.


Lastly, to finish off the article we have the baby girl name Marina. This Latin originated baby name means, ‘man of the sea’. Little Marina will have a desire to inspire others. They will have many followers since they are born to be leaders. Loads of individuals will be inspired by Marina! An individual with this name will be very idealistic and highly imaginative. These traits will make her wish for the stars and she will definitely get where she wants to be. Their visionary mindset brings them towards success and wealth as well. Besides becoming a visionary, they will also be dreamers.

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