25 Names So Perfect Moms Wonder Why They Didn’t Think Of Them

Every mother wants their child to be unique.

Oftentimes individuals think of the perfect recipe to cook or the perfect outfit to wear but sometimes forget about the most crucial, most important aspect of the earth which is…baby names. There is so much pressure around which name to give to a baby that individuals will forget about the rarest names and end up giving their child a very common one. Sometimes the baby's grandparents will disagree with the chosen baby name or the friends of the couple will recommend certain names. However in the end, it is really the parents' choice that matters.

The baby’s name should not affect the amount of love they are destined to receive, however, many individuals believe that certain names mean certain destinies. For example, some parents name their child after a famous actor in the hopes that they’ll become a movie star.

Throughout the article, twenty five of the rarest baby names will be given with insights as to what these names really mean. Whether the baby is a boy or a girl, or a traditional name is needed, keep scrolling down to read!

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Oh, little sleeping beauty! The last name associated with the letter A is linked to a princess. Let’s face it, all baby boys and girls are all little princes and princesses to the world however, Aurora is the name of the princess from the Grimm brothers short story, Sleeping Beauty. This name is from a Latin origin with the meaning dawn. Not only will any baby girl feel like an absolute princess with this name however, once she finds out that her name also means dawn, she will feel beautiful! Who doesn’t like the rosy-pink-orange light that dawn brings to the sky?



We are skipping over to the letter E with the beautiful baby boy’s name Emmanuel with a Hebrew origin. This name means, god is with us which is definitely relevant for parents who are somewhat traditional and/or religious; not to mention that Emmanuel is a beautiful sounding name. The name Emmanuel is more common in countries around Europe, especially in Spain and Portugal. Once parents word the name Emmanuel, it definitely sounds like this baby boy would be a very loyal friend and simply a very fun person to be around. As a nickname, the name Manny can be given which is just as nice as hearing the name Emmanuel.



The capital of Greece, Athens is clearly blended into this next baby girl’s name which makes it extremely beautiful to hear. In Greek mythology, Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom, fertility, handicrafts, mathematics, courage, and warfare. She was also the daughter of the great Zeus which was the king of all gods. If a mother names her daughter Athena, will she become a goddess of wisdom? Who knows; however the stakes might be high. Just picture a mother calling out to her daughter, Athena! as the birds chirp around, and the sun shines as Athena comes running back and stares at her mother with sparkling eyes.



We are sticking to the letter E with yet another baby boy name! Emilio has origins from Italy, Spain, and Latin. The meaning of this name is, rival which definitely is not a selling point to most parents if they want their child to well, not be a rival. Some characteristics which have been seen in other baby boy Emilios are multi-talented, intuitive, idealistic, and independent. Who does not want their child to have all of these great characteristics? Emilio also sounds like the name of a handsome Italian prince charming! We are just speaking about baby names here but it is also important to know what these names will signify for the child in their future.



Another Greek name; is this a coincidence? No, just alphabetical order! Next up we finally have a baby boy’s name with Greek origin. As many might know, Apollo was the Greek god of prophecy, medicine, music, art, law, wisdom, as well as the sun which is what most people associate him with. The name Apollo sounds like this little boy would turn out to be a very knowledgeable boy filled with joy and a man of all traits. He would also be able to turn anyone’s frown upside down and bring the sunshine into their lives. So, does anyone want a baby boy named Apollo?


Next up we have the letter I with the handsome and unique baby boy name Isaiah. This name has an African-American and Hebrew origin and it means, "god is my savior" and also "to save". Some characteristics of this name are an extremely bright and uplifting individual, a truth-seeker, inspirational to many individuals, and highly intuitive. The name Isaiah is already seen as a savior to many therefore, he will grow up to be a very understanding and helpful individual. By saving people he will uplift them, and make them joyful by bringing in the light into their lives. Since he is highly intuitive, he will also be able to trust his own feelings and let his own feelings guide him.


We’re skipping to the letter K with a pretty baby girl name of Arabic origin. This name is Khalilah and the meaning of the name is friend and/or a very close friend. The name Khalilah is so unique because it is very rare! Khalilah is mostly used in Arabic countries, if used. Some characteristics of having a daughter named Khaliah are that she will be very open-minded and friendly with many individuals, her friends, and her family. Since the name already means a very close friend, it is evident that a girl named Khalilah will be very communicative with everyone she meets.



Next up we have another baby girl name with a Greek origin. The name Leandra means a feminine individual with a lioness aura. Many Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian cultures use this baby girl name. A characteristic of a daughter named Leandra are a very sensitive individual who is very attached to her home and family. Leandras are also very dynamic and independent which will make them grow and expand their wings much quicker than others. They are also very proud of the work they accomplish and they intend on succeeding everything they put their mind to. Nicknames for this beautiful name can be Lea, and/or An.



We are now moving to the letter R with the next baby boy name, Riccardo. This name has an Italian origin and it means a very strong and powerful ruler. Individuals with this name have a desire to understand the deeper truths and analyze the world around them; therefore they would be good philosophers and analysts in any department. They are extremely competent and practical which later brings them to achieve great power and wealth. A Riccardo also goes for his dreams and what he wants which brings him to succeed. He will focus so much on his desires that he will be able to achieve any material dreams! If parents want their child to work in the business world, the name Riccardo is the perfect way to go.



Next up we have another baby girl name with the letter R, however! The name Rosie comes from an English origin and it basically means rose. If parents want a more unique name instead of calling their daughter Rose, Rosie is the way to go! Not only is this name super cute, since it means rose, a baby girl with this name will hold all of the beauty a rose holds! Baby girls with this name will grow up to have a lot of compassion and love for the world. They will work hard to achieve a world that is both peaceful and nice to live in. Little Rosie will also grow up to be very creative and great at expressing herself.



The next name was inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is a baby boy name of Italian origin which is also the Latin form of the name Romaeus which means “a pilgrim to Rome”. The Romeos of the world have a deep inner desire to achieve power and wealth. They have it in them to lead, organize, and supervise to achieve the status of wealth and power. Little Romeo will grow up to enjoy life immensely and he will naturally be drawn to the arts of the world. They also love careers that put them in the spotlight since they thrive off of attention. Make sure to give little Romeo a lot of attention!



The last letter R name is a baby girl name. Rafaela comes from a Spanish and Hebrew origin and it means, “God has healed”. The name Rafaela is so nice to hear and it is truly a beautiful sound to the ears. Individuals with the name Rafaela are very imaginative, and intuitive. They are able to understand situations and solve them using their intuition and what they truly feel about the full situation. They prefer solitude over most and this brings them to work well on their own. A Rafaela is also very wise and eccentric; she can definitely bring the light into any room!


Next up we have the letter S and the name to go with this letter is Seraphina which is a baby girl name of Hebrew origin. Seraphina means fiery-winged; in fact, this name comes from the name Seraphim which was a group of the most powerful angels. The name Seraphina is so beautiful to hear, it would make any parent want to name their daughter by this name. Individuals with this name are born leaders, and not followers. They have very powerful personalities which make them succeed at anything they put their minds to and it also makes them heard when they want to be heard!



The name Stella means star. Does this mean that a daughter with this name will grow up to be a star? Well, the chances are most probably high! Stella comes from a Greek origin. Individuals with this name have a deep desire for a stable and loving family, as well as community. They have a strong mindset to work with others and to help those individuals achieve to their greatest potential. Little Stella loves and is attracted to what is beautiful to her own eyes. Like most individuals, she also enjoys peace and balance in her life and will do what she needs to achieve a balanced life.


The last name on this list is with the letter Z. The gorgeous name Zahara is of Arabic origin and its meaning will make anyone and everyone want to name their daughter Zahara! The name means “a flower in bloom”. A baby is literally a flower in bloom and the meaning is what makes this name so stunning! Individuals with this name are liked by many, and they are very charming! Little Zahara will be full of energy, courageous, and fiercely determined to get what she wants, needs, and what she puts her mind to. Zahara is also very emotional and puts all of her emotions into what she wants.

10 AVA

We’ve all heard of the name ‘Eve’ so to switch it up we have the name Ava which is traditionally a baby girl’s name with a German origin. In Latin, this name means bird and life. If a mother would like her daughter to feel as free as a bird and with a sense that nothing can hold her down, this would be the perfect name to choose. This name which is comprised of two syllables, is so simple and stylish yet so beautiful at the same time! The name gained some popularity after high-profile stars, Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman chose to name their daughters Ava.



Amelia is a blend of the names ‘Emilia’ and ‘Amalia’ with a Latin origin. This name stands for a striving individual as well as one who is a defender. In German, this name signifies a hard working individual as well as work, effort, and strain. In most languages, the name Amelia has a very work-oriented meaning which is great. Of course an individual would not send their baby off to work however, if a mother wants her daughter to be an individual who values her work, this would be the best name to choose. Or better yet, might as well call all mothers after the name Amelia since they are all hardworking superwomen!


Ciao, Bella! The name Bella means beautiful in both Italian and Latin languages and in the French language, Belle also means beautiful. Bella is a baby girl’s name which is short for the names Isabella and Annabella. The origin of this name is Italian. Parents are definitely rooting for their daughter if they call her Bella since she will sparkle with both inner and outer beauty. Another reason to name a baby girl Bella is because of Twilight’s character Bella Swan; which would be for parents who are definitely into vampires and their daughter possibly having vampire powers with beauty of course!



The first aspect that comes to mind when reading the name Gisele is the famous, beautiful Brazilian model and actress Gisele Bündchen. The baby girl name Gisele has a German origin and it means a promise and/or an oath. What’s prettier than having a baby girl with her name meaning a promise? This name basically promises the world to this beautiful little girl with big bold, innocent looking eyes! Some characteristics for a baby girl with the name Gisele are a humanitarian, community-minded, family-oriented, loving, affectionate, compassionate, and sensitive individual. Just by reading these characteristics, readers can tell that this baby girl will most likely be very traditional and motivated towards what she believes in.



Next up we have the letter H with the lovely baby girl’s name Helena which comes from a Greek origin. The name Helena means a bright, shining light. A daughter with this name will bring the sunshine into your life with her big smile and joyful character. As much as some parents want their children to always depend on them, a baby girl with the name Helena will grow to be an independent woman leaving the chicken coop behind. Another characteristic of a Helena named baby is that she will be intuitive. She will be able to follow her heart and get what she wants by properly understanding the situation through her own feelings.



Staying in the H family of the alphabet, we have a baby boy’s name Hugo which has a German origin. The English version of this name is Hugh, and the Italian version is Ugo. The meaning of Hugo is a bright mind and spirit, as well as intelligence. When an individual thinks of the name Hugo, usually they’ll think of a muscular-shaped man who is a security guard or some sort of strong, protective figure. If parents want their child to turnout like the described Hugo above, this baby name is probably their best bet; not to mention that one of the characteristics of the name Hugo is a very loving person.


The famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci and the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio both get named Leo. This next name is a baby boy name with a Latin origin. Leo means lion in Latin; so if parents would like their child to be a very courageous, powerful, and king of the jungle type of individual, Leo is the perfect name to choose! In German, the name Leo also means a brave individual. Leo is a short and classic name which will never go out of style. The name screams handsome! Just picture a baby boy named Leo which has short curly hair and big, brave eyes like he is ready to take on the world!



Some say the name Milo comes from Greek origin and others say it comes from German origin. Whichever the origin, this name would suit any baby boy of any racial background! This name means soldier. The meaning of this name can present a child with the name of Milo to grow as a very disciplined and honest individual. Some more characteristics of a baby boy named Milo are an individual who is a master builder, a leader, confident, and organized. These are great traits to have and any parent(s) would want their son to grow up having these characteristics. Let’s vote for Milo!



Moving back to baby girl names we have the name Natalia which is from Latin origin. Natalia is from the name Nathalie which means Christmas day. Natalia is used around Italy, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Russia, and Bulgaria. However, the name is still very unique in North America since it is not heard often. Characteristics of this beautiful name are dependable, practical, hard-working, studious, and conservative. Who doesn’t want a child to be very dependable? That is any parent’s wish. It is also great that a Natalia has a hard-working trait under her belt since she will be able to do anything she puts her mind to.


The next baby boy name is another name that screams handsome to many ears! Nathaniel has a Hebrew origin and it means a gift of god. Let’s face it, any little boy with the name Nathaniel sounds like he would be the gift of god, (like all of the names on this list)! Characteristics of a Nathaniel are independent and dependable, dominant but yet still compliant, and active, but also passive. A Nathaniel has a mix of both extremes which can definitely create a balance in this boy’s life. Any life situation a Nathaniel comes by, they can easily face since they have the balance.

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