25 Names That All The Other Moms Will Think Are Cool

When mom and dad are figuring out what to name their baby, there’s likely one thing that keeps running through their mind: What will others think? It’s natural to consider how other people will react to a baby name choice. No parent wants fellow moms and dads to think their baby’s name is weird or it sounds like it’s trying too hard. Neither do they want other kids to tease their child when they grow up just for having an unusual name.

Let’s face it: the struggle to find a unique but not over-the-top name is real. It seems like either the name is too out-there (so mom and dad are worried people won’t like it), or it’s not unusual enough (as in 5 other kids in the class will have the same name or similar). That’s why we’ve come up with 25 names that are stylish and different, but ones that will make all the other parents wish they’d come up with it first. From names inspired by places to ones that are a fresh spin on classic names, there’s bound to be something to fit every mom and dad’s taste.

Remember, the most important thing is not that other people like the name, but that the parents do. So long as they believe their child’s name is beautiful and special, then that’s all that matters.

25 Stellar

This is one name that will definitely start a conversation! If you’re a fan of the feminine girl’s name Stella, then you’ll love this fresh twist: Stellar.

This distinctive name is unisex, but tends to be more commonly used with girls. It is a cosmological-inspired name that translates to mean “of the stars,” giving it a beautiful, magical, and also slightly mysterious meaning. Its alternative, Stella, also means ‘star’ and has Latin origins.

It follows the growing trend of using English words as baby names. It’s also a great option if you love other cosmological names, like Luna (which Chrissy Teigen and John Legend chose for their daughter).

24 Osborne

Names that start with ‘o’ tend to be less common, which is why the baby boy name Osbourne is an awesome choice for parents looking for something that will stick out. This is traditionally an English name that means ‘divine bear.’ It is also a common surname.

This name gained popularity thanks to Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osbourne, who also had a popular reality show in the early 2000s that kept up with the life of him and his family, including wife Sharon Osbourne and daughter Kelly Osbourne. Thus, this is a great option for any parents wanting to celebrate their love for music.

23 Taja

Arabic names are known for their sophistication and beauty, and this name is no exception. Taja is an Arabic name that simply translates to mean ‘to name’ or ‘to mention.’ We’re sure any little girl given this moniker would have a knack for talking your hear off, and an ability to talk a mile a minute.

What we love about this name choice is its softness and femininity. Yet, at the same time the rhyming sound of this name gives it a bit of an edgy flare, helping it to stand apart from other baby name options.

22 Mars

Cosmological-inspired names are becoming popular amongst girls, with monikers like Stellar and Luna rising in popularity. But now cosmology names are also becoming the trend amongst boys, and we love this edgy option: Mars.

This name is obviously inspired by the planet of the same name, and is a great way to honour a parent’s love of astrology. Even if you’re not a big fan of stars and planets, Mars still has an undeniable edgy, cool factor to it that will make every fall in love with it.

Plus, it’s also the part of Bruno Mars’ stage name, so that’s a plus!

21 Fleur

We’ve never heard a baby girl name more feminine or girl than this one: Fleur. This name is the French word for ‘flower,’ thus following the trend of using object names as baby names. The name has a whimsical, delicate feel to it. It’s a great way to honour a love for French culture or a French heritage in the family.

This name is unique enough that we can assure you no one else you know will have a daughter with this moniker. So, it’s also a great option for anyone who loves floral names like Rose or Lily, but wants something less commonplace.

20 Balthazar

If you’re looking for a baby boy name that is strong and commanding, consider this cool-sounding option: Balthazar. The name originates from Phoenician and translates to mean ‘Baal protects the King.’ We’re sure any boy with this name will grow up to be strong and courageous.

The name Balthazar has also been featured numerous times in pop culture. It was the name of several Shakespearean characters, and has been used in modern films and TV shows like the James Bond franchise,Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Smurfs, and even numerous video games.

19 Vida

If you want a name that’s short, sweet, but still a little bit edgy, then consider this baby girl option: Vida.

Vida is a Spanish name that beautifully translates to mean ‘life.’ That means any little girl with this spunky name is bounds to have lots of energy and a loud, outgoing personality. Vida is considered to be a diminutive of the popular name Davida. Its variations include the names Vita and Viva, both which also translate to mean ‘life.’

This also happens to be a celebrity baby name! Actor Mathew McConaughey and his wife Camila chose this name for their only daughter.

18 Rivet

Names like River and Riven have been popular since the early 2000s. So, if you’re looking for a fresh, unique update on these cute baby boy names, considering this interesting moniker: Rivet.

Rivet is actually an English word not commonly used as a name. It refers to a metal pin or bolt used to fasten together metal during construction. Despite having a lackluster meaning, this name has a distinctive, cool-sounding name to it that makes it an awesome choice. It’s strong, masculine, and will definitely strike up a conversation.

17 Zandra

If you love names like Alexandra, Xander, or Sandra, then you’ll love this fresh twist: Zandra. As the feminine form of the popular boy’s name Zander, this name translates to mean ‘defender of men,’ just as every variations of the classic names Alexandra and Alexander do.

Zandra is Greek in origin, and offers a bit of edginess thanks to its unique ‘z’ spelling. You can also trade in the ‘z’ for an ‘x’ to spell it as Xandra. It didn’t actually reach the US until the 1950s, NameBerry explains. But it has long been associated with British fashion designer Zandra Rhodes.

16 Cosimo

Although you may have never heard the baby name Cosimo, it actually has a history that stretches far back. This attractive boy’s name is an Italian variant of the name Cosmo, and means ‘universe.’ The name was particularly popular during the Italian Renaissance, and was even the first name of Cosimo de Medici, a known patron of the arts.

This unique name screams creativity, and will definitely ensure your baby boy has a fun-loving personality. We’re guessing that’s why this name is a celeb baby name, as singer Beck and his wife Marissa Ribisi named their son Cosimo.

15 Sybil

If you want a name that has a spiritual meaning behind this, then consider this option: Sybil. This name originated from Greek and translates to mean ‘prophetess,’ which, as NameBerry explains, “[was] a woman who claimed to be able to interpret the wishes of the gods through their oracles.”

Sybil was most popular in the ‘20s and ‘30s, but has been gaining popularity again thanks to its use in pop culture. The moniker was given to the youngest daughter of the Crawley family, Lady Sybil, on the beloved show Downtown Abbey.

Sally Field played a woman name Sybil in the 1976 movie of the same name, which followed a woman’s struggles with multiple personalities. Sybil was also a name of a character in Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, while Sbill Trelawney is a character from the Harry Potter series.

14 Marlon

What we love about this name is that it’s unique enough that other kids in the class won’t have it, but it’s also a well-loved vintage name. Iconic actor Marlon Brando helped popularize this masculine-sounding moniker.

Though it’s of English and French origins, the exact meaning of Marlon is unknown. Variations of the name include Marlo and Marley. Marla is also a cute girl’s version. Celebrities like Keith Richards, Dennis Miller, and Monet Mazur all have sons names Marlon.

13 Ambrosia

If you’re looking for a baby name that’s feminine yet unique, then look no further then this cool pick: Ambrosia.

This girl’s name was originally a name used in Greek and Roman mythology, giving a magical and mysterious air to it. Interestingly, it translates to mean ‘food of the Gods,’ so you can be sure your little girl is considered a goddess.

Coincidentally, there is also a type of apple sporting this name. Guess they must be really yummy!

12 Zayden

If you combine the popular names Zane and Kayden, this is what you get: Zayden. This spunky boy’s name sounds modern and original, and will definitely make your little guy stand out on the playground.

Zayden is considered a recently invented name, so it has no official meaning. The same can be said about Kayden (also spelt Caden or Kaden). Zane, on the other hand, is of Arabic origin and means ‘God is gracious.’ Though Zayden may lack an official meaning, we still think it makes an excellent and unique baby name.

11 Odessa

If you love names inspired by places and travel, then this is a great option: Odessa. This unique-sounding name comes from the Ukrainian port city of the same name, which was originally given to the town by Russia’s Catherine the Great. She, in turn, had been inspired by Homer’s Odyssey.

Despite sounding like a rare name, Odessa is actually more common that you’d think. According to NameBerry, the moniker has ranked in the Top 1000 names every year since 18880- that means there have been a lot of Odessa’s throughout the years. Odessa has also been used in Hollywood: there is a popular singer with this stage name, and actor Michael Chiklis chose the moniker for his daughter.

10 Saber

All Star Wars fans are going to love this name!

Saber is a word name that is inspired by the weapon of the same name. A saber is traditionally a long, heavy cavalry sword featuring a curved blade. When many people hear this name, they immediately think of the lightsabers popularized byStar Wars, so it’s a great option for any parents who love the franchise.

This name is strong, commanding, and above all distinctive. Any little boy with this name will grow up to be a fighter and, of course, a Star Wars fan!

9 Knightley

If you want a baby girl’s name that sounds as heroic as it does edgy, then consider this cool-sounding choice: Knightley.

This name is obviously inspired by the English word for Knight, and follows the trend of using names or objects as baby names. It has also been used as an English surname. Actress Keira Knightley boasts this surname, while Jane Austen’s classic novel Emma featured a character named Mr. Knightley, and

It’s also a celebrity baby name! Buffy The Vampire Slayer alum Emma Caulfield named her daughter this bold moniker several years ago.

8 Madrid

Names inspired by places have become all the rage in recent years, with monikers like Paris, London, and Chicago heating up baby name lists. If you’re looking for a suave boy name inspired by travelling, consider Madrid as an option.

This name obviously comes from the Spanish city of the same name. Madrid is known for its historic castle, expansive rivers and natural beauty, and historical significance. This is a great way to celebrate one of your favourite places, or to inspired yourself to travel further.

Plus, if Shakira can name her son Milan, you can totally name yours Madrid.

7 Luna

This beautiful girl’s name has soared in popularity within the last few years, ever since Chrissy Teigen and John Legend named their daughter this. And we don’t blame them! This name is gorgeous, unique, and has an even more stunning meaning behind it.

Luna, similar to the name Stella, has a cosmology meaning behind it, as it translates to mean ‘moon.’ It’s of Latin origin, and also follows the trend of using words as baby names. We imagine any little lady gifted with this moniker will have a gentle spirit and beautiful personality.

6 Augustus

Augustus is a great baby boy name because its both classic yet not commonplace. This name originates from Latin, and has a beautiful mean: ‘great’ and ‘magnificent.’ You can be sure that any little boy given this name will grow up to do great things, and probably have amazing leadership qualities.

This name has a historical legacy, too. Augustus originated as the title given to the first Roman Emperor, Octavian, who was the adopted son of Julius Caesar. It’s also been popular in pop culture. Augustus Snodgrass was a character in Charles Dickens’ book The Pickwick Papers, and its simplified version, Augusts, was the name of the titular character in the 2007 film August Rush, starring Freddie Highmore and Jonathan Rhys Meyer.

5 Electra

If you’re looking for a girl’s name that is edgy, fierce, and will for sure stand out, then consider this bold choice: Electra. It also happens to be the stage name of model-actress, Carmen Electra, giving it a celebrity approval.

This name was obviously inspired by the English word for electricity, but given a more feminine twist with the addition of the ‘a’ at the end. Electra has Greek origins, and translates to mean ‘shining’ and bright.’ We imagine any little girl with this name will be a bright light in her family’s life, and have an energetic personality to match.

4 Axe

The baby name Axel has been soaring in popularity in recent years, with celebrities like Fergie and Josh Duhamel choosing the name for their offspring. A more unique variation of that name is Axe, which would make an edgy and cool name for any mini rock n’ roller.

Axe follows the trend of baby names inspired by common words or objects, as it obviously refers to the tool of the same name. This name is loved for its simplify and ease with which it rolls off the tongue. It also makes a spunky middle name!

3 Jade

If you’re a fan of jewel-inspired names, then you’ll love this 4-letter moniker: Jade. This has been a semi-popular name over the years, with many celebs choosing it for their own children. Even The Rolling Stone’s Mick Jagger and his wife Bianca gave this name to their eldest daughter.

Jade, which is obviously inspired by the gem of the same name, translates to mean ‘stone of the side.’ It has origins in Spanish. “As cool as the precious green stone said to transmit wisdom, clarity, justice, courage, and modesty, Jade has been rising in popularity,” NameBerry explains of this fresh and edgy baby girl name.

2 Bryson

If you’re looking for a name that’s different but also not too out-of-the box, then Bryson is a great choice. This name is increasing in popularity, but has only become known as name in the last few decades, meaning it’s still distinctive enough.

Bryson is actually of English origin and means ‘son of Brice.’ This name is considered a variation of the cool-sounding name Brice (also spelt Bryce), which is a form of the name Bruce. Bryce, in turn, translates to mean ‘speckled’ and ‘freckled, and has been used as a Scottish surname.

1 Elin

4-letter words that start with ‘e’ are all the rage, from Erin to Emme to Ettie. The problem with many of these names, however, is that they’re too commonplace. If you want a name with the same sound but one that will stand out more, the consider this cute option: Elin.

Elin is originally of Swedish origin. It’s an English variation of the name Helen, which translates to mean ‘bright, shining sun.’ That’s a guarantee that any little girl with this name is bound to have a large personality and positive outlook. Elin also happens to be the name of Tiger Wood’s ex wife.

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