25 Names That Are Cool As Ice

A child who is given a unique name will instantly become cool. They will take after their parents and definitely become the cool kids of the block. These unique names will make every parent want to name their child using a name from this list. Whether the name is Zahara or Viola or Otis, they are all original names which will be seen in the following article. The originality of these names is also great since not many, or maybe even none, of the students at school will have the same name as the newborn baby a parent chooses to give the name to. If parents are competing against their neighbours and/or friends who are also expecting over which parents will give their child the best name; it is simple. Just choose a name from this list and it will be an instant win! Just make sure that the neighbours and/or friends aren’t getting their name inspiration from the same article!

All of the names in the following article all come from different areas around the world and they are all incredibly original and unique, which makes them cool as ice. Happy reading and do not forget to add some of these names onto the newborn baby name list!

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Let’s begin the list with the name Elvis inspired by the American singer and songwriter, Elvis Aaron Presley himself. The origins of this name have been claimed to be Scandinavian and Irish. Little Elvis will have a deep desire to travel everywhere around the world. His need for adventure will be shown to everyone he meets and he will have a go-getter character when it comes to finding the next big adventure to take part of. An individual with this name tends to attract every individual who catches their eye and they tend to have a powerful force that makes other individuals want to follow their every step.


The first baby girl name of the list is Tallulah. This name has a Native American origin which means, ‘leaping water’. Little Tallulah will love to travel. She will always be the first one to jump on every new adventure since she will enjoy experiencing the unknown and what the world and nature have to offer. An individual with this name is often very creative in every aspect of their lives. They are born creative and this skill gets stronger as they age. They are also great at expressing themselves and their emotions and feelings very easily; people tend to stop and listen to them express themselves.


Otis is a baby boy name with an Old German and Old English origin which means, ‘wealth’. Little Otis will constantly have to work with others to feel at his best. He will also be in search for a perfect soulmate in which he can build a very stable family with and whom he can love greatly with all of his heart. An individual with this name is very passionate with everything they do. They are also very compassionate which makes them work incredibly well with people and which makes them understand other individual’s feelings and emotions. Lastly, their romantic and magnetic personalities will lure in many potential soulmates.


Natasha is a Russian baby girl name which means, ‘Christmas Day’. Little Natasha will be incredibly independent. She will constantly rely on herself for every situation she puts herself into and she will always get herself out of a potentially negative situation she might put herself into. Her inventive and strong-willed mindset will make her very successful in everything she does and completes. Her ambition will attract many followers to her and will also make her gain a lot of wealth and power. She will also be looked up to very often due to her strong personality and strong ambitious and hard-working assets.


The next baby boy name is Jagger. This name has a Northern English origin which means, ‘someone who owns or manages a team of packhorses’. Little Jagger will be a very communicative boy and man. He will enjoy communicating with others, as well as listening to others communicate to him. His creative mindset will be a skill which will follow him everywhere as well as when he grows older and older. His happy, social, and optimistic nature will make him very popular with everyone he meets since they will enjoy his easy-going and very positive nature. His skills in drama and acting will make him very happy and successful in a field which has these two traits.


The baby girl name Maria is derived from a Latin origin which is believed to mean, ‘rebellion’, ‘lady of the sea’, and ‘bitter’. Little Maria will have a constant need to inspire others with what she believes in. She will believe in large causes and matters that would have an impact on the world. An individual with this name is in a constant search to find harmony and balance in their lives. They will mostly gravitate to places which are very peaceful to them since it will bring them to a balanced state of mind. Maria also responds very positively to objects that she finds beautiful.


Zayden is a baby boy name which means, ‘little fire’. The origin of this baby boy name is somewhat unclear however it might have African American or Latin roots. Moving forward, little Zayden will be the most creative little boy in school. He will be creative in everything he does or completes during the day. His creativity will grow as he grows into an adult as well. His happiness and optimistic nature will attract many individuals to him since those traits will also make him very easy-going. These traits will make him very popular and social that’s for sure! He will also be very communicative due to his social character.


Ophelia is a baby girl name derived from a Greek origin. The meaning is, ‘help’ and ‘serpentine’. Little Ophelia will have a deep desire to constantly express herself both verbally and written which will also make her express herself very easily. Her creative mind will come easily to her as well and she will be able to create many great ideas. She will be great at public speaking, acting, writing, and/or singing. An individual with this name also enjoys life immensely and they always make sure that they are always having a fun time. Ophelia is always the center of attention and she enjoys it very much!


The next cool and unique baby boy name is Ezra which has a Hebrew origin that means, ‘helper’ and ‘help’. Little Ezra will always be on the lookout for the coolest and most beautiful objects to him, which he can surround himself with in his workspace, home, and office. These objects will make him happy and they will also relax him when he feels unbalanced. An individual with this name also loves adventures and new life changes. They are excited by it and they constantly look for opportunities to look for new adventures. They make friends very easily due to their social nature and they are also very intelligent.


The baby girl name Cecilia is derived from a Latin origin. The meaning of this name is, ‘blind’ and ‘saint of music’; which are two completely different meanings! Little Cecilia will be in a constant search to find a balance of peace and harmony. This balance in her life will bring her to reach a level of ultimate happiness. An individual with this name will also always search for a soulmate in which they can love fully and which they can start a very stable and loving family with. Cecilia’s compassion will definitely show for a family she creates herself with her soulmate. 


The next baby boy name Edison has an English origin which means, ‘son’. Little Edison will have a large desire to find love and companionship everywhere he goes. He will constantly be searching for his perfect soulmate and he will always make sure to spread peace and harmony everywhere he goes. A job in which he can spread peace and harmony around to others will suit him best. An individual with this name is great at expressing themselves both verbally and written. They are often drawn to everything relating the arts, as well as living their best fulfilled lives possible.


The next beautiful baby girl name is Suzie which is derived from a Hebrew origin. This name means, ‘flower’ and ‘graceful lily’. Little Suzie will grow up to be a leader. Individuals will instantly become her followers due to her way of expressing herself and her strong character. She will also be great at expressing herself and her emotions freely which will make her great at public speaking, writing, acting, and singing. Her determination and hard-working attributes will make her succeed and will also bring her towards wealth. An individual with this name will also make a very great mother due to their compassion and loving nature.


Quinton is a baby boy name which has French and Latin roots. The name means, ‘the fifth’ and ‘born fifth’. Little Quinton will have a large desire and fulfillment by constantly helping those in need and sharing most of the objects he owns and can afford with those in need. He will not be afraid to lend or give money to a friend or someone in need, food to those who need it, and also material goods in which he can live without. His giving nature will make him very compassionate and understanding, as well as very kind and honest. An individual with this name is also very creative and artistic; when they use these skills, they are at their happiest.


The original meaning of this next baby girl name will make every parent want to name their newborn baby girl after Zahara. This name is derived from an Arabic and Hebrew origin which means, ‘a flower in bloom’. The name means growth and beauty which is very symbolic since the newborn baby girl is and will always be beautiful, and will grow throughout her whole entire life. Little Zahara will be fiercely determined to complete everything she puts her mind to and her hard work will definitely make her succeed. Her energetic nature will also attract many individuals and she will become instantly likeable.


Azaiah is a baby boy name with a Hebrew origin which means, ‘strength’. Little Azaiah will be very creative and artistic in his everyday life. He will enjoy expressing himself through these concepts which will expand his creativity. He will easily meet new people and make new friends all of the time due to his social and easy-going character. An individual with this name is also very analytical and wise. They are balanced since they have both the analytical and creative mind. Having this balance, makes them succeed in whatever domaine they choose to work in which will ultimately make them wealthy.


The next baby girl name is Roxanne which is believed to be derived from Latin, Persian, and Greek origins. Roxanne means, ‘bright’ and ‘dawn’. Roxanne will be great at expressing herself verbally and written and in many artistic ways like public speaking, writing, singing, and acting. An individual with this name is unique and creative which will further make them become a leader. Individuals will follow them due to their difference from other people and the way they think, and express themselves. Roxanne will also have a very strong personality which will make her succeed in a position of power and/or a managerial position.


Nico is a baby boy name which has Italian and Spanish roots. The name Nico is an abbreviation of the name Nicolas. Little Nico will have a very big heart which will make him very compassionate and a great father. He will be fulfilled when he builds his own family and is capable of loving them the most. An individual with this name is also drawn to adventures and change. Like most people, new adventures will bring excitement into his life. He will also enjoy being free. Freedom is what will make him the happiest since he does not enjoy being constrained.


Often known as the heroine in Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night, the baby girl name Viola is an English name which means, ‘violet’. Little Viola will be a very quiet girl since she will be constantly analyzing and trying to understand the universe and humanity. She will be constantly searching for hidden areas of the world and why they have not been discovered yet. She will always be excited for a new and cool adventure as well as change. She will be able to easily adapt everywhere and anywhere she goes. An individual with this name is also very optimistic and energetic.


The baby boy name Damian has roots from Greek and Spanish origins which means, ‘tame’. Little Damian will constantly feel as though he must inspire others with his own thoughts. He will be inspired by the higher causes and matters of the world which he will then try to make better or participate in. He will encourage others to join him in any movement he takes part in that’s for sure. An individual with this name is also in a constant search for peace and harmony since it will bring them to a balanced life which is exactly what they need to be at their happiest.


How about a night of binge watching the series Gossip Girl, anyone? This next baby girl name might be familiar from the show mentioned above however it will also make a baby girl instantly cool. The Greek originated baby girl name Georgina means, ‘farmer’. Little Georgina will be very orderly and organized about everything going on in her life. She will always be making sure she is building a great foundation for her life and that she is having the best time possible. An individual values truth and justice which would make them great at a field of work which regards any or both of those attributes.


The stunning baby girl name Fiorella is derived from an Italian origin and it means, ‘little flower’. Little Fiorella will be full of energy! She will constantly be jumping off the walls and her energetic nature will make her great at sports. She will also be very bold in everything she does and people will want to follow her every move. An individual with this name is also very authoritative. She will do great in a position of power and her success will bring her to have a very enjoyable life as well as a very wealthy one. Her strong character will always make heads turn towards her.


The last baby boy name of the list has Scottish and English origins which means, ‘wanderer’ and ‘from Scotland’. Little Scott will love making new friends. He will make new friends very easily due to his friendly and social nature. These traits will make him very popular and powerful. He will also be an extremely optimistic and happy individual which will make him unstoppable. An individual with this name is also very intelligent which makes them successful in school and in everyday life. His large need for adventure will make him very excited and happy once he finds a new adventure to take part in.


Violet is a baby girl name which has both Italian and French origins which means, ‘flower’. Little Violet will have lots of love to offer to the world. She will be very peaceful and calm which will bring her to love all of her surroundings and give the sentiment of love to those who need it. Her compassion will make it very easy for others to trust her and to speak to her. She will inspire many individuals which will make her a great leader and visionary. Her high levels of imagination will also make her a dreamer as well as an idealist.



The baby girl name Alice is straight from Lewis Carroll’s story Alice in Wonderland. The baby girl name is a German name which means, ‘noble’. Little Alice will be great at expressing herself and her emotions both verbally and written. She will be very creative and artistic minded in her everyday life. Her creative mind will think up many different ideas that may or may not become successful. Expressing herself will make her very happy and balanced. An individual with this name enjoys being the center of attention and a career involving them to be in the center would work best.


Lastly, the baby girl name Cassandra is a Greek originated name which means, ‘helper of men’ and ‘prophetess’. Little Cassandra will always have the need to express herself and her feelings both verbally and written. Her artistic and creative mind will make her great at public speaking, singing, writing, and acting. Her practical and competent mind will make her achieve great power and wealth which will make her succeed everywhere she goes. Her focus on achievements will make her successful in business and commercial affairs. An individual with this name also yearns to be surrounded by what is beautiful to them in their home and office.

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