25 Names That Are Mom Favorites

With endless names up for offer, choosing a name for a newborn can get quite overwhelming. Does it have the right tones? Does it is speak volumes? Will it become outdated quickly? Will it suit the baby’s personality?

Although many parents want a unique name that is edgy and cool, this could lead to disaster. Many names that are ultra modern and extremely unique lose its adoration and love much quicker than name choices that top the baby name charts. To ensure parents don’t run into the endless questions of doubt, many parents opt to look at baby name charts and what is gaining popularity at the time.

In the modern era, many parents are opting for classics with a modern charm, and, many of these names have seen a revival within the past century. Below are 25 names that are mom favorites which simply will not go out of style. They are beautiful, strong and built with substance. Hence, they have gained much love from moms and dads around the world. This list will help anyone in that time of doubt in their lives and will provide a platform of stunning names that are truly mom favorites and will most possibly have the name parents are looking for.

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25 Noah

Since the 1990s this vintage name has had a revival becoming one of the most popular names moms are choosing for their baby boy. Originating from Hebrew origin, many may associate this name with the biblical story Noah’s Ark, and some may simply associate it with the popularity it has found in the last decade. This is a gracious name that provides class and sophistication to any little boy which also provides a loving tone that fills the room with abundance. Finding a huge following in the United States of America, Australia, Ireland, Belgium and Denmark, this is a name that mom’s all over the world are in love with.

24 Isaac

Not to be biased, but this is my favorite boy’s name, and, I am sure many other mom’s agree me. As the name of my first born, Isaac is filled with strong tones thanks to its Hebrew origins. Meaning ‘he laughs’, this masculine name provides a beautiful meaning and happy tone that will attract parents. Isaac has also had strong associations with history and its most famous name bearer is physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton. Known as one the most influential scientists of all time, there is no wonder why so many mom’s want an association like this. When said aloud, this is an appealing masculine name that continues to be a favorite among parents as a name for their newborn.

23 Zara

This Arabian beauty has made a statement around the world. With two beautiful meanings, ‘princess’ and ‘blooming flower’ it is a lovely feminine choice that is a mom favorite in the modern world. With its exotic tones, Zara is a fresh name choice that has even made a debut in the British royal family. Defying British protocol, Princess Anne (daughter of Queen Elizabeth the Second) chose this name for her daughter back in 1981. From its exotic Arabic culture, it is a stunning name choice that English speaking countries have welcomed with open arms. Many mom’s are opting for this unique name choice fit for any little princess.

22 Jack

I don’t think we are ever going to get sick of this name. Riding the waves of history and culture, Jack has been a mom favourite for decades. Strong, yet sweet, this is a great masculine choice for any newborn, which will continue to be loved when they grow into an adult. Its masculine tones have been heard throughout history in fairytales including ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and nursery rhymes such as ‘Jack and Jill’. This name is instilled in our children’s hearts thanks to its associations that continue to resonate in the modern era. Jack is and will always be a mom favourite.

21 Ethan

Deriving from Hebrew origin, meaning ‘strong’, it is definitely a strong name choice that has risen in popularity within the 21st century. Moms are loving this name choice thanks to its vintage associations it has to the Old Testament and its use within the modern age in movies and literature. With its strong tones, it still has a beautiful softness to the name which make it a loveable choice for newborns. This name will definitely light up the room and parents will continue to fall in love with it in the years to come. This name is definitely a classic that will continue to have meaning and substance for anyone who chooses this name for their little boy.

20 Ivy

This botanical beauty has made a revival in the charts and has been a favorite for mom’s in the modern era. Pronounced EYE-vee, its sweet tones are encapsulating and loveable the moment you hear the name. Short, sweet and simple, Ivy has all the right tones for a newborn. Whether its grown in popularity thanks to power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z naming their daughter Blue Ivy, or if it is due to its botanical associations, this is a great choice that is definitely a favorite of the modern era. Compared to its vintage botanical counterparts, Ivy provides a chic and cool tone perfect for the 21st century.

19 Liam

Known as the Irish short form of William, this masculine name choice has found acceptance as a stand alone name ranking number one on the Nameberry name chart for boys. Meaning ‘resolute protection’, Liam is a strong name full of substance, perfect for any little boy. This two syllable name is a perfect mixture of vintage style and modern class that provides a beautiful eclectic choice which mom’s have fallen in love with instantly. With this being a favorite for moms in the modern era it has also been a favorite in Hollywood circles with celebrities including Tori Spelling, Kevin Costner and Rod Stewart choosing this name for their sons.

18 Charlie

This is a mom favorite for many reasons including the fact that it is suitable for a boy and girl. Mixed with pretty and strong tones, Charlie has all the right characteristics that make it a perfect gender neutral name. Diminutive of the names Charles and Charlotte, Charlie provides a fun alternative that creates an uplifting vibe that brings happiness whenever it is said out loud. Perfect for the modern era, Charlie brings together the vintage and modern world allowing parents to have a name that provides the best of both worlds. Boy or girl, this is definitely a name that is loved by many parents.

17 Ella

Known as a top 20 name on the charts for girl’s, this is definitely a favorite for moms in many countries around the world. It’s sweet and enchanting tones have captivated parents within the last decade, making it a top feminine choice high in demand. With many feminine names incorporating this name including Isabella, Arabella and Bella, it is a stand alone name that is pretty for a little girl, yet has substance to grow with them to an adult. Many mom’s are loving this name thanks to its mystical tones. If it wasn’t the movie Ella Enchanted that made you fall in love with the name, its sweet tones definitely will.

16 Tom

Move aside Thomas and Tommy, Tom has just as much substance that moms love. Gaining acceptance as a given name, this masculine choice has been used since the the 1800’s and has seen a revival in the modern era. First appearing in Mark Twain’s novels ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,’ this name has been heard throughout history thanks to Twain’s novels standing the test of time as a literature favorite. Besides literature, this name has made a statement within Hollywood as the name of well known actors, Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks. From the moment you hear this name, it will be a simple choice that will resonate with parents.

15 Oliver

The first thing I think of when I hear this name is the well known phrase, ‘Please sir may I have some more?’ This famous quote from one of the most well known movies of the 20th century, Oliver has come a long way from an orphan boy, stealing the hearts of many moms. As a favorite in the modern era, the name has ranked high within name charts thanks to its stylish and energetic tones. With its vintage associations, this is a beautiful masculine name choice that has seen a revival higher than it has ever seen before. This is definitely a mom favorite, so don’t be surprised if you hear it more and more.

14 Hudson

Deriving from English origin, this medieval name was originally a common surname. Finding its place as a given name, Hudson has become a favorite choice for mom’s thanks to its attractive tones and stunning meanings. With a range of various meanings, including ‘heart’, ‘spirit’, ‘strong’ and ‘power’ it makes this name extremely unique allowing mom’s to choose which resonates with them the most. Bringing out strong tones, it is a masculine name full of soul and emotion. Also the name to the well known river in New York, it is a desirable name choice that has and will always be instilled in our culture and history.

13 Xavier

Pronounced ZAY-vee-er, this is one of the only names beginning with ‘X’ that is commonly used within the modern era. Xavier is a crowd favorite, especially for mom’s looking for an exotic name choice that oozes class and sophistication. Dating back centuries, this masculine name was associated with Saint Francis Xavier, who was one of the founders of the Jesuit order. Born in the Xavier castles, this patron saint was also a member of the noble family. With these associations, from nobility and religious beliefs, Xavier is a beautiful edition to any family. There is no denying it beauty that is definitely a favorite among mom’s around the world.

12 Max

With strong connotations, this has been a go to name for moms in the the modern era. Previously known as a nickname of the longer classics, Maximus, Maxim, Maxwell and Maximilian, Max has now been accepted as a stand alone name. Providing a modern twist to classic names, Max still has a strong tone thanks to its meaning ‘the greatest’. Although associated with strong tones, it is a sweet choice for any little boy which will grow with them as an adult. Not disappearing anytime soon, this has been a popular choice that mom’s are choosing for their little boy.

11 Charlotte

This French feminine diminutive of Charles has boosted in popularity thanks to its associations to the British royal family. Known as the name of Prince William’s daughter, it has soared in the name charts being a popular choice for mom’s in many countries around the world. Along with its royal ties, Charlotte’s French origins have also given this name class and elegance. This is an appealing name to many parents as it provides a soft and pretty tone for a young girl but also provides a sophisticated tone for an adult. This is a stunning choice for any little princess and is definitely a crowd favorite that will be around for many years to come.

10 Nicholas

This attractive masculine name choice has had a revival with many moms choosing this name. Deriving from Greek origin, this name is a solid choice that brings strength to any little boy given this name. Stemming from Greek mythology, meaning ‘people of victory’, you cannot underestimate its strong spirit that resonates with many parents when choosing a name for their little boy. Along with its Greek origin, Nicholas is the name of the Patron Saint who brings toys once a year to children on the 25th of December. Its historical depth continues to Russia, where it was the name of the royal emperors of the country. From nobility to religious tones, this name is full of substance that is fitting for any little boy.

9 Jacob

Known as a classic, this name has survived many decades and continues to be a mom favorite. Originating from Hebrew, this masculine name is currently sitting within the top ten boy’s names. This biblical name has had many associations within history and continues to be used it in literature in the modern era. If it could not get anymore popular, Jacob received widespread appeal thanks to the Twilight phenomenon. Also having a friendly nickname Jake, there is no wonder why this name continues to stand the test of time and be a favorite throughout history. Moms are following the trend as this name will not disappoint.

8 Sienna

Deriving from Italian origin, this is a feminine beauty that has been a favourite with moms in many English speaking countries. Pronounced see-EN-ah, the name provides a beautiful sound that will light up the room every time it is said out loud. Associated with the historic Tuscan city (spelt Siena), its ‘nn’ spelling has received great popularity. Along with its European flare and exotic tones, this name has made an appearance within Hollywood, as the given name to well known actress Sienna Miller. With its soft and sweet tones, this feminine name choice has given an ancient city a modern touch thanks to its popularity as a given name in the turn of the century.

7 Amelia

Gaining popularity in the modern era, it is a beautiful alternative to the overused names Amanda and Emily. Deriving from German origin, meaning ‘work’, it is a strong name choice which still encompasses soft tones when said out loud. Gaining huge popularity from moms and dads, Amelia is a top ten name in the feminine name charts in countries including Australia, Ireland, Scotland and Poland. This four syllable name pronounced a-MEEL-ee-a continues its rise in popularity and provides a beautiful choice for any parent looking for a name that is free flowing and rolls off the tongue with ease. Amelia is a stylish name that provides an alternative and modern twist that will be a favorite for many years to come.

6 Penelope

This exotic name choice originates from Greek heritage and has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Pronounced pa-NEL-a-pee, this vintage name comes with the beautiful meaning ‘faithful’. Its rise in popularity in the 21st century came thanks to the stunning Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, and, since has been the star on many baby name charts. It has continued to gain popularity thanks to Kardashian loving mom’s after the name was given to Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter in 2012. Whether it is the association it has with Hollywood or the free flowing tones it provides, Penelope continues to be a loved choice for moms when choosing a name for their little girl

5 Bella

There is no denying the beauty of this name as it’s Italian meaning ‘beautiful’ ticks all the right boxes for a name perfect for a little girl. Originally a nickname for the well known name Isabella, Annabella and Arabella, it has now been accepted as a given name. Extremely popular in English speaking countries including America, New Zealand and Australia, there is no chance of it slowing down any time soon. Parents are opting for short and sweet names for their gorgeous baby girls and this name hits all the right characteristics thanks to its simplicity and class. This is the perfect name choice for any little newborn beauty which is definitely a favorite.

4 Chloe

Having a massive revival, this name is popular with moms all around the world. Deriving from Greek origin, this vintage feminine beauty is a top 20 name thats moms are going crazy for. Its pretty tones and romantic vibe makes it a lovely name choice for any little girl. Ranking high within Great Britain, Canada and Australia, Chloe fills the room with vibrance and is a fresh name choice that everyone will fall in love with. It is also associated with the French Fashion House Chloe, known for its chic and classy leather goods. For those looking for a chic and high end name, Chloe is definitely the choice you are looking for.

3 Madison

Although a unisex name, this has been a favorite for little girls within the modern ear. Ranking within the top 20 feminine names, Madison is a fun and vibrant name that will fill the room positive vibes. Moms love names that provide appealing characteristics like Madison, which also has a beautiful nickname Maddy. Although it is a very feminine name choice, it has substance and strength thanks to its meaning ‘mighty battle’. For all those fashion fiends, you may associate this name to the well known street of New York City, Madison Avenue. High end and full of class, the vibes of this popular avenue rubs off on this stunning feminine name.

2 Ava

Although this name is name short and sweet, it is exceptionally beautiful and becoming a favorite with moms around the world. Deriving from Latin origin meaning ‘life’, this beauty is ranked within the top five girl’s names of today. With its meaning fitting for any newborn, it is a name that will grow with a little girl into an adult. With its undeniably pretty tones, it continues to have strength and substance that many parents look for in a name. With short names gaining popularity within the modern era, this name makes a big statement fulfilling all the characteristics moms and dads are looking for in a name.

1 Lucas

Pronounced LOO-kas, this has been a masculine classic dating back to its Latin roots. Ranked within the top ten masculine names, this Latin version of the name Luke has found its place in the modern era. With its success in non English speaking countries including Sweden and the Netherlands, Lucas provides a great alternative to its English version. With the name ending in ’s’, it provides an exotic tone that still has strength and masculinity. This is a stunning boy’s name for anyone looking for a choice that has vintage associations which simultaneously fits perfectly in the modern era. This name will continue to make a statement and be a favorite boy’s name for years to come.

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