25 Names That Are One-Of-A-Kind

Baby names have become quite the topic lately, and it really is amazing to watch it all unfold. Gone are the days were parents are choosing names like Mary, Ruth and John for their children. These names are seen as too old and boring and seem to be very common. The irony is that these names are the names that are not too common, because no one is using them.

Naming a child is not easy, and the name two parents choose for them will be with them for the rest of their life. Every parent wants their child to be special and unique, and they figure the best way to start them off is with a name that has the same qualities.

Parents are looking for those names that are one-of-a-kind, those names that are so unusual they are bound to start a conversation. In a world that is full of one-of-a-kind names, how is a parent supposed to find that one name that will make their little one stand out? Well, we can start by looking at official records.

The names on this list all failed to make the cut to be added to the Social Security list. There were so few babies named these things that they didn’t even make the ranking in 2016. If mom and dad are looking for a truly unique and uncommon name for their little girl or guy, this is the list for them!

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25 Acantha

The name Acantha is the perfect name to start this list off with. The name is of Greek origin and it means “thorn, prickle.” The name is considered both a floral name as well as a mythological name.

The name has deep roots in Greek mythology. Acantha was a nymph who was beloved by Apollo. Being given a name that means thorn or prickle may seem a little negative, but it also means that they are strong and are not one to be messed with.

24 Bee

We have seen names like Beatrice and Beatrix come into style and leave again. Then we saw the short-form name Bea (pronounced Bay) come and go, so we have now come across the name Bee. The meaning of the name Bee is “she who brings happiness.” What a special meaning for a special little girl.

If Bee is a little too unique for mom and dad, they always have the option of naming their daughter Beatrice and using Bee as a cute nickname.

23 Branwen

If mom and dad are looking for a name that has a certain Celtic flair to it, then this is the name for them. The name Branwen is of Celtic origin and it means “blessed raven.”

This is another name that has deep roots in Welsh mythology. According to mythology, Branwen was turned into a bird, hence why the name means “blessed raven.” The name is also the cousin of the more commonly used name, Bronwyn, so mom and dad may have to correct a couple people who revert back to the original version.

22 Calico

Calico is a very trendy-sounding name that has an ‘o’ at the end. The name has a certain rock star sound to me, and it is a hit for a lot of parents. The name has no official meaning as it is just listed as a word name. Its roots are English.

Speaking of a rock star sounding name, the famous Alice Cooper named his daughter Calico years ago. It was probably one of the first moments a celebrity chose a name that was unique and different.

21 Christmas

It is a lot of people’s favourite time of the year and favourite day, so why not give your daughter this name. When people hear the word Christmas, they are almost immediately filled with joy and happiness.

Of course, the name has no formal meaning or place of origin because it is simply the name of a holiday. It is however, more unique than the more common Noel or Noelle choices used to represent the yuletide spirit. There is also the option of using Chris as a cute nickname.

20 Cia

We live in a world where names that have only three letters are very popular. They are easy to say and spell. The problem is, your traditional Mia and Eva and very common and are being used by a lot of parents. The name Cia is a great option for a similar name with a more unique touch.

Cia is a diminutive of the name Cynthia and it means “of the moon.” The name is stylish while remaining very minimalistic. Just be careful of any reference to the actual C-I-A.

19 Eulalie

The name Eulalie is quite interesting and charming. It has its roots in French and Greek, and it means “sweetly speaking.” This name is often found on lists of the best one-of-a-kind names for baby girl’s.

The name has never ranked in the US top 1000, ever. This is definitely a name that will lead to some conversation at the playground. The name has also appeared in a lot of literary and artistic work. There is a poem by Edgar Allan Poe named Eulalie. The name also appeared in Gone with the Wind and The Music Man.

18 Endellion

Endellion is not a name you will hear very often, and the only downfall to this unique name is that it may be a little difficult for your little one to say and spell for a while, but with some help it will happen. The name has no place of origin and no formal meaning. It is a mysterious sounding name.

If you are familiar with history, then you may know that Endellion is the name of an early saint who was a daughter of King Brychan and goddaughter of the better-known King Arthur. Her life was celebrated, and she has a Cornish village named in her honour.

17 Franny

Franny is a name that used to be very popular, but it fell off the map and has not made its comeback yet. The name is of Latin origin and it means “free man” or “free woman” in this case. It is a form of the name Frances, but it has a more playful touch to it.

The name Franny is also found on list such as “Best Cool Unusual Names.” It is a name that is both sweet and mature, so it will grow up right alongside your little girl.

16 Finola

Finola is another name that is popular among the Irish and it is making its way over to America, very slowly. The name is of Irish origin and it means “white shoulders.”

Finola has a wonderful floral tough to it, and it sounds dainty and strong at the same time. It is a perfect addition to a family that is looking for that perfect and beautiful name for their daughter. A name that will make them stand out from the crowd and have everyone fawning over them.

15 Freesia

Speaking of floral names, Freesia is another one that is both floral and very unique and one-of-a-kind. It is perfect for those parents who are searching for a floral-sounding name but want to stay far away from the common Rose or Daisy.

Since the name is purely the name of a flower, it has no other meaning beyond that as well as no place of origin. The name is often found to have an exotic and free-flowing name and is perfect for a free-spirited little girl.

14 Grania

Grania is a name that not too many people think of when they are going through their list of possible name selections. The name is of Irish origin and it means “grain of corn.” Grania was also the name of an ancient grain goddess.

It was also the name of two mythic Irish figures, so if you are really interested in Irish history and mythology this may be the perfect way to pay homage to it all. Grania may not be common in the USA, or any of North America, but it is very common in Ireland.

13 Bard

Now we have moved on to the one-of-a-kind names for your little boy on the way. We want our little boys to stand out as much as our little girls, and there is no way they won’t with one of these names. The name Bard is a Scottish occupational name, and it is the Irish variation of the name Baird.

It is also considered a great name if you are a lover of Shakespeare or any old English literature. The name sounds extremely strong and masculine.

12 Cassio

The name Cassio has come a long way since we all just knew it as a brand that made watches. The name is listed as a unisex name, but it is more commonly used for little boys. The name is an Italian variation of the name Cassius and it means “hollow.”

Cassio is another name that rings familiar to fans of William Shakespeare. Cassio was the name of Othello’s young, good looking, and flirtatious lieutenant. Shakespeare used a lot of names from the Cassius family in his works.

11 Cathal

Cathal is definitely a unique name, the name is pronounced KA-hal, so it sounds like it has a K at the beginning. This is the only downfall of this name because mom may have to correct a few people who are unable to pronounce it.

The name is of Irish origin and it means “battle rule.” Cathal was the name of an ancient Irish saint, and while it may be popular in Ireland, it has not made its way over the big ocean just yet.

10 Drummer

Drummer sounds like the type of name a celebrity would give their child, but this trend has not really started yet so you can do it first. The name is simply a word, so it has no place of origin and it has no formal meaning.

The name did first enter the world when a well-known blogger, No Big Dill, chose it for her newborn son. The name also follows the trend of other occupational names, like Archer and Gardener.

9 Eleazer

The only downside with this name is that it has four syllables. Parents are favouring names that have very few syllables. The name Eleazer is a variation of the name Lazarus and it means “God is my helper.”

A lot of parents really love names that are from the Old Testament, simply because they are unique and not the normal names that parents tend to take from the Bible. In the Bible, Eleazer is a son of Aaron and nephew of Moses who eventually becomes a high priest.

8 Fenno

This is the first name on our list that is inspired by a Finnish tribe and language. It has no meaning or place of origin and is very powerful. Like we stated at the beginning, none of these names have any rank on a popularity list, because they are just not on the list yet.

Fenno often finds itself on lists of one-of-a-kind names for little boys. It is also the name of the hero in a Julia Glass novel, Three Junes.

7 Florent

It is not very often parents look for floral-sounding names for their little boys, they fear it will not sound very masculine, but this name may change everything. The ‘T’ in this name is silent, and it is pronounced flor-AHN. The name is of French and Latin origin and it means “flowering.”

There is no reason why we can’t name our boys after flowers. Flowers have spent enough time being a thing that is “just for girls.” Our boys deserve to blossom and grow just as much.

6 Gulliver

Gulliver is one of the more commo names on our list, but that is only because people recognize it. It is not because anyone is using it right now, so it is the perfect time to jump on it if you are expecting a baby boy. The name is of Irish origin and it means “glutton.”

The name started off as strictly a surname, but it has made its way to first name status. There are a handful of celebrities that have chosen this name for their sons. Gary Oldman is one of those celebrities that has named their son Gulliver.

5 Humphrey

Humphrey is a name that we are used to hearing our grandparents be named, but we don’t tend to associate this name with little boys. Well, guess what? Our grandfathers were little boys at some point and they were rocking this unique name.

The name is of German origin and it means “peaceful warrior.” Humphrey is a name that is used a lot more in Britain, because it is a royal name. The name was first made popular after Henry IV named his youngest son this charming name.

4 Hiawatha

Now, if this is not a unique and one-of-a-kind name, I don’t know what would be. The name actually has its origins in Iroquois where it is spelt, Haio-hw’tha. The name means “he makes rivers.” This is definitely a name that will start a conversation on the playground, but mom and dad may have to help people out when it comes to how to pronounce it.

There was an African-American journalist who shared this name, and he was the only bearer of the name in America for a long time.

3 Kermit

If you can get passed the fact that this is also the name of a little green Muppet, then you will have one of the sweetest and eye-catching names for your little boy. The actual name Kermit is of Irish origin and it means “free man.” We want our children to live a strong and free life, so this name really is well suited.

The name Kermit was actually a top 500 name until the 1960’s but it has since dropped off the map all together and it is time for a comeback.

2 Land

There are not too many things in this world that are stronger and more durable than the land we live on. The land has the ability to provide us with many of the things we all need to live and survive, so what a great namesake for your child.

The name is a word name and is a diminutive of the name Landon and it means “long hill.” It is a simple and down-to-earth name. If mom is a bit apprehensive, she can always name her son Landon and use this as a cute and cheeky nickname.

1 Mingus

We have finally come to the last name on our list, and it is our first name that is for all you Scottish folks out there. The name is of Scottish origin, and it is a variation of the name Menzies and it means “tenants of a manor.”

Supermodel Helena Christensen chose this name for her son after a great jazz musician, Charles Mingus. The world was listening, and this name appears to be slowly creeping its way towards the top of the charts.

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