25 Names That Are So Much Cooler With A ‘K’

Kris Jenner had the right idea when she gave all of her daughters ‘k’ names. Though we get if people don’t want to take direct inspiration from the Kardashians, there is something funky and unique about spelling names with a ‘k’ that usually start with a ‘c,’ instead.

Trading in a ‘c’ for a ‘k’ instantly gives the name a fresh upgrade, especially if its more common to spell it with the former. It helps the name stand apart from the crowd and give a kid a sense of their own identity in comparison to kids who spell their names the traditional way. That’s why we’ve rounded up 26 of the best names that are better spelt with a ‘k’ rather than a ‘c.’ Going the ‘k’ route can give the moniker a bit of edginess or, for lack of better words, a millennial makeover. Plus, it can lead to a variety of adorable nicknames that parents may otherwise have never thought of.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how parents spell their child’s name! What’s most important is that mom and dad have chosen a name they both love and is meaningful, and is one they're sure their child will grow up to love!

25 Krispin

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If you’re looking for a name that is preppy but a bit different, then Krispin is right up your alley. This boy’s name has an elegant air to it. While it is commonly spelt with a ‘c’, you can also shake things up by opting for a ‘k’, instead.

This name has an adorable meaning behind it, translating to mean ‘curly haired’ in Latin. Thus, if you’re expecting your baby to have a full head of curly locks, then this definitely needs to be a contender on your baby name list!

24 Kassandra

If you’re looking for a classy sounding name with a fresh twist, then this is your best bet. Kassandra is a variation of the popular Greek names Alexandra and its masculine version Alexander. It translates to mean ‘prophetess,’ meaning your baby girl will likely be very wise and intelligent if you give her this adorable name.

Traditionally, this name has always been spelt with a ‘c’ as Cassandra. But we feel like trading it in for a ‘K’ gives this name a bit more originality and helps it stand out more. Plus, Kassie makes an adorable nickname!

23 Kurt

Nirvana fans know that late frontman Kurt Cobain spelt his famous moniker with a ‘k’, even though the more popular way is with a ‘c’, so perhaps it’s a sign you should do the same.

The name Kurt is an obvious choice for any parents who want to celebrate their love of music through their kid’s name, given its link to the punk-rock scene. The name also has a sweet meaning; it originated in German and translates to mean ‘polite’ and ‘courteous.’

If only that guaranteed your kid would grow up to have good manners!

22 Krystal

If you’re a fan of feminine, soft-sounding names, then you’re going to love this gem-inspired moniker!

Krystal has been traditionally spelt with a ‘c,’ but you’ll love how it’s spelt with a ‘K’ if you want a bit of an edgier vibe to the name. The name of course comes from the gem of the same name, making it an awesome option if you’re attracted to similar names like Ruby or Pearl.

We definitely think your kid will be one of the coolest on the block with this suave name.

21 Kody

Two-syllable names are all the rage right now. So, get on the bandwagon and opt for a baby body name that is as cute as Kody.

Despite only being 4-letters, this name is full of characters, and has an energetic, carefree vibe to it. Kody is an English name that means ‘helpful,’ which is something every mama hopes their little boy grows up to be.

Granted, like many of the names on this list, Kody is more known to be spelt with a ‘c’. But we honestly love how the ‘k’ spelling looks, too!

20 Kamryn

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You’ve likely seen this name spelt as either Camryn or Cameron (and yes, it’s also a boy’s name, too!). But spelling this moniker with a ‘k’ is definitely less commonplace, which is why we recommend you go ahead and spell it this way if you’ve decided to name your baby this.

Kamryn, which comes from Scottish, actually means ‘crooked nose.’ However, we can think of tons of famous people with this cute name who don’t have anything wrong with their noses, including Cameron Diaz and Camryn Manheim.

19 Kane

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If you love names that are short and sweet, then you’ll love the name Kane. This 4-letter word has an edgy vibe to it thanks to its harsh sound, but it’s also a more traditional name, which doesn’t make it too over-the-top.

Cane is actually a biblical name (well, the version that starts with a ‘c’ is). Its Gaelic meaning translates to mean ‘warrior,’ which adds to the strength and valor of the name. We’re sure you’ll love telling people the beautiful meaning behind your son’s name, while he’ll love the confidence that such a fierce name gives him.

18 Karoline

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Sweet Caroline!

The Beach Boys’ song of the same name helped popularize this feminine girl’s name, except the ‘c’ spelling version of it. This name has been popular for decades. So, if you want to give it a more modern feel, then spelling it the less-popular way with a ‘k’ is definitely the route to go.

This girl’s name is a French variation of the name Charles, and means ‘free man.’ It can give way to all sorts of adorable nicknames, like Karol or Lina.

17 Kassius

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If you want a name that’s a bit out-of-the-box, then perhaps the name Kassius is right for you. This name has been referenced within Greek literature for centuries, yet it still remains a popular albeit uncommon name amongst millennial boys.

The name is traditionally spelt with a ‘c’ as Cassius, but the ‘k’ spelling makes it feel a bit more modern. Interestingly, the name translates to mean ‘hollow,’ and has origins in both Greek and Latin.

16 Karlie

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Karlie is already a popular name when it’s spelt like Carly. But spelling it the ‘k’ version breathes new life into this otherwise commonplace name, and makes it sound more millennial-inspired.

This moniker is a French variation of the name Carl, and it translates to ‘free man.’ We’re sure that means that any baby girl given this name is going to have a free spirit and wild heart. We envision her having a strong imagination and big ambitions. Who wouldn’t want that for their little princess!

15 Kaden

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Kaden is one name that has gotten immensely popular in the last decade. But spelling it with a ‘c’ is the more common variation. This name has various meanings in different languages. In Arabic, it translates to mean ‘friend’ or ‘companion,’ whereas in Welsh it means ‘spirit of the battle.’

While this name can be used as both a girl and boy’s name, it’s definitely more popular amongst boys. It’s fresh, athletic, and adorable- making it an all around great choice for your baby boy.

14 Kordelia

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If you ever watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer (or its spin-off Angel), then we’re sure you remember the iconic character Cordelia. She had a sassy attitude, great crime-solving abilities, and even better fashion sense- all any gal could ever want.

This name is a great option if you’re looking for something that’s unique, feminine, and not overly bold. Spelling it with a ‘k’ as Kordelia sets it apart from the BTVS character, so people will know you didn’t actually name your kid after a TV character (although there’s no shame if you want to!).

13 Korey

Actors Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were huge teen idols back in the ‘80s, which has definitely helped keep the name Cory popular as a first name.

Corey is an Irish name that means ‘from the hollows.’ It’s a safe, smart choice for a baby name that also isn’t too common or overused. If you’re interested in this name for your baby boy (or girl- it’s a unisex name!) then we recommend using the ‘k’ spelling to give it a bit of a different twist.

12 Khloe

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Of course, we couldn’t make this list without including one (or maybe two) Kardashian-inspired names, given that the whole Klan has K-lettered names.

While many people choose to spell this moniker as Chloe, a more unique way is to add a ‘K’ at the front. Khloe, which originates in Greek, has an interesting meaning: ‘young, green shoot.’

Just be aware, that if you do spell Khloe with a ‘k’, you’re going to get major Kardashian references! So, make sure you’re a fan, or perhaps you should think about sticking with a ‘c’.

11 Kash

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Kash is a somewhat popular name in the celebrity world. Jessica Alba’s husband is named Cash, and reality star Kim Zolciak has a son name Kash (note the ‘k’ spelling!).

This name was obviously inspired by the object of the same name- money- and follows the millennial trend of naming kiddos after things. This is the perfect baby name for parents who enjoy the finer things in life, and want their tyke to have a suave, sophisticated name that reflects their style.

10 Kaydence

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If you love music, then you’re going to love this name! Traditionally spelt as Cadence, this uncommon girl’s name means ‘rhythm’ or ‘beat,’ and comes from Latin. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to acknowledge their love of music through their child’s name.

Since this name is traditionally spelt with a ‘c’, replacing it with a ‘k’ helps make the name stand-out more. Plus, either Kade or Kay would make adorable nicknames for your mini-me.

9 Kole

Kole is a simple name that packs a lot of punch! The name Kole is actually English, and literally translates to mean the type of coal you’d find in a fireplace. You probably know a person or two who spell it with a ‘c’ as Cole, which is the more popular variation of the name. But there’s something very distinctive and edgy about spelling it with a ‘k’, which is what we’d go for if we were opting for this baby name.

8 Kristine or Kristie

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You’ve definitely seen the names Christie or Christine spelt with a ‘c’- but what about with a ‘k’? Though you can totally spell both of these names with a ‘k’, it’s definitely not as a popular. But we think that a ‘k’ at the beginning helps give a bit of a makeover to this otherwise commonly used name.

Kristine has a beautiful meaning behind it, meaning ‘anointed’ in French. Christie has a similar meaning, translating to mean ‘Christian,’ making both of these names especially great if you’re looking to honour your religious heritage.

7 Kaleb

Fans of Pretty Little Liars will recognize this name as the love interest of main character Hanna Marin. However, you might be surprised to learn that the on-screen character spelt his name with a ‘c’, not a ‘k.’

Caleb is originally a Hebrew name that means ‘devotion to God’ or ‘love’- how cute! We think spelling this name with a ‘k’ is a great way to make the name a little different without altering its sound. Can you imagine your baby boy with this cute moniker?

6 Kourtney

Kris Jenner had the right idea when she named her eldest daughter Kourtney! This name is traditionally known to be spelt with a ‘c’, but the Kardashians have definitely helped popularize the alternative spelling. We think the ‘k’ spelling has a bit more edginess and moderness to it than the traditional way.

Kourtney is a French name, and means ‘short nose.’ Like so many ‘k’ names, there are tons of adorable nicknames you can create from Kourtney, including Kourt, Koko, and Ko!

5 Karter

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We all know who Nick and Aaron Carter are. But, unfortunately, the former teen idols don’t have the greatest reputation in the media. Still, Karter as a first name has become popular in recent years. So, unless you want your kid to be a reminder of the Carter family, then we suggest going for the ‘k’ spelling.

Karter actually translates to mean ‘transporter of goods by cart,’ and was traditionally an English occupational name before become more popular as a first name. The best thing is, this name can totally be used for a girl or a boy, so it’s a perfect addition to your baby names list.

4 Kaitlin

If you like classic ‘k’ names like Katie or Katherine, then you’ll love this version of Caitlin.

You’ve definitely heard Kaitlin spelt with a ‘c’ before, thanks to celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner (who specifically said she didn’t spell it with a ‘k’ in order to stand-out from her extended Kardashian family).

This feminine girl’s name means ‘pure’ and is an Irish version of Catherine. It’s a also great option if you want to call your baby by the nicknames Katie or Kate.

3 Konnor

If you’re attracted to boy names that have a softer sound to them, then perhaps Connor is the choice for you. Adding a ‘k’ instantly gives it a cooler edge, and helps the name from sounding too dated.

Konnor, which has origins in Irish, has an adorable meaning behind it, translating to mean ‘lover of hounds.’ This is definitely the perfect baby name for any parents who love dogs just as much as kids.

Konnor is also a popular baby names amongst celebs! Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s adopted son is named Connor.

2 Katherine

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Of course we couldn’t make this list without including the classic girl’s name Katherine! It seems that both the ‘c’ and ‘k’ versions of this name are just as popular as each other.

But the ‘c’ version does have the advantage of being the version the royal family has used for centuries. Thus, we’d recommend using the ‘k’ spelling if you’re choosing this baby name in order to give it a bit of a modern face lift- you don’t want people thinking you named your baby after Catherine the Great!

1 Kristopher

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Christopher is a classic boy’s name with a lot of sophistication and style. In other words, it’s a safe and classy baby boy name choice.

The name itself originates in Greek and Latin, and beautifully means ‘bearer of Christ.’ Christopher also has tons of child-friendly, pop culture references, such as Christopher Robin in Winnie the Pooh.

If you want to give it a stylish upgrade, then consider spelling it with a ‘k’ versus a ‘c.’ Other variations of the name can also include Kristof or Kristophe.

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