25 Names That Are Unique But Still Easy To Spell

Boys names, girls names, unisex names, vintage names and trendy names: there are many different characteristics that make a name special. Looking behind the meaning of a name may be the top priority of any parent’s list, however for others, there are different characteristics they are looking for that are more important. It can be a challenge searching for the perfect name, yet this process should not be a stressful one.

For many people in search of a baby name, one criteria that is important is that it must be unique and provide a ‘wow’ factor when said aloud. Although many names that are unique can be quite difficult to spell due to their individuality and origins behind the name, there are many on the contrary. Below are names that are unique which are not commonly used, but simultaneously easy to spell. Thought this was not possible? Well, this list below will state otherwise. Who knows, the name a parent is searching for may just be in this wonderful list of names full of life, fun, strength and not to mention beauty.

Living in the modern era, people are in search of a point of difference. Individuality makes the world a beautiful place and naming children with names with these certain characteristics allows them to have a special part in this world.

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25 Ajax 

A hero from Greek mythology and well known figure from the Trojan war, this name possesses a vintage trait that fits perfectly into the modern era. Known as Ajax the Great, this name is a unique choice that is not commonly used. With this name full of strength, it is perfect for any little boy. Along with its uniqueness, it is a boy’s name that is easily spelt making it easy for little boys to learn. Pronounced AY-jaks, this four letter word has all the right tones to fit in to the 21st century, a world where we are in search of names that are not commonly used.

24 Saskia 

Deriving from Dutch origin, this name is a unique choice in countries such as The USA, Canada and Australia. When said aloud, you are instantly drawn in by the name. Gaining popularity within the United Kingdom thanks to its beauty, this is an easy to spell name that is spelt phonetically. This free flowing name has all the attributes to give any little girl instant beauty. Although it is sweet, it still has strength behind the name thanks to the hard ‘k’ sound. With no silent letters, it has no hidden spelling, just a six letter word that is spelt the same way as it is said out loud.

23 Tia 

A less common girls name compared to Mia and Lia, Tia provides a point of difference. Its Spanish roots gives the name an exotic feel providing the perfect name choice for parents looking for a name with charisma. Pronounced TEE-a, this three letter word will be one of the simplest names you can spell. It provides class and sophistication even though it is a simple name. Don’t underestimate this beautiful name choice, it is a name that should definitely be considered thanks to its European background and beautiful charm that us attached to it. Don’t underestimate a name with simplicity, they can be more powerful than longer names.

22 Arlo 

Climbing with popularity, Arlo has gained a lot of attention as a male and female name. Being a poplar name back in the early 1900’s it has now had a revival. Although it is seen commonly as a male name, celebrity circles have made this a perfect female choice. Celebrity couples, Leighton Meester and Adam Brody along with Johnny Knoxville and his partner have chosen this name for their daughters’. Bringing life to the name, it is still a unique name choice that is easy to spell and pronounce. Whether you are searching for that perfect boy’s name or girl’s name, Arlo gives you the chance to have a name picked out before you even know the gender of the baby.

21 Ace 

As a positive reference on the tennis court and in poker games, Ace has now become a name choice with positive attributes for little boys. With Latin origins, meaning ‘one’ and ‘unity’, the meaning behind the name is no surprise. With this name being associated with different references, there is no way anyone can get the spelling of this name wrong. This unique name choice, that that has commonly been used as a nickname, can now stand alone. Ace is a name that will definitely turn heads thanks to its originality which is not commonly used as a given name.

20 Pax 

Deriving from Roman mythology, meaning ‘peace’ in the Latin language, Pax is a female name choice that is unique and not common in the modern era. Known as the name of the Roman goddess of peace, the meaning behind the name is just one of the many reasons why this is a great choice for any little girl. Pronounced PAKS, its name provides a great deal of strength along with wisdom and classical tones. Although it has vintage connotations, it has the right setting for the modern era. Its beautiful associations with mythology, peace and goddesses makes this name a great choice for any modern goddess.

19 Aria 

Deriving from Italian origin, this name is literally translated to the word ‘air'. Pronounced AHR-ee-a, this three syllable word also has an association to music and thanks to Greek mythology it also means ‘melody’. Besides its Italian origins, Aria was the name of a Greek mythological character. Aria was a beautiful mortal woman from the Island of Crete who fell in love with Apollo, the god of music and poetry. Although it is a vintage name, it is a new edition to English speaking countries. As it is still considered a unique name, this is a great choice for any little girl especially if you are searching for a name that is easy to spell.

18 Ida 

Definitely not a common given name in the English speaking world in the modern era, this name is a great choice if you are looking for a unique girl’s name which is extremely easy to spell. Originating from the German language meaning ‘industrious one’, Ida is a strong name choice that is still sweet thanks to it ending in ‘a’. Popular in the Nordic countries including Sweden, Norway and Finland, this name has made the top 20 names lists within the 21st century of these countries. Pronouced EE-da, you can hear the European flare when said aloud. Its sweet and simple tones provides all the right attributes for a unique name that is easy to spell.

17 Gigi 

Pronounced ZHEE-ZHEE, there is no denying the class and sophistication this name oozes when said aloud. Deriving from French origin, there is so much to love about this unique name. Diminutive of Georgine and Virgine, this name has enough substance to stand alone as an individual given name. Although it is not a common name in the modern era, we have been exposed to this name thanks to the famous super model Gigi Hadid. Fun and vivacious, Gigi has all the attributes for a beautiful baby girl. Not to mention Gigi is an extremely easy name to spell using only two letters.

16 Hunter 

Originating from the medieval times, this English name is a unique choice in the modern era. Meaning ‘one who hunts’ this name is a great choice for a boy’s name thanks to its strong tones. As a common English surname, it has now been accepted as a given name. Pronounced HUHN-ter, this two syllable name has also been seen as a unisex choice, however it has been used more for a male rather than a female. With its adventurous vibes and modern twist to a vintage surname, Hunter is definitely a choice that is unique which no one will have any issue to spell.

15 Gia 

Deriving from the Italian language, Gia has only recently been a stand alone name. Associated with Gianna, Gia was seen as a nickname rather than a given name for little girls. Thanks to the modern era, we have welcomed shorter names that were not very common hundreds of years ago. Pronounced GEE-ah, this name oozes sophistication that has understated beauty. Meaning ‘God is gracious’ it is a lovely choice for parents who have religious beliefs. Besides its meaning, Gia’s heritage and tenacious vibes makes it a great choice which is also easy to spell for anyone who crosses its path. Its simplistic features make this a gorgeous choice for any little girl.

14 Cale

Strong and bold are two words that describe this one syllable name. Pronounced KAYL, it is a shortened choice of the well known boy’s name Caleb. Living in a era of health and fitness, one super food that is associated with this trend is the leafy green superfood Kale. Parents that are into their fitness and healthy living may consider this name spelt with a ‘C’ for their little boy. Thanks yo its minimalistic tones, it definitely is a name that is unique and easy to spell. Whether it is the association with health and fitness, or the strength the name carries, it is a great choice for boys.

13 Etta

According to ohbabynames.com, this was a popular name over 100 years ago and slowly lost its popularity. Used in several countries including Africa, America and England, this two syllable name is not the first choice of may parents searching for a girl’s name. However, this name should not be overlooked as it has a uniqueness thanks to its rarity in the 21st century. Pronounced ET-a, this two syllable name has been associated with the well known name Henrietta. Meaning ‘ruler of the home’, Etta is also used as the pet name of Loretta and Rosetta, but since, this name has the strength to be a stand alone given name that it is also simple to spell.

12 Kai 

Pronounced K’EYE, this unique name not only looks interesting to the eye, but it is unique when said aloud. Thanks to its diverse origins including German, Hawaiian and Nordic, this name has been seen as a unisex name choice. Meaning ‘ocean’, this has been listed as one of the top 50 names in Hawaii thanks to its tropical tones. Although it is not as popular as a girl’s name, it is cool and funky with a unique flare attached to it. Easy to spell, Kai is an intriguing name that will turn heads whenever it is said out loud. Don’t underestimate this name choice whether you are looking for a boy or girl’s name.

11 Liv 

Associated with the name Olivia, its has been used within Nordic and English cultures. Pronounced as it is seen ‘LIV’, there is no second guessing the spelling or pronunciation, making it a perfect name choice. Although it has a connection to Olivia, it has been accepted as a stand alone name. Thanks to its simplicity this characteristic will make it more common in the years to come. Known as the contemporary Scandinavian word for ‘life’, this name is fitting for a newborn. This one syllable, three letter name is packed full of meaning and most definitely a name full of life that should definitely cross the European waters and be used throughout the world.

10 Sia

Pronounced SEE-uh, many people will know this name thanks to the well known singer Sia, who has has many hit singles including ‘Chandelier’. Just like her powerful and unique voice, this name also oozes these attributes making it a wonderful choice for any little girl. This name is also a great choice as it will grow with any child. This name is fitting as a young name and a name that will be fitting for amateur woman. Meaning ‘victory’, this short name has been detected by the radar, but is still a unique name choice that is simple to spell but full of beauty.

9 Emi  

Not commonly seen in English speaking cultures, this name has several origins. A name used in Japanese and German cultures, it is a unique choice within the English speaking countries. Pronounced a E-MEE in Japanese, its meaning ‘beauty’ makes this an ideal choice for any little girl. Conversely, across the waters in Germany, this name means ‘universal’. Still a beautiful meaning behind this sweet girl’s name, it has been seen as a nickname to the popular version Emily. However, there is no need to have a connection anymore as this name can definitely hold its own which is evident in non English speaking cultures. Recently, it has been a popular name in French cultures thanks to its chic and classy tones. Three letters and two syllables, there is no underestimating its uniqueness and beauty.

8 Jett 

One syllable and full of muscularity, you cannot go passed this boy’s name. Pronounce ‘JET’ it has been associated as an aviation reference and a ‘dark black color’. With its altered spelling of ‘jet’ which refers to a specific type of aeroplane, this modern 21st century boy’s name is filled with attitude. With its cool tones, this name provides all the right attributes of a name that is destined for this list. Unique and easy to spell, we cannot underestimate its beauty even though its robust tones make it a strong masculine name. It is a fitting name for a child to an adult.

7 Lux 

This is an interesting name that definitely provides a unique tone for any little girl. It may be hard to initially decipher the gender of the name, however when heard a few times, it will be welcomed by many people. Pronounced ‘LUKS’ this female name derives from Latin origin meaning ‘light’. With many parents looking beyond the name and into the meaning behind it, it is vital for many parents that the name has positive connotations. This is definitely a cool and chic name for any little girl and for parents searching for a name choice that is unique and easy to spell.

6 Bo 

Used in Sweden and Denmark as a boy’s name, it is pronounced the same way it is spelt. Deriving from Old Norse, meaning ‘to live’, this Northern Germanic language was spoken in Scandinavia until the 14th century and still has presence in the modern era. This name has also been associated with the Chinese language as a unisex name, however the pronunciation ‘PWAW’ is completely different to the way it is spelt. Alternatively this name can be spelt Beau, however as you can see it may be more difficult to spell. The alternative spelling ‘B-O’ makes the name unique as not many names can be spelt with only two letters!

5 Finn

Known as the surname of famous character Huckleberry Finn from the author Mark Twain, this name has seen a rise in popularity as a first name. Pronounced ‘FIN’ the name derives from several origins including Gaelic and Nordic. As a very unique choice, it has just as much substance as a name that has lasted throughout the ages. With only one syllable, this masculine name provides a strong yet mystical tone. Its eclectic vibe makes it a cool and trendy name choice for any little boy in the modern era where parents are searching for name that is unique, fun and easy to spell.

4 Coco 

Many people will instantly think of the French Fashion house Coco Chanel, however not many people will think this as an accepted given name. However, thanks to its association with fashion and the continuous connection it has with popular culture, this name has recently been seen as a given name. Thanks to its rarity as a given name, it makes it a unique choice that has a whole lot of sass and class. Pronounced KO-ko, this two syllable word only needs two letters to make it a beautiful name choice which is also extremely easy to spell. Names like Coco may not be common but will be a name choice that will be around for years to come.

3 Tate 

Pronounced as ‘TAYT’ this has been a common English surname for centuries. Meaning ‘happy’ and ‘cheerful’ its meaning makes it a great choice for little boys. Although it was originally known as a surname, it has been accepted as a first name which is slowly on the rise. Thanks to it still being an uncommon name choice, it makes this name unique and perfect for any little boy to stand out from the crowd. Even with its cheerful tones, this is a strong willed name which gives it masculinity, allowing any little boy to grow into it as a young man. Names like Tate will slowly rise in popularity, hence choosing it now will allow you to be the first.

2 Nixon 

Seen as one of the harder names to spell on this list, it is still easier to spell compared to many other five letter given names. Instead of seeing this as a given name, many may associate this name with Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the United States of America. Although it was a surname, it has all the right characteristics to be accepted as a given name. Pronounced NIK-sin, this two syllable name is a solid choice for any boy, providing strength and masculinity. Meaning ‘people of victory’, its meaning is fitting for any little boy to grow into. Still seen as a unique name, it will slowly become more popular within western cultures.

1 Nash

Deriving from English origin, meaning ‘by the ash tree’, this is perfect little boy’s name for those looking for a choice with a unique twist. Before it was accepted as a first name, it was a common surname throughout the ages. Associated with famous mathematician John Nash, it has since been seen as a name that has been accepted as given name in western cultures. This trendy and urban name choice undeniably sets the tone for a unique boy’s name. With its strength and fun vibes, this four letter word is simple to spell yet full of life that any parent will instantly fall in love with.

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