25 Names That Make The Strongest Impression

A great name has the potential to take a person very far. Many mothers spend their entire pregnancies trying to come up with the best name for their little ones. Some parents even wait until they see their bouncing baby boys or girls to give them a name they believe best suits them. A beautiful name helps with making a strong first impression and it plays a huge part in shaping people's perceptions of each other. A great name can be remembered long after meeting someone and can even inspire people to give the name to the ones they love. Some names are so great, they go from being the name of a fictional character to landing in the number one spot on popular baby name charts.

There are many things that contribute to a name making a strong impression. The way it is spelled to the amount of syllables that are in them can make a world of difference when finding that one name that makes your brows arch with interest. Some names influence the type of careers many of us end up in while others play a role in our intelligence. These 25 names are some of the best names you've either heard before or will be learning for the first time. Their meanings are significant but on their own, these names make strong impressions.

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25 Grace

This is a name that will more than likely be around for many centuries to come. The meaning of the name makes this a name that leaves a strong first impression because the English definition of Grace often trickles into the character of the name bearer. Grace has English origins and is derived from the Latin "gratis." The meaning of Grace means God's favor. The perception of someone with Grace is favorable and is associated with class. So it's no wonder why parents flock to this name when they want to give their adorable daughters a name that is timeless.

Numerologists believe that baby girls given the name Grace are destined to have a deep inner desire for commitment and a need to work with others and to be appreciated. They are often excellent with analyzing and will make great philosophers and teachers because of this.

24 Journey

Journey is a baby girl name that is like no other which gives it the important elements to make a strong impression. This is one of those names that is a name word but the perception of journey is often a favorable one. Journey has English origins. It is currently rising in popularity and is in the top 300s position on many baby name charts.

Unsurprisingly, Journey wasn't always a mainstay on baby name charts. With a need for originality, parents only recently have been searching outside of baby name books to find names that will set their little ones apart from their peers. Journey was unseen on the charts until the late 90s and continues to rise in popularity today. The simple meaning of Journey is trip, expedition, quest. Characteristics of a little girl who bears this name are multi-talented, idealistic, and independent.

23 Grayson

Grayson is an original name that is slowly moving onto the radars of parents looking for a standout name that will leave a strong impression. Like many of the names on this list, Grayson is different and different is always the goal when you're looking for a name that isn't as common as others. Grayson means son of the grey-haired one. It is a transferred surname that means son of a steward. In middle English, "Greyve" means steward. Ironically, given the meaning of this name, many parents are turning to the name Grayson for little girls but Grayson is most popular as a little boy's name.

22 Remington

There is little doubt that when you think of Remington, you probably think of English castles, royalty, and an undeniable vision of refinement. And that is no mistake. Remington has British origins. Remington is another name on this list that was originally a surname but is now growing in popularity as a first name option. The name Remington is said to be derived from the Old English word riming and means raven, and tun or settlement. What's adorable about this name for children is that it can be shortened to something cute like Remy. Characteristics of a person named Remington is wise, imaginative, and philosophical.

21 Zane

If you're looking for a name that is short, sweet and that still has the essence of a name that leaves a strong impression, look no further than Zane. Zane has Hebrew origins and means gift of God. It’s a one syllable name which is pretty popular today in the name game. It has that interesting letter Z in it's make up and it just sounds great on the ears. Besides being sonically and visually appealing the meaning behind Zane is one that is hard not to fall in love with . According to numerologists, little boys who are given the name Zane are destined to be leaders with unforgettable personalities.

20 Ambrosia

This is an ultra-feminine name that's perfect for parents who want an adorable baby girl name full of pizazz. Ambrosia has Greek origins and means food of the Gods. This is a name that's rich in history and has a lovely ring to it. Numerologists believe that little girls with the name Ambrosia are destined to lead and will strive for harmony and balance in their lives. Ambrosia isn't the most popular name on the list. It hasn't appeared on many top baby name charts but it is such a beautiful name that may grow in popularity once it's on more parents' radars.

19 Winter

Winter is such a cool name, pun intended, that will certainly make people who hear it do a double take. Season names are always a hit because they are different and bring with it a perception associated with that season. Winter is no exception. The name Winter has English origins and means the coldest season of the year. The Teutonic meaning of Winter is "bring of the renewal/ rebirth of spring." Some would like to think this is a unisex name but based on the charts, Winter is most popular as a little girls name. There are different variations of spelling Winter, but this is the spelling that is most common. Currently , Winter is in the top 400s on baby name charts.

18 Ivy

If you're looking for a name that is different, a bit feminine, and refined, then take a look at Ivy. The name Ivy is one that is unique and has all the qualities of a standout name. Ivy has English origins and is derived from the Old English word, Ivy, which means fidelity. According to historians, ancient Greeks offered newlyweds ivy wreaths to symbolize their faithfulness to one another. The name Ivy is also associated with the plant that shares the same name. Currently, Ivy is in the 200s position on popular baby name charts. Ivy also represents eternity.

17 Dash

Dash is one of the most fun names on this list. It's youthful and a name that will make a pretty strong impression when people ask him his name. Usually a nickname for names like Dashiell or Dasher, Dash does just fine as a first name. Dash has French origins. It is believed to be derived from the surname de Chiel. In the English language, Dash means to run fast. Growing in popularity since the late 90s, the most notable Dash is the adorable character in the animated Pixar film, The Incredibles. The name Dash took a dip in the early 2000s but it is now steadily rising up the charts again.

16 Justice

A name that sounds great and holds meaning is always a great combination. Justice has French and Latin origins. When we think of names that make strong impressions, they are usually names that aren't very common and Justice is one of them. Justice is considered to be a word name. It has Latin origins and is said to be a transferred use of a surname derived from Justice which means rightfulness and fairness. Justice is believed to be from the Latin ius which means law. This is a name that is considered a unisex name but it seems to be growing in popularity amongst little boys.

15 Constantine

This is a name that will surely grow with your little one and do the job of shaping their personalities. By perception, Constantine is a very powerful sounding name. It's a bit longer than many of the names on this list and because of its history, this name is considered to be timeless. Constantine has Latin origins and means constant, steadfast, from the Latin constans. This is the perfect name for parents who want a name that isn't as common but still has a modern feel to it. Numerologists believe that children with the name Constantine have a deep inner desire to express themselves often in public speaking, writing, or singing. They are destined to find success in business.

14 Violet

Flower names will forever be classic. It has one foot in the past and a bit in the present making them classic and chic. Violet is one of those names that will continue to keep its luster as a name that leaves a strong impression. Violet has French origins and is from the Old French Violette which is a diminutive of Viole which is derived from the Latin Viola. As mentioned, Violet is considered to be a flower name but it can also be considered a color name as well. The violet flower is said to signify modesty and faithfulness. Amongst the most popular of flower names such as Rose, Lily, and Daisy. Little girls who bear the name violet are said to be extremely bright, highly intuitive and inspirational.

13 Amethyst

Unconventional names that are significant are making a real impact on baby name lists. It's giving parents real options that are different but not too different. They are trendy but they're far enough from the usual. Amethyst, a name often associated with a gemstone, is one of those names that are slowly rising in popularity. The name Amethyst has Greek origins and means jewel, precious stone. Many know Amethyst as being a purple or violet gemstone. The Amethyst as a gemstone is believed to have healing powers and is often placed around a person's home to balance. As mentioned, Amethyst is growing in popularity and is currently in the 1000s on popular baby name charts.

12 Hazel

Hazel is a beautiful name that has proven to have amazing lasting power. It's a name that has been around for decades and it continues to be in the top pick for parents looking for warm and lovely baby girl names for their little ones. Hazel has English origins and is taken from the name of the hazelnut tree. It is currently a popular baby name for little girls, breaking into the top 100s in 2017 on popular baby name charts. This is a name that is perfect for little girls, especially those who have Hazel colored eyes. Like most popular names, pop culture plays a role in the popularity of a baby name and the same can be applied to Hazel. Though Hazel is a name that many parents flock to, it became even more of interest after actress Julia Roberts named her daughter Hazel.

11 Scarlet

If you're looking for a name for your baby girl that isn't very girly but still has that gentle touch of femininity, Scarlet may be what you need. Scarlet is one of the most beautiful names for little girls. It's elegant and sweet, and will make a strong impression. You'll more than likely see two different spellings for Scarlet – this one and the other with two t's at the end. Scarlet is a lovely alternate to the popular and holds the same meaning. Derived from the surname of a person who sold cloth of scarlet, little girls with the name Scarlet are said to be humanitarians, loving and compassionate people.

10 Sienna

We love the name Sienna. It's pretty, soft, and not as common as many other names you'll find on popular baby name charts. Sienna has Italian and Latin origins and means present, reddish brown. It's considered to be a color name in most places around the world. A soft hue of red that is mesmerizing at first sight. Many believe this name was inspired by the colorful clay that was produced in the Italian city of Siena during the Renaissance. It seems many parents are beginning to see the allure of the name Sienna as the name is slowly rising in popularity. Currently, Sienna appears in the 100s position on popular baby name charts.

9 Isis

Many parents search for names that hold deeper meanings in addition to sounding lovely on the ears. Isis is a powerful name that exudes its essence with an equally powerful origin. Besides having a lovely sounding name, Isis was also the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess of the moon, fertility, healing and magic. Isis means woman of the throne, supreme goddess. Here's a little history: In Egyptian mythology, Isis was the sister of Osirus, mother of Horus. Isis was later worshipped over the entire Roman empire. In modern day, Isis is slowly rising in popularity and is currently in the 2000s position on popular baby name charts.

8 Sebastian

So you want a name that will make a strong impression? A name that sounds good and looks amazing on paper. Sebastian is a name that has those qualities and has a youthful sound to it too. Sebastian has Latin origins and means venerable, revered. It's a fun name that shows potential of growing with your little one, helping to shape his personality as an adult. Sebastian first appeared in the Shakespearean play, Twelfth Night. According to name experts, little boys with the name Sebastian are believed to be multi-talented, idealistic, and independent.

7 Jaxson

Names that have unconventional spellings are highly favored with parents looking for the ideal name for their little ones. You even have some parents who are taking classic names and spicing them up a bit by switching out letters in the name for the resilient X letter. Jaxson is the perfect example of this. Jaxson has English origins. The way Jaxson is spelled today is a modern twist on the old surname Jackson. Respelling of timeless names is very common in the US and is starting to spread around other parts of the world.

6 Trinity

Trinity is another name that is the perfect pick for parents who are looking for a beautiful little girl's name that isn't too girly but still has that touch of femininity. Trinity has Latin origins and means triad. This refers to the holy trinity in Christianity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This name is considered to be a Christian virtue name making Trinity ideal for parents who follow this faith. Numerologists believe little girls with the name Trinity are destined to serve humanity and to give to others by way of sharing knowledge and their creative, artistic abilities. They will make great teachers and scholars.

5 Abrielle

If you're looking for a name that is feminine and a change from the norm, this may be the name you need to have on your name list. Names that sound like other names but are still different in their own right stands out without even trying and this is the case with the name Abrielle. The name Abrielle is of Italian origins and means feminine of Abraham. This name is a sweet twist on the lovely Gabrielle. Little girls with the name Abrielle are believed to grow up to have a love of peace and harmony. They are destined leaders with powerful personalities.

4 Emory

Emory is a baby boy name that is growing in popularity amongst parents. Emory is a variant of Emery. The name Emery is of Old German origins which means home strength, industrious leader. Emory is considered to be a transferred surname. This name is now considered to be a unisex name, especially if you switch out the o for an e. But overall, many can agree that this name is often given to boys. Name experts say the characteristics of children who bear the name Emory can be natural born problem-solvers and achievers.

3 Etienne

This name is beautiful before you even know the meaning. Names that roll off the tongue with very little effort are often the names that are huge hits with parents and that standout in adulthood. The name Etienne is unique and a refreshing take on a classic. Etienne has French origins and is known as the French form of Stephen. This is great considering many parents' fondness for moving more towards names that remind us of timeless names but are still different. In French, Etienne means garland, crown.

2 Clementine

Clementine when said reminds many of a burst of sunshine. It also helps that Clementine is the name of a type of orange that tastes and smells just as amazing as it sounds. This is one of the longer spelling names on the list but those extra letters make all the difference with making this name a beautiful classic. Clementine has Latin origins. The Latin meaning of Clementine is Clemens meaning mild or merciful. Clementine is said to be a very popular British baby name. Numerologists believe that children given the name Clementine grow up to be courageous individuals.

1 Naya

When selecting a baby name, you want to choose something that has meaning and that is unique in sound. In order for it to make a strong impression, it has to sound similar to names you've heard before but with a slight edge. Here enters the lovely Naya. The name Naya has Arabic origins and means new, renewal, fresh. It is a diminutive of the name Anaya, Aniya and a variation of the name Nadia. Naya has been steadily growing in popularity on baby name charts. Although it has only broken through to the top 1000s on baby name charts, the name Naya is a name that is similar to a diamond in the rough, radiantly undiscovered.

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