25 Names That Mom And Dad Completely Disagree On

Picking out a baby name is a joyful task, but, sometimes, Moms and Dads just don't agree on baby names. Any woman who is expecting a baby may fall in love with a particular name, but meet resistance from her partner. Some give and take may be needed before a couple is able to settle on the perfect name. A friendly debate over baby names isn't the worst kind of debate to have. Its fun...and leads to an important final decision.

Expectant moms who are searching for ideal baby names should definitely check out this list. There are names for both sons and daughters. While parents have disagreed over these names, moms-to-be may find that their partners love these options just as much as they do.

This list includes a perfect blend of modern and trendy baby names, as well as traditional ones that have stood the test of time. All of these first names will also work well as middle names.

With baby names, most moms-to-be know what's right when they see it. Any name that a mom chooses should be something that she adores. She should love the way that it sounds, and what its meaning is. The name should pair well with a surname.

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25 Gigi


Gigi is the name of one of the world's most famous supermodels. Gigi Hadid is an important player in the fashion world. Because Gigi is so famous, some people may not want to choose this baby name for their daughters. They might feel like it will always be associated with the fashion model, who is the face of Maybelline. Nonetheless, Gigi is a gorgeous name that is definitely trendy right now. The name, Gigi, comes from France and means, "trustworthy girl from the farm."

24 Axl


Axl is a baby boy name with a lot of rock-n-roll edge; it's the name of the legendary Guns'n'Roses frontman, Axl Rose. Fergie and Josh Duhamel chose the name Axel, which has a slightly different spelling, for their son.

Axl isn't really too traditional. It's an edgy name that will probably be associated with hard rock music for a very long time. Couples who both love hard rock may adore Axl. If only one member of a couple is a rock enthusiast, this name may be hard to agree on. The name, Axl, means, "father of peace" and it originates from Scandinavia.

23 Ariel


Disney princess names are very popular. However, some people just aren't into Disney. Some people think that Disney films foster unrealistic expectations in children of what love and friendship will be like. Most of these films reinforce the idea of the fairy tale with a happy ending. If you love the name Ariel, your partner may think that it's too "Disney", but maybe you can convince him that it's exactly right for your daughter. The name, Ariel, means, "light" or "altar" or "lion of God." It has Hebrew origins. Ariel is the name of the main character from Disney's, "The Little Mermaid."

22 Donald

We think that you probably already know why the name, Donald, is currently a controversial choice. Just think of the most famous Donald in the world, except perhaps for Donald Duck, and you'll get the picture. Donald is a traditional name. It's been around for centuries. Is it right for your son? This may depend on whether or not you think that a certain ultra-famous Donald is doing a good job. This classic name comes from Scotland and it means, "world mighty" or "great chief."

21 Bella


Bella is the name of the heroine from the Twilight novels and films. If you love sparkly vampires and their love interests, this name may evoke your soul. If your partner hates Twilight, he may want any other name for his baby daughter. While the link between Bella and Twilight may fade a bit over time, at this point, it's still a name that makes people think, Twilight. People may also link this name with supermodel, Bella Hadid. The name, Bella, means, "beautiful" and it comes from Italy.

20 Kanye


Kanye is a really nice name. It sounds cool and means, "next in line to the chieftancy" or "one time" or "let's give." Its origins are from South Africa. Of course, it's also the name of a gifted and sometimes-erratic hip hop legend. Whether this name is agreed upon by moms and dads-to-be will probably depend on how they feel about Kanye West. Some people love him and some people dislike him intensely. This is a baby name that will always get a strong reaction. It's not a middle of the road name.

19 Kim


Does the name, Kim, immediately make you think of Kim Kardashian? It makes me think of Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous women on this planet. At the same time, she's not really known for exceptional talent. Her fame is based more on glamour. People who don't appreciate the Kardashian empire may not want to call their babies Kim, because they don't want the link with one of America's most famous reality TV families. The name, Kim, is short for Kimberly and it means, "from the royal fortress meadow" or "wood of the royal forest". The name comes from England.

18 Gwyneth


If you're a Gwyneth Paltrow fan and your partner isn't, you may want to call your baby Gwyneth. It is a pretty name, but your partner might balk because Gwyneth is the type of celeb that polarizes people. This classic name for females means, "beautiful" and "joy". It's a name that comes from Wales in the United Kingdom. If your heart is set on this traditional and lovely name, remind your partner that Gwyneth Paltrow isn't the only Gwyneth in the world and that this name has been around for ages.

17 John


Sometimes, a couple may argue over the really common baby names. For example, a dad-to-be might love the name, John, because it's so simple, short and classic, but a mom-to-be might think it's too commonplace. This name means, "Jehovah has shown grace" and its origins are Hebrew. John is a perennial favorite because it's a name that everyone knows. It may or may not be right for your baby son. If your partner loves this name and you don't, give yourself some time to mull the name over. You may find yourself liking it more and more.

16 Cersei


Game of Thrones fans may be drawn to names from the popular series, which features plenty of racy scenes, as well as some dragons, treachery and epic battles. Game of Thrones has captured the public's imagination thanks to its blend of supernatural and medieval-style elements. Cersei is the name of a queen from GoT. She's a character who has done some misdeeds. The name, Cersei, was created by the author of the GoT series, G.R.R. Martin, and it may be inspired by names from Greek mythology. Do you want your daughter to be named after a GoT character?

15 Harley


Guys may be interested in calling their baby daughters Harley because they love Harley-Davidson motorcycles, or Harley Quinn from Batman (DC Comics), or both. Moms-to-be may love motorbikes and Harley Quinn, too! If parents-to-be disagree about this name, they can sit and talk about it. One person might change his or her mind. The name, Harley, means, "hare meadow" and it's a baby name that comes from England. Harley is one of the edgier names for baby daughters. It's not the tamest baby name out there.

14 Legend


Legend is a dramatic baby name. It's more common for baby sons than daughters, but versatile enough to work for both. Its name meaning is what you'd expect. It means, "legend". If you want your child to become a legend, this name may resonate with you, but will your partner love it? It's slightly over the top and some parents-to-be may find that it's a little too much. One compromise to consider is using the name, Legend, like a middle name.

13 Stassi


If you're into Vanderpump Rules, you may want to call your baby daughter Stassi. Stassi Schroeder is one of the reality TV show's most famous cast members. Stassi is short for Nastassia.  Nastassia is a shorter version of Anastasia. Stassi does have a modern vibe, but it's definitely linked with Vanderpump Rules. This may turn off some parents-to-be, while others will love it for that reason. The name, Nastassia (Stassi for short) comes from Greece and it means, "resurrection". That's fitting, as Stassi Schroeder has had to reinvent herself while appearing on the show.

12 Kingston


Kingston is a fun and cool baby name that's a little bit unique. Gwen Stefani and her former husband, Gavin Rossdale, chose this name for their eldest son, probably because it's the name of a city in Jamaica that is renowned for its reggae roots. While Gwen and Gavin agreed on this name, it might be too edgy for some parents-to-be who aren't rock stars. This name comes from England and means, "king's estate". Kingston, Jamaica is a city that is the national capital.

11 Jax


Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules changed his name from Jason to Jax. He created a fresh identity when he moved to Los Angeles. Since most people these days connect this name with Jax Taylor, it may not be a name that every mom or dad-to-be appreciates. Jax is the type of reality TV show cast member that many viewers love to dislike. He tells fibs and tends to betray his partners now and then. The name, Jax, is a modern invention, so it doesn't have a specific meaning. It comes from America. It's sort of a variant of Jack, which means, "god is gracious."

10 Lotus


Lotus is a name that's a little bit crunchy and a little bit spiritual. It may be a bit too hippie for some parents-to-be, while others will think it's amazing. This name means, "lotus tree flower." If you love nature names, you may adore Lotus, but it's not exactly an everyday baby name. Radiohead does have an amazing song called, Lotus Flower, which sort of captures the essence of this special flower and its link with spirituality. If you and your partner can't agree on Lotus, consider it as a beautiful middle name.

9 Mickey


Mickey is an adorable name for a baby son (or daughter, actually), but it's also the name of a certain famous cartoon mouse. When a lot of us hear the name, Mickey, we think of Mickey Mouse. Some parents-to-be may love the connection with Disney's beloved mouse mascot, while others will dislike it. So, this is a name that can cause a disagreement when it comes to naming a baby. Mickey can be shortened to Mick for instant rock-n-roll edge. Mickey and Mick are both short for Michael, which means, "who is like god?"

8 Paris


Michael Jackson's daughter is named Paris. This famous first name is also the name of a certain Hilton heiress (Paris Hilton). Since the name is linked with some Hollywood names who are famous mostly because of their families, it may not be an ideal choice for some parents-to-be. They may feel like it's a name that evokes images of tabloid websites and the paparazzi. Still, it's the name of a city in France that is the glorious "city of light". The name, Paris, appeared in the Shakespeare play, Romeo & Juliet. Paris is such a romantic and inspiring name. It means, "Paris, France."

7 Chip


Chip is a cute nickname for Charles. Some parents-to-be may like Charles, but not be wild about calling their baby sons, Chip, as a nickname. Also, two famous and charming Disney chipmunks, Chip and Dale, have given the name, Chip, is bit of a cartoonish quality. Charles means, "man" and the name is an variant of the name, Karl, which comes from Germany. Is Chip the right name for your son? There's something retro about Chip which is kind of cool. It's not a baby name that you hear every day.

6 Reign


Reign is the name of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's third child. Their third child is a boy. Reign is a strong baby name that works for both genders. It's got that royal vibe, which some parents-to-be might find off-putting. Also, it's got that Kardashian vibe, which some parents-to-be might find even more off-putting! Reign means, "sovereign" and it comes from England. If you love royal names but Reign isn't for you, or your partner dislikes it, consider the most traditional royal baby names. Just watch The Crown to get some ideas.

5 Brandi


Are you into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? If you are, you may want to call your baby daughter Brandi, after Brandi Glanville, even if your partner doesn't want you to choose this name.

Brandi really shook up producer Andy Cohen's famous reality TV franchise. She would say anything and had no filter. Eventually, this got her fired. Brandi is a controversial figure in pop culture. Some people feel sorry for her because her husband decided to move on with Leann Rimes. Other people can't stand Brandi, because she goes into obnoxious territory frequently. This name means, "distilled Dutch wine" and its origins are from England.

4 Jet


Jet was the name of John Travolta's son, who sadly passed away. John and his wife, Kelly Preston, spelled the name with two T's, as "Jett." Travolta is a pilot, so it's not a surprise that he chose this aviation-inspired name. Jet is also a gemstone which is pitch black. If you like either of the meanings of this name, it may be right for your child, but will your partner agree? Unfortunately, the Travolta family's tragedy may have given this interesting baby name bad connotations.

3 Pandora


Lisa Vanderpump and her hubby, Ken Todd, called their daughter, Pandora. They also have another child named Max. Both of their children are now grown up. Pandora is their bio child and Max is adopted. Both adult children get tons of love. The name Pandora is exciting and different. You've probably heard of Pandora's Box and why it wasn't supposed to be opened. The box was part of Greek mythology and it contained the world's evils. The box was given to Pandora and she was too curious not to open it. This name is edgy because of its meaning.

2 Monet


If one parent-to-be is artsy and the other isn't, the name, "Monet", may not be agreed upon. This lovely name for a baby daughter references the Impressionist artist, Claude Monet, who painted romantic pictures of lily pads and other pretty nature scenes. He was known for a soft, pastel style. People can tour his house in Europe and see where he did his work most of the time. The home's landscaping is stunning and so much like the scenes depicted in his paintings. This name really evokes the spirit of France.

1 Tyrion


Game of Thrones fans may want to name their baby sons after Tyrion Lannister. He is a character played by gifted actor, Peter Dinklage. Tyrion is witty and crafty, with a big chip on his small shoulder. This is an edgy baby name which was the creation of GoT author, G.R.R. Martin. It may be inspired by the Celtic name, Tyrone, which means, "land ow Owen". Couples who don't have a mutual love of Game of Thrones may argue over this name. It's still a cool choice.

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