25 New Baby Names Coming Out This Winter

Winter is a beautiful time of year with not only the holidays approaching but also the cool crisp beauty of the short days and the warmth and familiarity of a strong fire or a warm house. It's the perfect season to wrap up warm and cosy and snuggle up with family and friends. And a wonderful time to have a baby. With so many eagerly anticipating the birth of your baby and the festivities that approach throughout winter from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year, it's an eventful time filled with happy memories for you surrounding the birth of your baby. And a busy time but isn't that half the fun!

And of course naming your baby is one of the most exciting things to tick off your checklist before baby arrives. You may be thinking of choosing a name associated with the season for your baby. Or as it is nearing the end of the year, you may be hoping to find a name that has not gained massive popularity throughout the year. For many parents to be, choosing a name that has not be heard by too many already is important but as we hit the end of the year, the quirky and cool choices are often snapped up and become popular or overused.

We've created a list of 25 baby names to help you choose. Here you will find names that are somewhat unusual, names that haven't been on every list this year already and some of these names have a wintertime feel making them extra special for your winter baby.

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25 Alaïa

Alaïa meaning "joyful" or "happy" is a stunningly beautiful Basque girls name that is somewhat new to the charts having only appeared in the US in the last few years. Alaïa is a name that is sure to delight and surprise many despite it being on the rise. The name currently sits at #615 in the US and is proving to be loved by many.

The name is quite close to other similar sounding and spelt names like the Arabic Aaliyah, the Hebrew Aliya and the Sanskrit Alaya. And then there are names like Amarah that have a similar ring to it.

Alaïa is a wonderful choice for your baby girl who will most certainly stand out with such an alluring and defining name. There is no reason why you wouldn't add this name to your list of potentials.

24 Demna

Demna is a very unique and wonderfully interesting name. It is such a new and unusual name that it has yet been listed or ranked in the baby name charts but is an incredible name that you just can't pass by.

The name Demna is the anglicised version of the Celtic, Deimne, which was the Celtic hero, Fionn McCool's, real name. Deimne means "sureness" or "certainty". The name comes with a brilliant myth and legends story about McCool who is said to have never died but rather he sleeps in a cave waiting to defend and fight for Ireland at its hour of need.

The name Demna is one that will not only draw attention but will also inspire many with its deep and rich history that is vibrant and alive. For a jaw dropping new name this Winter remember Demna.

23 Binx

Binx is certainly an interesting and cute name that can attract a lot of attention. Leona "Binx" Walton is an American fashion model who is slowly bringing this name out of nickname status.

Being a brand new name hailing from America, Binx is quirky and cute. Obviously it has yet to make any status on the charts at all considering it is only beginning to be known. New names are often created from heartwarming nicknames that become a real name in themselves. Binx is no different and it has a quirkiness about it that attracts many parents to be. Having no real meaning as of yet, the name Binx can literally be what you make it with whatever meaning or sentimental value you appropriate to it. The name is truly unique and yours.

Looking for something fresh and incredibly new with a hint of humour and staunch quirkiness then definitely pop Binx on your list.

22 Fionnan

Fionnan is an Irish name which comes from Fionn. Fionn and Finn are quite common Celtic names which we have heard many times before but Fionnan puts a different spin on the Celtic names. The name means "bright" or "fair haired".

Due to the popularity of Fionn and Finn, Fionnan has gotten very little love in recent years bring overshadowed by the more popular names. Which is an incredible shame as Fionnan has a beautiful ring to it and a softer elegance to it which should be admired.

Fionnan comes with a rich and interesting history being closely embedded in Irish Folklore giving it a history and story that is worthy of being told over and over again and cherished and loved. A name like Fionnan will stand out to be admired amongst his peers.

21 Freja

Freya is a wonderful name and it's popularity soared in the US and in the UK quite quickly as parents to be on either side of the globe fell in love with this Norse name which means "a Noble Woman". The Danish spelling for this make is Freja or Freyja. This spelling of the beautiful name is not as popular as that with the simple Y and will give this name a little extra mystery and beauty.

There are times when choosing a name results in you falling in love with a very popular choice. But many of us are adverse to choosing the popular names which don't let our children stand out in the classroom. Changing or choosing a different spelling of the name will not always work but in this case I think it does. While the J sounds ideal identical to the Y of the more anglicised version, the Danish spelling of Freja gives it a more sophisticated and natural feel to it. Which spelling would you choose if you were deciding upon this name?

20 Haven

Haven is certainly not a traditional name and has an incredible allure to it which draws you in. It's wonderful dark and broody sound, alongside a considerable romantic appeal, will make this name seem more mysterious and beautiful than any other name you have thought of so far.

Being an incredibly new name, Haven has yet to properly rank in the baby name listings. As a generational name, it was conjured up by twenty first century parents who were looking for something new and interesting beyond the ordinary and popular names which are common place these days. Here, we have added Haven as a boys name, however this wonderful and interesting name can be used for either a boy or a girl. The choice is literally yours. Choosing such a modern name will certainly set your little one in front of others.

19 Indra

Indra is quite simply a gorgeous name which oozes a strong and persistent personality. Coming from the Sanskrit meaning "possessing drops of rain" the romantic nature of this name is quite clearly obvious. It has a charm and appeal that makes it an alluringly strong name. Indra comes with an indepth history from the ancient Hindu religion which portrayed Indra as the warrior god of the sky and rain. This god was a male however   modern parents align the name with the feminine and it is more often than not given to a girl rather than a boy at birth although it can be used for both.

Choosing a name with strong connections to myth and legends gives the name an added depth and character making your child's name stand out even more. If you are feeling even a little more adventurous, Indra can also be spelt Indre but this may confuse the pronunciation. Indra is only beginning to make headway on this side of the world and so it is considered to be somewhat new on our shores.

18 Kaius

Kaius has been adopted by many modern parents who have found the strong K sounds of names to be what they are looking for. Kaius has only recently been discovered and is a wonderful choice for your winter baby. Meaning "rejoice", Kaius is a perfect name for a seasonal baby as rejoicing throughout the Christmas and New Year period is a given.

Often shortened to Kai, using the longer version of Kaius, will bring this name a step above all others. It's strong two syllable sound is wonderful when said aloud and is almost a kingly statement when it is written down. The name almost feels oldwordly as it is a derivative of the Latin, Caius. The name is rarely seen on lists which is disappointing considering it is a strong name with a wonderful personality all of its own. It is certainly a name worthy of our attention which is why we consider it to be a perfect name to choose for your winter baby this year.

17 Liya

This simple yet strong two syllable name is a just for any parents to be of baby girls. It's attractive and poetic sound and nature makes it a must for all baby name lists but sadly it rarely makes the grade for some reason. For us, we find Liya, and particularly this spelling, to be a perfect winter name. Coming from the Hebrew, "I am with God" this name is a Russian version of Lia and Lily. In the U.K., you will see this name spelt Leah or Lia but this version of Liya has a romantic and timeless feel to it and makes it stand out strong and proud.

This version of this beautiful name is not as popular which makes it a strong candidate for parents looking for a name that is unique but understated.

16 Yukio

Yukio is a perfect winter name from Japan which can easily cross boundaries and be used by Western families. Meaning "snow boy" Yukio is a wonderful name that would suit any beautiful baby boy born during the first fall of snow this Winter. Japanese names are beginning to filter through to this side of the world, so don't be afraid of choosing a name that crosses cultures. Choosing a name for your baby will have significant meaning for you and your baby will happily attach their personality to it. A name like Yukio will encourage a strong and vibrant personality in your baby boy.

This name is largely popular in Japan with many parents choosing it for a December baby and contains an attribute of independence which is always a positive thing. On this side of the world it is a new name which can easily gain traction due to its unique and beautiful qualities.

15 Devin

Devin can be used for either a boy or a girl. For this list we have chosen to list it as a girls name. Devin comes from the Irish meaning "poet". With many different spellings, Devin can be the name you want it to be - Devyn, Devon, Devinne, Devan, Devynne, Devini. While it is not necessarily a new name as its popularity originally peaked in the 1990's, Devin almost dropped off the radar and the charts and so can now be considered a new name for this years Winter babies.

Devin is a sharp but strong name with the rigid D sound at the beginning and the amazing V which intersects the name. No matter what spelling you choose, Devin is a name that is rarely heard as of late and will easily dance it's way into your heart as a poetic Irish soul.

14 Tanner

Tanner is a boys name which is rarely seen on baby name lists these days as it's popularity has drastically declined in the last few years which really is a shame. Tanner which literally means the occupation of a "leather tanner" is a strong name which often sounds like a surname rather than a first name giving it that extra quirkiness. Coming from the English and German, Tanner has a rich history within the industry giving this name something to cling to.

Tanner can be used for both a boy and a girl. While we've listed it here as a boys name, Tanner for a girl sends out a very strong and persistent message that girls are as powerful as boys. It has yet to rank as a baby girls name however but this can easily change over the years as the name gains traction on both the boys and girls lists.

13 Zosia

Zosia is such a romantic name! Perhaps the most romantic on this list as it simply glides off the tongue so effortlessly in all its beauty. With the double sizzle of the strong Z and subtle S sounds at the beginning and middle of this name, Zosia is a pure poetic name that needs to be added to everyone's baby name lists for their soon to be born baby girl.

Zosia comes from the Greek meaning "wisdom" which is no surprise really as the name has a very old, patient and worldly feel to it. Zosia is a name that has not found its feet on the ladder of baby name lists just yet and is slowly being discovered by daring and quirky parents who are looking for something that is unique and will make their beautiful baby girl stand out. Zosia is certainly an interesting choice, but how could you pass up on a name so beautiful and so perfect such as this.

12 Yohji

Yohji is another Japanese name that is a perfect choice for your baby boy. This time however, Yohji has struggled to find its way over to this side of the world, but it is a name that parents shouldn't be afraid of. The name is a staple in Japan with a strong following and popularity but has yet to be rated outside of Japan. The simple but strong syllables of this name make it beautiful and flattering for any baby boy.

Even though you may not have a Japanese background, that doesn't not mean that you have to veer away from names that are outside of your culture. In fact, choosing a name that is little known in your culture can provide an education for those around your child who may gain an interest in cultures and stories from outside their own,

11 Wren

Wren is a perfect winter name for your seasonal baby. Simply coming from the name of the popular bird, Wren is a simple yet timeless classic that lost appeal a short while back but is now considered a new name for this seasons baby girls. The small and beautiful bird was often theight to be the "magician of the birds" in Ireland as its quick and effortless glide made it appear to disappear almost as instantly as it arrived. The Irish druids considered it to be a bird of prophecy. Not just a sweet little bird then!

Wren is a stunning name with a strong one syllable sound that makes it instantly recognisable and loved. Its popularity has never been strong as it is after all a daring choice and other names such as Robin and Lark hold more of an appeal with their instant and easily recognisable sounds. Wren is a new choice for your this winter. Would you be daring enough to choose it this season?

10 Quilo

Quilo is an inspiring Greet name which comes from the equally incredible name Achilles. Not unlike other variates to have come from Achilles, Quilo is right up there with Aquil and Akil. All of these names are quite unique and hold a beautiful mysticism about them. Choosing a name such as Quilo, which is an amazing choice that holds daring and exotic qualities, will never be a mistake.

Quilo has yet to chart on the baby lists as it's a new name on this side of the pond. And you most certainly shouldn't be afraid of names that are just crossing boundaries or are new to our ears. New names will create their own personalities and histories with our children who are blessed with them. Such a strong and stunning name will befit any newborn baby born this Winter.

9 Sparrow

How romantic is the name Sparrow? It may seem to be have come from a hippie lifestyle and background but Sparrow is a wonderful delicate name that is imbued in nature. Like Wren, and the everlasting Robin, Sparrow is a rich and beautiful name that conjures up images of late Autumn as the sparrows fly above our heads from tree to tree.

We have listed Sparrow here as a girls name but it is equally as amazing when given to a boy as their first name. There is a wonderful beauty in unisex names that end up with a very unique history and blend of stories. Sparrow is not necessarily a new name on the baby name lists but it is definitely a wise choice for winter babies this year as Sparrow has a unique charm and a strong loving appeal as it is deep rooted in nature.

8 Oakley

Oakley is, of course, reminiscent of dear old Annie Oakley but it is a veritable first name in its own right and has such a wonderful sound to it, so much so that it really shouldn't be forgotten. Sadly, or perhaps happily, Oakley has nevee made it into mainstream favour being reserved for the most creative and daring of parents. Not only is Oakley a fun choice, it's also a very beautiful name with ano incredible sound and appeal.

Another unisex name, Oakley suits both boys and girls with cute options for nicknames if you so wish, although shortening a name such as this is a travesty. Even though Oakley is a known name we see it as being a perfect name for your winter baby this year which will surprise and delight even the most dubious of family members with its unique and quirky nature. Would you be daring enough to choose Oakley at the end of this year?

7 Neva

Neva is a stunning, oft forgotten name that gets lost in amongst the Neve or Niamh's. But Neva is an incredibly perfect winter name that you simply must add to your list. With a poignant and beautiful meaning, "white snow", is ideal for your December or January baby.

Neva is actually a Spanish name with a purity and beauty about it that makes it almost sing when said aloud. Neva was almost lost throughout the years as it's popularity dipped drastically from the 1960s after seeing the popularity scales closely in the early 1900s. With a name so intrinsically embedded in the winter season, it is a must for any winter baby girl. The name has a sweet lull encapsulated in the sound at the beginning as it dances towards the final flowing A sound. For such a short name, it packs a punch.

6 Reed

Reed is a wonderful, short, one syllable name that is strong and commanding for either a boy or a girl. Meaning "red haired" from the English, this sleek name is a strong contender for our winter baby names list and happily can be added to both the boys and the girls list.

Reed comes across as a very staunch name, as though it should be associated with high class society and business associates with the latest tech gadgets attached to their ear. But the name has so much more potential with a strong beauty and essence to it. Reed, which can also be spelt Reid, is almost poetic and creative in its nature. This tight, sharp and snappy name is wilful and strong making it a perfect name for any baby boy or girl. Although, perhaps by this stage, the female version is more unheard of and therefore more obscure and interesting than if it was given to a baby boy.

5 Rumi

Rumi is by far one of my favourite names on this list as it's almost elfin demeanor and underlying mystic characteristic make it wonderfully magically. Rumi is another Japanese name that is beginning to make headway here due to its obvious beauty. Meaning "beauty", "flow" and "lapis lazuli", Rumi is deeply rooted with nature and all things natural and sincere.

You may be thinking, "where have I heard this name before?" but you are probably associating it with similar names such as Rumer or Remi, both equally beautiful names in their own right. Rumi however, is certainly a step above these names and as it has yet to successfully hold on to a strong level popularity, it is a perfect choice for a winter baby and may very well set the standard for next year.

4 Rei

Rei, which comes from the Hebrew meaning "my companion", is almost the perfect short name for your baby boy. It's an unusual name especially considering it is a Biblical name. It almost sounds more exotic than it actually is. Nevertheless, Rei is a fantastic choice for your baby this winter especially if its a name that you and your family have heard little of.

Rei has not had a chance to filter into the mainstream baby name lists yet so it is a perfect time to catch it before it starts to whittle it's way down the list to a hot spot. Rei is dynamic but subtle, it's poetic but fierce and Rei is simple but complex. Traditionally, Rei is used for a boy but in this day and age, there is no reason why it can not be given to a beautiful baby girl who would equally suit this name just as much and make it her own.

3 Pernille

Pernille is a most unusual but quirky name which comes from the name Pernella which is French for "rock" and is a variation of Petra. It is an incredible name which has only recently come to light. While it may sound dated and old fashioned, Pernille is the type of interesting name which can easily and happily make its way into the mainstream modern world and leave it feeling flushed by its energetic and dynamic sound.

This type of name lends itself to a variety of nicknames which you may or may not choose to use. The nicknames themselves have and not unusal quality also - Pern, Perni, Nellie or Nelly. Regardless of its somewhat obscure but interesting sound, this name is strong with a vibrant personality.  It will, however, take a creative and independent person to pull this one off.

2 Quinn

Traditionally, Quinn, which comes from the Irish meaning "Intelligent" and taking it's name from the chief leader and descendent of the nobel warrior Conn in Irish Mythology, is reserved for baby boys. However, in recent years, Quinn has been attributed to beautiful baby girls also, making it a daring and wonderful unisex name.

Quinn is a sharp and strong one syllable name with an eloquent Q at the beginning making it a very trend worthy name for this generation. Choosing a beautiful name such as Quinn would never be considered a mistake as it's depth of history and strong associations with Celtic mythology make it a powerful name with rich characteristics and personality. If you are hoping for an Irish name, then you really can't go wrong with Quinn.

1 Noor

And finally, we have Noor, a stunning example of a short but decidedly strong name. Noor comes from the Arabic meaning "light" and has long had a strong following and popularity with Muslim parents. It is slowly crossing boundaries however as parents to be see the wonderful potential in this powerfully snappy name.

Noor is almost poetic in its sound with its dulcet tones and elongated vowel sounding middle. For such a beautiful name, we're surprised that it hasn't reached further on our charts as of yet but this just gives us more time to catch up and enjoy watching it rise. Noor is certainly a name which should be on your baby name list for this year. The name is surely due to rise quickly on this side of the world as the beauty of this name becomes more commonplace and obvious.

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