25 New Names That Will Be Everywhere In 2019

People are all extremely curious about the future and constantly try to anticipate what will happen once they get there. Most people are curious about what will be trendy in the following year and how to adapt to those new trends. From fashion, to home decor, to cars, the list goes on and on. But wait, people might be forgetting about the most important aspects of a new year; babies! Not only do babies set a new exciting chapter in a couple’s life, they are great gifts for the new year.

Whether the newborn baby is a girl or a boy, the following list has it all. With some research done, here is a list of baby names that will be everywhere in 2019. So if a couple is very into trends and being trendy, this is the list for them. Even if the names on this list will be everywhere in the following year, they are still very original and beautiful which makes it great for any newborn baby with any and every ethnicity to suit a name from the following list. Wanting to be trendy or not, the names on this list might be a name an expecting couple choses for their newborn. With that said, happy reading!

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Let’s begin the list with the baby girl name Luna which is derived from the Latin origin. It means, ‘the moon’ in Latin, as well as, ‘the moon goddess’. Little Luna will love doing sports and will also enjoy participating in them. Her athletic nature will make her a very active and healthy individual. Her deep love for sports will make her very creative in her day to day life which will make her great at expressing herself and her feelings both verbally and written. Whenever she finds the need to express herself, she will find a creative way to do so.


Next up we have the baby boy name Charlie which is derived from an Old English origin meaning, ‘man’. Little Charlie will definitely grow up to be a family man. His love for his family and soulmate will show everywhere he goes and he will be the type of father to carry a picture of his family with him everywhere he goes. His love will build a very stable family and his loved ones will always be reminded of the love he has for them. Charlie will also enjoy working with individuals and he will enjoy it most when he gets the credit he deserves.


Moving back to baby girl names, the name Aria is derived from a Greek and an Italian origin which means, ‘intelligence of an eagle”. Little Aria will enjoy inspiring others the most in order to feel the most fulfilled. She will be the type of individual to care for the large movements in the world and she will always make sure to participate in them. Aria will have strong views and opinions on her spirituality and she will also encourage others to share their own views and their own opinions in what they believe in as well. An individual with this name is also very considerate and cooperative. These two traits make them succeed very well when working with others.


The baby boy name Ethan has a Hebrew origin which means, ‘firm’, ‘strong’, and ‘long-lived’. Little Ethan will be a very creative little boy and individual. His creativity will make him have a huge love for the arts and he will also be drawn to it. His creativity will also bring him to easily express himself and his feelings very easily, both verbally and written. His ability to express himself will make him gain many friends and potential soulmates since he will say everything he feels and will never be afraid to do so. An individual with this name also enjoys being the center of attention and a field where he is the center of attention would make him the happiest.


This next baby girl name means, ‘love’ which is extremely sweet since her parents and everyone around her will obviously love her! The name Amora has Italian and Spanish roots and it means, ‘love’ and ‘light eagle’. Little Amora will love to lead every situation she is put in. Her ability to be a leader will make her succeed in a high management position. She will also enjoy organizing everything about her life to achieve a position of wealth, power, and status. Besides all of the amazing traits mentioned, an individual with this name has the ability to easily express themselves in their day to day lives which makes them create great-lasting bonds with individuals they meet.


The handsome baby boy name Leonardo is derived from a Spanish and Italian origin and it means, ‘lion’ and ‘bold’. Little Leonardo will love being the center of attention. He will always try to put himself in the spotlight and he will be at his happiest when all eyes are on him. He will also try to serve to humanity by giving money and help to those in need. The amount of knowledge he will grow up to have will serve him very well in his everyday life and it will make him get the career he wants. An individual with this name also has a very creative and artistic side to them which makes them drawn to the arts and also makes them enjoy life much more.


The baby girl name Clara has a Latin origin which means, ‘bright’ and ‘clear’. Little Clara will be a very loving little girl and woman. Her compassion will make it very easy for her to relate to others and to create new friendships. Her main goal to achieve will be to work with others to achieve a sense of calmness and harmony in her daily life and in the world. She will try her best to spread harmony everywhere she goes and this will create a calm aura around her which will attract many individuals to her. Everyone will be able to trust her since her character will give off a very trustworthy individual.


The original baby boy name Caleb is derived from a Hebrew origin and it means, ‘dog’ and ‘bold’. Little Caleb will be a very optimistic little boy and man. His joyful character will attract many individuals to him and he will be able to create many friends. His friends and family will feel at ease around him due to his optimism and his happy energy. An individual with this name is also very intelligent and their wide amount of intelligence will bring them everywhere and anywhere they want to go. Their energetic nature also makes them go-getters and they achieve everything they want to and they get everything they want to have.


Up next we have the baby girl name Dahlia which has a Hebrew origin. The name might remind readers of the pretty flower which is called, dahlia; however the name meaning is, ‘elegance’ and ‘dignity’ just like the flower denotes. Little Dahlia will be a very talented little girl and she will grow up to be even more talented when she grows older. She will have many different talents and individuals will be drawn to them. She will also be very idealistic and independent which will bring her to rely on herself and to come up with different ideas by using her imagination and creativity to do so.


If a couple wants a very unique and handsome baby boy name, Ezra is the way to go. This baby boy name has a Hebrew origin which means, ‘help’ and ‘helper’. Little Ezra will be very dynamic in his everyday life. He will love changing up his routines and if he does not have freedom, he will do everything he can in order to achieve it. His outgoing and free-minded character will attract many individuals to him which will constantly increase the number of friends he has. His optimism will also make many people gravitate towards him since they will enjoy his positive and motivating nature.


The next baby girl name is Stella which might be a very common name for some individuals. This name is derived from a Latin and Italian origin and it means, ‘star’. With that being said, Stella will definitely enjoy being in the spotlight. She will love when everyone’s eyes are on her and everyone gives her their full attention. She will also enjoy having a very balanced life which will make her very organized in her day to day life. With a balanced life she will enjoy harmony and peace in her environment where she sleeps and where she spends most of her time.


Another Hebrew originated name is the baby boy name Noah. This baby boy name means, ‘long-lived’, and ‘consolation’. Little Noah will enjoy his alone time and quietness in his day to day life. He will love reflecting on different aspects of the world and why things are the way they are. He will enjoy spending his time on understanding the deeper truths of the world. An individual with this name might appear as shy at times however he will find it very easy to adapt to different environments and situations he is placed in. Lastly, Noah will be a very trustworthy individual and this will enable many friends and family to trust him with their deepest secrets.


Moving back to the letter ‘C’, the next baby girl name is Camila. The name is derived from a Latin origin and it means, ‘helper’, ‘free-born’, and ‘noble’ . Little Camila will be a very creative little girl and woman. She will think of many great ideas and some of them might even become successful. An individual with this name also feels strongly about her personal views whether it is her personal views or her spiritual views, she will never be afraid to speak about them. This fearless trait also makes it very easy for her to express her emotions and what she feels.


Moving back to the Latin originated names, the baby girl name Rose means a flower, of course. Little Rose will be very creative. Her ideas will inspire many individuals and they will enjoy her creative and open-mindedness. She will be naturally drawn to the arts and finding a career in this path will make her very happy. An individual with this name are the types of individuals to enjoy their lives a lot, and if they are not having fun they will always change up what they’re doing in order to feel better. Rose will also enjoy being the center of attention and a career where she is in the spotlight will make her happy as well.


The baby boy name Harrison is derived from an Old English origin and it means, ‘ruler of the home’. Little Harrison will enjoy his quiet time immensely in order to think about the world and think about everything the world has to offer as well as the world’s deeper truths. He will be the type of student to participate in many activities from sports to school clubs, he will participate in all of them which strike a personal interest. Even though he will enjoy his alone and quiet time, he will love getting attention. He might actually thrive more when everyone’s eyes are on him.


Moving on to names which start with the letter ‘R’, next up we have the baby girl name Roxie which is claimed to have origins from Persia, Greece, and Israel. The name means, ‘star’, ‘bright’, and ‘dawn’. Little Roxie will grow up to be a very intelligent little girl. Her brightness will bring her to succeed in the education and career she choses. She will also be very adventurous which will make her the first one to jump on new adventures and anything new in which she is interested in. She will be the friend to call when an adventure arises.


A newborn baby girl will definitely become graceful if a couple calls her Grace! This baby girl name is derived from the English vocabulary and it means exactly what the name is. Little Grace will grow up to be excellent at analyzing and learning about any subject she is interested in as well as any situation she is put in. A career in which she has to analyze and understand subjects and situations would suit her best. Besides her very analytical side, she will also be a very loving little girl and woman and she will make it clear to show her love to all of her loved ones.


Moving back to baby boy names, the name Mason is a very cute and unique name to choose. The baby boy name Mason is said to be derived from an Italian, French, and English origin. The name is also said to mean, ‘a worker in stone’. Little Mason will do great in a field of business when he grows up into a man. He will succeed in this field due to his hard-working nature and his capability to use his words brilliantly. He will also always be focusing on his achievements and he will constantly try to gain more accomplishments every single day.


The next baby girl name is Cordelia which is derived from a Latin origin and it means, ‘of the sea’. Little Cordelia will have a desire to constantly express herself both verbally and written. She will do very well in public speaking, writing, acting, and any other artistic form which can be used to express herself. An individual with this name values truth, justice, and discipline; therefore a field in that nature would suit her very well. They also have a very practical nature which makes them survive any situations they are put in by mistake and any situation where they have to react easily.


Next up we have another Hebrew originated name which means, ‘thankful’. This baby boy name is Jayden. Little Jayden will inspire many individuals. When he grows up he will have a group of followers that will want to be like him and think like him. His different way of thinking and his influencer-like personality will make him very popular. He will also find it very easy to express himself and what he feels, both verbally and written. He will also make a very good public speaker, actor, and writer, since he will love being in the spotlight and love having all eyes on him.


Another individual which will be extremely creative and expressive is the baby boy Bryson. The name Bryson is said to be derived from an English, Irish, and Welsh origin and it means, ‘passion’, and ‘vigorous sea’. Besides his creativity and great expressive character, little Bryson will also be very communicative. Anyone will be able to speak with him and he will get along very well with them. He will also be able to easily understand their fears and troubles since he will be able to easily form a relation with them. An individual with this name is also very optimistic and he will never let fear stop him into getting what he truly desires.


The very pretty baby girl name Violet is next on the list. This name is derived from a French origin and it symbolizes the violet flower. Little Violet will grow up to be a very loving individual. She will show it everywhere she goes and she will always let her loved ones know that she loves them. Individuals will be naturally drawn to her due to her sympathetic and compassionate nature. She will not seem like a threat to many and that is why she will have many friends that will trust her. An individual with this name is also very imaginative and she will always be dreaming about where she wants to be in life.


Another unique baby boy name is Greyson. This baby name is derived from an English origin and it means, ‘gray-haired’, and ‘son of Gregory’. The meanings do not sound that appealing however this name will instantly make this baby boy a very handsome little boy. Little Greyson will have a deep desire to inspire everyone who crosses his path. He will enjoy sharing what he thinks about the world and certain views to everyone he meets which will give him a very open-minded character. An individual with this name is also very dedicated to building their own lives and making sure they are living the best lives they possibly can.


Does anyone remember the famous fairy tale, The Sleeping Beauty? If it is a couple’s favourite tale, this name will definitely be a keeper! The baby girl name Aurora is derived from a Latin origin and it is said to be the name of the mythical Roman goddess of dawn. Little Aurora will be highly imaginative which will make her dream about her life and her future life, (let us not forget her future prince charming), all the time. Her imagination will bring her to be very idealistic and she might think of ideas that will someday be successful. An individual with this name also enjoys inspiring others very much.


The last name on the list is the gorgeous baby boy name Elijah which is derived from a Hebrew origin which means, ‘famous bearer’. Little Elijah will be a very passionate individual. He will feel strongly about what he loves and cares for and he will make sure to let everyone know it. He will also be very compassionate which will make him create connections with others very easily. His romantic nature will also attract many potential soulmates to him and they will greatly enjoy his company. His very generous and kind nature are other traits that individuals will love about him the most.

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