25 No-Nonsense Names For Girls Who Are Going Big Places

Couples who find out the gender of their bundle of joy definitely have a simpler time choosing a baby name. Sure, there's nothing wrong with wanting it to be a big surprise, but that just means that expectant parents need to have a super long list of names up their sleeves so they can be prepared.

For couples who know that they're having a baby girl, the list of names has been narrowed (unless they want a tomboy name), but it's still a good idea to figure out the category of name that they want. Do they want a name that is long and sounds fascinating to everyone who hears it? A short name? What about a name that just sounds inspiring and like it promises an amazing future?

That last type of name sounds perfect, and there are many names that fit that tone. Moms-to-be can look at a long list of possibilities before finding their top few names. It's definitely one of the coolest parts of getting ready for the baby to arrive (although like everything, it can get stressful if family and friends start giving their advice).

Here are 25 no-nonsense names for girls who are going big places.

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25 Harper

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Harper definitely sounds like a no-nonsense name for girls who are going big places. When someone is ambitious, they don't want to waste any time. They write down a list of goals, find ways to achieve them (without stressing out too much), and that's that. A baby girl named Harper will grow up to do just that.

If she grows up to be more of a tomboy, Harper would fit that aspect of her personality, and if she's more girly, it still works great.

24 Rylee

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Rylee is another perfect no-nonsense baby girl name. It's for parents who are passionate about finding a baby name that doesn't sound like all of the others. It's a very uncommon name.

According to The Bump, this name is from Ireland and means "courageous or valiant." Now that we know that, it's definitely the perfect pick for a girl who is going big places, and parents would be encouraging that if they chose this name.

23 Emery

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If parents want to keep searching through a list of potential baby girl names, Emery is another awesome choice. The Bump says that this name is number 275. The website explains, "Introduced to England by the Normans as the Middle Ages were coming to an end, Emery has been used as a surname as well as a boys' name. Today it has a solid reputation as a girls' name; you’d be hard-pressed to find any male who answers to it."

Emery definitely sounds very no-nonsense, right?

22 Sadie

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When we hear the name Sadie, we might think of the Sadie Hawkins dances, aka the old-fashioned dances where girls would ask boys instead of the other way around. According to Seventeen, this dance was inspired by the comic book Li'l Abner. It's not actually that much of a feminist thing in the comic, but in real life, it became more feminist.

Since this name has that kind of history in our society, it would be a flawless pick for a no-nonsense baby girl name. A girl named Sadie is going big places... and maybe she'll even continue the tradition of Sadie Hawkins dances at her school once she gets a bit older.

21 Vivian

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Vivian is not only a no-nonsense baby girl name but it's also strong and sounds very independent. If you got advice from someone named Vivian, you would take it, right? You would totally think that she knew what she was talking about.

As it turns out, Vivian is a really perfect baby name: Nameberry says that it means "life." The website also notes that in 2017, it was number 97. It's also sometimes spelled "Vivienne" but that seems a bit tougher to spell.

20 Elena

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Elena is another no-nonsense name for girls who are going big places. A girl named Elena would absolutely grow up to run her own company or business, and she sounds like a take charge person for sure.

Thankfully, if parents fall in love with this name for their baby girl, they can rest easy knowing that it has a great meaning: SheKnows says that it means "Shining light, or bright one." The name is from Greece, Spain, and Italy, which is cool to know as well.

19 Ashlee

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Sure, Ashley with a "y" at the end is a no-nonsense baby girl name and there's nothing wrong with that. There is just something cool about spelling it like "Ashlee." We can thank singer Ashlee Simpson for that because that is probably how many of us learned that the name could be spelled that way.

As Oh Baby Names says, "Ashlee is a variant spelling of Ashley, a name which started out masculine, morphed into unisex, and is now mostly used on baby girls."

18 Joey

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Although Joey is often short for the name Josephine and sounds like a name fit for a tomboy, it totally works for girly girls, too. If parents name their baby girl Joey, it's not only no-nonsense but also comes with another nickname: Jo. That's definitely a cute and sweet nickname.

Joey appeals to parents who want a strong name that doesn't sound like the same old baby names. It can be really cool to stand out from the crowd and do something different when it comes to baby names.

17 Natalie

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Natalie is another awesome pick for a no-nonsense baby girl name. A girl named Natalie would be going big places, that's for sure, and her parents would be giving her such a great name to get started.

Parents.com says that this name has a film-related history, which is really interesting to hear about: "Actress Natalie Wood, born Natalya Nikolaevna Zakharenko, first brought attention to the name when she appeared in the 1947 film, "Miracle on 34th Street" at the age of nine."

16 Elise

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Isn't Elise such a cool and no-nonsense name?! She Knows says that this name is from Greece and France. It sounds like the name of a girl who definitely knows what she wants and has a lot of determination to achieve big things.

According to Nameberry, it was number 177 in 2017. The website says, "Elise is on an upward trend" and says that the name has "flair." It does sound like a really elegant name, so that will appeal to parents-to-be who want that in a name.

15 Chloe

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Chloe couldn't be a more gorgeous name. A baby girl named Chloe is absolutely going to do great things in life and go great places.

If Elise is an elegant baby girl name, Chloe is even more so. According to Parents.com, it has a very chic and sophisticated history: "Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld received international fame during the early 1970s for his creative involvement with fashion labels including the Chloe brand of clothing and perfume." The website also notes that "the name has been in use since prior to the turn of the 20th century."

14 Lacey

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Lacey isn't a wildly popular name which makes it an amazing choice for parents-to-be who want no-nonsense baby girl names. It does sound like a perfect name for a girl who is going big places.

According to The Bump, it has a really interesting history: "It is a nobleman's surname carried to England and Ireland after the Norman conquest." Are we wondering where it's sitting in terms of how trendy it is? The website also puts it at number 921, so it's great for parents who want something different.

13 Brielle

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Brielle is also a different name that is no-nonsense. Sometimes it's nice to pick a name with some history to it, and that's exactly what Brielle has. Nameberry says, "Brielle is also the name of a historic seaport in the western Netherlands."

Do we hear this name often... or at all, really? Probably not, so it's a cool pick when parents want their baby girl to have a unique name. It definitely doesn't sound like any other names out there.

12 Victoria

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Victoria is old-fashioned and appeals to certain parents-to-be who want a name in that category. It comes with the nickname Vicky (or Vicki if that's how you want to spell it) so that's nice, too.

The Bump says this name is at number 71 and explains, "Stately and cool," this famous name got really, really popular right around the year of 1837. As it turns out, a famous Victoria was actually Alexandrina but she chose Victoria, which was her middle name. That's a really cool piece of history that is attached to this no-nonsense name.

11 Stella

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Stella sounds beautiful and it's a great no-nonsense two-syllable baby girl name. A girl named Stella is going to accomplish a lot in her life, and it's cool to give a baby girl a name that has that kind of successful vibe.

Baby Center says that this baby name is from Greece and means "a star." While that definitely refers to the stars in the sky, we could also take that to mean someone who is a leader and who will go really far. That's what we all want for our kids, right?

10 London

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It might seem trendy to name babies after cities, and sometimes it works and sounds cool, and other times it might sound like a bit much. But London is definitely a gorgeous baby girl name, so it's one to consider. What's more, it's really no-nonsense.

Nameberry says it could be a boy or girl name. Parents might agree that it seems fit for a girl name. In 2017, it was number 151, and the website calls it "solid and attractive."

9 Camila

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Wouldn't it sound so beautiful to name a baby girl Camila? While Camile is a gorgeous name too, there is something about the "a" at the end that makes this a really lovely name.

The Bump puts it at number 96 and notes that there is a famous singer with the name: "Camila’s ascent as a name has been recent—and powerful. Fifth Harmony singer turned solo artist Camila Cabello, who was discovered on "The X Factor," helped propel Camila to new heights of recognition."

8 Mya

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Mya, sometimes, spelled Maya, is no-nonsense and seems like a perfect pick for a baby girl name.

Baby Center says that it's a name from Greece that is number 194 in 2019. If parents-to-be have a few different criteria for their baby girl's name -- it should be no-nonsense and not super popular -- then that sounds great.

The Bump puts the name into perspective: "Expectant parents embraced the unusual spelling of Mya for a girls' name around 1998, which is not coincidentally when the U.S. singer Mya started getting noticed and became a Grammy-winning, platinum-selling R&B success the next year."

7 Hannah

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Hannah is one of those baby girl names that fits into the same category as names like Rachel and Sarah: classics that still sound awesome.

According to The Bump, Hannah is at number 98 and "Hannah was a top 10 name in the Social Security Administration rankings from 1995 to 2007."

There is something about a short name that has one or two syllables that just sounds so no-nonsense. Hannah is a wonderful choice and if moms and dads to be are interested in the classics, this would work.

6 Alexa

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These days, when we hear the name Alexa we immediately think of the technology, and if we use it in our homes, then we think that it's the coolest thing ever.

For the rest of us, it's just another possible name for a baby girl, and it's very no-nonsense. Parents who pick this name could call their little one "Alex" for a nickname (although she might be girly so she would love being called by her full name, which is cool too).

5 Skylar

both images via IG

The name Sky is beautiful and perfect for hippies who love nature and want a baby name that reflects that. The name Skylar is a touch more interesting and that's why it's a great no-nonsense name for a girl who is going big places.

Nameberry says of this name, "Newer, simpler forms of the ... surname Schuyler [of the Netherlands], stylish for both genders, are rising up the popularity list. Skylar is the most popular variation for girls. Skylar has been used by several celebs, including Sheena Easton and Joely Fisher."

4 Rachel

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Rachel may be a traditional name and we meet Rachels all the time, but that doesn't mean that it should be excluded from this list. In fact, it's all the more reason to include it since it sounds like a very no-nonsense name.

Rachel is a girl who will do her homework, listen to her teachers in class, want to do well, and smile the whole time. Every parent-to-be wants their baby girl to go big places and this is a great name to pick.

3 Melanie

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Melanie is a perfect name that's easy to say, gorgeous, and not so long that it becomes a mouthful. It's also no-nonsense and great for a girl who is going big places.

What's the history of this baby girl name? According to The Bump, it was the most trendy back in the '70s but is doing well today: "Melanie (sometimes shortened to Mel) has been a steady presence as a baby name too. her sisters Melany and Meilani are in the top 1,000."

2 Hailey

via Litlestuff

Sometimes spelled Haley without the "i", Hailey is also a name that parents can write down and mull over if they're having a baby girl.

According to SheKnows, this name is from England and means "field of hay." Although that makes sense now that we think about it since the name does have the word "hay" we probably would have never considered that.

A girl named Hailey is going places, that's for sure, and she's not stopping no matter what.

1 Samantha

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There is something so no-nonsense about the baby girl name Samantha. It must be the fact that you can shorten it to "Sam." Does it get more no-nonsense than Sam? Definitely not, right? You would always trust a girl named Sam and respect her strong opinions and great work ethic.

Samantha is definitely a baby girl name that parents-to-be should pick, and it's among those baby girl names that are beautiful and classic and never, ever sound like they're overused.

If a baby girl had any of these 25 no-nonsense names, she would definitely be going big places... and her parents will be cheering her on the entire time.

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